Casting Cersei Lannister Speculation

Casting Cersei

This should be a fun role to play and easier to cast them some of the others. Cersei, Jaime’s twin sister, is described in the script as in her thirties with beauty that “has already become legendary.” Although it is somewhat important that Cersei and Jaime look like twins, it is more important they find someone who can act. Fortunately there are quite a few beautiful actresses that could play the role. Let’s take a look at some of the possibilities.

Tricia Helfer – Looks to be most people’s first choice for the role, Helfer would be a great fit. A Canadian-born model-turned-acctress, she is best known for her role as Number Six in Battlestar Galactica. In that role, Helfer demonstrated she can pull off a role that is very similar to Cersei in many respects. The only problem is she is set to star in the new FOX drama Inseparable. Assuming that doesn’t get canned immediately, she will most likely be unable to be cast as Cersei.
Rosamund Pike – A London-born actress, Pike has a well-established film career. A former Bond-girl, she also is no stranger to period pieces, with roles in The Libertine and Pride & Prejudice. She has the right look and would be right around 30 when it comes time to film. However, it seems she focuses more on film than on television. Would she be willing to take on the huge committment this series would require and make the jump to the small screen?
Sophia Myles – Myles, who is also from London, has bounced from film and television. Her first major film role was in Underworld. She is also no stranger to the costume drama, having starred opposite James Franco in Tristan + Isolde. Most recently she had played one of the lead roles in the short-lived CBS vampire drama Moonlight. She may be ready to move from the broadcast net to a premium cable channel like HBO. The one drawback is, at 28, she is a bit on the young side, but I don’t think that would be a deal-breaker.
Diane Kruger – Another former model, German-born Kruger’s first major role was in the David Benioff penned Troy. She has also appeared in Wicker Park and the National Treasure movies. She would appear to be a perfect fit for the role. The right look, the right age and an established actress, but not too big a star. Her connection to Benioff may also help her. She, like Pike, does not have much television experience however. So it remains to be seen if she would even take the role.

Like I said, I think this role shouldn’t be too difficult to cast. Many actresses have the right look and could pull off the role of Cersei. If they decide to match up the actors for Jaime and Cersei, that may present more of a challenge. My guess is they will look for similar actors, but focus more on screen presence and acting ability than trying to make a perfect set of twins.


  • Tricia Helfer isn’t as…”filled out” as I imagine Cersei to be. She’s attractive, certainly, but I think she’s a little too bony.

    Sophia Myles looks much better for Cersei, imo.

  • Personally, I’d love to see Number Six as Cersei, despite the nigh impossibility of it.

    I really didn’t think Kruger was all that good in Troy… well to be fair I didn’t think the movie was good, so that could be it. So maybe she could be better as Cersei, but I don’t know.

  • BSG being a character oriented show really gives Helfer an edge. She could definitely pull the acting off. Not to mention she is gorgeous.

  • Tricia Helfer is, by far, the best lady for the job. All of them are gourgeous, but they miss the “bitchy” look I always associated with Cersei. :)

  • If they pick that annoying playmate wench from BSG I just might boycott the series. Worst choice ever and it’s infuriating how so many nerds keep suggesting her.

    Thankfully it’s unlikely an American woman gets the role.

  • Dream cast wise I would love to see some one like Nichole Kidman. Out of these choices Helfer or Pike look good.

  • Anon #1, It’s been so long since I’ve seen Troy, I can’t really remember whether Kruger was good in it or not. To be honest though, I don’t think Cersei requires much range. She is one of the more one-dimensional characters in Martin’s world.

    Anon #3, She’s actually Canadian. But yeah, I would say UK-based actresses have the best shot.

    Anon #5, Yup, and she would have to start shedding her clothes in the pilot episode too, if the script I’m reading is followed.

  • Krüger’s too thin. Cersei’s main weapons are here absolutely female attributes and her beauty. She’s supposed to be a woman that men lust after, and not a thin damsel from an age were anorexia has become popular. From the list above, only Helfer fits, at least for me.

  • You guys need to remember that the actress who takes the role of Cersei, would have to make many nudity scenes.
    Not every actress is willing to sign in for that kind of a job.
    Hypothetically, if all of the women mentioned above were available for the job, I’d definitely like to see Diane Kruger as Cersei. IMO she’s the most beautiful of them all, and a good actress as well.

  • When I watched Rome I allways thought Polly Walker (Atia) would be perfect for the role. Schemy bitch with an attitude and good looks. Remember, she is supposed to be still pretty but she would have given birth trice and be in her thirties. All of the upper suggestions lack that mature bit.

