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Benioff & Weiss talk about location and ages

By Winter Is Coming on

Benioff and Weiss have posted again over at (where they go by “David and Dan”) in response to a few questions. They touch on accents, shooting location and ages of the younger characters. Hello everyone: We just wanted to … Continue reading

Benioff on adaptations

By Winter Is Coming on

David Benioff was interviewed by the National Post at the International Festival of Authors a few weeks back and although he didn’t specifically mention ASIOAF, he did talk about what it is like to adapt another author’s work into a … Continue reading

The competition

By Winter Is Coming on

Ran over at did a great write up of the competing pilots that HBO is considering. From most reports it seems that Game of Thrones is up against about 10-12 other pilots, with HBO expected to seelct about 5-6 … Continue reading

A message from the producers

By Winter Is Coming on

Over at the forums, there has been a message from David Benioff (left) and Dan “D.B.” Weiss (right), the writers and executive producers of Game of Thrones. Hello everyone– We just wanted to say ‘Hi,’ and thank you guys … Continue reading


By Winter Is Coming on

Welcome to Winter Is Coming! A blog that will be following the progress of HBO’s planned A Song of Ice and Fire series. With the recent announcement by HBO that they have green-lit the pilot I felt ASOIAF fans needed … Continue reading

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