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Auditions are underway

We’ve now heard from multiple sources (once at Westeros and also in the comments of my previous post) that auditions for many of the roles are currently underway. It appears that all of the roles they are currently auditioning are that of the children characters. Dany and Bran have been specifically mentioned by the two sources. Also it was mentioned by the anonymous commenter that a final decision won’t be coming until the end of June. It seems they are going to be taking their time and making sure they are getting this right.

While open auditions seemed like an inevitability for the younger characters, I am curious to find out who they have lined up to play the key adult roles. Ned, Catelyn, Jaime, Cersei and Robert all need to be filled soon and will likely be filled with experienced actors. I suspect they have to be in negotiations with at least a few actors for these roles.

Either way casting seems to be in full swing and within the next couple months we should have most of the cast finalized.

Update: According to the anonymous commenter, the other roles currently in audition are Sansa, Arya and Joffrey. They are also auditioning for the roles of Robb and Jon at this time, according to a poster at the Westeros forums.


  • I’m going to predict – as someone else may have already – that we will see another big name for one of the primary adult roles, ideally Ned or Catelyn, within the next few weeks. Then who they ultimately pick for the child roles and secondary adult roles will follow, based on how well they work with the selected actors/actress, and how much is left in the budget.

  • So what happens first, we hear an announcement about the casting for the children (we were told the casting would happen in June) or we hear from Martin that he has finished ADWD (we were told it would happen in June)?

  • Do you even have to ask which will happen first? ;) My bet is the casting for the children.

    I just hope we will get some news about the main cast very soon.

  • If I remember correctly, the last we heard from GRRM, he was hoping to finish ADWD by the fall. Mind you, that was before Star Trek gave him the swine flu so who knows…

  • Judging from HBO and Showtime shows, there seems to be a pattern with getting big names for characters that are less… permanent. So for Eddard Stark, and some others, it would make a lot of sense, in order to draw in non-GoT fans. Sean Bean makes more sense in that respect. Not so sure about Catelyn.

    Sasha looks hot in lingerie. Too bad her eyes are misaligned.. not physically perfect enough for the perfect princess.

  • God Bardamu, you got some pretty high standards. Not that I would pick Sasha for Sansa, a bit too old/not so innocent-looking in my opinion. But “misaligned eyes” LoL. If you are a guy it must be pretty tough with the ladies no?

  • dholds, I’m one of those people who believes that GRMM secretely is plotting and fleshing out the entire ending so that the denouement will be perfect (I think he’s one of those writers that has trouble tying up loose ends, and would prefer not having an ending)… I also believe this is why there are so many delays that started with FoC which he admitted was a book that tied up loose ends already. I’m not guessing that ADWD is done, but rather that it’s either being glossed over and that it’s almost done. Only Martin knows (which makes this type of speculation both “fun in the dark” and frustrating). But for my part, I have been waiting patiently for a few years, and I’m glad he stopped making updates about the progress.

  • Thor, don’t get me wrong, that girl is gorgeous. But details like that matter a lot in a major production, don’t you think?

  • Its just I dont see any problem with her eyes, you must have a better eye for details than me. Actually she would be too mature and hot to play Sansa though she would be perfect for someone like Shae. I’m sure they wont cast somebody with overbite, or crosseyed for this role but you gotta keep in mind that no actor is a perfect 10.

  • Sasha will be 21 by the time filming begins, certainly too old for Sansa and probably too old for Dany too. She is a beautiful girl though. I’m just not sure what role she could play. Also I noticed she apparently is based out of LA now, so that might rule her out anyway.

  • bardamu, I completely agree about GRRM’s plans. He’s known from the very beginning how the story will end which is a great relief as a reader. Good writers don’t make it up as they go along.

    And I think that bodes well for the TV series too. HBO realizes that George has a vision and that you should only start a story you know can be finished. They knew David Simon had a plan with The Wire and look how well that turned out.

    Too often, the major networks pick up TV shows based on the initial premise and then end up dragging it on way too long trying to figure out how to end it (see Prison Break, 24, even Lost). HBO knows better than that. Although I think you could argue that David Chase was making up The Sopranos as it went along!

