Kit Harington talks Game of Thrones

In a new interview over at the website, Kit Harington talks about his role in War Horse and his career in general. He touches briefly on Game of Thrones, here is what he had to say:

My next project is a TV programme. It’s a new HBO series. They do shows like Band of Brothers and The Sopranos. The show I’m in is a mythical fantasy based on the books by G R Martin. In this one I have a pet wolf! I’ve never done TV before so it’s a whole new area for me. We’re filming in Ireland but will be released in America first then it comes over to the UK.

I’ve always seen myself as a theatre actor but if I get to do TV and film it’s a bonus.

Winter Is Coming: Interesting that he considers himself primarily a stage actor and that he looks at TV as a bonus. If this series becomes as popular as we all hope, he has the chance to become a huge star. Will be interesting to see if getting that kind of exposure changes his stance at all. I also thought the part where he talked about what kind of books he liked particularly interesting. He mentions that his taste is “quite dark” and is not “particularly heart warming.” Wonder if he’s read A Song of Ice & Fire yet?

UPDATE: Sean from has let us know that they will be conducting another interview with Harington once he leaves the show and will ask him more about Thrones then. If you have any questions you would like him to ask of Kit, you can email him at [email protected].


  • I've always loved thespians doing TV, they usually make great TV/film actors.
    Interestingly, he mentions stopping his play on September 26. Does this mean the start of filming has slipped a month from October, or that they will just shoot scenes without Jon Snow in that period?

  • You can disregard the September / October thing I mentioned 2 posts up, apparently Calendars are not my strong point. :)

    And yeah, I too will be presuming he'll be reading the novels. I wonder if Dinklage did as well, he has had more than enough time since May.

  • A pet wolf!? So:
    The first seasson will have a trained wolves ( Hybride for CGI later? ) or He does not readed yet the entire scripts… DireWolves not Wolves!!

  • he is probably just talking about the fact that his character has a pet wolf I doubt we can assume he already knows whether it will be real or CGI. I am liking this kid, I like the fact that he does stage and that he is a no name. Don't get me wrong I'm glad we got all these known actors but I really think the no name actors will be better for the overall story line because we won't go into the movie with preconceived notions about them. Look at the original Star Wars and Rome most of the actors where unknowns and it made the storyline that much more beleivable.

  • I think the reason he mentions the pet wolf is because in War Horse his main companion is horse. And yeah, I doubt if he knows whether they plan on using actual animals or what, but I guess he finds it funny that both of his roles since he got out of drama school have had him regularly interacting with an animal character.

  • I also like the fact that his tastes are "Quite Dark" I really think Jon has to be more reserved and serious, Like he says in the book "Bastards grow up faster than regular boys." I think that would be hard for most young actors to pull off.

  • In spite of the 'aging up' and the fysical differences between now and then, I'm afraid he is going to look a little old at the end of the series. He's 22 now and the show ends after at least 7 years. He's almost going to be 30 then.

    But then again if he does a great job posing as Jon, I don't really mind. Go Kit!

  • Is he getting into the role already? Because he sounds more like 13 year old in a special ed class than a 22 yo actor.

  • well he sounds very blase to me. I hope he's just "playing it cool" rather than actually indifferent

  • Well if he hasn't read ASOIAF yet, then I hope he plans to. Same with the rest of the cast and if not, D&D should make it required reading.

    It would benefit the show if all of the actors had an appreciation for the size and scope of the books. And then they'd realize just how epic this series has the potential to be.

  • I'm with dholds. Well, they don't have to make the entire series required reading, just A Game of Thrones. When they finish reading that, they'll want to read the rest anyway.

  • Ever given any thought to trying to score an interview of your own with any of the proposed actors? Seems this site is taking off a bit and an email interview would be a huge insight into how things are going.

  • I think maybe the slightly blase attitude from actors cast in pilots probably comes from the knowledge that nothing is certain. Many actors shoot several pilots every season, and sometimes none of them make it to the screen. Perhaps he just doesn't want to get his hopes up. That would suck to get super into the idea that you're going to be a major star of a major series that you've invested hours and hours of reading into, only to find out it doesn't get picked up.

  • I'm with the 12:42 Anon, two posts above.

    I heard that theater actors tend to have certain acting-mannerisms? Like, they get used to projecting their voices or whatever.

  • Wait a minute… he's already talking about the show being released?! I could be reading into that statement or he could be wrong but that's the thing that stuck out to me from that article.

  • I'd love to see some interviews here too. I'm not sure if you've made any attempts to reach out yet Winter but maybe that's something the cast and crew will be more open to doing if/when the pilot is successful and the series gets picked up(?).

  • I heard that theater actors tend to have certain acting-mannerisms? Like, they get used to projecting their voices or whatever.

    Film/TV acting is very different than theater acting. In theater, you put your whole body into it more – you have to project your emotions to the back of the room, so everything is emoted bigger. If you did the same thing on film or TV it comes off as if one is grossly overacting because most of the time you are being shot in close-ups or medium shots. The slightest little glance or inflection on camera gets magnified (especially on the big screen, where your head might be projected 30' tall). So in that sense it is different.

    Also, with film and TV a lot of it has to do with understanding where the camera is and now you appear in the frame. Very experienced actors can work with that really well. My favorite is how Klaus Kinsky would enter the frame in "Augirre, The Wrath of God." He would come in around the lens from behind the camera and look almost right into the lens – it really added to the sense of madness he was trying to portray (which was already quite acute, consider Kinsky was quite mad, himself).

  • I bet it's easier for stage actors to "tone it down" for TV than it is for TV actors to "crank it up" for the stage.

  • Re: Interviews… It is something that I am looking into and hopefully something will come of it.

  • Or rather I should say, I have someone looking into it for me. But yeah, I would love to score an exclusive interview.

  • Best of luck then bagging an interview, Winter!

    Personally, I'd be really interested to hear what Tom McCarthy's thoughts are on the project and what has in mind for the show's direction.

  • I'm with Dizzy. I'm curious that he didn't mention it was a pilot. Maybe he misspoke, but it seems like hes talking about the series as if its going to air, and without much doubt of it being picked up. I'm probably looking too much into it, but I would expect more of a "Well, I'm shooting for a pilot in the future, and if that gets picked up…" kind of tone.

    Also, if anyone in the UK cares to answer. He doesn't seem very familiar with HBO, or is talking about it as if needs explanation. Is HBO a staple of entertainment over there, or is not as well known as it obviously is in the states?

  • Someone I know is a publicity officer for various plays in London. Next week he is seeing a play with Harry Lloyd. He reckons he'll get the chance to talk to him after the show, because essentially that is his job, and while he makes no promises that he'll have time to ask about GoT, he has said that he'll try and drop a couple of questions in the vein of 'what are you doing next.'

    I shall report back anything that I get told about Viserys

  • And seen as I'm here, HBO is nothing to us in the UK.

    A few people will know it's an American channel or that it co-produced Rome, but beyond that, not something that comes up as they dont even have a UK version of their channel like some other US networks like Fox. They have recently launched an 'on demand' service though, so they may get more well known.

  • @Chris, HBO is US only. Their shows show up here in Europe eventually on other networks, but I think 90% of europeans never heard of HBO (or any other american network besides CNN).

    I myself vaguely knew the name but nothing else untill I heard of this pilot being ordered.

  • Kit says AGOT will air in the US first and then the UK but I thought it was a joint production between HBO and the BBC. Wouldn't it air at the same time in both regions then?

    How did it work with Rome since it was an HBO/BBC production too?

  • dholds wrote: I bet it's easier for stage actors to "tone it down" for TV than it is for TV actors to "crank it up" for the stage.


    yoenit, in Europe HBO is available on most digital platforms, so I can't imagine 90% Europeans being unfamiliar with it.

