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An actor from New York City, Dante Nero, has recently posted an update on his Twitter page about auditioning for Khal Drogo. This provides further confirmation to the previous info we had received about them holding auditions in NYC and LA. At this point, it looks like there will almost certainly be more American actors in the pilot.

In addition to this, it seems that they are still auditioning in London for Bran. This is according to some recent comments on this post. It had appeared that casting in the UK had wrapped up a couple weeks back, with a number of reports coming in of people going for call backs and then not hearing anything for a while. I had assumed that meant that casting in the UK was finished and they would fill out the remaining open spots in LA and NYC. But apparently, that is not the case. For now, it looks like they want to see more kids for the role of Bran.

Winter Is Coming: They are being very thorough with this casting search. That is a good thing.

I’m not in love with the guy auditioning for Khal Drogo. He is a bit thicker than I imagined Khal Drogo to be. He also has a more modern look to me. But obviously just going on an audition doesn’t mean he’ll get the role. Hopefully they will find someone with the perfect look.

It looks like the role of Bran is going to be a tough one to fill, not surprisingly. They have been holding auditions for this one for about a month now. I hope they can find that special kid.

According to Dante Nero’s Twitter account, he has received a call back for the role of Drogo.


  • I like him for Drogo. He's a little lighter-skinned than I imagine that character, but his face and build is perfect.

  • I really don't like him for Drogo either. I always imagined that character as athletic and well built; this guy is too heavy for my tastes and his complexion is not dark enough.

    I'm sure they'll find someone more appropriate for the role of Drogo.

  • I agree that he doesn't seem quite right for Drogo.

    As for Bran, I was watching 3:10 to Yuma again yesterday. The younger son seems like a possible candidate to me. I stay away from the casting boards as much as possible but his name is Ben Petry. Not sure why but he stuck out to me as someone at least worthy of an interview.

  • Dante Nero is passable, but he's not Native-American enough for how I pictured Drogo. He's big, and solid, but I can't find his vital stats to see how tall he is. Anyway, yeah, I'd be okay with him but someone else would probably be better.

  • This guy would make a decent Strong Belwas, or maybe a bloodrider, but he isn't my idea of Drogo

  • I would absolutely hate him as Drogo. He isn't Asiatic looking at all (I picture Dothraki as a Mongol too). Why would anyone want a wrestler/bodybuilder type to play a nomadic horse-rider lord? For this role we need someone who is wiry but strong. A true warrior and not some eunuch-lookalike. This is how an ideal Drogo should look like:

    Of course many will say I'm crazy. But GRRM describes Drogo as having "almond-shaped" eyes. That sounds like a description of an Asiatic or Eurasian person to me.

  • Looking for that picture, I just realized that Tadanobu Asano would be a great Drogo. He is an amazing actor. I wonder if he speaks English though. He is of pretty high caliber (in Japan at least) but they would only need him for one season.

  • I, too, am not crazy about Nero as Drogo. He has an interesting look, but I think he'd be better served as one of Drogo's (Dany's) bloodriders, a wildling, or a Dornishman.

    Which is sad, because I'm sure he's anxious to get a bigger role rather than something I mentioned which is more like a glorified extra.

  • as far as auditions in london are concerned, they are not over, ive got an audition soon so… not sure, maybe a very thorough search for unknowns for children?

  • Huh, see, I think he'd make a good Drogo. I guess we all have different ways of picturing these characters and just need to trust in the producers and accept that not everyone is going to match what we picture in our heads.

    This post sounds way more lecture-y than I want it to…

  • If I remember correctly Drogo is described as tall, handsome and imposing. Dany also refers to his strong arms a few times. Drogo is king in a society that respects only strength, so he has to have at least some muscle. Though this dude seems a bit too muscular.

    The Japanese actor thor refers to on the other hand is not even 1,80 m tall and quite skinny. I can't say I find him imposing in any way.

    Personally I picture Drogo somewhat like The Rock in the Scorpion King (, though I wouldn't want him to play the part.

  • If Dante don't get this part, Dante get angry. When Dante get angry, Dante smash things!

  • If they put on a wig and tan on James Caviezel, he has the body type of Drogo I imagine.

  • khal drogo isn't going to look "native american" or "asiatic". they're shooting in morocco so they'll use middle-easterners to play the dothraki. who wants to see a distinctly japanese dude leading a middle-eastern horde? i can't tell this guy's ethnicity but with the right wig i think he'd be fine.

    if he can act.

  • Drogo has to be huge. He's an unstoppable warrior. Asano or Jim Caveziel or anyone with even a semi-normal body-type will never sell this character. Sure, get a more asiatic looking huge-dude if you don't like Dante, but anyone who thinks he's too "big" is nuts.

  • definitely not a good choice for Drogo.. all wrong, especially the build. he looks kinda pudgy and isn't ripped enough.

  • Where is it said in the book that Drogo has to be "huge"? like bouncer kind of huge?

  • Hey, yeah… Dante seems ok – though I totally get what the person talking about pedo-vibes next to young Daenerys.. But what you haven't thought of is that that is exactly the vibe I picture our Dear Martin wwanted. In a non pedo-like kind of way off course. But he wants that conflict inside of us, the repulse, and slight horror of picturing that poor little princess being sold of to the huge, intimidating warrior lord… And that, I imagine – despite the fact that mums all over US will go ballistic – makes great tv… In a way. Dont misunderstand me now. :P
    But this whole series is about making our blood curl, and boil, and rush isn't it? At least that is why I LOVE this so much. Unlike todays wishywashy soapy clichés and rundown half-attempts. yuk… Makes me want to puke more than half the time…
    Just the contrast people. Bachelorette…? AGOT…….