  • Bardamu, you may have a point about the “big name” issue. I’m just thinking in terms of the potential draw for the financial cost. Actually Anderson is the only “big” name for Catelyn that I can see as a possibility, given the parameters. (I don’t think Burrows is in that category.) And Anderson may not be that costly. Bean would be a better draw than Anderson… I think. That's debatable, though.

    On the other hand, I just finished watching #1 Ladies and was a huge fan of "The Wire". HBO has a fantastic record of casting little-known and unknown performers. I wouldn't put it past D&D to come up with an excellent cast consisting of Dinklage and a bunch of people I've never seen before on screen. Maybe name recognition isn't even something they're concerned about.

  • ALEC NEWMAN would be an awesome choice for Jaime Lannister. He’s British and must be a member of British Actors Equity. GREAT actor……What do we think??

  • Asa Butterfield (The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas) would have been a great Bran, although he may not be a touch too old now and will probably be too busy filming the new Nanny McPhee film.

  • too pretty? not pretty enough? too curvy?

    pfft. Her face looks young enough, she’s hot, and is used to died hair. Clothing tricks can be done to deal with curves during the early shows. She’d do fine as Dany.

  • Dead serious about misaligned eyes. That is to one is higher than the other Once you notice it, you start noticing the ways actresses will tilt their head or have long bangs to hide it. I didn’t want to mention it earlier, but Anderson also has that problem. We forgive because a good actor is all about illusion.

  • Can’t say i ever noticed that about Gillian Anderson through all the seasons of X-files.

  • Dany is amazingly beautiful, not perfectly symmetrical. There is a difference. We recognize greater symmetry as greater beauty for evolutionary reasons, but that doesn’t mean that a perfectly symmetrical face will be recognized as beautiful — uncanny valley.

  • I think Dany’s perfectly symmetrical… why the hell not?

    Aaron I have to agree you completely about how HBO/Showtime is going to rock the casting, mostly near unknowns, etc., and they are very dynamic about how they get the right people. But still it’s fun to speculate with our Sean Beans and (I’m still holding out for Billy Boyd as Sansa, because that’s funny and absurd.. plus Sansa, to use Arya’s words, is so stupid).

  • As long as her boobs are symmetrical then I’ll be happy! Just kidding … sort of.

  • When a critique is about someone’s ‘misaligned eyes’…instead of there talent …..well that’s hard for me to fathom….are we that shallow were looking so closely that we critique a beautiful woman about her ‘misaligned eyes’….Gillian Anderson too…I can’t stop laughing LOL

  • Bardamu, dude you got some serious problems there. Maybe should get yourself checked for eye misalignment. The sooner the better.

  • It’s a matter of degree. Perfect symmetry — and I use “perfect” here in its primary dictionary definition, not as an intensifier — is next to nonexistent. Therefore, we recognize it as fake-seeming. Slight asymmetry is a realism cue.

  • Wow. I am so torn with the web page lately. On one hand I love all the news starting to trickle out. On the other hand its making me crazy to see the finished pilot. Great job Winter.

  • Misaligned eyes. Bah. Next thing you’ll say is Harrison Ford ain’t good looking because his nose is crooked (which it is).

    File that under “fan is short for fanatic.”

  • And Angelina Jolie has fish lips, Richard Gere`s eyes are too close to one another, Harrison Ford`s has a crooked smile, Julia Roherts looks like she has been blowing her nose every 10 minutes her whole life…. etc etc… i.e. it is possible to find “fault” with anyone (even the sexiest, most beautiful, most handsome.).

    We shouldn`t forget that it is often these “imperfections” that are the most endearing (like Harrison Ford`s cheeky crooked smile).

    Dany becomes a strikingly beautiful woman. I think that unique features are very much a part of “strikingly beautiful”.

    A girl\guy with the most “perfect” features is not necessarily the most beautiful.

  • Auditions started? So it’s finally that time. When all the script writing, good intentions, talk and speculation begins to form the meat and potatoes of the execution of the show itself.

    Dinklage really made it home for me this was becoming a reality – so once more cast members are named I’ll probably start foaming at the mouth.

  • I feel the same way, its very exciting that things are actually starting to come together for this show. It feels much more real to start being able to put faces to some of the characters I have been reading about for years

  • Re: Sasha Jackson. Look a little closer, people.