    Also, does anyone have any credible inside news or rumours on the casting of the females in the series?

  • I would say HBO is very well known in the UK amongst the discerning viewing public, as the maker of the best quality US TV, and any HBO show that starts showing over here is always one to watch.
    Say HBO and we think The Sopranos, The Wire, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Six Feet Under, John Adams, True Blood. Oh and Rome! Hopefully those are all actually HBO but they're the ones that spring to mind.

  • "Chris, HBO is US only. Their shows show up here in Europe eventually on other networks, but I think 90% of europeans never heard of HBO."

    It's not. There is a Polish version of HBO, for example, and it's quite popular here in Poland.

    From Wikipedia:

    "HBO has international operations in Latin America, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania (and Moldova), Poland, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria and Asia (Bangladesh, India and Pakistan). It also had an early investment in New Zealand's SKY Network Television through the channel "HBO" (as of 2009[update]: "Sky Movies"). HBO plans to launch international operations in "key markets" of Europe (France, Spain, Germany, Italy and Turkey) and Japan."

  • Wow, HBO is really becoming an international network. That's great! The more subscriptions they get around the world the more they can afford to spend on the budget for AGoT :) .

  • "How did it work with Rome since it was an HBO/BBC production too?"

    There was about a six-month gap between the US screening and the UK one.

    However, the BBC has changed its attitude markedly recently given the prevalence of downloading. They showed HEROES a week after its US transmission and showed TORCHWOOD on BBC America in the USA two weeks after in the UK to try to reduce the downloading temptation. I imagine for this series we'll be seeing it days or at worst weeks after US transmission, not months.

  • Wow, I didn't know you guys thought HBO is USA only. We have have had it for years here in Serbia and it's very popular. Band of Brothers, Rome, True Blood, these shows are insanely popular. Don't worry, support for AGOT will come from all over the world.

  • I forget to check my facts for once and I get shot down right away, seems the quality on this blog is really rising.

    Let me correct myself: In my country (The Netherlands) 90% of the people have never heard of HBO. We don't have it on digital or anything either as far as I know. I expect that pattern holds for Belgium, France and Germany at least.

    @Ausir: I am suprised HBO has channels in almost every eastern european country and in not a single western european country. You have any idea why?

    @Screenterrier: No disrespect intended, but as the author of a blog on movies and TV I am doubtfull whether you are representive for a typical englishman in this case. Most people I know only pick up on series when they start being broadcasted on TV here. They know Sopranos, Band of Brothers and Rome, but nobody even heard of the Wire or deadwood since it has never been on TV here.

  • @HBO discussion folks

    Some of you have better english grammar and spelling then I do, had no idea, lol.

  • "I think 90% of europeans never heard of HBO."
    At least in Finland (I think it's the same in the whole northern Europe) most people have at least heard of HBO. Band of Brothers, Rome, Oz, Six Feet Under, The Sopranos, Deadwood etc. are all very popular here. Usually the series are shown here a few months later than in the US.

  • "I think 90% of europeans never heard of HBO."
    At least in Finland (I think it's the same in the whole northern Europe) most people have at least heard of HBO. Band of Brothers, Rome, Oz, Six Feet Under, The Sopranos, Deadwood etc. are all very popular here. Usually the series are shown here a few months later than in the US.

    Same here, in Serbia!

  • Any person interested in some of the greatest work for television ever created knows HBO!!! Here in Germany as well… ;-) Six Feet Under, Sopranos, Deadwood, Rome, Band of Brothers… all available on DVD here. Shows like The Wire, Curb Your Enthusiasm or even newer ones like Big Love and the 1st season of True Blood are currently running on a German Pay-TV-Channel.

  • I have to say – those shows are popular yes, but I don't think that the average person would know they were made by a TV Channel called HBO, they would likely have seen that flash up and taken no notice what so ever, lol

  • Well, even if what Legion's saying is true, if people like two series with the same flash up at the beginning, it's most likely that they would not shun another one without at least checking it out.

  • Anonymous, you really think they remember what that flashup said on that show they watched a year ago? In the Netherlands they don't even show the "flash up" or credits.

  • All I know is that, since Sex and the City, everyone here knows what HBO is. They have to show credits here in Serbia, probably a legal thing, so we know which company makes which show if we watch it regularly.

  • The situation in the UK is that a lot of HBO shows (THE WIRE, TRUE BLOOD etc) end up on smaller channels like FX (although THE WIRE is finally building up some cred with a late-night showing on the BBC). Channel 4 showed SEX AND THE CITY and some of THE SOPRANOS and SIX FEET UNDER, but those were a few years ago now. The BBC showed ROME, but it was not a huge success for them. So Brits' knowledge of the company varies. People who are heavily into TV, post on forums, buy the box sets etc will know who they are, but the casual TV-watcher won't have a clue until you mention some of the shows they've made.

  • I think every stage actor supposedly 'sees themselves as a stage actor' and plays down a possible TV job – because although they would all love to do it, most of them don't get the chance.

  • I'm from the US and up until I went to college all I knew about HBO was that they played a lot of movies and comedians' specials. And Sopranos. Had free HBO for the 2 years I lived on campus, but never had a chance to get into any of their shows. I will however be ordering HBO for this series.

    @WiC, Great site. It has become the first site I go to each day, and I check back about 2-3 times a day.

    @everyone else, There are a lot of really educated people on here, which makes up for the occasional idiot posts, and I am glad this pilot is getting such attention and anticipation.

    Also, I've noticed there are a lot of people from a wide range of countries. I wonder if it would be possible to put a poll on here just to see where everyone is from.

  • Very interesting. Well, I guess I'm lucky that I live in the US and don't have to worry about distribution and when and where it will air. :)

    I guess I wrongly assumed that HBO was more international than it seems to be. They have such highly acclaimed shows, that it only seemed natural that the whole world had access to them, heh.

    It's also very interesting how much diversity is on this board. I've noticed that most people from other countries have better grammar than 90% of English speaking people on the internet, so its hard to know they aren't from the US, UK, etc.

    I'm sure that must be something else HBO knows about by now, the international success of the book…definitely has to help, especially for DVD sales.

  • @Chris
    "I'm sure that must be something else HBO knows about by now, the international success of the book…definitely has to help, especially for DVD sales." That's the whole point, they already have their marketing, in a way:)

  • I really like the "where do you live" poll as well. Question is how you would make it work
    A poll with nations as options would be a bit troublesome with WiC's current polling system, since there are around 200 of them. continents should work, but is a bit rough.

    Anybody have any bright ideas?

  • Poll the nations! I'm interested too.

    Many countries have greater education systems than the U.S. – It's not a rare thing for educated people in Europe or Scandinavia to speak two or three languages. Hell, I know more than a few blokes from the pubs of Ole Britania who speak fluent French. And it seems to me "foreign" youth is generally less apathetic. Today's American college grads don't really frighten me when competing in the job market, put it that way.

    I daresay 99.9% of our posters read the English versions of the ASoIaF books, no matter where they were born.

  • Some of us start with translations, and then read the goodies in the original. It's fun either way. ;)

    HBO is running panels at TCA event. Someone could ask them about AGoT.

  • "continents should work, but is a bit rough."

    Maybe options like:

    United States or Canada
    Latin America
    European Union
    Other European country
    East Asia
    South Asia
    Middle East

  • @yoenit

    They don't show credits or the pictures association in the beginning in the Netherlands. Wow, I guess laws from various countries can range pretty wide, didn't know that.


