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Possible Joffrey

According to a poster over at the Westeros forums, actor Eugene Simon is up for the role of Joffrey. Simon is best known for his role in the Heath Ledger film Casanova, where he played a younger version of the titular character. He has since appeared in a few made-for-TV movies, including an upcoming remake of Ben-Hur, where he again stars as the younger version of the main character.

Winter Is Coming: Due to the second-hand nature of this rumor, be sure to take it with a grain of salt. But since we’re starved for any info here, I figured it was worth a post. Simon is approximately 15/16, so they are casting a bit older than the leaked script indicated (which had listed Joffrey as 13.) The picture here is the most recent one I could find, but is still a few years old courtesy of Screenterrier. But based on this pic, I would say he has the right look. I’m not familiar enough with his acting to comment on his ability. Then again, Joffrey isn’t a demanding role, so you wouldn’t need an exceptional actor to pull it off.


  • It's an unrelated comment, but I think that Sebastian Stan (Jack from NBC's "Kings") would be perfect for Theon.

  • Agreed, KnowingTom.

    I think this kid could do a good Joffrey though. The face he's making in this picture looks kind of snide/arrogant.

  • Kind of off topic, but since things are slow: Saw DRAG ME TO 'ELL. Sam Raimi is back!!!!! Yessssssss.

  • the kid looks more like bran than Joffrey, but he looks 13 not 15 or 16. we need something concrete to sooth us!

  • Well, since off-topic seems to be the topic today…

    Anyone have and idea of what the readership of the True Blood novels is compared to ASOIAF? I'm just trying to get a better sense of the fan base here.

  • Joffrey is supposed to be large for his age, about as big as Robb and Jon, though two years younger than them. Normally 2 years age difference at that age is very significant in terms of a boy's size. Anyway, it's not so strange that they'd cast a bit older for him if they want him to be physically big for his age.

  • also worth noting, the photos of eugene are a little outdated, as he is 16 years old now. most of the photos around the internet are about 3 or 4 years old, which is (as brude just mentioned) a significant gap at this age of child.

    i trust in david and david here to get the casting right.


  • I have the problem of viewing Joff as much older than he actually is, probably because of the intensive emotional/sexual abuse he perpetrates against Sansa. In my mind he's an older teen, not a small 13 year old.

    Then again, 13 year olds in King's Landing are probably vastly different from the typical 13 year old in the US/Europe.

  • Is this the same actor that you had up earlier in the day? He doesn't look the same. I think either would work, as long as they can act! The other kid being in the Mummy series, ruff!, those were some bad films….

  • I don't get hom as Joffery. He looks much Starkier to me. Maybe even Mycah but he's not pretty enough to be Joff. Remember Joff is Cersei and Jaime's son.This kid is decent enough looking, but not the dreamy teen idol that Sansa sees before she gets to know him. As far as age goes, I always saw Joff as a bit younger in action than his age. He's a petulant spoiled brat that takes his ball and runs home to mommy the minute anyone one ups him be it a dwarf or a little girl. I'd think Joff as a 16 year old would display less of these traits on the assumption that by 16 he would have actually entered some tourneys and Robert would likely have taken more of an intrest in him. He's still be a cruel, vindictive son of a bitch, but less likely to turn to his mother for protection. Some of his scenes will look downright silly if they stick an older teen into the role.

  • "Well, since off-topic seems to be the topic today…

    Anyone have and idea of what the readership of the True Blood novels is compared to ASOIAF? I'm just trying to get a better sense of the fan base here."

    I'm not to sure, but Every D&D nerd I have ever known (including myself) loves GRRM. The True Blood crowd kind of spills over a little bit into the fantasy reading crowd also so some of the fans would be shared.

    I know from reading articles that ASoIaF has sold over 2.2 million, and I'm guessing that "The Southern Vampire Mysteries" has sold a lot also. One of the key differences between the two would be that Martin's series is more genre defining.

    Also Charlaine Harris didn't have much of an online following until after the series was an HBO hit and GRRM's following online has always been fairly large. So as long as AGoT is made well, IMO it will do better then True Blood. Of course that's all dependent on the quality of the production. AGoT has more potential but it all hangs in the balance of how well the series is produced and the quality of the series.

  • Oh yeah, I think this kid would make a great Joffrey. The look on his face in that picture and the movies I seen him in tells me he has the correct acting talents for that disposition, of course he'll need to do something about the hair, but hey that should be easy right?