    All these comments about misaligned eyes seem a little surreal. This would be my issue: casting a woman with disproportionate, balloon-like, plastic boobs.

    Not in -my- Westeros, they ain’t.

  • All I know is if Sasha Jackson walked into the room where all the commenters were having a burger or a drink or whatever, she would have every eye on her. I don’t imagine the production notes say Dany’s eyes must be perfectly shaped and aligned. And, what I wish for is an actor with talent, skill and grace who understands the character and works well with those cast with her. ‘Perfect’ beauty is illusive at best, perhaps impossible and waaaaaaaaay down the list of what I hope for.

  • Crooked eyes are not that common. Eyes are one of an actor’s most important assets. The moral and aesthetic issues being brought up here are irrelevant. It’s just show business, people, about a fantasy show, about the part of a princess. The girl has crooked eyes. The part is potentially for 7 years, the main role of a major production. Owen Wilson for Jaime.

  • Owen Wilson for Jaime …. Sure, make sure he takes his anti-depression pills, cause one thing Jaime isn’t is depressed!!!

  • Moral? Nobody brought up moral issues. Except the person complaining about them.

    Crooked eyes are extremely common. It’s highly noticeable crooked eyes that are less common.

  • I just looked in the mirror and saw that I too have misaligned eyes. That made me so sad. I’m a freak.

  • Bardamu, you dissed Sasha Jackson because of misaligned eyes, and then chose Owen Wilson for Jaime? Jaime is supposed to be one of the most amazingly handsome men in Westeros, and Owen Wilson has a horribly crooked nose. It was broken early in his life an never fixed properly.

    How very chauvinistic of you to notice a minor flaw on a woman’s face and not a glaring flaw on a man’s.

  • This is a bit of a random thought, but I suppose it fits under a threat for auditions…is anyone worried that the tv show coming out while the books haven’t been finished yet will ruin their image of the characters?

    For example, the first Harry Potter movie came out when only 4 of the 7 books had been published. And while I think the movies have been fantastic, they forever wiped away my own internal version of what the characters looked like. For the last three books, as I read them, I could only picture the actors from the movies.

    That is definintely a concern I have…

  • Dan: I have heard this concern raised by others. I see where you are coming from but, for myself, I don’t mind it one bit.

    When I read I never have a firm depiction in my mind of what a character looks like. Just a vague imagining of their prominent features (hair color, age, body size/type). So I am all for this series fleshing out the characters and giving them a face that I can picture as I read the remaining books.

  • Dan,

    I wouldn’t be too much worried. As opposed to Winter, I have very strong images of the (important) characters in my head and I doubt that tv-series’ versions could replace them. ASoIaF has been a part of my life many years and that’s why I’ve had plenty of time to root proper looks firmly on my mind :)

    Besides, one can always take a look (or several) to ASoIaF-art and found several interpretations of the characters. It might prevent the looks of the actors becoming the one and only option

  • Another thing to bear in mind is that GRRM doesn’t have a great track record with this series, as far as finishing in a timely manner. What if he handed the whole thing over to the TV series writers?
    If the show became a huge hit the writers could take over by, say 6th season. Meaning Dragons would be the last book Martin would actually write. I cringe at the idea, but it may be the only way to see this story finished. Unless he pops out the next 2 books after Dragons in the next 4 or 5 years (not likely), the television series would stall. It seems to me that GRRM wouldn’t have a problem with that. Let’s face it, he’s not getting any younger. Assuming the Powers at HBO would let the series run for that long (also not likely), it’s possible the show could out run Martin’s snail-like pace.

    file this under: Extremely unlikely scenerios.

    I’m just saying.

  • Tynan – Assuming that the series can go 7 seasons, I think people are really really blowing out of proportion the idea that the tv series will finish before the books.

    It looks like Martin is going to have taken 5 years between the last two books. However, he’s had a particularly tough time with this one, so I think its safe to say that we go 4 years in between books for the last two.

    This would put the last book out in 2017. Now at best the series won’t begin until late 2010, early 2011. This woudl put the beginning of season 7 of the show late 2017, early 2018 (and this is assuming there is only one year between seasons, but HBO shows sometimes go longer). Probably not a problem.