    I think you could parse info from google analytics to create a table or just copy and past a sample over a week long period to show the diversity the website has, or a poll :)

  • Well dang. I see we have a new thread Yay! I don't know if this factors in anywhere but I will say that I found an Ebay store that sold box sets at very low prices. I was so excited that I bought 3 different box sets. When they arrived here (western US), I put them in my DVD player, and it said I didn't have "sufficent permissision". I was floored. I mean hey! I'm the mama and I say I have permission. What it turned out to be was that the box sets were all from the UK and had a code or something on the disk so it wouldn't play in my player. Two of them happened to be HBO sets (Sopranos S6 part 2 and Sex in the City S1). One was Prison Break S1. I had never considered that the box sets may have this sort of "lock" that was exclusive to the country of origin. Do you ever run across this issue in the UK?

  • @about yea high

    Many countries have greater education systems than the U.S. – It's not a rare thing for educated people in Europe or Scandinavia to speak two or three languages. Hell, I know more than a few blokes from the pubs of Ole Britania who speak fluent French. And it seems to me "foreign" youth is generally less apathetic. Today's American college grads don't really frighten me when competing in the job market, put it that way.

    Actually a large portion of Americans speak spanish also. Plus the populations of most English speaking nations aren't as linguistically diverse because most other nations especially in europe use english as a medium. For example it's a lot easier to find someone in chine who speaks english then say sweedish.

    You should be careful about tossing around nationalism in such a manner, it can turn into something ugly fast.

  • @Jaimee

    "Well dang. I see we have a new thread Yay! I don't know if this factors in anywhere but I will say that I found an Ebay store that sold box sets at very low prices. I was so excited that I bought 3 different box sets. When they arrived here (western US), I put them in my DVD player, and it said I didn't have "sufficent permissision". I was floored. I mean hey! I'm the mama and I say I have permission. What it turned out to be was that the box sets were all from the UK and had a code or something on the disk so it wouldn't play in my player. Two of them happened to be HBO sets (Sopranos S6 part 2 and Sex in the City S1). One was Prison Break S1. I had never considered that the box sets may have this sort of "lock" that was exclusive to the country of origin. Do you ever run across this issue in the UK?"

    DVD's are locked by region based off of a bios setting in the players firmware.Some DVD drives for PC's can be set to ignore region protection or reset. So you could probably use software to rip the DVD's then burn them back to disk to play on your set top DVD player.

    P.S.- I meant China not chine on my last post

  • @Rer:

    I don't see any nationalism in ABH's post. There's no indication whatsoever of what country ABH is from, let alone violently nationalistic support of that country. As an American citizen and resident, what I see is that most Spanish-speaking fellow residents either come from Spanish-speaking backgrounds, or are just taking it for school (and usually don't retain much after graduating).

  • Winter,

    Have you thought about moving off of blogspot and creating your own site dedicated to the series? Perhaps something like Get some advertising up. There's plenty of GRRM paraphernalia to be hawked. I'm totally serious.

  • @Sergio:

    What are the benefits of moving off blogspot? I mean, he doesn't need much to run the service he currently does, so why spend extra money and worry about advertising when this works as well as it does?

  • Was referring more to the education comment, would rather not get into anyone's opinions about education levels of people from the states or even worse, the "Americans are ignorant" or the "Ugly American" debate. Sounded like he might be on the verge of going there and I would rather not get into that age old discussion. If you weren't then sorry, either way can we not talk about that junk.

  • Interesting article here:

    It talks about the renewal of HUNG, TRUE BLOOD and ENTOURAGE (for their 2nd, 3rd and 7th seasons respectively). It also confirms that THE PACIFIC (aka BAND OF BROTHERS II) will air in March 2010 and will lead in to the first season of TREME. They also seem to be talking about BOARDWALK EMPIRE as a 2010 air-date project. Interestingly, there was no mention of GAME OF THRONES at all.

    That suggests to me that TREME and BOARDWALK EMPIRE are seen by HBO as 2010 projects and maybe GoT is a 2011 one (or at least a late 2010 one)? So rather than GoT being at a disadvantage for being made after those two pilots, it could be at an advantage for coming ahead of the other pilots HBO will shoot in early 2010 for the 2011 season?

  • I'm really looking forward to "The Pacific". On the same note, I would love to see something similar to "Band of Brothers" concerning the eastern front where most of the fighting was done in WW2 or even something on Burma or anything not as well covered in film adaptations of the war.

  • the site looks great and is handy so why change it?


    Because WiC finds himself at the head of the fan community for the TV series. There's a real opportunity for him, if he's willing to do the work. He's doing all this for nothing, when he could be making money off of it.

  • here's the trailer for "Warhorse" with Kit…..


    Didn't see the link posted so I thought I would share. If it was already posted, sorry I didn't see it.

  • @SergioCQH

    I see your point and don't have anything against it. I usually see things from my perspective which is more GNU FDL in nature so I probably have a hard time seeing "exactly" eye for eye with yah though, not that you're wrong or anything.

  • Boardwalk empire pilot starting filming begin of june, so thats two months ago. I dunno how long it takes but I guess it is almost done already.

    GoT is still 2 months till shooting, 4 months till it is at the same stage Boardwalk is in now.

    It's simply not far enough in the pipeline for HBO dudes to talk about picking it up or not in interviews.

    @Rer, There seems to be a lack of good TV/film about the eastern front in WW2 around indeed. The only one I can remember (enemy at the gates) is about as inaccurate as you can get.

  • Also I don't see it as WiC "doing it for nothing", I think WiC is more about sharing ideas and spreading the word about a passion for GRRM's work, of course WiC could answer for his own intentions better.

  • @ Yoenit

    Absolutely. I would love for something inspired by accuracy and it's truly a shame that the action inspired movies of WW2 are centered around the western nations involvement in the war when the east did the majority of the fighting and dieing. Hell I would like to see anything not a-typical, maybe something about the 8,000 Sweedish who volunteered to help the Fins fight the Soviets or an accurate account of the soviet soldiers life on the eastern front? I mean come on the vast bulk of the war was fought on the eastern front, not the western. Not to diminish anyone's sacrifices, to include both my grandfathers.

  • @Stage vs Film
    Ok so here's my 2 cents. I started taking Drama in 7th grade and continued to take it through HS, then did some local productions & dinner theatre. One of THE most difficult things about doing live performances was the distractions in the audience, which in some venues was only a few feet away from the stage. People that sleep through theatre have front row tickets 9 times out of 10 so occasionally you would get a snorer who would occasionally get a loud smack from his wife. Now THAT is some FUNNY shit, but as the entertainment of the evening, you must stay in character. The show must go on despite what happens around the show. Actors MUST be disciplined to stay in that character, deliver those lines, remember that blocking, be aware of the set, be aware of fellow actors AND still play to your audience. There is so much going on around you but you have to just be perfect anyway because there are no retakes. If your character is happy and the guy in the front row takes a cell phone call and then ducks his way out of the theatre, you may be boiling inside but that smile better still be on your face. If you are walking across the stage and (God Forbid..) you trip and fall and take down half the set on your way down, you MUST improvise(and yes I did…not one of my shiniest moments.) A stage actor has so much pressure to do an exemplary job every time he or she walks out to perform because there are no retakes. there is no one running around saying "quiet on the set please" and a lot of people are oblivious to how distracting they can be. People that bring babies to the theatre, people who go to catch up with friends who don't realize that the theatre is made to carry sound and they are not being as quiet as they think they are. Husbands that sit there with thier arms folded GLARING at you because their wife made them come. These all factor in but if you are worth your salt at all you don't let them affect your performance. It is a bit of a challenge to tone it down but that is nothing compared to the lady that thought some culture is what the family needed so she brings her 18 month old (cries intermittently, her 4 year old (who runs back and forth in front of the stage making faces at you) her teenage daughter (who clickity clickity with the texting of every person she knows to talk about "how lame" her parents are) and her husband (who glares at you with his arms folded until his eyes get tired and he falls asleep on the shoulder of a scantily clad female theatre goer and his wife reaches across all 3 children to smack his face right off his face.)THAT is hard. Stage actors are trained to take direction so if the the Director says amp it up or tone it down, you not only comply, you excell or you are out and the understudy who has been bringing you muffins laced with laxative takes your place.You just can't compehend the enormous amount of pressure stage actors must thrive under.It seems to me like it would be a walk in the park to do film after you've done theatre. If you mess up a little, they can reshoot it. If you feel a little sick, you may be able to wrap early. In theatre you have to keep on keepin on no matter what. I don't have film experience but I did compete on a live TV show but even then they had a little bit of play because of the commercial breaks. Jimmie Fowler introduced me, and he kept sayin Jimmy instead of Jaimee and they restarted 3 times. No problem becuase it was taped but live. It was a bit of an adjustment to stay in the frame and watch for the little red lights to indicate which camera was on you and when so you could turn toward them, oh and to stay on my little peice of tape when I did it.There were cameras everywhere and 1 guy in glasses running the technical stuff and I had to imagine the crowd I was singing to instead making eye contact with them directly. Not what I would call easy, but it's a far cry from "snoring man".