    *his age does concern me though, maybe they can pull it off.

  • MyEntertainmentWorld has posted the children's breakdowns but no mention of Joffrey. Perhaps he has been already cast and your rumour is correct.

    "Title: A GAME OF THRONES (aka A SONG OF FIRE & ICE), TV Pilot for HBO. CAST, Peter Dinklage; PROD, Guymon Casady, George R.R. Martin, Ralph Vicinanza, Frank Doelger, Joe Byrne, Vince Gerardis, Carolyn Strauss, Mark Huffam; DIR, Tom McCarthy; WRTR, David Benioff, D.B. Weiss. Shoot Dates: Begins October 12, 2009 (in Belfast, Northern Ireland). Breakdown– Bran: Playing age 8, an extraordinary boy; Aria: Playing age 11 , girl; Sansa: Playing age 13, girl: Daenerys: Must be aged 18+ but look younger, girl; Rob: Playing age 16, male, a heir to the throne; Theon: Playing age 15, male; Jon Snow: Playing age 18-19, but can be aged up to 22, male. The above are all the sons and daughters of noble families. (Posted: June 29, 2009)"

  • People who say he looks like Bran or a Stark make me laugh. You are just staring blindly at his hair, forgetting he can just get a wig to make it blond and curly.

  • Doesn't really look right to me, including the facial expression. Obviously those change from picture to picture, but since it's all we have to go on and others have mentioned it as a positive… This kid looks crafty. I can see why someone might see craftiness and think it would help with playing Joffrey, but he was really anything but. Manipulative? Yes, but mostly of his mother and Sansa, both easy targets. A horrible spoiled brat? Yeah, but while many are crafty, Joff wasn't. Also, obviously not a deal breaker for anyone, but those lips are not what I'd call pouty. Bit too narrow. The face in general doesn't seem right to me, and I promise I am studiously ignoring the hair color. I think of Joffrey as looking a bit like Macaulay Culkin used to. Seems odd if you're only aware of that Home Alone stuff, but watch The Good Son and it might make sense…

  • I think the pictures Ryan Dunn posted links to show Joffrey quite nicely. I can see his wormy lips from here!

    Wormy lips! *Koff*rey lives! (And, hopefully, dies.)

    For those who are worried that there are little to no casting confirmations thus far… I say I want it that way! I'd much rather Dan and Dave and all involved take their ever-lovin' sweet time in choosing the right actors for these roles. In the past two days I've seen a horribly cast and produced "fantasy" series (NBC's Merlin), and an even worse made-for-TV movie (Sci-Fi channel's Thor: Hammer of the Gods), proving once again that most television producers see this genre as a cheap "niche" gimmick.

    I have much more faith in HBO; I've yet to see a series they've produced done badly. Granted, not every show is my cup of tea, exactly … but in even the shows I don't care for, I can see the care that was made in making them.

    So take your ever-lovin' sweet-ass time, people. Winter Is Coming posters may grouse about this informational lack or the other… but in no time soon we'll have a full cast to be able to debate over.

    And I'm still betting on a really fucking good one.

  • Eugene Simon: "It fits."

    Since we're on an off-topic roll, finally saw the 2005 movie Brick, by Ryan Dunn's bosom buddy. I had been meaning to see it since Bloom Brothers made little splashes. The prospect of having this director do some of the GoT episodes is exciting to me.

  • @bardamu

    re: Rian Johnson directing an ep… Yeah he hadn't read the series yet when last we spoke but he had the first two sitting at his bedside. He's in the middle of a rewrite for his next film project, a Terminator meets Blade Runner dark sci-fi film called Looper.

    He was jazzed about GoT however and I gave him my best sales pitch to get him reading the books asap.


  • Bloom Brothers people gave away a hundred tickets or so to Ain't It Cool News people to see the movie. Seems like Rian Johnson is the type of guy we want on our side. Brick was an interesting spin on noir/high school–kind of like the character Donnie Darko meets Philip Marlowe attending Neptune High.

  • Brown hair has nothing to do with why he doesn't work for me. His face is too round and plain. Joff should be striking. This kid is average (going off of one shot anyway) at best.

  • I checked out some of those other shots of him that Ryan linked. I suppose he looks more Joffish in some of those. He's not the kid I'd pick, but I guess he's acceptable for the part now that I've looked at a few more angles of the kid. If he is our Joff, I hope he can act!