  • I dont think Polly Walker is beautiful enough to portray Cersei. Yeah shes pretty but Cersei has to be “beautiful”! Tho I will admit beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  • I think that it would be a disappointing to cast someone who looks that young…although I’ve only seen a few of those actresses on the screen, I’m not sure that they could carry off the mixture of voluptuous beauty and intelligence (and evil and petulance) that Cersei has to have if they’re going by the book.

    If you take her as based on Elizabeth Woodville (which there doesn’t seem to be any doubt that she is), she’s someone who has been through a fair amount of childbearing in an age without a lot of medical care. Also, while she’s been bearing children she’s also been hiding a huge secret, and dealing with non-stop court intrigue. While she’s got to be beautiful to Robert and Jamie, it would be a bit out of character for her to be betrayed just as beautiful, without the history of her experience and her “schemes” showing in her face.

    If they just go for “pretty blonde” for Cersei, I think that it’s a pretty good indication of how the series will turn out. She’s one of the strongest characters in the book, and it would be a shame if they cast her based on hair colour and breasts.

  • May I suggest Jessica Gower from the Blade TV series. Very under-rated series in my opinion and if they cast the main baddie from the Blade series as Jaime Lannister that would be cool too. If you haven’t had a chance to check that series out you should it’s was a pleasent surprise for me when I gave it a chance.

  • Atia from Rome was hot, but I think shes to old for Cersi. After looking at more pictures of this Pike girl shes pretty and curvy. Now put Emma Watson as Margaery Tyrell and we have our queens!

  • Kelly Carlson is another piece of eye candy for you all to google. She’s from Nip/Tuck. Don’t know the status of that show but she looks the part.

  • @Anon: “Krüger’s too thin….From the list above, only Helfer fits, at least for me.”

    Have you seen BSG? Helfer is stick-thin. I agree with an earlier Anon: “Worst choice ever and it’s infuriating how so many nerds keep suggesting her.” She might be able to act the part (I’ve always thought her acting was weak, but nerds look past that because she’s “teh hawt”), but she certainly doesn’t look it.

  • I definitely didn’t think Kruger is too skinny for this role. I thought she was gorgeous in Troy, and well proportioned for the role.

    I’m not too sure she would be into being nude

  • I wholeheartedly want Sophia Myles for the part. She’s English which is a big plus in my opinion. The only issue is, I don’t know if she is still living in Britain. When she did ‘Moonlight’, she moved to the States. She’s done nudity (in ‘Artschool Confidential’), is extremely beautiful, and can act!! Check out when she played Reinette on Doctor Who.

  • Well, as Anon 2, I’d like to point out that I’m did not support Helfer just based off her looks, nor would I ever suggest an actress based solely on how ‘hot’ she is. If that was the case, I would be making recommendations of actresses that don’t look anything like Cersei. I want the best person for the role, however.

    I just started BSG, and I am quite impressed with her as an actress, and ( believe she can easily play Cersei. She is also the only actress listed that I’ve seen other than the girl who played Helen, and I’ve already expressed my views on her. Perhaps if I’ve seen the others in something I’d have a different opinion. But judging solely on looks, Myles certainly seems like she fits the part, though I certainly believe her acting ability is key.

    Although I do agree that Cersei is not nearly as acting intensive as some of the other characters, like say Dany or Tyrion, I think having Cersei being able to act is important.

  • Whoever said Krüger *isn’t* thin, I suggest you look up some *recent* pictures of her. Definately not fit to play a woman whi has given birth to three kids and lives in an environment were she has ample supply of fat food.

  • I am with many of you. Cersei must be curvacious and buxom. That is a must. None of these stick thin models with their B-cups pushed, taped and squeezed to make her look busty. There has to be a modern day Sophia Loren type actress that is looking for a break. Too bad Kelly Brook can’t act. Now Google that for a real treat!!

  • haha well,when i think “curvaceous and buxom” I immediately think Christina Hendricks (Joan from Mad Men)…although picturing her blonde and with green contacts scares the shit out me (as Cersei does, so maybe that’s a good thing?)

    Of course, it’s not like Hendricks is giving up Mad Men any time soon…

  • Helfer is really the only one listed that has the right look. Kruger and Pike are hot but both have a bit of a little girl look to them. That Myles chick has goofy looking bulbous head.

    Hendricks has crossed my mind too.

  • Christina Hendricks would be amazing. Check out her performance in Firefly and you will know exactly what I’m talking about. But no one would give up Mad Men for GOT. You might as well wish for Nicole Kidman. Tricia Helfer- if she can do a decent accent. All things being equal, Diane Kruger might be the best choice.