  • @Sparq

    "I've always loved thespians doing TV, they usually make great TV/film actors.
    Interestingly, he mentions stopping his play on September 26. Does this mean the start of filming has slipped a month from October, or that they will just shoot scenes without Jon Snow in that period?:

    I agree with yah completely, especially since I feel like Kit has the "Stark" look that would be required of Jon looking more like a stark then the other Stark boys with his dark drawn look. It helps that he has some experience with stage acting also, in my book anyways.

  • @ Yoenit & Rer, have you seen STALINGRAD? It's a German movie about the titular battle. It was made on a limited budget but it's still quite impressive but also unrelentingly grim.

    However, it does illustrate the problem with Eastern Front stories. The feeling, inaccurate or not, is that American audiences aren't interested in shows or movies that don't feature American protagonists. Since the Americans play zero role in the action on the Eastern Front, that makes it a tough sell. Also, the USA and Britain's actions in WWII are generally popularly seen as being fairly noble (or at least well-intentioned), whilst Russia's are much greyer. Tuning in to see your 'heroes' massacring their way across Silesia in the last couple of episodes isn't going to make for happy viewing.

  • Wow that was more like 10 cents sorry. LOL
    @ Rer
    Thank you. Now I can finaly watch the final episode of Sopranos.

  • @Jaimee

    For one sec you scared me, I see the huge wall of text I thought it might be a tirade. I read through it all and feel I've picked up a thing or two I would have never considered about stage actors instead. Well put sir, well put.

  • @Adam Whitehead

    No I haven't seen it, but I will check it out for sure now. I know what yah mean also, I come from a long line in a military family that has stretched back centuries. I exaggerate not when I can say that every generation we can trace as far back as we can has served in the Military and fought in every war the States has been in, to include myself. I had a significant awakening about national propaganda and the complete ignorance of massive public sentiment after serving in both Afghanistan and Bosnia.

    Kinda relates to GRRM in the sense that even a person or affiliation you think is completely evil can be turned upside down with just a little willingness to see things from someone Else's shoes or perspective. Something someone gleaning everything they know about it from the Fox news network would never understand.

  • @Rer
    oh I'LL GIVE YOU A TIRADE! Ok no I won't but just a point of fact I'm a Miss not a mister. I know I have a name usually associated with misters but I am an Amazon Woman. RAWR! If you saw me you wouldn't have thought I was a sir. Although last year for Hallween I went as a woman dressed as a man dressed as a woman. I walked like a guy in heels and when ever a guy went to buy me a drink or ask me to dance I said in my deepest voice "I don't bat for your team buddy…" It was the most fun I've had at the bar for a long time. I know it's confusing because of the name and the fact that I work construction but I also sew and make frilly things. I may be able to rebuild a motor but I can shop with the best of em. I can't help it, I have brothers no sisters. I'm not your typical girl.

  • @jaimee

    Oh GOD NO!!! Don't make me associate Jaimee with hot!! Crap now I have to worry about a sexual identity crisis along with the other sexual dysfunctions I picked up from the books, arg.

  • Hey tall women are gorgeous in my opinion, I actually had a very tall women (who was insanely hot) save my life after a really really bad motorcycle accident. I'm gonna shut-up before I embarrass myself because I've been drinking whiskey ever since you gave me an identity crisis.

  • @Rer
    THAT was ME! No just kidding. I rescued a guy from a burning building utilizing my background in Judo. The wreck was up the road and I had to choose…sorry.

  • @ Anon 9:58
    as long as they pass it on to B&W its OK.

    Jaimee for Cersei in 09!!!!

    Why run for president when you can run for QUEEN of the ANDALS!!!

  • Lol. Nah, I know the woman who saved me, I broke my back, all my ribs, collapsed both my lungs, bruised every organ in my body and separated my sternum when I went off the road. the girl Selena held my my hand and talked to me and kept me conscious until the the ambulance arrived to give me oxygen and CPR and all that stuff.I survived, I guess because she was there I saw her face over and over again and I got lucky and survived the lung infections and coma :) happy story right, well she was tall and strong :). Long story short tall strong women rock, lol.

  • Hey Jaimee just finished watching your video, You did a great job in my opinion, ever seen my fan video?

    The epic of hodor

    My brother narrated the first part and since my voice is deeper I did the "Hodor" part, plus i did the editing of course.

  • @Rer
    You are truly blessed. I'm glad you it through all that so we can harass you on here. :)

  • :) Me too, of course as my "Joes" would have said I'm to much of a "mean son of a bitch to ever die."

  • @Rer

    I also did the editing on mine although in my case it's nothing to brag about….Where the heck were you when I was attempting to edit my video?

  • haha actually this was me while I was still standing. It's a wheelchair these days…


    I'm just glad not to be in the hospital anymore (hasn't been long), of course nurse's are my new heroes.

  • Hey if yah want someone to edit your videos, I'm a PC tech/computer dude for the the company I work for, I run their servers and make programs for them, but I make videos and do a bunch of stuff in after effects as a hobby. If your interested become my friend on facebook, haven't checked my myspace in a year or so, and I could actually make an intro or edit video for yah if yah want, I enjoy that wackiness.

  • @Rer
    HELL YES I need all the help I can get. I wanna do this but I have less than no idea how to get my stuff goin…

  • Yeah while doctors are great and everything, in my 2 months in the ICU I can remember everyone one of my nurses names. They are truly courageous and have to deal with everything from care to sentimental issues. I can only remember the name of the surgeon who saved me and the really cool doctor I had during rehab. Those nurses though where awesome, some are tough and some are comforting (I can remember all of their names, will never forget them, hey I was popular in the ICU, My dad says it has something to do with my optimism and the fact that they like anyone who survives when they should have died since they see so much death in the ICU), but they are all hard working and receive little or no thanks for things they do everyday. I thought they where bad asses in a way and I could have never expected or guessed.

    I say we get back to something that pisses me off , I'm much better at being pissed then thinking about tall hot women and nurses.

  • Oh yeah, add me as a friend in facebook and I'll contact yah there, I'm always on the look out for more after effects work and I wont post anything myself and just mail back and forth stuff I work on according to your secs and let you post what you want. I do a ton of other stuff for some of the guys at work who do independent stuff also, working at a independent newsgroup, that's how it is there :)

  • @anon

    OK Time for another top 10 cool kids list.
    #1 WIC
    #2 Anonymous
    #3 Anonymous
    #4 Anonymous
    #5 Anonymous
    #6 Anonymous
    #7 Anonymous
    #8 Anonymous
    #9 Anonymous
    #10 Anonymous

  • <— chatty, sorry folks.

