Tower of the Hand reviews the script

Another script review has popped up on the internet, this time over at Tower of the Hand. Johnny was also able to get a copy of the pilot script and has some new and interesting takes on it. It sounds like it is the same draft as the one I read. With all these script reviews popping up, makes me think maybe we have a viral marketer trying to stir up interest in the pilot? Anyway, here is a snippet, hit up the above link for the full review.

The first episode remains faithful to the source material, but not stubbornly so. Scenes exist in the script that don’t take place in the book. Some of this is for convenience–there’s only sixty minutes to cram in all the details we need. Other changes take advantage of the visual medium that is television. Lots of dialogue and internal thoughts are omitted in favor of knowing looks and sidelong glances. It’s subtle, but effective.


  • exciting! The Tower article also lists at the bottom the ages of the character, as seen in the script (some juicy info btw). Sandor is listed as 35!! Now I can justify my love for Ray Stevenson as Sandor! woo!

  • Yeah, I noticed that as well. I’m not 100% sure but I don’t think the copy I have gives Sandor an age. I don’t have the script in front of me to verify that though.

  • To me the script seems to be fan-made. It’s way to faithful to the book, and too many have laid their hands on it. As people believe its the real deal, and since that people are loyal to Martin it’s kept away from the internet.

    Just cant understand how any sane producer would allow so many characters. A pilot like this would confuse even the smartest of people.

  • I don’t know anon. Though the books can be a bit confusing at times, enough people seem to be able to manage through them. Granted, the series won’t have a big appenix at the end to help us keep tabe on tha chracters, but you will be able to picture them instantly. If they focus on the main characters of the story it won’t be that much more difficult than keeping track of say, Lost or BSG.
    Also, the pilot could be directed in a manner that focuses on the main players while some of the background parts in the pilot could wax and wane as neccessary in future episodes. Hodor and Nan could be at the banquet for example but not have a speaking part until after Bran falls. Faithful fans could pick them out and be satified without having to pause the story to find out who they are.

  • Part of the charm of the series is the gazillion characters, each of whom have regular throw away lines, and any of whom can suddenly become very important to the story.

  • Sounds like the script I read. Johnny makes a good point about it maybe not being clear that Cersei and Jamie are siblings/twins. Quickly glancing over the script again, I think he’s right about that. It wouldn’t be hard to add a line here or there to make that clear and it’s definitely necessary.

    As for the multitude of characters, many of them have very little screen time and few, if any, lines. I don’t think it will be too confusing. The focus really is on the characters it needs to be on, so I’m not worried about that.

    I do still think the script is most likely real, though I am pretty sure it is either a 1st Draft or at least a very early draft. It feels like a script that I would have first submitted to producers, not one that’s gone through rounds of notes and revisions. And if it proves to not be real, well then whoever wrote it did a pretty bang-up job on the thing.

  • I agree w/ anonymous wrt SofT
    This is what I posted on a thread here a couple days ago:

    Any spoilers will be long forgotten by the time we get to read the book. My wife and I have always felt the likely hood of the series being completed being very small.

    That being said, one good thing I can say about Goodkind is that he FINISHED his epic. The aforementioned series got progressively better the further along you read peaking with “Faith of the Fallen”. It really picked up half way through the third book; but, I’m sure all you nay sayers(sp?) knew that already. This is in stark contrast to the late Robert Jordan and his epic.

    Steven Erickson seems to be giving George a run for the “Best in Class” title, except where George seems to be losing momentum, Steven is gaining it and is writing at an amazing pace.JMO

  • I don’t think Martin is losing it as the series goes on, and DEFINITELY not on the same scale of Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time, which absolutely got bogged down as the series progressed.

    Storm of Swords was the best book in the whole series, IMHO. Feast For Crows slowed things down a bit, but ADWD looks like it’s going to pick things up again, as it’s got most of my favorite characters in it.

    AFFC introduced us to the Iron Islands, which was not a storyline i was fond of … but all the stuff with Dorne was totally excellent, and the Cersei chapters were pure gold. You’re nuts if you think Martin’s epic is losing it!

  • For me, ACoK was a step of from AGoT and ASoS was a step up from ACoK. AFFC is my least favorite of the 4 books so far, but at it’s best it is still as good as any of them. “Cat of the Canals” is the single best chapter in the entire series, in my opinion and like SubTech Zero, I loved all of the Cersei chapters. While some I know had a hard time dealing with living inside the mind of someone so profoundly messed up as Cersei is, I found it completely fascinating and, well just plain awesome reading.

  • If the script is the same one that the very first person who mentioned it was talking about, it was a draft from around June 2008 or so, whilst I believe the producers have said they submitted another full draft in September, so that one would likely be very different from this one, and the final shooting script will be different again from both.

  • the last part of that, were it lists the characters and their ages, doesn’t make any sense
    Benjen is Ned’s little brother; Brandon, his older one, died with their father Rickard in King’s Landing. Ned is 35 at the start of AGOT in the book, with Robb and Jon at 15, but aging Ned 5 years would make both of them 20, while the script has them at 17. None of this is as important as the fact that the script lists Benjen as in his 40’s, and Ned at 40. If whoever plays Benjen looks older than Ned, the script could have some serious problems.

  • Wait a sec here. First of all, I know many thinks that Jordan was loosing it on his series. I myself, do not think so. His stile became different, more prosaic, but it fitted the books quite nicely. He did got one or two books a bit too long (8 and 9) but I think he actually grew as a writer as the series progresses. Martin, does a bit of the same I think. And some might see that as a minus, but I ike prose, and when doing properly it does draw you in the story much deeper than the fast pace action oriented narrative (like Erikson’s). Anyway, never to loose plot of the important point: Goodkind epic? Harry Potter is more an epic if you think about volumes (sales too), Goodkind wrote a terrific first book, then he tried to write some 2 more, and then decided to write essays. His books, got prosaic and pointless, only my love for some of its characters help me to painfully turn the pages through that horrible mess of American footbal in the last book.

  • Haha, thats a silly comment. Jordan wrote a few decent books and then ruined the rest of the series by drawing out his plot that was designed for three books on elleven books (he ******* died before he wrote the last book).

    Martin writes like a god, this is something you see in agot as much as in affc, and some individual books. In the last book Martin had one important job- to bring some of the more action-less plots on. He did so well, writing as well as ever, having some chapters that is among the series best. However some lack in fighting made people bored, and so they felt affc was by far the weakest book so far. I’d say that was bloody brilliant, as this book may have been the key to keeping it to the planned seven books, and not writing more. More book would have resulted in spreading the action to widely, and we would probatly have a new Jordan. Now Martin can write the rest of the books in his usual manner.

    For me the favorite characters in the series is Jamie, Loras and Bronn. Thus affc had alot to offer me. Cersei was a good pow for me. I do feel she is to much like Catelyn, tho fun it gets a bit old. Luckily she was the one who brought Loras and Bronns big deeds in the light (Bronn going against Cersei and the realm and making his own little kingdom, Loras storming an entire army alone at Cerseis bidding). Jamie and Tyrion are by far the best siblings ever.