    SPOILER…(though why I bother since this is all in the beginning I don't know…)
    And off course, despite that huge imposing mongol-looking(!) warrior next to the little girl like a beast over pray… We will see him be gentle, despite the cultural expressions(aka raping, pillaging etc ) we will see him coerse Daenerys into "saying yes" and not no, we will see him blind and left and smothered, was it?, by a pillow? Don't remember. (bad memory, makes rereading books so much more enjoyable…)

    Can see Dante as I pictured Khal Drogo, too me he has that mongol-looking eyes, and could pass as that. If he is a goo enough actor to be able to portray that 'gentility', then I'll be game.
    Drogo needs to be bigger, more fearsome, more imposing, and meaner than all the rest – he is not Khal for nothing you guys!

    But. Judging by the post possiböe made by Dante Nero himself – I have some qualms regarding his acting skills, especially since Khal needs to be able to be gentle aswell as fearsome. Or not 'gentle' precisely… He needs to be able to act complex. pouf. that's as good as I can describe it!

  • Well if I were him I'd want to be a blood rider instead of Khal Drogo.(spoiler) At least he'd get to stay around past the first season. (spoiler)

  • Where is it said in the book that Drogo has to be "huge"? like bouncer kind of huge?

    The casting breakdowns specifically said they were looking for a very large man. They even suggested a professional wrestler type of physique.

  • My problem with this guy being Drogo is not that he's big in an imposing way (Drogo does need that), it's that he's got too much fat on him. My ideal picture Drogo does not include pudge rolls. lol

  • I would live w/ this guy as Drogo, but I too pictured our Khal with a more trim look. Also, looking at Nero's face and combining it with the intense Drogo/Dany scenes, I really can't get any sort of image. It just doesn't work for me.

    Hopefully the casting folks will feel likewise. *Shrug* If not, though…I'll endure him as long as the Kingslayer and Dany are perfection itself, lol.

  • the body type is not exactly what I pictured, but mainly I have a beef with nero's face. I picture Drogo as looking more weathered and leathery in the face. Also, this actor's cheeks are a little too full for someone who's a nomad.

  • This guy is horrible as Drogo. He must be Asiatic, or Turkic. This is ridiculous, and total BS.

  • He is just auditioning for this role, Steppe Merc. It doesn't mean he'll be getting it. They want lots of people to show up so they can find the perfect guy. I'm not too worried yet…

  • But why even look at people who aren't the right ethnicity? I doubt they tried out people of African decent for Ned Stark…

  • Ethnicity can be very fluid. I had a girlfriend who was Italian and she used to get asked all the time if she was Latino or sometimes even African-American. Point being, when the goal is to find the best actor for a role it can only hurt you to limit who tries out to a certain ethnicity. What does it hurt to audition everyone and anyone who want to read for it…

    That being said I completely agree this guy is NOT the body type necessary for Drogo. Way too pudgy and I have a hard time seeing his tender side.

  • but its a waste of time auditioning african descended people for a role who is meant to be fair skinned and blonde….

  • Just because people are stupid doesn't mean ethnicity is fluid. Drogo HAS to be played by someone of Turco-Mongol or at least East Asian decent. Just like how everyone in Westeros has to be white.

  • I don't recall the passage in GoT in which Martin describes Drogo as being "of Turco-Mongol or at least East-Asian" decent.

    I also don't believe its written in stone, nor is it particularly crucial that all characters in GoT meet the exact description of the character in ASOIAF.

    Remember, GoT and ASOIAF are two separate entities now with one being based on the other one, but not a direct one to one correllation.

  • If that guy or someone of a similar ethnicity is the producer's vision for Drogo and he's a good actor, well its their story now and they can tell it how they please. As long as the quality is good and general story stays true to the books, I'm happy to let them tell it that way.

  • Sorry, I have to disagree… the actors must be BELIEVABLE as the characters that they are going to play, or this whole series is gonna be a wash.Look at how far off base the "Legend of the Seeker" series is on some of its characters, and how hard it's been for the show to gather a following.

  • pudge is easy to fix. two words: personal trainer. if the casting directors like him but want washboard abs in three months, he'll have washboard abs in three months.

    a few points in the guy's favor- he has a martial arts background, attended college on a fencing scholarship, and has riding experience:

    drogo doesn't do much fighting in the book, but it wouldn't hurt to have an actor comfortable holding a blade.

    that said, there are likely dozens, maybe hundreds of actors trying out for the role. this is just the one who happened to twitter about it.

  • When someone is a nomad, who uses the title of 'Khal', clearly derived from the Turco-Mongol 'Khan', is described as having skin the color of polished copper has long hair and mustaches, only a fool could not see the obvious parallel is to the many Turco-Mongolic nomadic tribes. There are numerous cultural differences, but they are obviously based on them, and it is not my fault people are apparently too ignorant to see it.

  • I've given up on this show already. Whatever happens, let them cast Mike Tyson as Drogon. I don't care anymore. All the actors except for Tyrion will be complete unknowns. And it won't look anything like any of you imagined so why argue, children.

  • Remember what happened when they tried to make John Wayne into a mongol??? It didn't work for me!!! I still think that Lee has the look, and the acting experience that would be believable as Drogo.

  • I guess I just can't get on board with this whole tendency to be pessimistic and critical as to the quality of the show based on the fact that it MIGHT stray from details of the books that don't have any real effect on the overall plot of the saga or that most of the actors will be unknowns. (seriously how many actors from The Wire were "known" actors and that is one of the best acted shows I've ever seen)

    I absolutely agree that an actor has to be believable as the character he is playing, but the character he is playing is whoever the producers choose it to be. As long as he's a good actor he's believable in my opinion.

  • Dan, how somebody who is Italian can be mistaken for African-American just baffles me. Was your gf really tanned or something?

  • She looked much more Latino and really only on an occasion or two did someone acquire as to if she was a light skinned African American, but yeah very tan with dark curly hair.

  • Some Italians ARE part African, haven't you seen True Romance?

    You people whine like a little girlie man.

  • Whine??? Thought we were having an intelligent disscusion on who , or what type, actor would make a good Drogo. Dante……you ain't it.

  • I disagree with the idea that except for Tyrion, everybody will be an unknown.

    Rome had Kevin McKidd, James Purefoy, Ciaran Hinds and Polly Walker. Not exactly household names, but hardly unknowns.