    I think Kathy would be great except for her age she's probably to old for the role. She's a great actress though.

  • @ anon
    Oh Stop. It is a social site after all. we are all serious GRRM fans even though we digress…
    But I will attempt to stay on the subject from now on. Just for you.

  • @Rer
    That was 'sposed to be a joke. Ok so it wasn't funny. I just wanted to get some heated debates goin. Heated debates are my favorite.

  • OMG Jaimee and Rer. I saw all these new comments and got excited. I mistook your flirting for some epic debate, and wasted a ciggerette in preperation for reading.

  • @ Ser
    Shit sorry. I too hope for an epic debate.

    Ok Here's one. Burger King or Yack in the Box?

    gotta pass the time somehow…

  • Catching up with u guys ….

    in regards to the actors reading the books … My question is do you want them to read the books? …. Meaning do you think that reading the books will enhance their proformance or by just going with the screenplay and giving us their own interpretation without any help from the books ….

    @ Dizzy

    I agree with, maybe its the way i'm interpreiting it but sounds like HBO picked it up already …but then it could be me

    @ Sergio

    though I agree with you regarding WiC being the go to site and he could be making some money … can't he just do it for the love of …. just my opinion and opinions are like A-holes, everyone has one, LOL, but not everything is about money, Right??

    and about the poll …. cities is best and not countrys or continents

  • He seems like a good choice. Interacting with a imaginary horse should be good training to interact with a animatronics/cgi/real wolf.

  • Re: Countries. Google Analytics provides all that data. In the last month the top ten countries by site visits were:

    1. United States
    2. United Kingdom
    3. Canada
    4. Spain
    5. Germany
    6. Australia
    7. Sweden
    8. Netherlands
    9. France
    10. Norway

    Top ten cities:

    1. New York
    2. London
    3. Madrid
    4. San Francisco
    5. Barcelona
    6. Washington
    7. Chicago
    8. Sydney
    9. Philadelphia
    10. Seattle

    Since the site began I've gotten visits from 160 countries! So this thing is definitely global.

  • 160? Damn, thats a lot. The total number of UN member states is only 192 and there are 4 or 5 other countries who are not part of the UN.

  • @Rer: So, you are that fan mentioned at Not a Blog for Hodor video…Hahahaha…And, finally, some news-interview! XD

    @Winter: Do you know how many people came here?

  • Ravena: In the past month the site has had 133,000 hits from 37,800 unique visitors.

  • Wow, WiC, good job, congratulations. I hope we receive some news soon, like, say, female roles…I'm dying here:)

  • Can any of the Swedes here tell me if Swedish actress Lina Leandersson speaks English. I can't find any info on that…

  • hits or page views? hits include everything, background image, images, etc. All your images are stored at Google. On this page, there are 9 hittable resources: an image of an actor, dinklage, beans, rss, facebook, and tweets, plus background image and the WIC logo at the top, you are counting 9 hits per page views at least. So 133000 hits = 14000 page views. The front page has about 15 hittable resources. Even if other pages don't have 9 hittable resources per page, a lot of unique visitors then would appear to be web crawlers and robots.

    Don't go blowing up the internet bubble again. ;)

  • @LadyNYC
    All the actors should be required to read all the books prior to filming. There is just way too much going on to not know all the intricacies involved in each characters motivations and intentions to not know and try to portray the character. Imagine trying to tell Jaime’s history, character and all the crap he has dealt with in his life to an actor who has never read about him. These actors will have to read the books otherwise I really think their characters will not have the required depth needed to make this show believable.

  • 14000 page views or so for the past month is a great achievement I have to say, for a series that isn't even piloted yet. Cheers

  • wow, that's nice, i guess. I bet that if HBO guys have seen this blog, they will be much more interested in bringing series to life.

  • I'm fairly sure she just speaks swedish. Borne in 1995, in sweden, why would she speak english like a native then? Even if her parents are from brittain I doubt she speaks english well enough.

    Just saw her movie, she is excellent, and looks the part of Arya.

    Scandinavia well represented. Not a great thing, we dont have HBO, and I swear on my life, nobody downloads tv-series more than us. You can be sure that all off us will get it by illegal ways the day after it shows in the us. Tho should add, most will buy it later. Might be too late then tho.

  • Anon: Google Analytics says 133,000 "visits" and 262,000 "pageviews." Not sure which of those would be considered the kind of hits that you are describing.

  • Lol, The Pirate Bay shows us just what Scandanavians think about downnloading, hahaha.

    Have to admit that if it's shown in the US before the UK, even by one day, I'll be joining our Viking buddies in the download que

  • @ Burke

    I mean… the difference between a good actor and a bad one doesn't start and end with reading the books to understand the character better, but I would assume it is part of the process for some actors. Reading the book would help some, but also sometimes it's nice to only know your character's background and not know its future. the foreknowledge of one's death for example, might change how one acts it out. Some actors like that, others don't.

    I think it's silly to make the books mandatory reading for all actors. Actors have their jobs, and they'll do it to their own abilities and preferences. We can only hope they are good actors. :)

  • I think that instead of having to read the books, they should at least be consulted about how the character evolves, as in with Jaime's "whole picture" so that they can understand more than what's written in 10 pages of script about the character. And most likely they will be consulted in that way, by many people involved in the production: director, maybe even GRRM himself.

  • …was just thinking that in television and film, as opposed to stage, the actor only needs to know what's going to happen in the next few minutes to his character.

  • If I was a professional actor, I'd read the script, then the book. This would give me and idea of what the producers wanted, but also an idea of what the fans would want and that would then give me an idea of how I, as an actor, would want to portray the character.

    What I, personally, wouldn't want to do is become a huge fan of the books and then see my character be different from what I, as the actor and now fan, would want and not be able to change it.

    This made sense when I started typing and then I stopped to reply to a text message and I think it lost the point I actually wanted to make, lol!

  • If you read the book as an actor of one of the characters, you would get to know all of the characters motives and thoughts for his actions. This would totally help in building the right personality for the series. What sometimes remains hidden in the script, can become real on tv just by looking a something diferently. This is all gained just by reading the books. And as I recall Ian McKellen read the books of Lord of the Rings and he sometimes even changed his lines (with autorisation ofcourse) just because he would want to feel the right vibe of the book . Therefore I think it's a plus if the characters read the book. Just to make sure the whole atmosphere of the book is going to be transferred to the series.

  • The actor's job is to deliver some lines and feeling.

    The atmosphere, etc, can be taken care of by crew, designers and artists, director, cinematographer. Without them, movies would look like casting audition tapes. This is the vision of a director and writers, in which actors contribute lines and feeling as they are told to.

    The character isn't necessarily meant to know every nuance of the story and other characters motives.. that could lead to overacting, and is mostly just not useful during the performance.

    The mandatory book reading "idea" doesn't consider the big picture. I think the idea has lived on WiC as far as it has (for a whole day) because people on this board think the actors are going to not care about the roles they are in… or because they are not considering how many people are involved and how the influences and hierarchy go around.

    But if it lives on here. I'll say that the Gaffer and Best Boy better read those books or I'll not watch the show.

  • Anon: Google Analytics says 133,000 "visits" and 262,000 "pageviews." Not sure which of those would be considered the kind of hits that you are describing.

    Hits and visits (or sessions) and page views are three different things. Very important in interactive marketing, or I should say very important when money is being transfered based on these numbers.

  • A lot of actors only ever read their own lines in a script. They deliberately avoid the lines of their fellow actors so that they can be surprised when doing the scene and react more realistically.

    Julianne Moore once said she's pretty much never read a whole script before doing a movie, just the lines of her own character. It's part of her method and I guess for her, to be focused on any other aspect of the story or what other characters are doing, would get in the way of her being true to her character.