  • A number of years ago, GRRM gave some thoughts to casting, and his perfect Cersei (at the time) was … Nicole Kidman.

    I think people are a bit off regarding how curvaceous Cersei is supposed to be. Her hips are described as slender in ACoK, for example.

    I wouldn’t call her a stick, but Sophia Myles is probably a bit curvier than GRRM imagined. Not that it matters too much — so long as the actress is blond and reasonably eye-catching, and a skilled actress able to fully convey the character, it doesn’t really matter whether she’s as slim as Keira Knightley or as curvaceous as Jennifer Tilly.

  • Myles and Helfer both have the acting chops to pull the role off, Kruger and Pike haven't, to be frank. Looks-wise, I think Helfer might be a bit off as she's quite tall, which is perfect for Six and the other Cylon models, whilst in the books Cersei's height is not remarked upon.

    Helfer's acting skills really aren't in question. The role of Head-Six (which casual viewers have probably seen the most of her as) is limited by its ambiguous nature (although this will apparently be explained in the final batch of episodes airing in January-March), but as Natalie and especially the traumatised Gina, Helfer is shown to be capable of a really impressive range. Hell, she was even decent as one of the Brotherhood of Nod commanders in Command & Conquer III.

    I don't think I've ever seen Sophia Myles in anything where she hasn't been excellent. Her performance as the Madame de Pompadour – one of the most renowned figures in that period of French history – in Doctor Who may be the finest acting achievement of the whole show since its return. She could make an outstanding Cersei.

  • I like all of these women that were suggested. I haven’t seen BSG, but all the others I’m pretty big fans of.

    Is Natasha Henstridge too old to play Cersei? Back in her Species days, that might have been perfect.

  • Adam Whitehead – Cersei is a Lannister and Jaime’s twin. It should be pretty much assumed she’s fairly tall for her sex. Helfer’s height would be an asset.

  • Helfer plays about four very different characters in BSG (Head-Six, Gina, Natalie, Caprica-Six). Most people were skeptical about her, since she was only a model with no acting experience then, but she has more than demonstrated that she has a pretty wide range and can slip into another role at literally a moment’s notice.

    However, I agree that she isn’t really suitable for Cersei. She’s attractive – though I don’t think she’s the hottest woman ever – but, as said, too thin.

  • Honestly, I’d love to see Sophia Myles in the role. From what I’ve seen her act in, I think she could do a wonderful job as Cersei.

    Just adding my two cents, don’t mind me. :)

  • Awww… are you from germany? Do you know Sonya Kraus and her acting abilities? She would be a reason for me not to watch the series, even in a minor role.

  • I would guess that they’ll cast Cersi as one of the last parts because Jaime will likely be harder to cast and require more acting chops. They’ll want to cast him first and then find a woman who is a reasonable physical match and has a good rapport with him.

  • As one of the few females probably responding to this casting post I vote for Helfer. The others are all far too wet looking and Cersei needs to be alluring and intimidating to women not just men. Not all women can appeal to both genders and all sexualities alike but Helfer can. Her role in BSG as the 6 in Baltar’s head is Cersei to a tee. Who gives a crap about the size of her breasts – her face is what is striking in the book!!!

  • Myles and Kruger, too short, not haughty enough ;)

    Helfer and Pike, yes… haught! ;) Helfer seeming more vicious.

  • Well, Nicole Kidman is obviously too old, although I bet she’d be a great Cersei.

    I always imagined Lena Olin as the perfect actress for the role. She is definitely beautiful. She has television experience (ALIAS – god she was damn good as a wicked character). On the other hand, even more than Kidman she’s obviously far too old.
    (I wonder if they can get her to play Melissandre, though)

    From the choices presented I like Diane Krüger the most, with Sophia Myles coming second.

  • Lena Olin as Melissandre would be absolutely perfect…If only the series would get that far…

  • Rosamund Pike is WAYYYY too sweet looking to play Cersei. Diane Krueger does not have the chops. Sophia Myles does NOT have the face.

    I disagreed with the choice of Tricia Helfer, as the only thing I’d ever seen her in was Canada’s Next Top Model. But I watched a little bit of BSG – still not a fan of the show by any means – and I kind of get it. I’m re-reading a Game of Thrones, and I find Helfer starting to sneak her way into my mental image of Cersei.

    Christina Hendricks, though, would be incredible!!!!! Too bad about Mad Men, if she hadn’t got that amazing break, she probably would have done it.