  • He's got a Tommen look to him in those pics which I assume are a few years old. I'm sure if he's 15-16 his face has thined out a bit. But put the blonde locks on him and he's got the look down. Now can he act is the question. I'm not familiar with the kid's work.

  • I like this latest photo, Screenterrier! and he won't get picked if he can't act, so we're safe :) I vote for including this photo in an updated post, Winter.

  • Seconding the vote at updating the blog post's image! Look at how DIFFERENT he looks, my gosh.

    Marko's find only further renews my optimism that he will be a better choice than Max Pirkis of Rome, who I never really liked for the role (too safe, too obvious, too annoying).


  • Seeing that updated picture makes me feel like he can do find for the part (visually). I think GRRM at the end of the day regrets that he made all the kids SO young. Still, it does seem like they will be walking a fine line with aging them the kids up "a bit", while not making them all look like they are in their late teens.

    Pat E

  • @ jennifer
    big sigh. I have the same notion even with what I know, but even 13 yearolds "today" are unfortunately most capable of doing such horrid things.
    Curiosity begins early in some. And a lot depends on environment, so as you say – about ASOIF"time" would probably be right.
    actually 13yearolds have a much worse sense of direction in right or wrong – and please get me right now – and are way more impulsedriven than older teens. They are still children, in not knowing exactly where to draw the line. Espescially true with Joffrey – whom I love to loathe.
    And I am sad to say I have one example of 13yrolds being capable of "gruesome" things, even those pretty little boys.
    Will stay anonymous today, since I wanted to tell you that a couple of years back, on a newyears eve, my uncle suddenly confessed to him and a friend pulling a girl from his class into the toilet of their school in the mid 50´s and raping her there. He was about 12-14 at that time.
    As you could imagine I was thouroughly schocked that my lovable whitehaired uncle could have ever used a girl – then my age – in that way!!
    He was the cute blond "angelfaced" boy in those days, and even though he was remorseful in older age – he tried to justify it with: "she was bragging about it later to her classmates" in a guiltyridden way.

    I got furious and cried and everything as you could imagine. Gave him a good yelling-at. Offcourse she would have had to try and deal with that horrible action in some way!! One way would be to act nonchalant and try to turn it into something less horrendous than it was.
    Idiotic male culture!! Not all men, and not all men(boys) of that time either. But still. Makes my stomach churn.

    So Jennifer. Those cute little 13yearolds of our days aswell could easily do those acts that J does to Sansa in the book.

    My mother doesn't know, or anyone else, except his girlfriend and her grown up son. Doubt his grown up children know. But noone will bring it up, not me, since he died of cancer just a couple of years later.

  • No opinion about the kid.

    Since the subject of Max Pirkis has come up again, a few facts:
    * Yes, he's a fine actor.
    * He's 20.
    * As far as I know, he's taking a break from acting to complete his studies.

    To contribute to the discussion about True Blood: I read the first book (after watching Season 1 of the show), and the TV series is _way_ better than the book. It's also important to keep in mind that True Blood and AGOT are _not_ really going for the same audience (although certainly there's going to be some overlap).

    True Blood's core constituencies are:
    * vampire fans (a small but thriving genre since before Anne Rice found Jesus and now augmented by fans of that Twilight crap). But vampire fans per se are _not_ the same as fantasy fans.
    * mystery fans (Charlaine Harris's home genre. The book was dominated by a mystery story in a setting that happened to also include vampires, not the other way around– the TV show reversed the emphasis (and, in my opinion, this was a big improvement).
    * romance fans.

    A big challenge for ASOIAF is that dramatic fantasy productions still turn off a lot of people– until the success of Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings films, a lot of people considered fantasy to be a kids' genre. Also, while there's considerable overlap between fantasy fandom and SF fandom in print, I'm not sure that this translates into TV and film: the Narnia movies didn't make money because the Star Wars and Star Trek people were lining up to see them; it was because the Jesus people and little kids were lining up to see them.

    That said, I'm pretty confident that a well-written, well-produced AGOT will attract the Battlestar Galactica audience.

    If the producers are lucky, they'll attract the Gladiator audience.

    If they're _really_ lucky, they'll attract some of the LotR audience.

