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All I want for Christmas is…

With the holidays upon us, I decided to make up a Christmas wish list for Game of Thrones. Hopefully Benioff, Weiss and HBO are reading this and can make all my holiday wishes come true! So here it is. All I want for Chrismas is…

5) The direwolves not to look cheesy.
4) A big-name actor for the role of Ned.
3) For them to cast child actors that can actually act.
2) Peter Dinklage as Tyrion.
1) That next Christmas I will be watching Game of Thrones on HBO!

What about everyone else?


  • I for one think Martin Klebba would do a great Tyrion, and has more of a physique du role for playing him… but I agree with everything else :)

  • Omigod, that is totally who I am praying gets cast as Tyrion too! I just re-watched Prince Caspian the other day and Peter Dinklage would be sooo perfect. Hopefully all the other wishes come true, though, as long as the actor who plays Ned can act well, I won’t complain if they aren’t a “big name”.

  • I just want to see another quality series. There is plenty of meat to A Song of Ice and Fire. I am hoping for a solid, influential if not miraculous eight year run, completing the plot.

  • If there is one thing we can say, it’s that we won’t be seeing AGoT on TV before the end of 2009. In fact, the only way that would be possible is if HBO decided to skip the pilot and commission a full season right now and fast-tracked it into production first thing in the new year. Even then, it would be tight.

    The timetable I’m envisaging is that they shoot the pilot in spring/summer 2009, HBO confirm the first season in autumn 2009, Weiss and Benioff start writing the rest of the first season, it goes into production in spring/summer 2010 and we see it on screen, at the earliest in late 2010 (the “Winter is coming,” thing makes that a more sensible broadcast time), but potentially not until early 2011.

    As for what I want to see in the show:

    1) The Battle of the Blackwater. They can skimp on every other action sequence if necessary, but they need to do a Philippi (in ROME) for the Blackwater sequence, but even bigger and more stunning.

    2) The writers not being afraid to drop and move stuff around when they get to Season 4 (which I envisage being a combination of ADWD and AFFC). AFFC as a book works fine in its thematic role, but the slackening of the pace on television could be fatal at that point. They need to be bold enough to seriously ramp things up at that point and put the foot down, and if that means dropping some storylines so be it.

    3) They’ve said no flashbacks, but I think we do definitely need to see both the Tower of Joy fight and Rhaegar and Robert’s fight in the waters of the Trident. Both are iconic moments and we do need to see them.

    4) The Dunk ‘n’ Egg stories to be filmed as straight-to-DVD movies between seasons ;-)

  • As far as I have seen, Peter Dinklage is the only person who could play Tyrion. No offense meant to little people, but most do not get big enough roles often enough to hone the acting skills necessary to play such a complex character.
    As far as a big name actor for Ned, I get it, but I have always thought of ned as Rufus Sewell. Not really a big name, but no one can pull off that stoic, self-sacrificing father figure like he did in Tristan and Isolde. Mediocre movie, great job by Sewell.

  • I agree with all of your Christmas wishes, with a STRONG emphasis on #3. The show will need serious child/teen actors with a lot of potential in terms of talent.

  • Why does a “little person” have to play Tyrion?

    Lord of the Rings proved that height isn’t an issue.

    I would much rather they select the best actor they can possibly find, and use tricks to make his height right, rather than cast someone just because of how he looks.

    In fact, that goes for ALL of the roles.

    I care less about the actors looking like the characters in the books, and more about the characters in the show BEING like the characters in the books.

  • Yes, but the cost associated with doing so (shrinking actors) is not inconsiderable, and would be a pain in the ass easily circumvented by casting a “little dude”.

  • Kudos on the Rufus Sewell comment, dude. I just saw Tristan and I thought it was *not* great, but I was impressed to see Sewell turn his usual game on its head by playing a heroic figure instead of a heavy. He *could* be Ned, although I’ve often felt that they should get a guy who’s recognizable, competent and won’t blow the budget on one whack. My friends all picture Liam Neeson (which works), but I kind of think they need a bargain. I could see that dude from Pirates of the Carribean, the guy who loses his job as commodore and ends up a drunk on Jack Sparrow’s ship… he’d be good as *something* in ASOIF. Or maybe Michael Sheen (now appearing in Frost / Nixon).
    Ned really has to sell his part, so whoever they pick needs to have some chops.

  • @N:

    No, it would not have to be a person short in stature, but it just so happens that Peter Dinklage is a damn fine actor. Best of both worlds.

  • Peter Dinklage, as far as our present options go, IS Tyrion. His snarky role in Prince Caspian shows that he has what it takes, and you can’t deny that his look is spot-on.

    As for using tricks of the trade to ‘shrink’ an actor for Tyrion, as was done with the hobbits in the Lord of the Rings movies…that wouldn’t work at all for Tyrion. Hobbits are proportioned much like adult humans, only smaller; Tyrion is a dwarf, not a miniature, and he must look the part. Peter Dinklage not only does look the part but is an excellent actor and experienced with the fantasy genre. If anyone else is chosen for the role of Tyrion, I will be highly skeptical until (if) he proves himself.

  • Just because Peter Dinklage is the only talented dwarf actor we *recognize* doesn’t mean he’s the only talented dwarf actor working today. Personally, I hope that most of the cast are unknowns — I’d rather see good acting than faces I recognize. But of course, you can’t speculate over unknowns. :)

  • got to agree on the fact that we don’t need an actual dwarf to play Tyrion
    LOTR style using tricks would really benefit and a great actor playing Tyrion could really help introduce the series to new viewers, as Tyrion is one of the most interesting characters (aside from me of course). Also, Tyrion helps break the caveman Starks good, Lannister’s bad since new viewers won’t truly know Jaime’s motives until season 3 (presuming they get that far).

  • I agree with Jane. You can’t use camera tricks to make a normal person look like a dwarf for Tyrion. Hobbits are different, they are miniature people. Dwarves are dwarves. They are proportioned different, with shorter limbs and a larger head (compared to the rest of the body). To cast a normal sized person and use camera tricks to make them look short would not work at all and you would lose one of the key aspects of the character.

  • Hmm… Timothy Spall’s portrayal of the Beadle Bamford in Sweeney Todd is nothing like Tyrion, and yet I can’t help but think that Spall would probably do some great acting if given the role. He can do ugly quite well and has the most impish smile I suspect any man can muster. Convert the Beadle’s sinister nature into Tyrion’s patent brand of sarcasm and wit and I think you might have a real winner. That is, if they go the “Honey, I shrunk the actors” route, which worked quite well for the 6’1 John Rhys-Davies as Gimli (I give a non-Hobbit illustration to demonstrate the conforming of a tall man to a more Tyrion like stature).