  • Seems to me that you can't really learn lines like that. How would you know what your ques were?

  • @ WIC
    WOW! DAmn! That is surely something to be proud of. I was surprised that my city isn't on there, after all, about 55,000 of those hits are me. JK My lil mountain town does not make many lists LOL. But I will say you have one hell of a loyal following from these Rocky Mountains.


    Couldn't have said it better myself. When I tell someone that they need to read these books, I tell them tht the character development is absolutely exquisitly exucuted and the world within the book is vast yet intricately interconnected. I try my best to explain it but without fail people come back and say WOW and then try to put into words. An overview description just cannot do these books justice.

  • Hello my fellows,

    I am… I am…. LINE!

    ..I am TV Actor, and I have come to let you know that in my work, I don't read the script in advance. This is my preferred Method Acting style. I like to speak… speak… LINE!

    I like to speak each line only seconds after reading them off the page. before I can think about it, as so to have a pure reaction to not only what others will say, I am saying as well.

    This is the beauty thing about TV acting. It does result in some…. some…. LINE!

    …Some interesting results. I get into character just as fast as I get out of it. The only trouble is I often forget or am unawares of the lines, so I must shout… I must shout….


  • @ TV Actor
    AH I SEEEEEEeeeeee…. I can see how that would lend credibility to your reactions. Thanks for giving us your POV.
    BuT I wonder if you were to do a show based on a book…would you be against reading the book before you did the movie?

  • pity this busy monster, manunkind

    not. @Jaimee I am doing a show focused on a TV Actor
    That uses a blog
    that one day

    ventures to gawk about actors reading

    a book
    as preparation for acting. Remember.

    I am not a TV Actor. I just play one on TV. Therefore my lines are forged in my mind, and I would never actually shout LINE at my job or would get fired plenty and often.

  • The question of whether or not the actors should read the books or not brought up some interesting points.

    I was curious, and maybe someone here may know the answer, how much preparation an actor will actually put into filming a show. Does someone like Sean Bean just show up on set and memorize his lines before he films a particular scene, and let the director tell him how to act and where to stand, etc? Or will he spend a lot of time before hand developing his character and memorizing lines and practicing and all of that?

  • This blog format suffices for now. But when this show becomes a series, and let us all cross our fingers, then a blog format won't be enough to provide all the content of a leading fansite. I think it's better if WiC makes the move now, so something like "" would be ready for when the shit hits the fan.

  • @ gurthang
    If you read the book as an actor of one of the characters, you would get to know all of the characters motives and thoughts for his actions. This would totally help in building the right personality for the series.

    That's what director is for ;]

  • I think all of us would like the actors to be huge fans of the material, but that's just because we're fans and we think the whole population of Earth should be fans of ASoIaF. It's not necessary for the actors themselves.

    Personally, I can't imagine getting such a huge role like Kit Harington has got and not want to know everything there is to know about the character. But that's just me. Maybe Kit doesn't even know how big Jon's role is.

  • A) First of all, I wanted to say a big THANK YOU to Winter is Coming for his great work. I check this site every day – and I think I've forgotten to say how much I appriciate the work you've put into it. So… Thank you very much!

    B)Wanted to chime in on the "What country are you from?" and the "Does the rest of the world know of HBO?" I'm from Denmark and work in a bookshop, so I know for a fact that GRR Martin is very popular among Danish fantasy-readers – ASoIaF sells really, really well. And I try my best to convert every reader I meet :) Second – we don't get HBO in Denmark – but we do get the shows. So a lot of people know /of/ HBO – they just might not know HBO, if that makes sense?

    Love the clever/insigtful comments from everyone here, btw! :)


  • Well, since a lot of people have read the books all over the world, it may be possible some of the actors have long read the books. It's not as if they had been only available to a secret society (i.e. us) until now.

    In the end it doesn't matter at all for an actor if he has read the book at all.
    The effect is important.
    In the end, there's never more to a film than what we see, there's no action taking place which the audience cannot see, the existence of "something" behind the scene is pure imagination and so, if for example Ned Stark looks questioningly at Cat, all that actually has to happen is Sean Bean looking questioningly at his counterpart. He could do the same in Emergency Room or in Sesame Street.

    "There seems to be a lack of good TV/film about the eastern front in WW2 around indeed."

    "Yoenit & Rer, have you seen STALINGRAD? It's a German movie about the titular battle. It was made on a limited budget but it's still quite impressive but also unrelentingly grim."

    @ Adam Whitehead:

    I strongly disagree with your recommendation. 'Stalingrad' (1993) is neither an "impressive" nor an "unrelentingly grim" film, but, to the contrary, a shallow scam: A producer's sorry attempt to repeat past success (ie 'Das Boot', 1981/1985). 'Stalingrad' desperately tries to be anti-war, but in the end succeeds only in playing down the war's barbarism, ideological background and historical ramifications. Lacking a coherent storyline as well as believable characters, the film ranks with the rest of failed attempts to depict the Eastern Front in an artistically sound way (which holds for most Soviet propaganda films, too). Even 'Hunde, wollt ihr ewig leben?' (1959) (English: 'Stalingrad – Dogs, do you want to live forever?') occasionally succumbs to kitsch and disorientation, thus falling short of becoming exemplary. The same is true of Sam Peckinpah's 'Cross of Iron' (1977), with its cheap anti-officer sentiment and simplistic characterisation of the likeable Landser in a bleak adventure.
    Anyway, to expect that a film could give an "accurate account" (to quote Rer) of the war between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union, seems naive to me – at best. A film like 'Come and See' (1985) is probably more appropriate an attempt than any high-budget drama with action, extras and heavy machinery…

    Furthermore, I find your sentiment about the Red Army (although masked as a 'popular' view) rather odd. To describe the advance through "Silesia" as "massacring", while it was there that Russian soldiers liberated Auschwitz-Birkenau and other KZs, indicates a certain lack (or possibly, an imbalance) of perspective.

    AF (Germany)

  • @AF

    The Red army at the time was by far the most undisciplined and barbarian army in the world. Massacres organized by the German Army were "organized", while the Red Army simply pillaged and raped everything in their way. Raping German women and killing German men was encouraged by high command as a vengeance toward German atrocities in Russia. Actually, not only east Germany suffered from Russian atrocities, but also the formerly occupied German territories (Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, baltic countries). They did free the prisoners in many concentration camps but that certainly doesn't erase the atrocities they commited before and after the war (for example, the intentional starving of millions of Ukrainian).

  • What about vegemite? How's everybody feel about Vegemite? I think it's great on ritz crackers.

  • Not to sound like an ass, but if this kind of off-topic rambling continues on the tail end of every post, it'll seriously dilute actual on-topic conversation.

    At some point it'll piss enough people off that we end up losing those interesting or insightful posts that we all like.

    Perhaps WiC can make an catch-all off-topic blog entry where you lot can have your 'discussions'?

  • OT, but what the hell?

    "Furthermore, I find your sentiment about the Red Army (although masked as a 'popular' view) rather odd. To describe the advance through "Silesia" as "massacring", while it was there that Russian soldiers liberated Auschwitz-Birkenau and other KZs, indicates a certain lack (or possibly, an imbalance) of perspective."

    The atrocities that the Red Army committed in their invasion of Eastern Europe are extremely well-documented and pretty inarguable, for all that some claim they were 'justified' by the far greater deaths unleashed by the Germans in Russia.

    There is no real moral high ground at all in the latter stages of the war between Russia and Germany. It was pure vengeance by the Russian soldiers who felt that the German civilians in Eastern Germany and their allied states (Romana, Bulgaria etc) deserved the rape, looting and massacres unleashed upon them.