    Additionally, even if Martin is delayed a year or two in finishing the final book, say 2018, he’ll be mostly finished that last book by the time they are writing/plotting out the last season of the show, and since he’s a producer, the writers of the show won’t have to go on their own, they’d have enough material and inside info to finish the show in the same manner as the books.

  • Jeez, some of you people are fussy.

    You do realise that very often, people are attractive ~because~ of certain physical flaws, not in spite of them? Perfectly symmetrical features are pretty bland, to be honest. And who wants bland?

  • While acting ability and a general essence of the character is more important than the exact physical appearance of an actor, whoever suggested Owen Wilson for Jaime has to be joking. The bloke looked like he’s had his face rearranged with a spade.

  • I agree with Silverstar: really fuzzy, those people.

    Unlike these moral midgets, I sincerely hope HBO brings a degree of realism to the show by showing normal, run of the mill, imperfect modern people acting as these high fantasy heroes. Especially the women; most of all the “beautiful” princesses. I have the highest hopes that Daenerys Targaryen will be played by an average girl with dubious modeling experience that an average fanboy might daydream having her “slightly out of wack” eyes merely pass over the surface of his being. Perhaps they can create a sort of new Reality-Fantasy show, showcasing these imperfections which are without a doubt more beautiful than perfection.

    Perusing the available pool of actresses that are posted on line, I happened upon several that would require a bit of dentistry in general, which would be perfect for the GoT pilot since they did not have that science available then.

    One in particular, that I happened to have met after her performance in a Shakespearean production at a local Dinner Theater, had me enthralled with such pathos in her histrionics that I was utterly destroyed, and had not even noticed the glass eye until our brief discussion later on, lingered on my shoulder while the other starred deep into my soul. This, instead of making me uncomfortable as perhaps lesser man would, aroused me greatly–but mostly I did not notice because what she was saying was so interesting. With a little make up to shave of 10 or so years, and some light action magic, I would say she could carry Daenerys, with great feeling and grace, back to the Iron Throne as she is evidently destined.

  • You are completely missing the point. Speaking for myself, I am not shallow, I am only adhering to the physical descriptions of the book.

    Simply put, someone who is ugly, or ordinary can be played by someone who is just that, or rather someone who matches the physical description of the character. The point is Dany is not “run of the mill”, and is described as being the most beautiful women (she is a girl though) in the world. Now Sasha is very pretty, does not posses any uneven eyes that I can see, and even if she did, who cares, she looks fine. But she does not posses the qualities of Dany, i.e. she has the figure of a women. I don’t give a shit if the girl cast as Dany or whoever has a glass eye personally, but Dany doesn’t, so it couldn’t be noticeable. If it was, it would screw with the Plot, as would many other noticeable physical changes.

    Silverstar, rather than call them imperfections, which i disagree with, I would simply say peoples physical features are different, and that can be what makes them attractive.

    I Hope they don’t cast an average Daenerys, just so that you feel you might have a chance getting your rocks off with her.

    Id love to meet a nice girl with a glass eye, so long as she isn’t fat.

  • Oh yeah, bardamu, you really need to get laid. “A lesser man”, are you serious? Get over yourself.

  • It’s not misaligned eyes, it’s slanted nose! the eyes are parallel to the mouth!

    But that’s beside the point. Bard has unshakable faith that there is an objective standard of beauty, and that that standard is symmetry. He seems to think that those who are saying “she’s hot!” are therefore just being nice, as to him she seems as unattractive as, to use his example, toothless hags.

    Furthermore, anyone who disagrees with what he thinks is beautiful clearly has a skewed sense of beauty, no matter how many of them post, as his standards are based on measurable quantities, and are therefore unassailable.

    I will now invoke Hitler to end the debate per the first corollary of Godwin’s Law (never mind the second one about intentional invocation), conceding it to him as it is pointless to argue with a person about his own opinion, and the debate is rapidly devolving into a flame war replete with personal attacks.

    Perhaps should be consulted.

    Furthermore, I shall remain an anonymous coward, because I can.

  • Woah, I didn’t expect to get some names as soon as June. Looking forward to it. :)

    G. Anderson as Catelyn is something I had not thought of. Sounds nice.

    Sasha Jackson is a good looking girl, but I can’t imagine her as Dany at all…

  • Thank you, Bardamu, for revealing yourself as a true idiot so we can move on from this pathetic discussion.

