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Helfer talks about "mystery pilot"

In a recent interview with The TV Addict, Tricia Helfer talks about a “mystery pilot” that she is currently in negotiations for.

I’m right in the middle of pilot season right now. It’s my first year in five years of being available because of Battlestar now being finished. I got Battlestar in my first year of acting, so definitely being on a show, it’s amazing to be on a show, you want to be on a show, but it also limits what you can do with your hiatus when you’re shooting 22 episodes a year of a show. Now is really the first pilot season and I’m actually in negotiations right now with a pilot that I’m quite excited about, but it’s a little too early to stake my claim on it yet until everyone has signed on the dotted line. But yes, I’m looking, as one of the callers earlier asked about varying roles and I’m definitely looking for my next project to be something that’s a little bit different. First off, I’ll be playing a human and not a spy. But yes, I’ll be looking for something that varies the roles up.

Winter Is Coming: This isn’t much to go on, but could it be that she is referring to Game of Thrones? Obviously, this being pilot season, there are dozens and dozens of pilots currently casting right now. And one could argue that the role of Cersei isn’t very different from the role of Six. However, it is certainly an interesting rumor.

[Thanks to Aaron for the heads up!]


  • Actually, Six has quite a few personas, the common denominator to each of them is the sexyness.

    I do think Tricia would be a great great addition to the cast, but it bothers me that she might not do nudity scenes…

    Other than that, one of the characters she portraied was actually quite like Cersei, so I’m starting to doubt it has anything to do with AGoT :(.

  • Ugh I hope not. Of all the characters of BSG she is the one I dislike the most. Can’t put the finger on what exactly, but I have never though she did a great job, starting with the mini-series.

  • Well, AGOT would free up her time as it’s only 13 episodes a season, which should let her do a film or take time off in between.
    The fact the pilot involves her playing a human doesn’t narrow things down. I don’t think the characters are that similar as n0.6 isn’t a superbitch; more a femme fatale.
    The producers did say they would take ASOIAF board seriously for casting and she was one of the top favourites.
    I think she’d be great and I’m sure if the money was good she’d do the nude scenes as various publications have proved in the past.

  • She’s hit the wall… something is up with this actress as she looks markedly different than early seasons of BSG. She could be okay as a Catelyn, haggard, worried and carrying that Tully madness but Cersei, fraid not. I’d skew younger and less shopworn.

  • Ahh there's one in every crowd. (regis). Tricia Helfer was probably the biggest "acting" find in several years, especially with her lack of experience.

    Many critics and the vast majority of the BSG fan base adore the woman. (myself included…I got to meet her and q&a with her a bit a couple years ago, and while I'm not mr. fanboy drool type, I came away from the meeting realizing that I had just met someone genuine and talented.)

    I for one would prefer her in a more sympathetic role as I HATE cersei, and would rather see her as Caitlin, but hey we all have our 'wish-lists'. :)

  • put me down as in favour of supporting Tricia …she has shown on bsg she can act…give her a chance I say….she developing as an actor …

  • When I first saw the picture, I immediately thought “Cersei”.

    After I read the post, I settled on “Catelyn”.

    Mind you, I haven’t been following fan casting suggestions, but yeah. She has the right look for Cersei, but seems she wants to play Cat.

  • There isn’t just one Six on BSG. Helfer plays a couple of very different characters there. She can even “look” different to a certain extent just by using different body language and speech patterns. There are scenes where she switches from one persona to another in mid-sentence (I’ve also seen interviews where she does that).

    So she has the acting skills for a few possible roles. The real question depends on her physical disappearance to a character or how what look the writers want to have the character.

  • I was never impressed by the acting on BSG, to say she is the best of the bunch isn’t really raising the bar much.

    Wasn’t BSG filmed in Vancouver? Doubt if she is looking to hop the pond for another TV gig.

  • She does not have the beauty that Cersei is supposed to have. Love or hate her Cersei is supposed to be above and beyond.

  • I recieved some magazine from Time Warner cable a couple days ago, with mostly junk articles, but a big spread and interview on Tricia Helfer. There was a little section in there on future projects and about “Inseperable” being her next big pilot project. While this is already on imdb as “post-production”, its interesting that this was not mentioned in the above described article at all. While it is conceivable that she would be in negotiations for two pilots at the same timw, if Inseperable gets picked up full time, it might be hard to do both projects especially if she was a main character in the Fox show… But, who knows.