    The Tudors has Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, Sam Neill, Jeremy Northam, Peter O'Toole, Max Von Sydow, Joss Stone, etc.

    Lost has, or had, Matthew Fox, Naveen Andrews, Terry O'Quinn, Dominic Monaghan, Elizabeth Mitchell, Harold Perrineau, Adewale Akkinouye-Agbage and Jeremy Davies.

    Battlestar Galactica boasted two Oscar-nominated stars: Edward James Olmos and Mary McDonell. Not bad for a genre that usually makes use of little-known Canadian actors because they cost so little.

    Again, while not many of these guys are head-lining movie stars (except in the case of the Tudors), but you can't exactly say they're unknowns.

    I think the casting of Dinklage is a signal that most of the larger roles will be filled by well-known names. I fully expect that Ned and Catelyn will be played by people audiences will be familiar with, and likely the same will be true of some of the other roles that will only be needed for this season, like Robert.

  • Oh Anonymous, Mike Tyson in a dragon suit would be far too silly. Drogon MUST be CGI.

  • WTF are you talking about mosquito. Mike Tyson in the dragon suit would be beyond awesome. This production will need some class to survive.

  • nothing but whining on these boards anymore. shut up i dont care what everyones opinion on how they feel someone is fit for a role or not just because its not a perfect representation of a character.

  • Though I am inclined to agree with Dan in this argument … hey, keep talking, people. Show HBO what a passionate following this series is going to have.

    Personally, I could give a shit about race. Drogo can be played by an Swede in blackface for all I care. Just so long as he's freaking Drogo, and makes us believe Dany would quake in her shoes at first sight… and then come to love him.

    Just make it good, HBO. Just make it as good as it can be. If Game of Thrones garners critical praise and a sizable audience, we may even get to see every book come alive on our televisions.

  • I don't know, I can't get too excited about this one guy's tweet about having an audition for Drogo. They had an announcement for an open casting on this online, so it's not like he's the only one reading for the role, most like. He's just the only one who bothered to tweet about it.

  • He just needs to look like he could come from the same place that all the extras come from, only a head taller. If all the extras are coming from Morocco, then I want someone who looks like a giant Moroccan.

  • Maybe he wouldn't be my first choice, but he's in no way as bad as some make it seem here. You have to realise that they are making a TV series for a wide audience, not for you exclusively. Most of the viewers won't have read the books. So for it to "work" it doesn't have to fit your very personal image of Drogo but rather the role Drogo has in the story. And the role is of an imposing, powerful, muscular warlord who lives in a hard world and came out on top. Yes, he has his gentle moments with Dany, but in general he's ruthless and brutal.

    Any actor that can pull this off without moving into the wrestler role or scorpion king nonsense "acting" area will be fine by me. Whether he looks more mongol, middle eastern or maroccan is really besides to point to me. (yes, I know the reference are mongols, but if GRRM wanted to write historic fiction, he would have. This is fantasy) I do agree with Smoldering Hound though, once Drogo has ben chosen, the extras should be picked to match. That goes for the women too…

  • I agree with smoldering hound.
    It is true that the dothraki culture is inspired by asian steppe nomads. But this is fantasy. We could have a middle eastern looking people with a mongol-like culture.

    They are described as bronze skinned and almond eyed. First of all he producers of the show don´t have to make everything exactly as described. Secondly that description could encapture everything from Asians, to middle easterners to native Americans. As someone said. Ethnicity is fluent. It is true I imagined them as mongols as well. And would probably like it best if they depicted as such. But as long as the look of the dothraki is homogeneous and the acting and plot is good, I will be satisfied.

  • As far as I recall, didn't GRRM say that the Dothraki were kind of based on Native Americans?

    At any rate, I don't know that it really matters what actual ethnicity the actor is, so long as is of a similar one to the rest of the Dothraki cast. They can do a lot with wigs and make-up for the long hair and that kind of thing. If they're going for a middle-eastern look for the Dothraki, then Drogo needs to look middle-eastern. If they pick someone of a different ethnicity for Drogo, then they need to pick extras who look similar.

    Either way, I'm sure it'll work out fine. I'm more concerned that they cast Ned, Catelyn, Jaime and Cersei right than Drogo, to be honest :)

  • Aren't most Moroccans black? So shouldn't Drogo also be a black guy to better fit in with the extras?

  • The Dothraki are based on me. And I quote (from Game of Thrones) << Behind Khal Drogo, his bloodriders knelt, stone knives in their hands. They were not necessarily Asian, American Indian, or Arab, but rather, they looked exactly like Dante Inferno Almighty Caesar Nero >>

  • Heretical comment: I'd just like someone who can act. The exact skin tone, nose shape, degree of weathering etc on the face mean close to zero to me. I don't remember more than the vaguest descriptions in the books anyway. What matters to me is the personality, which requires acting, not physique.

    [I don't care if Drogo is tiny, so long as he's convincingly an accomplished warrior, ruthless killer and charismatic leader.]

    Minor point on Italians being considered african-american: as a European, it's clear that a great many "african-americans" are no darker in skin colour than europeans. It's probably more the facial structure that people pick up on rather than the skin tone, and that can vary a lot between individuals. No lie: I learnt that a tutor at university was 'black' because he described himself as a black man, seemingly seriously. To me, it just looked mediterranean, or part-arab, or part-pakistani, or part-indian, or part-turkish or whatever. A friend of mine is part Maltese, and he's more tanned than a lot of 'african americans' on US TV, though nobody here would think of him being a different race from the rest of us.

    So yes, I imagine an Italian woman who was tanned or particularly african in linneage could well pass for an african american. After all, Italians are pretty similar to Spaniards, and your "Hispanics" are just Spaniards with a little bit of native american blood. Well, native america with some spaniard for Mexicans, iirc, but the other countries are mostly spaniard now. And there's no way I can tell dark 'hispanics' from light 'african americans'.

    Ahh, the tacit complexities of the american racial system. It's something I think Europeans would have to work a lot to really understand.