  • On the subject of sales, Charlaine Harris is doing pretty well. Like GRRM, her new books hit the NYT bestseller list, and her output is larger. However, her international profile is modest. She does okay in the UK, but nothing spectacular (which might change with TRUE BLOOD hitting the big time). She definitely isn't the dominant figure in her genre that GRRM is in his. ASoIaF's worldwide audience is certainly larger.

    ASoIaF should also have a much wider appeal. The books have done well partially because the publishers have targetted the historical fiction audience, going after Bernard Cornwell fans and the like. If the TV series can do the same thing it should be as large, if not far larger, a success as TRUE BLOOD.

  • Yes, Winter, please post the newer picture that Screenterrier found in the post – it's a much better representation of Simon.

    If the kid can act then I'm totally sold on him as Joffrey.

  • I think that got definitely will get the lotr audience, myself being in it. Battlestar hal? What the Toonses is that? Seriously, star trek is not my thing.

  • @ Adam Whitehead, I really think Game of Thrones will be more successful than The Tudors and will sell more DVDs, but it will not be as big of a hit as True Blood.

  • Battlestar Galactica is some of the finest television ever produced, an opinion shared by GRRM himself.

    Anyways, Fantasy and Sci-fi have a pretty good overlap in terms of fans.

  • To supplement what I said above (I'm the guy who wrote "No opinion about the kid…" above:

    The producers of the True Blood show appear to have pursued (and successfully drawn) the following audiences (in order of significance, as far as I can tell):
    1. Vampire fans
    2. Romance fans
    3. Mystery fans

    I'll be interested in seeing what kinds of audiences the producers of AGOT and HBO _attempt_ to attract, through their marketing efforts. There are a number of different possibilities:

    1. Fans of a political intrigue story (i.e., the _Rome_ and, to some extent, the Battlestar Galactica audience and arguably, the Deadwood or Sopranos audience)
    2. Fans of a swords 'n armor adventure story (what I called the Gladiator audience, but it could just as easily be the Band of Brothers audience or even the Indiana Jones audience.)
    3. Fans of a "sense of wonder" fantasy story (wow, gee whiz, a 700-foot-tall ice wall, and zombies and dragons). The Lord of the Rings/Narnia audience and, to some degree, the Star Wars audience.

  • I think the hardcore film geeks will give this a chance too. Heck I started reading the books because of the good buzz the talkbacks on AICN had. Even the CHUD guys have peaked an interest in this because McCarthy and Dinklage are involved. There are all sorts of elements to these books that will attract a wide range audience in my opinion. I think that's why True Blood has been sucessful because it doesn't just cater to one type of demographic.

  • Max Pirkis was the perfect Joffrey 5 years ago, or so. By the end of his stint on Rome he was about 16 or 17 years old and was on the verge of looking 18 or 19 (he really could have played the older Octavian, I think – though they would have had to cut that one sex scene – but whatever). As someone said, he's 20 now and going to university so not working at the moment, anyway. Odds are he looks more like Jaime now than Joffrey.

    In addition to Rome and Master & Commander, I saw him on stage in that same production of Richard III that all the Peter Dinklage in period garb photos come from and he was good, albeit in a small role of one of the two princes.

    That latest picture of the Simon kid looks perfect for Joff. I am not familiar with his acting abilities, but if they are good enough, I'm sure he's going to be high in the running for this gig.

  • "Brick" was an effing brilliant work; they essentially created an entire lexicon of slang from scratch, and if the first ten minutes just makes you scratch your head trying to figure out exactly what they're saying, the rest of the movie just flows with it. And by the end you've got a whole new language in your head. Highly, highly recommended. I liked Brick better than Donnie Darko.

    If THAT guy (Johnson) directs an episode of Game of Thrones … wow, even better.

    And talk about launching careers, Brick essentially discovered Emilie De Ravin ("Claire" from Lost), and resurrected the career of one Joseph Gordon-Levitt (that kid from 3rd Rock From The Sun), who proved he could fucking act.

    You certainly wouldn't have had (500) Days of Summer without Brick coming first. Highly recommended.

  • Agreed, AYH. Brick was a bad-ass movie. Saw it in the theaters. It would be awesome if we could get the director to do an episode of Thrones. Make it happen Ryan!

    Also would be cool if we could get Gordon-Levitt in the show somehow. Not sure who he would play though.

  • "Joseph Gordon-Levitt (that kid from 3rd Rock From The Sun), who proved he could fucking act."

    After Mysterious Skin, I think there could be no doubt about that. His performance was touching as hell.