  • This one is such a puzzle for me. She’s definately got the looks for Cersei (or Cat). She also brings some name recognition with her to the series. I’m sure its not lost on HBO that there are a ton of BSG fans out there looking for a new vehicle to fill their fanboy fantasy fancies (/Stan Lee alliteration OFF). Having her in the mix could add favoarably to the argument of picking up the series.
    That said, I’m not convinced if she has the chops to effectively portray Cersei. Possibly Cat. Definately Cat as Stonehands. Six (all of them) has a reserve about her. Helfer does that well and I’m sure in the formal court scenes she would work as Cersei. Later on around the time they get into the Feast material there is a desperate paranoid madness that builds into Cersei’s character that I’m not convinced Helfer would be able to pull off correctly. That isn’t saying she couldn’t handle the role. I just don’t have the evidence to be comfortable with it. Maybe the casting folks could have her do some reads as Regeant Cersei (pull some dialogue from Feast) to see exactly what they would be getting if the series turns into a big hit and makes it to four years. It might be overkill, but Cersei is one of the most complex characters in the series. She needs to be handled carefully.

  • Doesn’t have the beauty? Jeez dude, talk about standards…

    Rebuttal: She is one of the most beautiful/sexy women in Hollywood today. She is (always) absolutely stunning on BSG, no matter what her hair color. She could do either Cersei or Cat. Personally, I would rather see her as Cat. I don’t want to have to hate her.

  • She’s a good actress, but I’m kind of tired of seeing her in so many shows. I watch both BSG and Burn Notice. I want to see a fresh face.

    Besides, an authentic accent is important I think. I also agree Cercei should be younger/prettier.

  • I’d be depressed if she was cast in AGOT. She’s a good actress, I’ll give her that, but she’s definitely NOT what I even remotely pictured Cersei or Catelyn looking like.

  • “At least Canadian accents are sexier than their American counterparts…”

    Ehhhh, what ya talkin’ aboot?

  • Ooh… very cool..

    I immediately thought Catelyn rather than Cersei though. Catelyn would have to be beautiful enough to convince people that Littlefinger could hold a torch for her for so long.

    Not sure if she’s talking “Inseperable” because her involvement there was announced last year.

  • I think a Game of Thrones is exactly what she is talking about, and Cersei is the role for her.
    I feel like it’s pretty obvious when you look at her resume and know her character from Battlestar.

  • My first thought upon seeing her picture (haven’t seen BSG, unfortunately) was ‘Catelyn!’ not Cersei. Maybe it’s the hair, but just going by looks, she is more Cat.

  • In BSG she has platinum blonde hair (at least the main Caprica Six does).
    The picture of her really isn’t the best. She’s smokin’ hot on BSG.
    I realize that Cersei (and most of the other characters) is younger in the novels than alot of the actors that fans like to speculate about. Actually Miss Helfer is 37 which is pretty darn close to Cersei’s age bracket.
    I’m starting to get a little flaberghasted when I read posts regarding the age of the talent for this project. While physically younger, the folk of GoT are all much mentally older than most of the age-appropriate actors out there. Westeros is a savage gritty place. Do you really want to see Miley Cyrus (actually she would be too old as well for you age conscious people out there) to play Daenarys? Dustin Diamond as Ned? The cast of High School Musical as the Bloody Mummers (damn this one would be something to see though)?
    Its going to be nearly impossible for the casting director to find an ensemble of age-appropriate actors that have the scope to manage the mature material that the series will tackle. Aside form the talent, viewers just simply won’t buy into a show where 13 year olds get on top of adult males and get funky with him. HBO (and fans) can’t have it both ways here. Either some age consessions will need to be made, or they will run the risk of never grabbing the audience numbers they hope to gain with this series.

  • Catelyn, definitely. There’s no facial resemblance to any of the Jaime candidates.

    Michael Komarck did an illustration for the AGoT card game ( which is exactly how I picture Cersei. Slight resemblance in facial shape to Tricia Helfer, but you’d need a bucket of makeup to get her to look similar.

  • Jesus Christ Superstar presented a black Judas…

    … which went against everything and everyone. Still, it was hugely successful.

    Don’t nitpick, or you’ll end up disappointed. The ages won’t match, the exact look won’t match, the STORY will, and that’s what’s important.

  • LOL …his hair was like wool….black ?…maybe I guess…but really we are all shades of grey…who plays jalabhar xho….just kidding LOL

  • When I started reading the books, I immediately imagined Cersei exactly like Tricia, so, if the rumour is confirmed, it’s good news to me!

