Game of Thrones on Facebook

For those that have a Facebook account, a group has been setup in support of the Game of Thrones series. If you have a Facebook account, you can join and display to all your friends your passion for this project. And if you don’t have a Facebook account, what are you waiting for? Get with the times!

Seriously though, not only does it look to be another place to discuss the pilot, but it is also another way of promoting the project and helping the buzz continue to grow. Every little bit helps. So join up and spread the word!


  • “3) Expand that support once the series is picked up in order to increase the chances that the TV series is kept alive regardless of television ratings and reviews by mainstream critics (who are typically NOT fans of the fantasy genre).”

    A bit early to start the “Save our show” campaign, isn’t it? I think critics will be open to the concept, they embraced True Blood, which probably has more fantastic alements than GoT (in the beginning at least) easily enough.
    Though I agree that it is rare for any series to stay on the air for 6 or 7 years, and even if the series gets picked up and gathers a following things might still get difficult later on…

  • Actually, Theresa, the link to the fan page that Phil is referring to is in his actual blog post. Here it is the URL for others to cut&paste:

    Best of luck with your page as well. The more support the show gets, the better!

    Patrick, I agree that it is not common to start a save our show campaign when the show hasn't even premiered :-)

    My strongest hope is that the show is adored by the critics generating overwhelmingly positive press. But I also think that its never too early to build a fan base that is another reflection of the show's success. I think we can all agree that True Blood and Battlestar Galactic are the historical exceptions to the fate of genre television shows, not the rule. Too many shows have been lost that MIGHT have been saved if the fans had mobilized to show strong support earlier rather than reacting to low ratings or lukewarm critical success, at which point its usually too late. I guess we can think of all this as a pseudo-guerrilla marketing tactic designed to generate buzz and to enhance the show's official branding and marketing strategies.

    Like you said, Patrick, most shows don't last 7 years, but I'm sure all of us can agree that we want this one to do so :-)

  • Somehow, I doubt this, considering patrick’s post, and the time it takes to put out the books, it will probably just end up another washed up HBO show.

  • Hey patrick this aint fantasy its HBO, theres a big fucking difference. HBO wont get bad reviews on thrones.

    I dont care about anything but the ratings, and neither should anyone else. Both Carnivale and Deadwood were loved dearly, but HBO canselled them before their time because of bad ratings.

  • I’ve checked some numbers. The group had existed for two weeks before Winter gave it a shout-out and it had 120 members at that point. Two days later it has 600, five times that many :) nicely done. There are two big Facebook sites – a group and a fanpage – that are dedicated to Martin's series of books in general (i.e. not to the HBO adaptation as such) which have >8,000 and >6,000 members/fans, respectively. I'm sure many of those people are interested in the HBO series, so I hope the group reaches similar numbers.