  • You're a goober, Dante. lol

    I also agree that whatever ethnicity they go with for Drogo, it'll be fine so long as the extras behind him are that same ethnicity (or at least convincingly look like they are).

    @Anonymous June 24, 2009 10:23 PM –
    Not too sure about Will Sampson for this role. He looks a little old for the part, doesn't he?

  • Not too sure about Will Sampson for this role. He looks a little old for the part, doesn't he?

    He's a little dead for the part, too…22 years dead. I'm thinking he's no longer going to have the big, strong beefy muscled shape that they'd want for Drogo, anymore.

  • If there's one thing I'm flexible on, it's the ethnicity of actors. Steppe Merc, only an idiot would CARE that Dante isn't Mongol Turkish looking enough. Can he act? I don't know. But I definitely care more about that. Will he be believable doing all the things Khal Drogo does? Again, I don't know, but it's something I definitely care more about. Does it really matter if the shape of his eyes or skin tone breaks slightly from Martin's brief description? I challenge you to give a decent argument.

  • Think he'd be better off as Strong Belwas.

    I try imagining this guy on horseback and I have to resist the urge to call the SPCA.

  • QUOTE "Dante Inferno Almighty Fiery Caesar Nero
    Some Italians ARE part African, haven't you seen True Romance?"

    Oh Dante that was soooooo funny! Thanks for lightening the mood here! LOLOOLOLOL

    FYI Anonymous posters, theres a function at the bottom to add a name. lol

  • PS: I am thankful Martin is involved in the production. I have faith he will help see the correct actors are chosen. We need only look to the choice for Tyrion as an example.

  • "If there's one thing I'm flexible on, it's the ethnicity of actors. Steppe Merc, only an idiot would CARE that Dante isn't Mongol Turkish looking enough. Can he act? I don't know. But I definitely care more about that. Will he be believable doing all the things Khal Drogo does? Again, I don't know, but it's something I definitely care more about. Does it really matter if the shape of his eyes or skin tone breaks slightly from Martin's brief description? I challenge you to give a decent argument."

    Even if he was a great actor Dante is to tubby to be Drogo, and have some sympathy for his horse. Also when you look at Dante the last thing that comes to mind is "This guy looks like he lives a nomadic lifestyle on a horse". It would be more like "This guy looks like he balances out his twinky diet with weight lifting and beer." If he is cast as Drogo I will laugh so hard every time I see him in a frame.

  • hello winter, your contact form doesn't seem to be working. is there an alternate email that you have?

  • these people who seem to be focusing on certain characters race or ethnicity need to relax:::.. I don't give a damn about race or ethnicity…..give me a good actor who can pull off the role…..the fact is all over the world , throughout history nations have risen and they have fallen….often accompanied by mass rape and murder….blood has mixed whether you like it or not…..we are all shades of gray people…..many of us could 'pass' for another race………just give me a good actor

  • Jason Scott Lee hasn't done much in terms of great acting. While he is servicable, I don't think he has the chops or range to pull off any roles in this series. I surely hope we get some better actors than him.

  • It's interesting, Drogo is going to be such a quietly important character to get right. He'll have very few lines in, what for the sake of the tv show will be English, and he doesn't make it past the first season but he's so crucial to the Dany character.

    Dany is supposed to be one of the characters that we as an audience relate to. Dany ultimately falls in love with this brutish war lord because she can see a softness that compliments his strength.

    If we can't see that side of Drogo and we can't understand why Dany would fall in love with him then ultimately we can't relate to the Dany character and her character fails.

    So you need an actor who can portray strength and brutishness but also all the qualities that Dany falls for. And you need an actor who can do it without the benefit of any real dialogue.

    This is why I really don't care all that much about ethnicity so long as the actor is good.

  • Drogo just has to be a Ukrainian! I won't have it any other way. AND if he is not, I won't watch this trash. :)

    just kidding but seriously that's what some of you people sound like. Grow up. As long as he is a great actor you should be happy. So Dante if you can act. You got my support dude.

  • Why are we supposed to relate to Dany again? I absolutely hated her. She is such a bitch. I could use a lot stronger words to describe her but I don't wish to pollute this blog. (OK she is a "kurva" if you can translate that). I just hope Martin kills her off soon. Drogo is actually the one I can sympathize with. Poor guy. At least he didn't have to put up with her for long.

  • ETA: In fact, I hope her character "fails" in the show so the audience can see how one-dimensional she is.

  • Thor – I can def see those traits and understand that view but the way I always have seen it is that Dany starts out as an innocent girl who has lived a tough life and then is thrown into a despicable situation. Despite that, she perceviers(sp?) and learns to become a strong leader.

    She often shows compassion and her motives have generally been pure (yes she seeks power, but I've always thought it was more out of a sense of duty because of who she was then because of a lust for power). I'm not saying she's perfect by any means, but I have to imagine that she is a character that Martin at the very least intended (and who knows maybe he failed in this) for us to sympothize with and relate to.

  • We just all have different tastes in fictional characters. And thats what I love about Martin's books, you can actually choose your favourites and leave their chapters till the very end, and most importanly not be forced by the author into liking complete assholes as is often the case in more traditional fantasy.

    The Hound, Jon, Brienne, Tyrion, Jaime or Aria are characters I can sympathize/relate to. Cercei, Cat and Daenerys were created so that I could pour all of my unmitigated hate into, and visualize them burning very slowly on a nice stake in the hottest bonfire ever.

    And that is my $0.02 :)

  • ETA: Meant to say "leave the hated characters' chapters till the very end" but you probably got my point.

  • Fair enough.

    Although I apologize, but I have to point out that all the characters you sympathize/relate to are either males or females who Martin have given basically almost no feminine qualities whatsoever. While all your unmitigated hate characters are the feminine/mother characters of the books.

    I actually suspect that this may reflect Martin's ability to write for a woman character more than your personal preferences.

  • Dany's story arc is like the backbone of the whole epic. How can you save that stuff till the end? I can't wait to see how she reacts to Victarion.

