Casting David Benioff The Hound

Benioff: “I can’t act”

There have been a few folks over at the Westeros forums that were suggesting show producer and writer, David Benioff, as pulling triple duty and also starring in the series as Sandor Clegane. Well, Benioff responded to those suggestions today, here is what he had to say:

I can’t act. Trust me on this. The Hound is one of my favorite characters and I’m flattered by the suggestion, but we’ll get someone way more talented than I am to play the part.


Winter Is Coming: Even if Benioff was a terrific actor, I don’t think I would want him as The Hound anyway. He has enough responsibilty as writer and producer of this project, no need to stretch him even further by having him act as well. I would rather he focus his efforts and attention on making this adaptation as great as possible and creating a pilot that will blow HBO execs socks off.


  • My hope would be he is not offended by people asking him to play Sandor.
    I think I would be a little pissed about that.
    Don’t worry Mr. Benioff you aren’t hard on the eyes..based on the picture above people probably think you look intense and that is the root of the recommendation.

  • Just watched the gladiator episode of ROME and I definitely think Ray Stevenson is our man for the Hound.

    Personally, I think casting Gregor is going to be way more of a headache.

  • I find it refreshing that Benioff at least knows his strengths and weaknesses. There are so many people who would cast themselves and take on five other jobs regardless of if they had any skill or not.

    Good for him. And it makes me that much more hopeful that he WILL do a good job at the jobs he has taken on.

  • Ever since I first read the series, I pictured Ray Stevenson as Bronn.

    He's a great actor, & should have a meatier role than that relatively small one, but I think that would be an awesome fit.