  • I agree with Barbadu. Dany needs to look devine. Not cute.

    As for Jamie Lannister: he is said to be the best looking man in the whole wide world, he has perfect teeth, is very tall, has golden hair. Owen Wilson has a nose that is so non-Jamie, you can’t possibly have a slant nose Jamie nor Dany.

  • Agree with latest comment about Sasha Jackson – and boy have these comments gotten out of hand!! For that matter – has ANYONE even HINTED to say that she is Wayyyyyy Tooooo Ooooold!!?? Yeah, Mr Winter Is Coming of course..

    But unfathomable that all of you other guys, who in general strike me as pretty astute when coming about and homin in on details like that, just kind of skirted over that Fact. Annoying. Gave you better credit than this.

    Jeez. Has got to be guys mulling over these other things. “Misaligned”. bah..
    Sorry, I don’t normally generalize by gender.

    Anyway. Daenerys. Am I the only one who pictures her having the elflike features, and out of wordly regal posture (while still being “only” a girl) of what’s-her-name-now… Galadriel(!) in LOTR?
    A kind of fearsome icy-scary tough young girl with the temper of a thousand firey dragons, brash bravery of a hundred newbie privates and the unstoppable, unbendable will of time.
    Someone who can play that, and be just a little bit scary like those children in that Hitchcock movie that I can’t remember the name of at this moment. While at first be very innocent, almost naive and easy to lead on. Like putty. Moldable. (Or so they think, she hardens in fire like clay…)

    Then with all this fx(if it’s still called that… Not My Area…) technology, makeup knowledge and foremost: lighting technology – I am confident that any girl (which she will have to be, weird obsessions with symmetrical or unsymmetrical faces of – again: too old – young actresses aside) with the hint of the kind of beauty described above and the right acting skills could pull this off.

    And that’s my opinion.

  • So if they can cast someone with a nice rack and who looks hot riding a baby dragon, I will be very pleased.

  • Just above. Your the classic example of someone who ignores character descriptions.

  • Why bother with character descriptions when I got my visions of voluptuous vixens riding dragons? Have you seen any HBO shows? They knows exactly what their viewers want.

  • If you want another generic piece of crap, go grab a box of tissues and dream it up in your own head.
    Man the world is going to shit.

  • The fact that they included the Viserys line about how Dany should stand up straight because didn’t have enough breasts – in the very first draft of the script – should be telling.

    You can picture big fakies all you want. I’m sticking with the author’s vision, and the script.

    If they want to give ‘er “nice handholds” for her dragons to, I don’t know, -perch- on later, then whatever. But cilicone doesn’t scream “fifteen years old” to me.

    Unless she lives in Beverly Hills.

    Or Irvine.

    Or … parts of Chatsworth.

  • Seriously dude. I get it. I do get it. A nice rack is what you fifteenyearolds care most about in the whole wide world. It’s ok. It comes with the age, the hormones and all that.

    Sorry, joke aside. I do get it. Hunky guys get a long glance from any girl (otherwise oriented aside)me included. But like Pat and About Yea High says a bit more politely without pulling your leg Anon, did you at all read the books? The descriptions? Do you “kinda also picture” Arya with Xena the warrior princess clothes on?
    Lets just hope, and give HBO the credit, that they will conjure up something true to the books, to Martins vision in the very least, and deliver quality.

    AS opposed to massproduced softporn aimed at teenagers with lustful and hormoneclouded minds that keep them from appreciating the finer things, like “direction” and “script” and “story”.
    But hey, like I said. I get it. I just don’t want any of that meddling with the All Time Best Fantasy Saga Ever.

  • The matter is we’re all big fans of the book and we all want the best for the show (except for that guy who came all the way here to post that he doesn’t want the show to happen).

    The casting will be done right by professionals who have access to far more head shots and insider info than we do. Meanwhile, some of us are throwing out picks for roles from our limited access.

    It’s easier to shoot down a pick than it is to pick one out, and it’s even easier to idealize what kind of actor we want for a role. But it’s also fun.

