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GRRM mentions pilot development

As pointed out by commenter dizzy in the last post, George has mentioned the pilot in one of his Not A Blog posts. While only mentioned in passing, it is at least some confirmation that development on the project is on going.

I also spent part of the day on email correspondence with a WARRIORS author about his story, talked to my editor and an artist about the ICE & FIRE concordance, traded some messages regarding developments on the HBO pilot, accepted an offer for that old issue of AMAZING I was looking for, paid my phone bill, and watched an episode of ER and one of MONK that I had TIVO’d earlier. That’s a pretty typical day, actually. I work on DANCE, but not to the exclusion of all else.

Winter Is Coming: News is still extremely slow to come out regarding the project. This is the first official confirmation we have received in months that things are still moving along on the pilot. This should alleviate any fears some folks may have had about a quiet cancellation of the project due to the recent economic downturn. Hopefully more news will be forthcoming soon.


  • What about her role in inseparable? It is on IMDB as being in post production. So why is she so coy with the pilot info during that interview. One can certainly hope.

  • Heh. That little tid-bit in that interview from Tricia Helfer isn’t much to go on, but it could be AGoT. Maybe I should camp out in front of the HBO headquarters in NYC and see who comes and goes through the front door there (JK, I have much better things to do with my life than that).

  • With news of the series being a little dry, an interesting idea for a new thread would be regarding how the storyline for the 4th and 5th season should be handled. With the series being held to a season for each book, I feel viewers who haven’t read the series may be turned off to not having several of the main storylines not present throughout the duration of an entire season (John, Dany, etc.) and confused by having the timelines of two seasons running parrallel to each other. Should the content of AFFC and ADWD be consolidated so we still have all the characters present for both seasons 4 and 5? Let the debate begin.

  • To add on to what I was saying in the post above. Imagine how you would feel if major season finale cliff hangers to your favorite shows(think lost, heroes, desperate houswives, Dexter, entourage, etc.) were not answered till the season after the following one? Would that piss you off?

  • They would simply combine the storylines of both books and spread them out over two seasons (or however many seasons they need). Remember GRRM originally intented it to be a single book anyway.

  • Yeah, but on the other hand it might mean that some characters would just like whizz in one season. Jaime, Brienne, Cersei had decent-sized roles which could perhaps be easily divided between seasons 4 and 5, but how many chapteres did for example Sansa have? I think I’d be able to follow the storyline better if I needn’t to trace back some events to the previous season (I mean, in a case I wouldn’t have read the books)

  • I’m a first time poster, so first i want to say
    @ Winter: You doin’ a great job here!
    I also enjoy reading every single comment on this blog. Keepin’ it up @ all!

    First of all, i’m a GRRM reader from germany, so
    if ADWD is going to be published this fall, i still have to wait 1/2-1 year, till it is translated into german (although i’m thinking about to start reading the series in english).

    That comment of GRRM about trading sm. messages
    reg. the pilot is good news! I visit this page day by day, hoping to read the BIG news, that this baby is going to get done! Still hope that they going to do one book in 2 seasons though, ’cause the storyline of one book is too big for one season imho.

    About the talk that GRRM “will not make it”, and finishing the series and that he “owes” us
    the next 3 (2) books is nonsense…
    He should do the things he likes to do, and if
    there is a timeperiod he can’t or doesn’t want to write ASOIAF, so be it! After all i want to read his “best” work, and not the “has to” work.

    As a fan of David Gemmell’s books, i know what it’s like to read about an authors death in the middle of his work. Honestly, it sucks! Not because of thinking “omg, the book is not finished”, but more because of thinking “omg, my fav. author died”. Keep that in mind!

    Still, his Troy-Series got finished. “Happy end” after all.

    So long