  • Exactly, some of GRRM's women are soo shallow you just can't help hating them. And I'm a guy. I guess I just like my characters to be as psychologically realistic as possible and not some princess/mother/evil stepmother/whore (Cersei) stereotypes. If only he could write them like Robin Hobb or Bujold. But they are women so it makes sense. Maybe if Martin got a sex change operation :)

  • Dizzy, i didn't say I didn't read Dany's story, just hated every minute of it and so I usually left it to read as one novella at the end. So far It hasn't been a problem in my reading experience. But I suspect that Dance isn't going to be my favourite book except for Tyrion and Aria bits (can't wait to see what happens to her actually).

  • Well I can agree with you about Cat (alive Cat not dead Cat) and Cersi, Dany's story is one of my favorite parts of the books. Arya is my fourth favorite POV character to read about (Behind Jon, Tyrion, and Dany). Jaime's a bit overated in my opinion (spends too much time mourning over his hand) still an interesting part though.

  • I'm a woman and I find Dany, Catelyn, and Cersei to be very realistic. I might not necessarily like them all, but that doesn't mean they're unrealistic. Thor's problem seems to be with women who act or think like women rather than women who act or think like men. I can't help but wonder how old he is and whether he has a girlfriend.

  • So Cersei and Cat (living version) are realistic representations of women? I would be scared as a guy if women around me had thoughts like those two. So I guess I should be happy not knowing what women really think. Ignorance is bliss. And yes I have a girlfriend who I love and she wasn't written by GRRM.

  • I suppose then as a woman I ought to be scared of men because most of the male characters are murderers, attempted child killers, and rapists. Explain to me exactly how Dany and Catelyn are worst than Jaime and the Hound.

  • @Anon. And whats wrong with women who do not act like traditional women? I think that Martin does a great job portraying Brienne as strong and a same time caring and very beautiful on the inside. So you think that Dany, Cat and Cersei are realistic because GRRM makes them bitch all the time? No sorry, I'm not the first or the only one who mentioned that GRRM was bad at writing his women characters. And I won't be put off simply because you start insulting me as a person.

  • Brienne and Arya are wonderful characters, as are Dany and Catelyn. Even Cersei is well-written. The point is that the female characters you personally like are NOT the only realistic female characters.

    I still would like to hear how the logic behind you declaring Dany such an awful person while stating that Jaime and Sandor Clegane are among your favorites. I don't recall Dany killing any children.

  • Jaime is a murderer. Sandor is a murderer. Tyrion is a murderer. Even Arya is a murderer. What makes Dany, Catelyn, and Cersei worse than them?

  • Cat cut open a throat of a feeble innocent child for gods sake just because he happened to be close at hand. And this was before she was turned undead mind you. I don't care that her son was just killed in front of her (and as if he didn't deserve that, dumb fuck gave up a whole kingdom over some floozie), normal mothers just don't do such things.

  • Well I think that Cat was and Cersi is a bit messed up in the head. That's just the way I read into it. I mean look at Cat's sister for instance bat shit crazy, probably ran in the family. I'd love to read your thoughts on Sansa, Thor?

  • A few points. 1. The reason why "it really matter if the shape of his eyes or skin tone breaks slightly from Martin's brief description" is because the only people who the folks here would find acceptable to be the incorrect ethnicity would be the non whites, because people are racist. So the Dothraki are obviously based off of Eurasian nomads in culture, dress, appearance and everything else? Well they aren't white, so as long as its some dark person its fine!

    This is the exact same racism found in the new live action of Avatar: Last Airbender. People don't want Asians or Inuit, so they cast whites and Indians, despite the culture and appearance obviously contradicting it.

    Now if they had a black person as Jaime, people wouldn't stand for it. Its because people are ignorant racists, and don't care about other cultures. There is no other explanation, and anyone saying otherwise is lying.

    2nd. I for one am a huge fan of Dany. She is brutal and willing to kill, a true leader. I hate Cat and Cersei though (don't think your supposed to like Cersei however).

    3rd I am saddened by the apparent ignorance of many of Mr. Martin's fans, and the steep downhill decline of the quality of comments on this website.

  • Listen you want to have a difference of opinion, fine, but please don't for a minutea assume to think you have any idea what people here would or would not have a problem with. Especially when doing so you go and call us racist. You are arrogant and you are full of yourself. I would have ZERO problem if they cast the people of Westeros as an inter-racial culture so long as the actors are good and it works for the plot.

    For example the Lannisters have to be the same race as the Barathon's for PLOT reasons. However, if different families or characters that didnt affect the plot were black I'd be fine. Maybe for example the Clegan's can be black, wouldn't bother me in the least…

  • Dizzy, I started liking Sansa chapters alot in the Feast actually so she up there among my favourites. She is definitely a character with a lot of depth and ways to go in terms of progression in the next three books. But will we hear from her in the Dance? I haven't been reading any of the previews for fear of spoiling the story.

  • "It's because people are ignorant racists, and don't care about other cultures."

    Well, Steppe Merc, what "people" are you referring to? You seem to assume most of the people who disagree with you are white, in which case you'd be wrong. You're the one who said, "He (Drogo) must be Asiatic or Turkic" which sounds both narrow-minded and racist to me, especially after George R. R. Martin, the author, stated he was influenced by Native American culture in creating Drogo and his people.

    Most of the people arguing against your racially-minded views simply want the series to be good.

    And by the bye, looks like Dante Nero got a callback. All glory to Dante Inferno Almighty Fiery Caesar Nero!

  • Cersei is absolutely terrified of anything happening to her children and has a marble column on her shoulder regarding her sex and lack of authority. Dany feels that she has a destiny to live up to and has little bloody idea as to how to go about it. Both have very valid reasons for 'bitching' that much and you know it. It's not GRRM's fault if you're ignoring what he's written to pigeonhole them into your own narrow prejudices.

    'Normal mothers don't do such things.'

