Casting Speculation

Want to be an extra?

About a month ago a commenter from the Belfast area, Rimshot, scooped that he worked for one of the largest extra agencies in Northern Ireland, Extras NI. He speculated that they would be providing the extras for the Game of Thrones pilot. A recent casting call by Extras NI for Your Highness, a medieval fantasy comedy which is filming in the Paint Hall just before Thrones, seems to confirm that speculation. Check it out:




Filming is due to start in Belfast and around NI from mid July through to mid October.

Winter Is Coming: Now why would they say to grow your hair long and not cut it until November if Your Highness wraps in October? Looks like they are getting their extras ready for Game of Thrones, wouldn’t you think? If anyone is interested in becoming an extra, you might want to join Extras NI. Here is the info for joining. Sadly, it looks to be UK citizens only that are eligible.


  • Damn! I just shaved my head and my facial hair looks like Joe Dirt's. Guess that counts me out LOL.

  • What if you have an ornamental but very tasteful tatoo around your left eye? Damn it! I knew I shouldn't have done that, and I need money pretty bad.

  • Hope that's right (for all you hopefull fans), but perhaps we're reading too much into it. If YH wraps at some point mid-October, it's best too write "don't go shave your head before the end of October (= November)" just to be on the safe side. I'm exited about every potential GOT-related bit of info, though :)

  • I think it's great that they are doing this series.

    But what happens after they finish 'Feast For Crows'? I mean 'maybe' Dance of Dragons will be out, but I don't think there is anyway in hell GRRM is going to finish the other two.. .

  • @anon: There is a very good chance that Dance will be out this year or early 2010. Tv series are generally one season per year, so assuming Dance and Feast is combined that's 4 years of material. Surely Winds of Winter will be out (he has stated that the last two books will have a narrow focus and will be easier to write.)and A Dream of Spring will hopefully be making its way out soon.

    I think it will work out in the end. Lets just hope the pilot is a succes though before we start talking about later seasons.

  • @anon @Bubba: Also, this is HBO. They don't always manage a season every year. It's not unheard of for there to be years in between seasons of HBO shows, depending on how complex/expensive they are and probably a bunch of other things I don't even know.

  • Here is the info for joining. Sadly, it looks to be UK citizens only that are eligible.

    Let's just all move to Belfast and sell veggie burritos on the sidewalk, dress like vagrants, grow hair and beard and armpit fro, wear patuli oil, say "good day to you kind ser" to one another, drink lots of Irish whiskey and beer, play the fiddle, eat mushrooms, and maybe work as an extra on a couple of sets. Who's renting the big house?

  • You should NEVER join any casting agency if they charge a signing on fee like this one does! This an often attempted scam which plagues the industry.

  • Damm!!!! … my London trip is for next year …. I could have made a saucy wench!!!! …. LOL

  • You beat me to it! I was about to post this info but you're way ahead of me!

    I too have just shaved my head (to get rid of a terrible 50's style haircut I had to get for a film last week – I looked like George McFly!) but I've already got a start on the beard and my hair grows pretty quicky.

    Like Winter said it looks like they are preparing their extras for alot of 'fantasy' type filming on this and GOT. Pure speculation on my part I must add (I've no inside info!).

    A similar thing happened on City of Ember when the call went out for 'pale, unusual looking people' to populate the underground city.

    I have what would be considered a 'character' face so hopefully I'll get a few days working on this. Also to work along side Natalie Portman will be a blast!

    I'll let you know if I hear anything else.

  • Its not like they didn't have blades back then, so I don't see why shorter hair is always unacceptable, just not a typically modern hairstyle. My hairs past my shoulders so I'm not just making allowances for myself. I understand what they are saying however.

  • Marko: True. Obviously it is still speculation at this point, but all signs point to Extras NI working on the project.

    Rimshot: I even waited a few days before posting this because of all the other casting developments. You're slacking! ;)

    Seriously though, good luck on getting on Your Highness and be sure to let us know if you hear any more Thrones related info!

  • Winter: True true … seems very much like it, indeed. There won't be a shortage of appropriate extras due to Your Highness, and when it happens, Rimshot will be our insider :) Fingers crossed.

  • @Anon re: Joining fees.

    Actually not all agencies that request joining fees are scams – they're known as book fees and are taken out of your first days work with the agency – they are used to cover the photographs taken, and the representation you will receive over the year. It is the norm for an agency to charge books fee, and if you work ad an extra, something you have to except. I get charged £25 to be represented in the Midlands, yet £60 to be represented in London. It's just the way of the game.

    Now yes, granted, this agency asks for the fees upfront, but that does not make them a scam, as some of the most reputable extras agencies in London do the same.

    So yes, it is always wise to pause for a moment when you're being asked to cough up, but if you expect to get on an agencies books for free, pay nothing at all, then you're going to be very disappointed.

  • Hot damn! Hot Pies in Belfast. I'm there. Think we'll need to drink some mead too. Mmmm … mead.

  • @Mike:

    I'm sure you can cover it up yourself with makeup? I don't know much about tattoos, though, or actually makeup either.

    Insert obligatory moaning about not being a UK citizen!

  • yeah, tattoos can totally be covered up with makeup. Angelina Jolee has all those tattoos but you never see them on screen.

  • Bubba: We were just discussing this on the Tom Payne thread. It seems kinda early to be doing a read for Thrones. My guess is it is something else entirely, although that doesn't necessarily mean he is out of the running for Viserys.

  • Anon: Please link us to your IMDb page so we can all verify if you look the part or not. Thanks. ;)

  • Winter…..I suspect you are a politician….because that was a very subtle ' rebuke'….LOL but you get the point across…very well done and classy at the same time LOL

  • Hello There!

    Not much to report but I thought I'd check in. I was talking to the sister of the guy responsible for some of the special effects on 'Your Highness' and she was telling me that the set is very impressive with Castles and the like. When I drive past the Paint Hall I can just about see some structures inside but I can't make out any detail. Filming is starting on 'Your Highness' in Mid-July so hopefully I'll get a call soon.

    My beard is coming along nicely but it doesn't half itch!!

    I'm wondering will any of the YH sets be re-used for GOT? It seems a shame to tear down a huge medieval set and then build another one but I suppose the 2 projects will have different production designers so I'm sure the GOT one will start from scratch (speaking of scratch…..ahhh that's better!)

  • I paid Extras N I £35 two years ago and have since paid them a further £35 for another year, I've got my money back 10 times and more. I have found them to be extremely professional and brillian to work with.

    I intend re registering again at the next reg wkend.