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The Music of Thrones

By Winter Is Coming on

One aspect of the production we haven’t discussed here yet is the musical score. Over at Westeros there is a rather lengthy thread discussing just that. It seems that most people are falling into one of four camps when it … Continue reading

How important are age and appearance?

By Winter Is Coming on

There has been quite a bit of talk about getting the age and appearance of characters just right. It seems that ASOIAF fans are divided on how important these factors are in casting. Some people feel that the producers should … Continue reading

Catelyn Stark, Lady of Winterfell

By Winter Is Coming on

It’s been a while since I’ve done a casting post. For this post, we are going to stay in the North, but head back to the Stark family. Catelyn is one character that shouldn’t be too hard to cast. She … Continue reading

Adrian Paul expresses interest in Thrones

By Winter Is Coming on

Adrian Paul, best known for his role as Duncan MacLeod in Highlander: The Series, has mentioned his interest in being involved in the Game of Thrones pilot over at his official website. Following on from the audio book of George … Continue reading


By Winter Is Coming on

So what kind of ratings will this series need to survive? Many people seem to think that Martin’s existing fan base should be enough to make the series a success. But is that true? First we must answer the question, … Continue reading

HBO President talks Game of Thrones

By Winter Is Coming on

Over at the NeoGAF forums, a poster claims to have spoken with HBO’s President of Programming. They discussed the Game of Thrones pilot and the HBO exec expressed a great deal of enthusiasm about the project. Here is what the … Continue reading

Concept Art

By Winter Is Coming on

I have no idea what Benioff and Weiss have planned for the look of the series, but getting the look of Westeros right is going to be important. My hope is that they do what Peter Jackson did with his … Continue reading

Benioff confirms shooting location and time

By Winter Is Coming on

In today’s edition of Metro newspaper in Sweden, there is a short interview with David Benioff. In it he discusses his book City of Thieves, Wolverine and touches briefly on his involvment with Game of Thrones, with the big news … Continue reading

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