    WiC, have you considered adding a forum to the site? It might be a better place for these OT discussions to take place ;-)

  • Nice to see Spain as #4 on that list, as the second European country. Barcelona on #5 is probably me checking the site 20 times a day xDD

    Great job with the blog, keep it up!

  • WiC, this has to became site (with gallery of actors and your biography :) and that sort of things). Fingers crossed for that to happen.

  • OT

    "The Red army at the time was by far the most undisciplined and barbarian army in the world. Massacres organized by the German Army were "organized", while the Red Army simply pillaged and raped everything in their way."

    @ Anonymous:

    Yes, of course! And that is why general comparisons (let alone moral equalisations) of German and Soviet warfare on the Eastern Front are unjustifiable. The Red Army did not follow a prefabricated plan of extermination. Russian soldiers did pillage, rape, murder and commit other war crimes (against refugees or POWs, for example) during the conquest of Nazi Germany and insofar, except in scale, did nothing uncommon in modern warfare (regardless of whether officers tolerated their behaviour). Nobody denies that all this was reprehensible.
    But in marked contrast to such acts, the German forces (and not just Einsatzgruppen and Waffen-SS divisions) waged an unrelenting, unlawful Vernichtungskrieg against the Russian people and that war (with all its deliberate crimes) was in itself a criminal act of singular scale and barbarism.

    "There is no real moral high ground at all in the latter stages of the war between Russia and Germany."

    @ Adam Whitehead:

    With all respect, I find that assertion disgusting and have to repeat myself: The "moral highground" (if something like that exists in war at all) is occupied by the people which was severely attacked and subsequently threatened in its very existence. The Soviet Union suffered about 24 Million deaths, more than half of them being civilians. To equate the wanton (and, of course, despicable) atrocities of the Red Army (even the unlawful orders) with Nazi Germany's deliberately executed warfare of extermination is wholly absurd.

    But these notions – no offence intended – seem to be quite common in the UK and USA, where many people (even some historians) have a rather peculiar perspective towards the war between Germany and the Soviet Union…

  • Actually, the, latest studies show that the Russian death toll much more likely exceeds 30 million deaths. However, to say that justifies the Russian slaughter of over 1 million German civilians is really not right. Germany attacked Russia and it was well within Russia's right to respond, just as Finland was well within its rights to respond to Russia's unprovoked invasion a year earlier. What the Germans did was despicable and disgusting, but the number of deaths Stalin inflicted on his own people and on the people of other countries should not be written off on that basis.

    Anyway, getting back ON-TOPIC, this casting side for Dany appeared over on IMDB:

    "[DAENERYS] 18 (must be able to play younger), is an exiled princess, the daughter of the deceased King Aerys who was overthrown by King Robert many years before. She has spent her entire life in hiding with her brother Viserys, far away from Westeros on the Great Eastern Continent. She is exceptionally beautiful, but no one has ever told her that – her brother's cruelty and intimidation have made her fearful and awkward in her own skin. Still, Daenerys is a survivor who is destined to overcome her constraints and fight to reclaim the throne her family lost. Must be British or be able to do impeccable British accent. 9 Episodes. Entire series."

  • What the hell is with all this 9 episode crap that's appearing on the casting sides? Parris insists that a season would be 12 episodes long.

  • @SergioCQH –
    I am currently re-reading A Game of Thrones and usually in between the Dany chapters much happens in The Seven Kindgoms.

    For example, in her first chapter Dany is getting married to Drogo, and in her second chapter much time as passed and she finds out she is pregnant. In between these chapters, Ned and family is already established in King's Landing, Arya is taking sword lessons, Jon has been on the wall for quite some time, and Tyrion has spent some time at the wall and is on his way back to Winterfell.

    Given the spacing of her chapters, and the amount of stuff that happens between them, I'm guessing she won't be in each episode…unless they get a little creative and splice her content up.

  • More casting breakdowns:

    Role:ARYA STARK (Female)
    Description:Youngest daughter of Ned Stark, Arya, 11, is a tomboy who hates needlework and dresses and ladylike behavior; she’d much rather be riding, sparring and playing at swords with her brothers. Whip-smart, athletic, and defiant of authority, her closest sibling is her bastard brother Jon Snow. She accompanies her father on his journey to Kings Landing, along with her older sister, Sansa, with whom she does not get along.
    10 Episodes. Entire series.

    Role:BRAN STARK (Male)
    Description:The young son of Ned Stark, Bran, 8, is a thoughtful yet rambunctious boy, full of energy and curiosity, who dreams of being a knight someday. His favorite hobby is to climb up and down the towers of Winterfell.
    7 Episodes. Entire series.

  • @SergioCQH
    "What the hell is with all this 9 episode crap that's appearing on the casting sides? Parris insists that a season would be 12 episodes long."

    No crap here, like Chris said. The casting sides describe the number of episodes for each actor to appear in, within the 12-episode 1st season.

    Still waiting anxiously to see who gets cast as Catelyn, Cersei, Jaime.

  • @ WIC

    Just a thought but could we maybe start "Spoiler thread" where those of us that have read all the books can go and discuss other things about the logistics of executing certain aspects of battle scenes and the like without spoiling it for all the folks (hopefully multitudes :D )who are still reading? I for one could really go for some delving deeper with some speculations on lots of things but I don't want to spoil it for anyone so if there was a warning at the top of that thread that said "WHOA! Hang on, have you finished the books because this is the spoiler thread where we get specific and blah blah blah…" Then we can get a little deeper into some choice subjects…for instance, how friggin awsome would it be to ride a BLEEP into battle! It's big ole BLEEP and the ground BLEEP..see I can't talk about it without possibly ruining it for someone…But like I said, just a thought.
    Does this interest anyone else?

  • I agree with Jaimee that it might be nice to have a place to where we can discuss any and everything without worrying about spoilers…

    That said, it seems like in order to do that there would need to be some type of forum… I don't see that working too well within the blog / comments format. If this site continues to grow, it may be a good idea to have a forum anyways to help organize the topics and conversations.

    That is a whole another issue, and one could argue that there is always the Westeros forums for that.

  • though I agree about a a "SPOILER THREAD" … I don't think that's fair …. on any blog or site you run the risk of spoilers no matter what … and though its nice to be fair for those who haven't read all the books yet, don't punish me if I want to bring something up specifically … not trying to be mean but that's the risk you take …. and yes, I can see myself w/ DRAGO (named not specify) in the battlefield, with my hair loose in the wind… LOL

  • It's not hard to set up a simple forum for the blog. It's not even funny how many terrible people (trolls) that have begun to come here.

    Something should be done. WiC could have a sort of system where people would have to be aprooved to comment. That way only the good regulars could post, and anyone else coming that's not an idiot.

    As to the spoiler thing: people will hit spoilers if they come here. It's that easy. Theres small stuff like where it's noted that an actor would be needed for so and so many seasons that can do it. Or someone forgetting themselves and skip terms like the red wedding and says something more specific.

    Another note about HBO and scandinavia: only the series that makes GREAT ratings gets a season two thats not to far behind US. So that means it will be many, many months before it will (if at all) be aired in scandinavia. Oh it really is too bad that we are so clever and make such a big percentage of GRRM readers.

  • You think this blog gets trolled? Are you new to the internet or something?

    I wonder what test you propose to use to screen these alleged "idiots" you speak of–perhaps a spelling test to prevent those who write things like "aprooved" from posting? Great idea.

    It would be a shame to restrict this forum to people who constitute (in someone's narrow opinion) "regulars"–millions of people love GRRM's books; this is a blog and WiC hopefully will have the good sense to keep this discussion open. I personally enjoy the extraneous stuff, and if you don't, learn to skim, and kindly refer to the forums.

