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Success of ‘Merlin’ and ‘Legend of the Seeker’ good for ‘Thrones’?

By Winter Is Coming on

Variety is reporting that BBC’s Merlin has been picked up for a second season after word that it has been acquired by 112 territories. NBC has already acquired the US broadcast rights for the series. In related news, Disney’s syndicated … Continue reading

SAG strike looming, opposition grows

By Winter Is Coming on

A date has been set for the Screen Actors Guild to send in their strike authorization votes, January 2. The results will be announced Jan. 23. If 75% of the Guild votes in favor of authorizing a strike, it doesn’t … Continue reading

Peet in the pilot?

By Winter Is Coming on

So what are the chances Amanda Peet ends up being cast in the production? She is beautiful and talented. She is an experienced actress, working in stage, film and television. And, perhaps most important, she is married to the show’s … Continue reading

HBO receives 22 Golden Globe noms

By Winter Is Coming on

The Golden Globe nominations were announced this morning in Los Angeles. HBO received the most nominations of any network, 22 to be exact. The shows that received noms were In Treatment, Recount, John Adams, Bernard and Doris, Entourage and True … Continue reading

Avery Clark posts some new monologues

By Winter Is Coming on

Avery Clark, the actor from the Westeros forums who is attempting to get an audition for Game of Thrones, has posted some new A Song of Ice and Fire monologues up on YouTube. It is a ten minute video in … Continue reading

You know nothing, Jon Snow

By Winter Is Coming on

It is time, yet again, for another casting post. This time, we’re going to focus on everyone’s favorite bastard, Jon Snow. This is a great spot to cast a young, up-and-coming actor. Someone who the producers think is ready for … Continue reading

Winter Is Coming’s first scoop?

By Winter Is Coming on

An anonymous poster has commented on the blog entry regarding Daenerys appearing in the pilot. I believe this is worthy of its own entry, since I’m sure there are quite a few readers who do not read the comments. Said … Continue reading

Special effects in the world of Westeros

By Winter Is Coming on

One of the big factors to pulling this series off is going to be nailing the special effects. You could have a great script and some great acting, but when you see some cheesy CGI it just pulls you out … Continue reading

Will Daenerys be in the pilot?

By Winter Is Coming on

Now that Benioff and Weiss have given us the first and last lines of the pilot, we know where the episode begins and where it ends. One would assume that the story will follow all of the action in Winterfell … Continue reading

Martin gives us a shout out

By Winter Is Coming on

The man himself has given Winter Is Coming a shout out on his Not A Blog. He also directs folks to the Westeros forums for any and all casting suggestions. In addition, he reiterates that despite him being executive producer … Continue reading

Jaime, The Kingslayer

By Winter Is Coming on

Well so far we’ve looked at possible casting choices for a Lannister, a Stark and a Targaryen. Let’s head back to the Lannister clan and take a look at the Kingslayer himself, Jaime Lannister. The role demands someone who can … Continue reading

Westeros champions an actor

By Winter Is Coming on

On the forums at Westeros, Avery Clark, an aspiring young actor has thrown his name into the casting discussion. He is primarily a stage actor but is such a huge fan of A Song of Ice and Fire that he … Continue reading

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