  • Here’s my top 5.
    1. I got to agree about Sophia Myles. She would be perfect.
    2. Alice Henley was great in Rome and would have had a much larger part if there had been a Season 3. I always had wondered what it would have been like. It would be nice if she could play Cersei.
    3. Sarah Carter was awesome in Shark and DOA: Dead or Alive.
    4. Kristanna Loken would be great as she’s done sword-and-sorcery before in Ring of the Nibelungs and In the Name of the King. She’s also been great on Unhappily Ever After, Painkiller Jane, and Terminator 3.
    5. Ashley Scott was very good in Jericho and I think she looks just like how I’d picture Cersei.

  • Wow I just read every post and finally read who I’ve always imagined. I’ve always seen Ashley Scott from Jericho as cersei. Extremely attractive with piercing eyes. I’d raid that Jericho cast.

  • Just saw Tricia Helfer on some Burn Notice episodes. Not at all how I imagine Cersei. For facial features I was thinking more along the lines of Ali Larter.

  • Check out Georgina Rylance as the female pirate in Crusoe, tough and sassy and sooo hot! Dye her hair and she would look amazing

  • I have to say I'm sold on Sophia Myles for a few roles, not necessarily villainous. She looks good in red hair too.

  • I posted this on another thread but here is where i should have put it….
    My name really is Jaimee and i will be a perfect cersi for at least a dozen reasons…
    #1 because im obsessed with the books
    #2 i fit the physical description to a T (ex-model, green eyes, naturally curly blonde- with a hint of red- hair, tall…and i look like i could be Viggo's sister as well as Dinklage's not to mention josh halloways if only he were available…~sigh…
    #3 Im obsessed with the books
    #4 Im an amuteur actress (but I made my drama teacher cry when i did my very first dramatic improv in Jr High)
    #5 im obsessed with the books
    #6 Im available and im unknown so also affordable :)
    #7 and this is very important….Im obsessed with the books
    #8 Im a little crazy and many men fear me….yet still chase me.
    #9 Im the right age & my daughter is the right age/look for Myrecella.( i also have nephews…)
    #10 Im not above begging… I MUST get this part you guys…. help me please. I am an ADORING fan and will do it the justice it deserves….I was born to play this role.
    #11 the lucky thing is…I work well with others…and i play nice in real life. but im not afraid to play an evil bitch on tv….
    #12 Im obsessed with the books not nessacary but it helps.
    Soon I will be posting some pictures of me and a video and i will put a link here…I have sewn a period dress (im also a period dress and costume maker…) to wear in my video and cant wait to hear your input.

  • Jaimee, if that's your big attempt to get attention, you should at least spell check your shit. Even the comment box includes a spell checker. You sound like a fat girl to me.

  • @bardamu Yes you are absolutely correct. My laptop is semi-possesed and it posted way before I was ready. It's a tad off of what I had intended in more ways than the spelling. Yet I didn't want to back up and lose it all. So I went for it. The fat girl you hear is my inner child…I will shut her a up with a cookie just for you. A Weight Watchers cookie…with protein. I'm very enthusiastic about this. It evidently makes me sound fat. LMAO ROFL ~~~spits water out nose~~ I will let the video speak for itself. Today is the day I decided to go for it. Take a chance. Take a risk. I could get hit by a bus tomorrow so fuck it. I'm shuffling my cards and we'll see what I'm dealt. I asked myself today if I am out of mind for dreaming this could happen to me and my mind said hell no… you're out of your mind for marrying that 3rd husband but no, this is cool. Then my belly backed it up with non-stop twitters. Then my ex stopped by and gave me a gift card for no good reason. So I said what I had to say, and now that I've put it in writing that I am going to do it, I have to. So please…don't cut me slack. I will have something up and goin in a few days and then please do let me know what your thoughts are. But seriously I had to make myself do something tangible so I could get rid of the flutters I feel everytime I think about that wonderful man GRRM and the kickass movie he is making and my aspirations to be part of it. Out loud. Publically. So more for me than for you because there you are comin through for me…makin me laugh at myself and whether you intended to or not pushing me forward. I have the sides in my hot little hand. Photo shoot tomorrow, video tomorrow too-possibly-fingers crossed… Thanks for the fire under my ass. I'll keep you posted.
    P.S. FYI my little box doesn't have a spellchecker.

  • A thought just crossed my mind. I'd love to see Kate Walsh as Cersei. Why should we only loook at blondes when there is such a thing in the world as hair dye?

    Walsh is a tad older than one might wish, and, yes, American, but I'd prefer her to a skinny almost-teenage starlet any day. Plus, I think she has all the va-va-voom and range the role requires.

  • I posted this in the wrong section, lol. I said Hudson Leick as Catelyn when I meant as Cersei. She's cray, sweet and beautiful, even at the age of 40.

    Otherwise known as Callisto from Xena