Is something really better than nothing?

So I think we all know that there is a strong likelihood that even if Thrones gets a series order, the chances of it going a full 7 (or more) seasons is slim. Seven seasons is a lot, especially for HBO shows which tend to have shorter runs than network shows. Plus the cost associated with a series of this scale will mean it needs to be even more successful to last the full run.

So the question I have is, would you rather see something or nothing? Personally, I would much rather see something. I would even want to see the pilot if there is no series order. Just to see the book come to life, it would be worth it. What about you? Cast your vote below!

If you knew ahead of time that HBO wouldn’t make a full 7 seasons, would you rather see something or nothing at all?


  • Yes

    If it’s good I would rather have only one Season (Game of Thrones) than non at all. It would be bad if it ended abrubtly with cliffhangers, but I think the endings of the books are good enough.

  • Definitely I’d rather see something than nothing.

    I’d even, as I said under another article here, be willing to commit myself to paying 60$ per season on DVDs, plus something extra if THEY commited to producing all the books into seasons (in other words, if they promised to film them all, I’d be willing to pre-pay for the DVDs after, let’s say, season 2).

    It’s like if we could all become “producers” (or, actually, venture capitalists), by pre-paying for the production, thus ensuring it gets filmed no matter what the ratings would be.

    Anyone else ready to promise the same? I.e., anyone else who would be willing to cash out 300+$ AFTER seeing 2 good seasons (books 1 and 2) so that the show gets produced for the whole 7-book story?

  • I’d be willing to shell out a pre-payment for the complete series on DVD after seeing a well done pilot that was true to the books. But, that’s all contingent on a well done pilot.

    I’ve been watching Legend of the Seeker *cringe* which I think I dislike because it is so far from the books. That said, the show itself isn’t bad, so someone who knows nothing of Goodkind’s world might like it more than I do. I’m still not sure why I put myself through the torture of watching that show every week. But I do. I would NOT pay for this one on DVD though.

  • One season at a time. Let the results dictate where the series would go. I don’t think that it would be unreasonable to say that the show will be successful, just look at the book sales.

  • Yeah, I would definitely prepay for the DVD set if it guaranteed a full 7 seasons. However I imagine that even if every current ASOIAF fan did that, it still wouldn’t be enough to make HBO guarantee a 7 season run.

  • I would even pay for just the pilot on blueray. Martin could be fleecing much more money out of me every year if he wanted to, I’ll buy just about anything ASoIF.

  • I’d like even just a trailer of a badly made pilot that never made the air rather than nothing.

    If they make it as far as one whole season I’d be happy as a clam.

  • “I’ll settle for seven full books. That would be enough for me”


    I would like to see at least one season. It really doesn’t matter if the TV series finishes we can all read the books the find out the end. One GOOD season should be enough to get new readers and satisfy his base.

  • Assume GRRM can finish three more books in eight years and HBO can finish filming seven seasons in that time.

    What’s the likelihood that the show could maintain a viable cast (especially the child actors) over that long a period?

    I’d be estatic with 3 seasons. Much of the original character conflicts are resolved, or at least dormant, by the end of ASOS anyway.

  • Jared;
    I’ve never read anything by Goodkind, and I think the Legend of the Seeker is an absolutely terrible show. Richard Cypher does an awful acting job. The show itself is on par with Xena and Hercules, and shares a lot of the same bad qualities.

    A bit more on-topic though, I’d love to see anything ASoIaF. And I hope most of all GRRM will actually be able to finish the series.
    As far as pre-payment goes, I don’t think I’d hesitate for a second if it meant I would in the future get the whole thing on DVD/Blu-ray, in HBO-quality.

  • I agree with the previous posters who’ve stated that just getting the complete SoIaF books would be enough.
    I’d also be happy if HBO would still air or sell the pilot even if the series wasn’t picked up. I don’t know if it’s a given or not that it will be shown.

  • Yes, I Want to see A Song of Ice and Fire come to life.. even if is only the pilot…
    I Hope in good results…


  • Given what’s happened with the Legend of the Seeker (even though I’d already stopped reading the books), I’m pretty afraid to see it on screen at all. But I’m hoping against hope that it will be one of the few adaptations that will work. If it does, I’d be happy with a season or two. If not, it’s going to be a bit depressing as I know that when I reread the books I’ll have the series’ versions of the characters in my mind.

