Welcome to the new Winter Is Coming!

Today marks this blog’s 6-month anniversary! I figured this was the perfect time to update the look of the site to something a little more clean and professional. I hope you like it! If you have any other suggestions or things you think I should do with the site just use the Contact link above and let me know. I am still relatively new to this blogging thing, so I would love to hear any ideas you guys have about improving this site.

I started this site 6 months ago after hearing about the pilot order from HBO. I was so excited and looking forward to all of the news and announcements that would be coming out as the pilot production got underway. I wanted to know everything there was to know about the pilot. I felt like there needed to be a central place where anything and everything related to Game of Thrones could be reported on and discussed. I thought that other ASOIAF fans would feel the same way. Well, exactly 6 months and over 100 posts, 1,000 feed subscribers, 2,500 comments, 85,000 visitors and 300,000 hits later, it looks like I was right!

The news about the pilot has been a bit slow in coming out. But if you think about it you will realize that we know quite a bit more about this project than we did 6 months ago. We got to see the pilot script, we know where and when they will shoot, we have a director and our first cast member. I am sure the next 6 months will be even more exciting as they fill out the rest of the cast and start ramping up the production to film later this year.

So I hope you will continue to visit Winter Is Coming for all of your Game of Thrones-related news. I think we have built up a nice community of readers and commenters on here. I have enjoyed discussing the various rumors, news and other topics with everyone and hope we can remain here discussing these things, not just for the next 6 months, but for years to come!


  • Well done, I’ll send you some comments. BTW, you should’ve kept the downtime notification post, as the praise in the comments is deserved and deserves to be archived :)

  • Marko: Yes, I was reluctant to delete it due to those kind words. But I thought it just looked out of place now that everything is back up and running. But please feel free to express as much praise as you’d like in the comments of this post. ;)

  • I somewhat miss the subtitle of the blog, which effectively explained the content (although you can still find the expanded version in the ‘About this site’ section as before).

  • This site is a god send Winter thanks for all your work. With those numbers maybe you should set up a web site with advertisments, make you a little pocket change.

  • Awesome! Very clean design and it feels like there’s more information available on one screen.

  • Much better, not that the old site wasn’t good,but that white on black font was just a little hard on the eyes. Once again thank you for all the hard work. Hopefully some good news in not too far away so that we can increase those numbers even more.

  • Grats on the 6 months and the success you’ve had so far. Loving the new look, although the comments have some kind of alignment issue on my screen. Anyone else having these issues? I’m on Firefox.

  • Comments should be appearing normally now. Sorry about that! I made some changes with the formatting of the posts (give them a little more space between each other) and didn’t think it would affect the comments.

    If anyone is still having problems, send me an email via the Contact link and I’ll look into it. Thanks all!

  • Hey, you’ve been doing a great job with the site, especially in the way you’ve kept the discussion going when news is thin. I liked the old design but I’ll get used to this one.

  • Awesome new look! I already love this place for the news, but looking spiffy is good too :) Keep up the good work!

  • Good job! All the best and continue to keep us up to date with this awesome project in the making.

    Thank you for all your hard work!

  • I peek here first every mouring to see if there is something new. Thanks for your hard work!

  • Hahaha I was just at George’s website, its been a while, and i noticed the visitor number recorder. Man, its pretty much constantly going up.

  • Nice changes, both were good though. Also, saw what anon above wrote, so i went to George’s page and saw the visitor thing. I thought it was going up pretty fast, so i clicked the link again, not refreshing and what do you know, same number, clicked it again but it was 4 more ahead of that. I reckon he’s tricked it up so it goes up automatically by patterns.

  • Yeah, I think it looks extremely professional now. Adds an air of authenticity for new visitors to everything this already great blog discusses.

  • Hey Winter, keep up the good work. The new design is a real improvement. I am as excited as you about the next 6 month. Hope for some more good casting news…and rumors ;-)

    Greetings from Germany


  • Good job Winter, but we don’t need any excuses. You complain that news is slow-going and it’s difficult running this site, but please don’t feel too sorry for yourself. It could be worse, you could be running the NFL network and waiting for Bret Favre to mow the lawn or to spill a drink for your lead story.

    Indiana Homez

  • Great work all round, Winter. Nice new look, and having followed your blog for ages, it’s been really informative and well written and edited.