  • I'll just say, if HBO picks up a season of GoT, don't be surprised to see Rian involved on some level. I could even see him writing/directing an episode.

    The only snag may be if he is busy in pre-production or production on Looper, but by the looks of where his current draft is of that film, mid 2010 might be open for him to film an episode.

    Let's hope.


  • Rian Johnson as an episode director? Meh. Although I gotta admit that Brick was an ok movie. Now Quentin Tarantino doing the guest-directing thing… would be amazingly awesome. He directed an episode of CSI once I believe, so there is no reason this might not happen.

  • @Thor

    don't hate, i think rian has a good handle on diction if you've seen both of his films to see the range. his scripts are very chatty, which i think would bring an appropriate banter and clip to the right episode of GoT, sort of in that aaron sorkin a la west wing way. it's empirical and so much is going on. perfect bed for rian imo, the same way tarantino would do well.


    CSI is surprisingly better than you might expect. Especially the past couple of seasons. The other CSI's blow… hard.

  • Hahaha qt doing got… That is hillarious. The guy is brilliant, but come on man. It wouldn't be got, it would be qt.

  • I'll take your word for it, Ryan. However any time a rerun is on and I flip by it, it takes like 2 minutes until some stupid pun is made and I'm out on it. It's so bad man, I'm sorry. That take on it in Forgeting Sarah Marshall was not far off in my opinion.

  • There goes the theory of the Lannisters being played by Americans. Except for Dothrakis, it Looks like it's all Brit, all the way. Good.

  • Yah original CSI is still entertaining enough to watch when nothing else is on, which cannot be said for its two wayward children. And I wasn't hating Rian, just sorta meh. Meaning that once I see more of his work I might get excited enough to actually wish for him to direct something as monumental as AGOT.
    On the topic of QT: I would love to see what Tarantino could do with something like the Lannister vs. Stark massacre in the Red Keep. I imagine lots and lots of blood and samurai swords. OK kidding about the samurai swords but you get the general picture :)

  • About Rian, he wrote the screenplay and directed Brick, and it was his first movie? The strengths for me were not so much the Noir-ness (though it was pitch-perfect with the whole teen thing), but the mood, the creativity, and the characters that were well drawn and likable.

    Even if you thought it was only OK, you have to admit the guy holds a lot of promise. Clearly the guy is into quality. I'm not sure if he found his groove though.. hopefully he'll keep going and won't sell out.

    Just for fun: You can't beat the 80's montage at the beginning of Donnie Darko. I could watch that 30 second cut and go off for the day.

  • Well in a choice between some Hollywood douchebag like Peter Jackson or Rian Johnson I would definitely pick Johnson for GOT director. I just hope he doesn't sell out.

  • Peter Jackson is the shit. From his early gore-fest, heroin muppet, wacked out films, to LOTR and King Kong…. come on, man .. you have to give him some props for his early work and a gigantic effort like lotr.

  • gordon-levitt = theon?

    might work?

    I LOVED Brick, and just the prospect of Johnson being involved in this project somehow is pretty awesome. I hope he reads those books soon!

  • @THOR

    There are so many bad directors, why do you have beef with Peter Jackson or other decent directors? Go write an angry letter to this guy for example.

  • Thor doesn't tread lightly with his opinion, does he? Dude hates feminine characters, too. It's all good; I'm entertained.

    As far as Peter Jackson being a "Hollywood douchebag," I'd simply say he makes the films that he loves, and makes them the way he wants. And to the haters of the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy, I can pretty much say with emphasis that box office + Oscar = scoreboard.

    Be interested to see if Del Toro can keep up with The Hobbit.

    Back to topic: watched Casanova this morning; Eugene Simon can play conniving. If he lands Joff, let's hope he's gotten even better with age.

  • World definitely love to see Max Pirkis in the show, although I have to admit that with his age being around the 20 mark, im not sure who he could actually play.

    He was brilliant in Master and Commander and in Rome, and could likely pull off a slightly older (let's face it, people are bound to get aged a bit) Viserys with the whole petulant and pouty look, yet with the hard cheekbones.

  • Also have to defend Peter Jackson…he's a top shelf director and far from a sell out…if that was the case he'd take the easy route and direct the upcoming Hobbit films instead other projects. He had a huge amount of pressure on him to come through on LOTR and he did a magnificent job…A traditional fantasy film winning best picture…come on give him some credit.

