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Helfer talks about "mystery pilot"

By Winter Is Coming on

In a recent interview with The TV Addict, Tricia Helfer talks about a “mystery pilot” that she is currently in negotiations for. I’m right in the middle of pilot season right now. It’s my first year in five years of … Continue reading

GRRM mentions pilot development

By Winter Is Coming on

As pointed out by commenter dizzy in the last post, George has mentioned the pilot in one of his Not A Blog posts. While only mentioned in passing, it is at least some confirmation that development on the project is … Continue reading

A Dance with Dragons and HBO

By Winter Is Coming on

With the news that Martin hopes to have A Dance with Dragons published by Sept. or Oct., whether you believe him or not, what does this mean for the HBO series? The timing of that potential release seems to match … Continue reading

Evaluating the competition

By Winter Is Coming on

With little news coming out regarding the Game of Thrones pilot, it seems like a good time to evaluate the progress of the other pilots over at HBO. When the Thrones pilot was first greenlit, it was revealed by James … Continue reading

Thoughts on Theon

By Winter Is Coming on

Theon will be a tough one to cast. His screen time will be relatively limited in the first season, but he becomes one of the more main characters in later books. They will most likely have to cast an actor … Continue reading

Feb. production status report: Silence is not golden

By Winter Is Coming on

It has been almost a month since the last production update and over two months since we have received any updates from Benioff and Weiss via the Westeros forums. I had hoped that by the time the monthly update rolled … Continue reading

GRRM talks about the HBO deal

By Winter Is Coming on

During COSine, George R. R. Martin was interviewed in a podcast by the folks over at THACO. In it they talk mostly about his licensing deals when it comes to the various games that relate to the world of Westeros … Continue reading

Full pilot script leaked

By Winter Is Coming on

Well, it seems that whomever has been passing around the script finally got it to someone that decided to leak it to the internet in its entirety. A blog called A TV Calling has posted it as their TV Script … Continue reading

HBO insider: Dinklage as Tyrion?

By Winter Is Coming on

Ain’t It Cool News has received word from an untested source that Dinklage is in talks to play Tyrion. Here is what the source has to say: This from an untested source: I have a friend who works at HBO. … Continue reading

How long will it last?

By Winter Is Coming on

So last week’s poll was interesting and showed that a very large majority of the readers would rather see some of Thrones on the small screen (even if it was just the pilot) than nothing at all. I kind of … Continue reading

More casting from the competition

By Winter Is Coming on

Some casting news to report from some of the competing pilots at HBO. First, David Simon’s new project Treme, is reportedly in talks to cast Steve Zahn (Saving Silverman) in a lead role. He would join the already-cast Kim Dickens … Continue reading

Sansa, The Little Bird

By Winter Is Coming on

Despite not having any lines in the pilot, Sansa does make an appearance so they will need to cast the part with the expectation that she will later play a major role. It is conceivable that they could cast a … Continue reading

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