    So since we’re all in the same boat, let’s just have fun. Let’s not take things too seriously. What we say won’t really have any effect to, well, anything. I know some people thrive on conflict, which is all good fun, but bringing up Hitler and direct insults to individuals is another thing entirely–it’s entirely humorless.

    By the by, props to the anon who wouldn’t mind hanging out with a nice girl with a glass eye as long as she’s not fat, and the other anon who likes a nice rack. Cheers!

  • I must respectfully disagree with your choice Bardamu. Lady Melisandre especially should be top-heavy.

  • Aw. Wouldn’t precisely descibe my sarcastic banter as a direct insult. But I see that it could be percieved as that, especially in this media.

    If I offended, I appologize for being abrupt and too much to the point straightforward.
    Politics is not my forte, but “answering” back to opinions that I do not share, is.
    Quotationmarks because it was not exactly an answer, though comment on my post.

    I can get a bit blunt when agitated, however lightly that agitation may or may not be, but I see how my comment could be read. Must try not to be perceived as insulting next time..

    Guess what I am saying is: I don’t take this that seriously, only people obsessing with topheavy builds, which is why it was sarcastic remarks instead of upset ones. And I enjoy a good friendly meant banter, and would not refer to it as a proper conflict. Humors differ.

    Ps. No opinion whatsoever on the future bodytype of Melisandre…
    PS2. Yeah and no offense to teenagers, I was one myself.

  • Jeez. Just re-read it all. And I am sorry. I see the error in my ways. Trying to look at it from an objective point of view, I really do sound… Well, both opinionated and yes, a bit insulting.
    I’m sorry. I didn’t realise before.
    Will do my best to curb future agitated tendencies.
    Valar morghulis.

  • Melisandre should be fairly curvy and conventionally ‘sexy’, but she shouldn’t too attractive because of that creepy priestess vibe.

  • Oh Top-Heavy-Anon… now you are just…
    Agree with latest Anon about Melisandre. Add creepily alluring to that. A kind of silently alluring yet scary glare/stare on her. You all know, the kind that can look like she lurks in shadows(haha… bright sunlight? ;) ) and enjoys it. you know a little feverishly fantatic air about her, and only a little powergreedy to that. Then piercing eyes with the ability to glare like that. And convincingly do that. No fake unconvincing acting for me please.. No halfway, please, please Benioff and Weiss??? We believe in you.

  • the one thing that would totally freak me out would be if the entire thing was too hygenic and on too small a scale.
    By hygenic I mean Xena style. Everybody just too clean.
    By small scale I mean as in The Other Boleyn Girl vs Elisabeth – The Golden Age.
    It needs to be massive.
    Oh and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE refrain from too much imperfect computering.
    Nothing looks as stupid as obvious animations.

  • Agreed, agreed, and agreed.
    But I think they will do agreat job really.
    They seem to be taking this seriously.
    So I doubt there will be plasticlooking, bellyrevealing, skimpy clothes on everyone (meaning the women) and perfect clean faces and hair in every scene.
    I think they will want to give us the real “real feel”. I you catch my meaning.
    I’d think it’s either all or nothing really. Was thinking first that budget, as alwyas, could of course cut in big on the reality feel – but I really rather think that it will come down to all or nothing for them. HBO.
    No halfmade attempts. At least I believe that is their vision.
    So let’s pray they realise it.

  • hrm. of course. referring to the outfits – excluding the whores, and perhaps Daenerys…

  • Well we are talking big HBO production here. Xena was pretty low budget. Wasn’t it made by Space channel or something? I’m actually very encouraged seeing what Sky did with the new Battlestar Galactica while operating on a lower budget than any previous HBO shows. I just hope that GOT’s producers will be similarly be able to bring together a very strong cast of talented actors to really impress the critics and non-fans.

  • I’m the same anon just after valar dohaeris. Just popping in to add a friend’s description of Melisandre.

    “You should be able to look at her and think ‘Holy hot shit!’, but you don’t dare to wank to her because you’re afraid she’ll burn off your dick.”

    It’s a little more crude than I would have liked, but it sums up my views on the subject very well. :P

    Anyway, I’ve always imagined Dany as a slender, slightly waifish and stunningly gorgeous girl. A build like Petra Nemcova’s would be about right.

  • In summation, she’s hot but has a VD. What we’re going to need is makeup. A whole lot of makeup.