  • Yah, you have to respect what Jackson did with LOTR. And really, if those movies weren't such a huge success would we even be here now talking about a ASOIAF TV series? I highly doubt it.

    I'd forgotten about The Hobbit. I see it's due in theaters sometime in 2011. Hopefully AGOT can cash in on some of the fantasy buzz it will generate.

  • "True Blood's core constituencies are:"

    Don't forget about Alan Ball fans (I've been a fan of his work since American Beauty and Six Feet Under).

  • "Battlestar Galactica is some of the finest television ever produced, an opinion shared by GRRM himself."

    Come on man, you can't deny that is funny and ridiculous. I laughed.

    I slept through the first 3 hours of the little guy having a conversation with himself/invisible girl, so I don't really know what I'm talking about. All I can guess is that it probably didn't cost much to make that show.

    Anyway, GRRM collects painted miniatures. Haven't you read Oscar Wao? minis = not cool. Just because Martin wrote excellent books (with ghost writer Flewellyn) doesn't mean I'm going to start watching sci-fi shows, chump.

    Best TV show ever produced was The Twilight Zone. After that, it was Three's Company.

  • I believe GRRM loved the Battlestar series but hated the final episode. He felt they copped out and ended it the easy way. I haven't watched the show at all but I was glad to hear him say that.

    Hopefully that means he plans to end ASOIAF in spectacular fashion. How about Jon and the Others battling Dany and her dragons in an epic battle for Westeros? Jon freezes Dany. Dany burns Jon. Tyrion swoops in and takes the Iron Throne??

  • I'd love to see QT direct an episode, but let's save him for the Other assault at the Fist of the First Men shall we? That scene with QT at the helm could be emmy-worthy. In addition to CSI I think QT directed an episode of ER a while back too (not to mention guest jusdge on two American Idols ;P).

    Back to topic. The new pic post of the potential Joff is MUCH more in line with what I expect Joff to be. Amazing how the kid glammed up. I stillsay Draco Malfoy from HP would be a better Joff (though he's getting a tad old now, maybe use him as Viserys?), but visually this guy fits the bill now too.

  • Rob: Playing age 16, male, a heir to the throne; Theon: Playing age 15, male; Jon Snow: Playing age 18-19, but can be aged up to 22, male. The above are all the sons and daughters of noble families. (Posted: June 29, 2009)

    I was really worried about this, until I realized that they had Theon as 15 and apparently just switched the names. *Phew*

  • Yeah, slyhell, it's generally thought to be an accidental switch. You completely lose the close brotherly relationship between Jon and Robb if Jon is "aged up." It changes the entire dynamic.

    Hopefully those in the know make sure the people who run that site get that minor detail taken care of.

  • "Then again, Joffrey isn't a demanding role, so you wouldn't need an exceptional actor to pull it off."

    It IS a demanding role, sometimes a charming young man, sometimes a cruel brat, enjoying control over other people

  • "Just because Martin wrote excellent books (with ghost writer Flewellyn) doesn't mean I'm going to start watching sci-fi shows, chump."

    Who's 'Flewellyn' and what books did he ghost-write for Martin?

    "Best TV show ever produced was The Twilight Zone."

    The 1980s version of which had several episodes written by GRRM. Everything comes round, doesn't it?

  • Anon: Did you do that coloring yourself? If so, nice job! The only thing is I think his hair should be more blonde. Not sure if that is even possible given how dark it looks in the B&W photo though.

  • Nice work on those photos. I'm even more sold on this kid looks-wise. Will cross my fingers in hopes he has the chops to take on the role.

  • "There goes the theory of the Lannisters being played by Americans. Except for Dothrakis, it Looks like it's all Brit, all the way. Good."

    Isn't Dinklage from the States? Also I don't think it's confirmed whether or not Dante will play Drogo (I hope to god he doesn't get the role.)

  • I'm just not a fan of LOTR or Tolkien for that matter (although I read most of his books in my younger days), so Peter Jackson only becomes a douchebag by association. So sorry Pete, nothing personal mate. But… I wasn't impressed by "King Kong" that much either so maybe it is your fault after all.

  • You missed one option. They could go for Lord of the Rings like camera tricks. Make smaller furniture for some shots to make them seem bigger. Get hounds that are small for their breed to make the direwolves seem bigger again etc. Have raised platforms just out of shot for when it's walking along side a human etc.