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Benioff adds more to his plate

As if producing the upcoming films Kashmir and Ender’s Game, working on half a dozen scripts and beginning production on the Game of Thrones pilot wasn’t enough, David Benioff has added another project to his already lengthy to-do list. The Hollywood Reporter reports:

Paramount is getting behind the power of the press.

The Melrose studio has picked up the life rights of Missouri journalist Linda Trest, who helped break open the cover of a drug-busting con man. Screenwriters Anthony Walton and Andrew Dresher have been brought on board to script a film inspired by her story.

Brad Pitt’s Plan B is producing with “Troy” writer David Benioff.

Winter Is Coming: This shouldn’t affect the production for the pilot. This movie is still a ways off, and as we know, just purchasing the rights to a story doesn’t mean that it will one day find itself on screen. However, Benioff has proven to be very active in Hollywood recently. This could be a good thing, having his name attached to this project lends it a certain amount of cache, however if the series does get picked up how much time will he be able to devote to it down the road?

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  • The role of “producer” is pretty malleable. More than likely, on a feature, Benioff would pass the baton to a director he picked. I would imagine that he’d have to have a much more hands on approach to Game though. But who knows? Rome had 7 or 8 producers.

  • This is true. Just because he is listed as a producer doesn’t mean he will have much day-to-day involvement in the film. And it is an encouraging sign to see Benioff connecting with ASOIAF fans in a way that makes one think that this project is a priority to him.