  • Great stuff. Take a bow, Winter.

    Suggestion: it might be cool for some of the more knowledgeable people – those who have had a hand in Hollywood or production, or those who just have knowledge of the biz – to start sharing information to the people who have no experience in television support; things such as where to send fan mail (to producers, directors, actors, etc) and the like.

    I already personally sent welcoming letters to Peter Dinklage and Tom Mccarthy through their management, as well as a thank-you e-mail to HBO, though that information was relatively easy to find.

    A large number of other shows (Jericho comes to mind) have been kept alive due to rabid fan support, and I’d love to see that same sort of a concerted effort for Game of Thrones. People just need to know WHERE to send the boxes of (insert GoT-related trinkets) (paper snowflakes?) if the going ever gets tough.

    You have done a fantastic job with this site so far. As this site continues to grow, as casting becomes solidified, as all the things ASoIaF fans have hoped for begin to take shape, I know WinterIsComing will continue to be at the forefront of the Game of Thrones fan movement.

  • Suggestions:
    I miss some things about the old look. Consider Replacing the old title image (bigger was better) and having the text frame black with white text. That would recall the original ‘feel’ of the blog and maintain the new professionalism. White screens are so hard to look at for very long.

  • “A large number of other shows … have been kept alive due to rabid fan support, and I’d love to see that same sort of a concerted effort for Game of Thrones.”

    Consider me RABID.

  • Also, I like the fact that you put the alternate links, cause I’m always going back and forth between sites, also the way that you broke it down by character, great too … although, i did like the black layout with the white text … but this will do!!!

  • Congrats from here as well! You’ve done a great job, Winter, I’ve had a really good time browsing this blog and readind the posts and the comments. So thank you!

    “Consider Replacing the old title image (bigger was better)”
    I think I second that, but I’m fine with the present. As it comes to the colours of the text and the text frame, I suggest dark blue and white. For me, those are the most eye-friendly (and quite suitable considering this is winter-themed blog ;D)

  • I second About Yea High’s suggestion. Some others also had similar thoughts before, and I once advocated organized fan efforts. The Dollhouse series on ABC, though pretty crappy from what I’ve seen (no offense if I’m wrong), was unexpectedly renewed for a second season solely due to fan support when everyone had considered it dead already. It’s good to know us fans can have such an effect :) Perhaps a post on those issues would not go amiss.

  • Oh dear … that ‘Top Commenters’ section on the side has just proved to make that I spend ~way~ too much time on here …

  • I like the new look, the white background makes it easier to read (that was a problem for me in the old blog, i had so select the text to read it). A great improvement

  • Thanks to everyone for the kind words and suggestions! This really is your site more than mine. It wouldn't be the same without the discussion and debate everyone provides.

    I will be looking to make minor improvements to the site over the next few months, so any suggestions are greatly appreciated. I have other bigger changes that I may incorporate in the future, but these cost money so they are not as easy to implement. Some of you may have noticed I set up some ads on the site. This was done in the hopes that I could raise enough money to make these improvements. So if you feel like helping out just click on an ad every once in a while. Any money I make from that will go back into making this site better. :)

    About Yea High & Marko: I have been thinking about how best to approach this subject. I definitely want to do everything I can to help organize the fans into a campaign to get Thrones on air. I’m just not sure if a massive mail or call-in campaign would help or hurt. And frankly it is a bit premature right now, since the pilot production is just barely underway. I have an idea that I think will help generate buzz though, which is really what this project needs at this point. I’ll be sharing it in a future post. So stay tuned!

  • @Winter: Glad to hear you have good plans and ideas! I agree it is worth being careful with these things (especially without first consulting some who are more experienced in the field, perhaps), and that it’s too early for anything else than discussion just yet as I once wrote when asking for opinion on buzz generation.

    It’s exciting to be part of this community :)

  • Yeah me too. I can feel something big building here with this project. The next announcement from Benioff will probably knock our collective socks off. It’s like the quite, static build up before a summer thunderstorm. Casting director revealed? A big name actor?

  • Looks great. This is the only place I come for HBO GOT news and I don’t expect that to ever change.

  • Yes, the site is fantastic, Winter. Great job. Still hoping you’ll be able to bag some interviews with the cast and crew at some point. Maybe even the man himself, GRRM!!