  • Sweet Jeebus! When did these boards become a Legend of the Seeker bashing site? First off, the book series is not the tripe most people make it out to be. Goodkind is a very good writer and his characters, though a bit idealic, are interesting and do deserve to be cared about. He’s definately no GRRM, but I’d read the Sword of Truth books again over WoT any day. I guess one of the big hang ups alot of folks must have with Goodkind’s stuff is that it has themes and messages witin the overall story. The greatest writer of the ages have used dramatic storytelling to show their views on certain beilefs they want to express. Yes, there are fabulous books that just tell a tale, but there are also very good stories that have an inner message. Asoiaf is positively one of the former while SoT is among the latter. If you’ve never actually read the books and just like to bash them going off of the online flaming that people tend to get caught up in, I suggest that you pick the books up and actually give them a try. Wizard’s First Rule (the first book) is actually quite a charming story that could stand on its own without the rest of the series behind it.
    If you read the books and don’t enjoy them then I’ll have nothing further to say. SoT is probably one of those series that will be jusdged on wether or not the reader agrees withthe messages within it. If its not your thing then ok, but I’d challenge anyone to debate the quality of the storytelling. It might not deserve reside in the same lofty tower of AsoIaF, but it definately doesn’t deserv to be chained up in the dungeon either.
    As to the SoT series, I am more inclined to agree with the popular views of it on this board. I try to forget what I know of the series and simply watch it as a first time viewer. Its definately a disapointment, but I am still finding something (don’t ask me what) in it worth watching.
    I bring this up to assuage fears about AsoIaF the series turning into another mediocre tv adaptation of good fantasy writing. The reason I am not particularly worried about this specific obstacle in the series’ production, is the real estate that the series lives in. You could never do something like SoT justice on regular tv. putting it there was Goodkinds biggest mistake imo. Martin was much shrewder and much more devoted to providing his readers with a quality product when he held out and waited for HBO to come calling. Since the series is on a pay channel it will be able to avoid so many of the restrictions that SoT and other series face on regular TV. This gives it a huge advantage when trying to stay faithful to the books. Even with the 13 or so hours alotted to each book, there will have to be some pruning done. But the writers/producers/directors will be able to include various scenes that would never have even been considered if this were on a network show.
    All that said, I’d be happier just seeing the trailer for the pilot than never seeing a full series materialize. But if the crew running the series can make it live up to its potential, I’m not too worried about the series ending early. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. ASoIaF and HBO are the perfect pairing. If they do the series right, they’ll have a monster on their hands.

  • There was a time where I’d rather have nothing, but since I know how the story will end (presumably) anyway, I’d like to see someone else interpret it, and unlike Deadwood, even if it stops at 3 seasons, I’ll still know what happened afterwards.

  • Well, times pass even in books so ageing of characters won’t be an issue. Well, Rickon could be tricky but he doesn’t have a big role so far.

  • It would be easy to have the role of Rickon change hands to an older child actor simply because he’s out of the actual plot for so long. Keep one kid until Osha takes him north. The during (or after) ADWD bring him back a little older as a new actor. Easy enough.

  • Well Curb is on it’s 7th season and it’s still going, Six Feet Under went 5, Soparanos 6, The Wire 5. If the show is a hit they’ll keep it going.

  • At this stage in the books, I’d be quite happy if it finished after season 3. Plus, as another poster mentioned, however far it gets the books will still be there for avid fans. Unless ADWD never comes out.

  • There were some people wondering if the show was only going to be 3 seasons with Dany cut out altogether and the Others removed (with the Night’s Watch now fighting just the wildlings). It was therefore an impressive display of faith by the writers and HBO that Dany is front and centre in the pilot and the Others still appear at the start.

    I’m sure the producers have discussed the issue with HBO, and HBO’s reaction was probably that if the series is a success they’ll make all seven and if not, they won’t. There may be also be mileage in the idea it will only be six seasons, with the problematic events of ADWD and AFFC shrunk into one season (they’re not going to give half the cast a year off), which is slightly more manageable.

  • Why worry about 7 seasons of the TV series when GRRM can’t even find the time to finish the next book in the series?

  • Anything is better than nothing at this point. We are all anxiously awaiting the first season, and if it doesn’t come out it will be a major disappointment. Besides, if it can go at least three or four seasons, there is always the possibility that it’s picked up by another network (of course, the only one besides HBO that could do the series justice is Showtime).