Winter is Twittering

Yes, I have succumbed to the Twitter madness. To be honest, I had thought about making a Twitter account back when I updated the site. But someone already has the user name “WinterIsComing” so I held off.

I’ve recently gotten some requests for a WiC twitter presence though. That coupled with the amount of Thrones news we’ve received via Twitter recently led me to start up an account even if it isn’t at the URL that I would have wanted. So check it out and be sure to follow me if you also have a Twitter account.


  • I've been tempted over the last year but I'm also giving Twitter a pass. Consider me old fashioned but I don't go for fads especially one with such a silly name :p

  • Dan: I don't think so. It looks like it was just some ASOIAF fan. He's had the account for a while it seems.

  • i think its stupid to have twitter unless you are famous/someone people care about, and i think people care enough about game of thrones for it to be okay for winter to have twitter…so shhhhh

  • Twitter is a writer's nightmare, mostly because it limits the amount of characters you can type in one "tweet." It is, however, ideal for actors, most of whom have a limited vocabulary and stunted attention span.

    Let's not even get into the musicians who use it.

    (I kid because I care.)

    In all seriousness, my friends have gone from LiveJournal to MySpace to Facebook to Twitter within the span of about five years, and I have thus far resisted the pull of affixing 900 different URLs to my bar in order to follow their penchant for self-indulgent "memes" and stupid cat pictures. I follow Twitter because various savvy people in the entertainment biz like to leak stuff onto it.

    Ala Tom Payne. And it's growing like a tasty foot fungus, so make of that as you will. Jon Favreau leaks Iron Man 2 tidbits, Felicia Day whines about The Guild production, Rainn Wilson throws out random non sequiturs.

    Oh, and the Governator "tweeted" whilst in the midst of an emergency aircraft landing the other day. That was lovely.

    Twitter: entirely non-essential, but amusing and sometimes informative. It's like an episode of The Office.

  • Twitter: furthering the course of the Iranian revolution and also allowing you to catch up on who's playing Ned Stark.

    That makes it almost sound worthwhile.

  • As long as you don't stop posting informations in this blog (and hopefully you won't, because I have no twitter account and don't want one) it should be nothing anybody has to worry about. Just ignore it if you don't like Twitter

  • I'm with the Anon above. Please just don't post anything important on Twitter and not here too.

    I waste enough time at work catching up on my favourite blogs and websites already. My boss can't afford for me to get hooked on Twitter.

  • I think what Winter will likely do is scan Twitter for pertinent gossip and then post it here.

    Do not fear, Winter is not just Coming – he's here!

  • is there something wrong with your contact form? i can't get it to let me send you a message. i'm on a mac if that helps. thanks!

  • I don't claim to speak for Winter, but worry not, twitter is nothing but an alternative form to get the word out to people about when this site is actually updated.

    There isn't a doubt in my mind this site is still the number one place to be for all things GoT related.

  • Wow, people will rant and complain because they don't want to follow a fad. It's the people who use it and post messages you hate, not the thing itself that annoys you. JUST DON'T USE IT. It's THAT easy. I for one will =) Thanks for setting it up!

  • This reminds me of when some noob on Friendster took my live journal catchphrase, "one ring rules them all", while LOTR was in production.

    So I had to use the variation "teh_1_ring_pNwZ_u" on Friendster.

  • Anon: Are you suggesting that yesteryear's 1337 is today's SMFA? Sir, you have offended.

    PS: Jappy Birthday! (Oh, but Twitter would never know this)

  • He looks tough enough, he will have a huge wig, mustache and all of his tattoos will probably be covered. He will also have a very small amount of lines, so he can do …

  • I don't think Khal Drogo was a black dude. I always pictured him as a sort of mongol, Genghis Khan-type (or Attila the Hun). Also not sure how a top-heavy Dany would look beside a guy like Dante Nero. Like two American pornstars?

  • Following! I just hope you do not spoil me from the rest of the books because I'm started to read them 2 months ago! ;)

  • I noticed Matt Roush's name when I clicked on the Twitter link. A while ago you had a post about spreading the word about the pilot on the internet. I forgot to mention that I wrote into Matt Roush (for his Ask Matt column)on the current state of HBO and finished with the info about Peter Dinklage being cast Tyrion. That topic was on the front page of for about a week. It was the column written on May 11, 2009, Headlined: "Has HBO Regained its Mojo?" It can still be seen in the archives section of the Ask Matt page.
    BTW. The first time I ever heard of ASOIAF was on through Ask Matt about two years ago. It's amazing how long this show has been in development!!

  • I think Tokala Clifford would be the perfect Khal Drogo. I hope he gets it.

    Drogo is supposed to be like a panther, not a bulldog. Sorry Dante Nero. Besides Drogo has long hair. Past his waist. Dante is bald.

    I hope they keep Drogo as a Hot character.
    In my mind it has to be Tokala, Jay Tavare, or it will suck.