  • Precisely invertebrae. That picture, and this one:

    Now, I know I’m in the minority here, but I really don’t think British accents are necessary. The series does not take place on Earth in old Europe. It’s a fantasy series, with seven kingdoms and peoples in Westeros, with many others in lands beyond. And it’s written by a guy from Jersey! I think they have a great amount of freedom when it comes to it.

    Should Ned, Warden of the North have the same accent as southern lords? The Lannisters of the west (Though everything is south of stark country).

    Undoubtedly there will be recognizable accents, and I’m positive many of them will be British – I just don’t think it’s necessary.

  • I always though they should have different dialects of English. You telling me the Dornish have English accents?

  • LOL!,
    “The cast of High School Musical as the Bloody Mummers” I must confess that the mere thought, the begining of the idea, the forming of the image in my head, put me totally and uterlly in favour of ageing most characters. I don’t need (want) to go further on the thought. :)

    Accents… I always imagine ASOIF taking place in Europe type (maybe cuzz I live in Europ). The North will be scandinavian, the neck/vale, will be germanic, swiss alpes, then the main court anglosaxon (France/England) with the dornish as roman/spanish, even middel east. The summer isles will be the mediterranean (Greece, Malta, etc) and further east to Russia and Mongolia (byspassing India, Malasya, etc). The legendary dragon lands… well that has always been a problem, kind of Atlantis, somewhere by Japan or the Caribbean. So plenty of accents to choose there from.

  • I didn’t imagine Cersei as Tricia Helfer but I could see it on TV.

    Re accents: please, as Anon at 11:01 AM says, it’s a fantasy series; sure some of it is loosely based on the England of the War of the Roses but I also see the Hyborean Age of Conan with a dash of Vance thrown in.

    Sure, the crimson and gold Lannisters with their lion are definitely “English” to my mind, the Iron islanders are easily Vikings and Braavos is possibly a fantasy Venice but the rest?

    As long as the script, direction and acting is great, I’m not too fussed about the accents, as long as they’re consistent of course.

  • accents have to be done perfectly, otherwise we’ll be watching eragorn or legend of the seeker or something. LOTR works because they got this just right. GoT has to do the same, and it’s probably why it will be a while before a cast is chosen.

    have to factor in the fact that they will NEVER cast all of their roles from the proper regions, and so we have dialect coaches working tirelessly to prevent the tom cruise in valkyrie syndrome.

    t’ain’t easy.


  • While I agree accents are important, I believe appearance is far more so. For example, if they cast people that don’t look like Turco-Mongols as the Dothraki, or don’t cast Arabs or Turks (a mix would be ideal, since the military is more Turkic but there are apparently three sub groups) for Dorne.

  • I always imagined the Dornish as Spaniards with a heavy moorish influence (al Andalus etc).

    Totally agree re the Dothraki who conform to how I imagine the Mongols – what little I actually know of them..

  • The Dorne could be influenced by the al-Andalus, but their horse archery and scale armor place them in the Turkic, or later Arabic military tradition.

    And I’m a Mongolist in training, and while many of the details (big and minor) are off for the Dothraki, they are obviously based off of Turco-Mongols, as evidenced by the title Khal, influenced obviously by the title Khan, used by both Turks and Mongols, though the Turks sometimes used Khagan.

  • Ohhhhhh- Update: WARNING “Burn Notice” Spoiler below.

    For those of you who don’t watch “Burn Notice”, Helfer’s character was killed off in last night’s season finale… That should free up her schedule a bit…..

  • I have always pictured Dorne like a Middle East country, like Arabia, but definitely not Spain(I’m a Spaniard myself and the descriptions don’t match with the physical appearance of most Spanish people). However, Highgarden has always reminded me of Italy (has anyone watched Kenneth Brannagh’s “Much Ado about Nothing”?) or southern France.

    About Tricia Helfer as Cersei, sorry but no, she should be much more beautiful, though I think the age would be correct.

  • What is with you kids and your standards…start posting pictures of your girlfriends/wives/what have you, and tell me, honestly that Helfer is not hotter… I’ll admit it, and I’m not even into blondes. And on the age note, I think she is age appropriate (how old do you think these people are? Tyrion is around his late 20’s so his siblings are up wards in 30’s), and they’re actors, that is what they do, they act… in tandem with the makeup dept. i would think that might be enough for you guys.

    cat or cersei…either way, you’ll either love her like a mother or wanna hate fuck her to death.

    everybody wins

  • I’d love to see her in the role of Cersei just because she did the seductive bitch so well in BSG.

  • Cersei rather than Cat (which is a much more subtle role than Cersei), but nobody at all would be my ideal choice.