    –a lurker and member of the mob

  • For the people linking to, I have to say I really dislike the general TV series subforum. There is some really good stuff on the other subforums of westeros and has massive casting lists and polls are cool if you are into that stuff (I don't), but the actual discussion about the series doesn't impress me in any way.

    Ofcourse it all depends on how many people are posting there and if the resident blog trolls would join it would no doubt get more lively, but I am unsure whether I want to post on a board where people post things like "pilot should be 2 hour special on robert rebellion" or "what if they don't kill off Ned cause he is popular" and get taken serious

    @Julia, Amen

  • Mr.Martin is attending WorldCon in Montreal this week….I hope someone attending can get a question about casting at him during the Q/A session…and of course DWD progress…I'm not too far from Montreal but can't get time off work…DAMN…hopefully my fellow Canadians attending will badger him for info for me and post the results here…or anyone attending from anywhere of course LOL

  • With all the chat that goes on here maybe a WiC official proboards chat forum might be worth setting up. It's all free and easy and could be linked to from here. On saying that I quite like the small but active an friendly feel we have going on in these blog comments.

    Interesting notes on the ages there being book correct as I was almost sure we'd get some aging for the kids

  • Legion, ages are not correct, you are probably confused with the ages from book 3.

    I don't have the books on hand now, but if I remember correctly Sansa is 11 in the first book,
    Arya 8
    Rickon 3 or 4

    Bran is between Arya and Rickon so he is probably 6 or 7

    Dany should be 15, but the actress playing her has to be 18 for legal reasons obviously.

  • Yeah, I'm thinking ages from the last time it was fully mentioned.

    Either way, still too young imo, needs more aging in places. I know that wouldnt be book correct exactly but it's the one thing i've ever discounted in the books as i just dont see some of the things that go on be as well dealt with by kids that age.

    Y'all can can flame me down now :P

  • GRRM's latest report on ADWD's progress was a couple of weeks back after Q&As in Estonia and Finland. He said his plan is to hand in the book in the autumn and it will be published in February or March 2010 in the UK, with the US following a month or two later.

    Someone asked his editor Anne Groell the same thing at Comic-Con last week and she agreed that that plan is doable. Over 1,000 manuscript pages are completed, handed in, edited and 'locked', and another 200 are in various stages of completion (with the total weighing in at around the same length as A CLASH OF KINGS). GRRM just needs to edit, polish them off and finish a few other bits for the book to be done.

    So the end is in sight. The Feb 2010 date sounds a little optimistic to me, but it does look like we'll have the finished book in less than a year's time. GRRM will hopefully expand on this at WorldCon.

  • I have Game of Thrones in my hot little hand right now.
    quoted from the appendix:
    "-Prince Joffery Heir to the Iron throne, Twelve
    -Princess Myrcella, a girl of eight
    -Prince Tommen, a boy of seven

    -Robb, The heir to Winterfell, Fourteen years of age
    -Sansa, the eldest daughter, eleven
    -Arya, the youngest daughter, a girl of nine
    -Brandon, called Bran, seven
    -Rickon, a boy of three
    -his bastard Jon Snow, a boy of fourteen
    -his ward Theon Greyjoy, heir to the Iron Islands," (no age listed)

  • @yoenit

    …and that's why we're here. That other forum, however, has many other forums where spoilerific conversation is perfectly acceptable, which was the point of the link.

  • @yoenit

    …and that's why we're here. The other forum, however, has plenty of other forums where spoilerific conversation is perfectly acceptable, which is what was being asked for.

  • @Smoldering Hound.

    I don't understand which part of the forum you are referring to. The "A Song of Ice and Fire > Game of Thrones: The Series > General (Series)" subforum makes it pretty clear people should use spoiler tages (though people don't actually do so).

    I don't see any forum where people are supposed to discuss the TV series and "spoilerific conversation is perfectly acceptable".

  • Please don't ask him about Dance, coltraine777, you might make the man stressed. GRRM said it's actually going fine while he was in Estonia and that he hopes to finish it by October, maybe even September. Bugging him about it constantly might just make him sad and hence slow him down.

  • oh, sorry my bad. I was looking at the last post in the previous page. Damn these page-systems! Anyways, thanks Adam Whitehead, that is even more info then I had. A DANCE WITH DRAGONS is close… finally! Yesss!!

  • I predict the next WiC entry will be: GRRM SAYS HE HAS BIG NEWS WHICH HE MIGHT OR MIGHT NOT TELL.

    I mean… what else is going on? There's nothing anyone can do about the lull except raid HBO's file cabinet.

  • Think we're going to get some more pretty big news soon guys… check out George's blog :P He seems to be a wee bit excited about something!

  • Dammit. Now I'm going to have to check this site 3 times an hour instead of just once an hour.

    You'd think after getting hooked on ASoIaF about 6 years ago I would have long since learned the art of patience…

    Damn you, GRRM.

  • Winter, can your source leak to us GRRM's secret? Could it be some of the female cast?

    I'm so desperate I check this blog every half hour:)

  • All I saying is ….. All this for a PILOT!!!! … HBO better turn this into a series or heads will ROLL!!!!!

  • It's probably some major casting news. Major in a sense of another big name/s cast as Lannister/s. it could be an announcement of a whole season pick-up or a TV premiere date, but that's just wishful thinking with no basis in reality …

  • Can't wait to see what that would be. If he is cracking some joke and has nothing, i would probably kill him, and than, i would probably resurrect him, just to make him see what can happen if he jokes about so serious things.

    "Mmmmmmm…major casting neeeewssss…(disgusting salivation)…" – anon, you've just described my reaction :D

  • I think it will be some more casting news. It's possible HBO have decided to pick up the series already but I consider that exceedingly extremely unlikely before they've even seen an inch of film.

    Scott Lynch's reaction to the news in that thread was superb :-)

  • This is how desperate I am to figure out what the news is.

    I'm sitting here thinking how weirdly the blog post is set out, and am now trying to make anagrams of the first letters of each line. It so far spells "HIYAYWO" or "Hiya YW O". YW = Young Wolf = Robb. God knows what the O is for.

    Or not. Obviously ;)

  • The frog is Mr. Froggy:

    Well, now I know what the hell my dad and uncle were always talking about when they'd bring up this and say "pluck your magic twanger, froggy." I can't believe I didn't make the connection when I first read GRRM's post – but somehow looking at that link made it all come back.

    I have no idea if any of that is a clue, and if so, what kind of clue? Ooooh, frog-faced Janos Slynt has been cast…er, somehow I doubt it.

    Hmmmm, maybe among other things we'll be finding out who is doing the music for the show…"pluck your magic twanger." I don't know, just a thought.

  • Yes clues yessss! My thoughts:
    GrrM says Hiya "kids" then speaks of plunking the magic twanger. When Andy calls for this, Groggy emrerges in a little poof of fire…Dany
    *Spoiler alert*
    emerges from the fire….bigger poof but still from fire…

    (rearrange ANDY=DANY)

    ~pulls out hair

  • I am the Editorial Director of based here in London and I conducted the interview with Kit Harington.

    We plan to do another interview the week he leaves the show and we will ask him more about the new HBO series.

    If you'd like to put a question to Kit about either War Horse, himself or his HBO series (which by the way is going to be filmed in Ireland for the pilot) then email me at: [email protected] and if you join our facebook page: then we'll send out a reminder the day before the interview.

    Thanks in advance,


  • Hey, Sean. It's pretty cool of you to visit here. Well, I for one would like to ask Kit if he has read the book, Game of thrones by George RR Martin, and what does he think of it. Also if he hasn't read it, ask him if he plans to.

  • "DireWolves not Wolves!!"


    I already feel sorry for these actors. They are going to have a lot of pretentious nerds to please…

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    ! I absolutely enjoyed every little bit of it.
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