    Obviously Catelyn isn't a very normal mother, is she? She lost her husband after she pressured him to go south (that came out wrong), and seeing her last surviving child being butchered probably pushed her past the breaking point. I'm pretty sure that insane people can't explain what they're doing very well, so yeah. Unless you think that trying to scratch the fuck out of herself is the act of a sane woman…

  • "It's because people are ignorant racists, and don't care about other cultures."

    I find this incredibly ironic coming from a person with a nickname like 'Steppe Merc' and who has a narrow-minded fixation with finding the absolute 'right' ethnicity for Drogo.

  • No, no, don't speak. Don't speak. Please don't speak. Please don't speak. No. No. No. Go. Go, gentle Scorpio, go. Your Pisces wishes you every happy return.

  • The Rock would be a good Khal Drogo ?

    What do you guys think ? aside from the fact that it would be really wierd to cast a WWE wrestler in thrones.

  • "Drogo just has to be a Ukrainian! I won't have it any other way. AND if he is not, I won't watch this trash. :)

    just kidding but seriously that's what some of you people sound like. Grow up. As long as he is a great actor you should be happy. So Dante if you can act. You got my support dude."

    All of you are missing the point. The point isn't about race it's about his character fitting the role. Yes acting is important and YES the look is important. I wouldn't want someone who couldn't act to play the part and I wouldn't want someone who doesn't even remotely look the part to play it either. Dante is a fat ass and doesn't look the part, no matter what his acting skills who would want Samuel Jackson playing ned or Nicholas Cage playing Rob, come on!!! His fat ass is gonna break the horses back, literally!! Also what's up with all the people screaming racism? Fit the actor to the characters in some believable way please!! You can tell by looking at Dante that he will never be a lean mean horse riding nomad machine!!! "Fat ass" and living a "nomadic life style on horse back" will never mix or look even remotely correct. Having spent time in rough terrain in multiple countries around the world as a professional soldier, I can honestly say Dante's fat ass would either shape up or get left behind and kicked out.

    "I find this incredibly ironic coming from a person with a nickname like 'Steppe Merc' and who has a narrow-minded fixation with finding the absolute 'right' ethnicity for Drogo."

    Yes the ethnicity is important how can you not admit it? I would be pissed if a black dude played Ned and just as pissed if some fat ass who didn't look either Native-American/Turkish/Mongolian played Drogo as well. How about we dig up John Candy and have him play Cersei? Makes about as much sense as Dante as Drogo.

  • "The Rock would be a good Khal Drogo ?

    What do you guys think ? aside from the fact that it would be really wierd to cast a WWE wrestler in thrones."

    It's a pipe dream, but the "Rock" would sure look the part and he's done some great acting out side of The Scorpion King (<—- sucked). Of course some people still insist on the tubby ass Dante who looks like he would only last 5 minutes away from a Burger King.

  • I do so love the endless arguments about why it's ok to hate all Martin's female characters whilst idolising rapists and murderers … *sighs*

    But if you really want to talk about that, why not take it over to Westeros, and leave this blog about the things that it's actually about, i.e. the tv series?

  • Khal Drogo should be an exotic(Native American looking) handsome giant,this well lessen the pedophilia aspect of the marriage. It's true marriages between men and 15 year old girls in the past was acceptable, but HBO viewers might think it's too much in addition to incest.

  • The Rock has the same ethnicity as Dante. If the rock works, Dante works, ethnicity wise. Now pudge wise…Perhaps i'm only seeing the muscles and not the fat? Even so, someone with that build has got to be spending time in the gym, and converting to a aerobic workout shouldn't be too hard…

  • Regarding Cat, Dany and Cersei.

    I have quite a few female friends who are great fans of the series and not one of them has complained about the general depiction of women in the novels – in fact several of them have specifically talked about how well they think they are depicted. Also, having been on the board for years now, I know just how many boarders there are women – quite a lot, maybe a good 40% (just a guess) – so clearly, his readership has a wide appeal.

    Cersei – it's hard to use her as the baseline for how women are depicted in the books. She is quite insane and the more we get to know her (especially when she becomes a POV character) the more we come to understand just how sick her mind really is. She's a nut, she's got gigantic issues and I have long thought one of the best things about AFFC (indeed the whole series) is that Martin was willing to give us a POV look into the mind of someone this wacked. No, she's not likable, but why does every POV need to be likable? Theon is particularly unlikable as well, a POV of a preening, arrogant ass.

    That being said, I don't think Cersei is at all one-dimensional. It's subtle, but there are a lot of hints to more interesting and complex motivations that might not appear at first glance. I think Cersei's madness stems, in part, from being forced into a subservient role in society because of her sex. She is intellectually quite capable, however because she's born a woman she never has the chance to truly rule. Even when she's named Queen Regent over Joffrey, her father removes her chance of ruling by 'inflicting' her with Tyrion as Joffrey's Hand. I think this, plus the death of Joffrey contributed greatly to the state of her mind by the time we get a glimpse inside of it from her POV. I would also offer that had she not partially lost her mind, she could well have been a far more effective ruler or player of the Game of Thrones than she was.

    Cat – I don't see how one can call Cat a cold-blooded murderer. 'Cold-blooded' implies she methodically and, well, coldly planed to murder someone and then carried out that plan. You could say that about Cersei, many, many times over, but not Cat. Her act at the Red Wedding was an act of desperation and passion at the single greatest moment of crisis in her entire life. It was the farthest thing from 'cold-blooded' one could possibly imagine. Was it right? No. Is the motivation understandable? I think so.

    Above all, Cat was struggling for the protection of her children. She's a mother through and through and her actions and motives are, I think, very true. She's no shrinking violet mother-type though, she's a fierce mother bear (or wolf), protecting her cubs from danger. She'll do what she has to, she'll fight, she'll even kill if need be, and it's hard to fault someone for following such basic and primal instincts. There are elements of this in the way Cersei acts towards her own children, but where Cersei's actions are tinged with madness and, yes, even evil, Cat's overwhelming instinct and desire is to put things back to what they were before the war. She does not lust for power, she just loves her family and wants it back the way it was (even though she knows it can never be). Cat is a mother, five-times over, and the things she does are very true in my experience to how many mothers will act for the protection and betterment of their offspring.

