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David & Dan confirm what we already know

By Winter Is Coming on

Just as most everyone figured, Holly Marie Combs has not been cast as Catelyn in the Game of Thrones pilot. This comes straight from Benioff and Weiss themselves, courtesy of the Westeros forums. In responding to a poster who stated … Continue reading

Winter Is Coming raises its banners!

By Winter Is Coming on

You all have no doubt heard of me talking about a way for us fans to increase the possibility of this series getting picked up. A few ideas have been tossed around, such as mail-in or call-in campaigns to HBO. … Continue reading

Game of Thrones on Facebook

By Winter Is Coming on

For those that have a Facebook account, a group has been setup in support of the Game of Thrones series. If you have a Facebook account, you can join and display to all your friends your passion for this project. … Continue reading

Auditions are underway

By Winter Is Coming on

We’ve now heard from multiple sources (once at Westeros and also in the comments of my previous post) that auditions for many of the roles are currently underway. It appears that all of the roles they are currently auditioning are … Continue reading

Casting the minor characters

By Winter Is Coming on

We know that most, if not all, of the remaining actors in the pilot will belong to British Actors’ Equity. Certainly at least a few more of the major roles will be filled with, if not exactly big names, experienced … Continue reading

Welcome to the new Winter Is Coming!

By Winter Is Coming on

Today marks this blog’s 6-month anniversary! I figured this was the perfect time to update the look of the site to something a little more clean and professional. I hope you like it! If you have any other suggestions or … Continue reading

Holly Marie Combs as Catelyn? OR How a bunch of ASOIAF fans found out IMDb is user-editable

By Winter Is Coming on

If you’ve read the comments from my last post you will have no doubt seen the on-going discussion of the presumed casting of Holly Marie Combs as Catelyn. I wasn’t going to make a post about this since the issue … Continue reading

Belfast native gives his take on production

By Winter Is Coming on

A user by the name of Rimshot has commented on an earlier post stating that he is employed by the largest casting agency in Belfast and has worked as an extra on many of the big productions in the area. … Continue reading


By Winter Is Coming on

Wow, it has been a while since I have done one of these. But with the casting announcements now upon us, I figure I better finish off, at the very least, the POV characters. And I am finishing with what … Continue reading

Role of Dany currently in auditions

By Winter Is Coming on

According to one poster over at the Westeros forums, the producers are currently in the process of auditioning for Daenerys. This poster states that a friend of a friend has been asked to audition for the role. Apparently she is … Continue reading

Benioff and Weiss on Dinklage and McCarthy

By Winter Is Coming on

David and Dan have posted again over at the Westeros forums. This time they talk about the casting of Peter Dinklage and the hiring of director Tom McCarthy. They also mention that Dinklage will be the only American in the … Continue reading

Another actor aspires for an audition

By Winter Is Coming on

Following in Avery Clark’s footsteps, another ASOIAF fan has attempted to get an audition by posting a Youtube monologue montage video. His name is Ryan Rice and he has set up a website where one can see various headshots, information … Continue reading

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