  • …continued:

    Dany – Dany is NOT a normal character and is not meant to be. The way her story is told, the language used – her own manner of speech, even – sets her section of the story more in the realm of myth than are the events of Westeros, IMO. There is a distinct, and I think intentional, change in tone and language whenever the story jumps to Dany. It's not without it's moments of brutal realism, but I don't think we can judge the character the way we judge others. She's more of a hero in the classical Greek sense, to me – somehow touched by the divine – than in our modern sense. Once she comes into her own, especially, once she's births the dragons, she seems something a little more than human, a kind of higher being. I think that through AGoT she is very human and we see her possessing more fears, doubts and such, but after the funeral pyre, she's definitely changed. It's like we see a transition from a modern fiction hero into a classical Greco/Roman hero. I can see where some may not like this change or find it hard to stay emotionally involved in someone who is somewhat removed from the norm, but I think she retains enough humanity for me to stay interesting.

  • I don't agree with a lot of you.

    Just imagine Nero with long hairs, maybe a mustache and he IS Khal Drogo (like I picture him).

    The only thing is… Well, the Dothraki are a people riding, living on horses. So I expect them to be thinner than Nero. But maybe a little diet can fix that.

  • The point is that there is no 'right' ethnicity. You can argue about this all day, but there's a number of cultures which GRRM could have drawn inspiration from for the Dothraki.

    To think that you can decide which is the 'right' one just indicates that you took more than your usual dose of moron.

  • Thank you, Brude. You brought some reason back to this discussion. Now a treatise on ethnicity with a touch of insider knowledge, perhaps? :)

  • You brought some reason back to this discussion.

    Are you people for real?

  • "The Rock has the same ethnicity as Dante. If the rock works, Dante works, ethnicity wise. Now pudge wise…Perhaps i'm only seeing the muscles and not the fat? Even so, someone with that build has got to be spending time in the gym, and converting to a aerobic workout shouldn't be too hard…"

    It's not about race it's about looking the part. The Rock is tan and lean and muscular. Dante is pasty white, fat and bulky. If Dante could pull off being lean and muscular with a diet then how come he decides to spend his life as a fat ass? Dante is not the right person for the role.

  • Well I still hate Dany :P. And you can try to delve as much as you want into my psychology from that fact. I'm must be scared of strong women and mother figures and all that other Freudian stuff, right? But seriously Silverstar is right this discussion belongs over at Westeros board.

  • there was a posting somewhere here a few day's ago from someone interested in PCR, I have just joined and will be able to access it on Monday, will post what they say about G.O.T. and casting new's

  • I know!!
    Actually I am very keen to know what's going on because of my son,also I can see what else is being cast, so thankyou for alerting me to it.

  • Lauren,

    Not to knock myself down, coz you know, my muscles are big and I'm a bad motherfucker–got the wallet to prove it coz it says Bad Motherfucker on it.

    But, since I can't spell debauchery (on my twitterific), I'm thinking that maybe I'll get a call back for something else.

    People, you have been preaching that Mister Drogo has only a few lines. But you forget the book! Dany and him share a strange but not unkind relationship based on respect. He respects her in the Dothraki way. They learn each other's languages and there is some warmth between the two. So the Drogo acting has to rock some socks off. I would be ill advised to take that role, but there are other roles for a big lug like me, possibly.

  • Yo, Nero,

    Believe it or not, even big fatties understand love, gentleness and respect–even if they can't spell debacherries.

  • Vin Diesel is half African-American and half Italian American. Therefore, he should be Doctor Drogo.

  • @ Brude. Darn, Silverstar took the words right out of my mouth. Even though someone posted too say to take this discussion over to Westeros instead – I for one feel that this discussion is justified as it concerns the complexity of the characters. A very delicate detail when discussing possible actors, and their wanted abilities. You say everything about the "ladies of ASOIF" that I wish I could articulate, both in my own language aswell as english. Thank you. You always light up any comment-section with your knowledge and your grounded and analytically wellversed views.

    *sigh* and about Drogo – again… Dan, Silverstar, and Brude say all that I had to say so much better. And the only reason I would have to continue these same views, as many people seem to be doing in the shall I say – less analytical and more impulsedriven and passionfelt way – would be to let you all know that they are not the only ones thinking this.
    But rather that the ones who think otherwise are the ones who, I believe, push some commentators to comment on said quality of this forum today.
    That is, I mean that the trend these days seem to be leaning more towards quantity (of less articulated and reflective comments) than quality.

    Now, offcourse, this is straying from the subject even a little bit further. But for someone who doesn't have the time and/or knowledge to negotiate Westeros – this is where I have my say.

  • News over there at:

    (Belfast, Northern Ireland) – Send/Email photographs & resumes by July 5, 2009 to: Details Are only Available By Subscription.. Title: A GAME OF THRONES (aka A SONG OF FIRE & ICE), TV Pilot for HBO. CAST, Peter Dinklage; PROD, Guymon Casady, George R.R. Martin, Ralph Vicinanza, Frank Doelger, Joe Byrne, Vince Gerardis, Carolyn Strauss, Mark Huffam; DIR, Tom McCarthy; WRTR, David Benioff, D.B. Weiss. Shoot Dates: Begins October 12, 2009 (in Belfast, Northern Ireland). Breakdown– Bran: Playing age 8, an extraordinary boy; Aria: Playing age 11 , girl; Sansa: Playing age 13, girl: Daenerys: Must be aged 18+ but look younger, girl; Rob: Playing age 16, male, a heir to the throne; Theon: Playing age 15, male; Jon Snow: Playing age 18-19, but can be aged up to 22, male. The above are all the sons and daughters of noble families. (Posted: June 29, 2009)

  • Isn't Theon older than Robb and John? Also, Robb's not an "heir to the throne" at this point in the books. I'm doubting this source's credibility. Otherwise the people involved have gotten some of the details mixed up.

  • message for winter is coming, I should be able to sign in to PCR at 11. this morning, will let you know what is going on

  • PCR-production and casting report,
    the new's is , they are casting for
    Jon Snow
    that's all really. feel like sending 1,000 submission's of my son in the hope they get fed up and give him the job, he's even taken up riding again just in case!!so now he does Fencing, Archery, Ballet, Tap, Music, Drama and riding, I am a permanent taxi service all in the chase for fame.
    Actually I love it,hope that was some help
    by the way ,he loves it too,most important>

  • Yes actually, they didn't mention him on PCR, but there was someone at the studio when we went for the Bran casting.

  • After a few weeks of casting info bits and pieces trickling from several corners, the picture I get is that they seem to have settled on the majority of the adults minus Drogo and the Lannister twins(?). At the very least they surely must have narrowed it down and are in negotiations with the candidates. My hope is that we hear from the producers who they have cast come July.

  • All hopes and speculations from what I've learnt from Winter's posts and your comments. Haven't claimed anything else :) What do others think?

  • My assumption, based on the fact that we haven't heard any casting news at all about Ned, Catelyn and Robert particularly, is that they may well have some more well-known actors in those roles who they had in mind from the start, and therefore no casting calls were put out.

    However, this is pure speculation.

  • Zzzz



  • Could we please stop with the pretending to be me now? It's really not all that funny.

  • Anon: Good find with the My Entertainment World info. It looks like they have the Jon and Theon roles swapped. Other than that it all seems accurate to the other reports we have been getting.

    sue: Thanks for the PCR info! So I guess based off this and the above breakdowns they are still casting for all these roles?

    Marko: Yes, that is what I am guessing as well. Hopefully we will find out soon!

    Silverstar: Agreed, any comments from some one pretending to be someone else will be deleted.

  • Hello, I'm Ned Stark of the best-selling series Song of Ice and Fire. I just want to say that you guys need to get a job and an education.

  • I think he'd be fine. One think people need to realize here is, you can't be this nitpicky with this casting. I know and understand your feelings of wanting everything to be perfect, but it just is not going to happen. In general, as long as Dante can act good, he has a look that is acceptable for Drogo as long as he looks similar to the extras.

    Extra pudge? Let actions speak, not looks necessarily. Even if John Q sees a little pudge and for some reason thinks that makes someone not tough, all you need is a kickass scene to make someone look good.

  • "I think he'd be fine. One think people need to realize here is, you can't be this nitpicky with this casting. I know and understand your feelings of wanting everything to be perfect, but it just is not going to happen. In general, as long as Dante can act good, he has a look that is acceptable for Drogo as long as he looks similar to the extras.

    Extra pudge? Let actions speak, not looks necessarily. Even if John Q sees a little pudge and for some reason thinks that makes someone not tough, all you need is a kickass scene to make someone look good."

    You have to somewhat look the part, seriously it's important. imagine these actors playing roles in these movies and you tell me if it would fit.

    Jason Bourne- Chris Farley

    James Bond- John Candy

    John McTiernan (Die Hard)- Jim Carey

    Genghis khan (from mongol)- John Cho (from harold and kumar)

    You getting the picture here? Some people don't fit certain roles no matter how great an actor they may be. So stop with the "Dante isn't perfect but he will work" tirade already.

  • @TGrando357

    "he has a look that is acceptable for Drogo"

    what does "tubby pale skinned black dude" have in common with a Dothraki? Have you actually read the books?

  • Thing is, people haven't yet agreed on what a Dothraki ~does~ look like, so I don't know that you can say anything isn't right. I mean, some people here think they should look Mongol, and some think they should look like Native Americans, and some think they should look Asian.

    I guess what the Dothraki look like will end up being whatever the casting directors choose.

    (For my part, I've always seen them as Native American looking …)

  • "I guess what the Dothraki look like will end up being whatever the casting directors choose.

    (For my part, I've always seen them as Native American looking …)"

    I agree with you to a point, but from the books we do know something about what they look like. The most important feature we do know about them is that they are horse bound nomads who's leaders are from among the best of their ranks. We also know they resemble people of eastern descent with tanned skin and lean muscular bodies.

    That 100% rules out a fat ass African American bouncer, unless they just don't care whether the person fits the role or not.

  • so this Dante NEro dude has a website up now. Appearantly he is a stand up comedian and not very funny. He is also FAT. That fact that they are even considering this guy for a role as Drog or a Doraki warrior has me really worried. he just does NOT fit the part, and his stand up routines have me doubting he can play the part. Cross your fingers that he does not get the role.

  • Personally, the photo Dante Nero is using for his Twitter background could easily convince me to give him an audition …

  • "Personally, the photo Dante Nero is using for his Twitter background could easily convince me to give him an audition …"

    I originally thought so to Marko, but after initially visiting his site immediately went and checked out his videos and pictures from around the web. What I found out was you can really pic and choose your images to make yourself look a lot different then you actually do. here is a picture of him that is selective…

    Nero selective photo

    Now for some photos and videos that actually show his physique less selectively….

    Nero actual photo
    Nero actual photo
    Nero actual photo
    Nero actual photo

    And some video to really hammer it all in….

    Nero actual video

    So what do you think after seeing those pictures and videos?

  • Oh, I checked the rest, make no mistake :) and it's disappointing. Just saying that he could get some calls based on such selective photos and headshots.

  • I just checked out those photos that Rer put up ….it's worse than I thought….God help us LOL ….they must be considering him for some other role…Some say bloodriders…let's give Benoiff and team some credit…if they think he can do the job so be it. We haven't seen audition vid on him but he must be impressing someone…not how I pictured Drogo but they know what they're doing::.I hope !…oh damn I just thought of it:..he's gonna be Jalabhar Xho!

  • I can't see any way of this guy being Khal Drogo. Not after that comedy bit Rer put up. Yikes. How does one lose 190 lbs before freaking October?

    On the flip side, if Dante Nero were to instead land the role of a bloodrider, we could hear him respond to any one of Dany's orders with, "Bitch, WHAT?"