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Martin’s clues point to Rory McCann casting

By Winter Is Coming on

Martin has posted two separate posts on his Not A Blog that appear to contain two clues for the actor that was cast as the Hound. 1st clue: “Eat your porage and you’ll grow up big and strong.”2nd clue: “The … Continue reading

GRRM updates on casting progress

By Winter Is Coming on

George R. R. Martin in his most recent blog post updated us on the progress of casting the Game of Thrones pilot. His comments seem to confirm that Benioff and Weiss’ tease was indeed about casting. Here is what GRRM … Continue reading

Report on Harington in War Horse

By Winter Is Coming on

A reader recently went to see War Horse staring Kit Harington (aka Jon Snow) and has a report on his acting performance. In addition, she had a chance to speak with Kit after the show and was able to glean … Continue reading

Who let the dogs out?

By Winter Is Coming on

Looks like the Hound has been cast, judging by this short post from Benioff and Weiss over at the Westeros forums. Woof woof. Winter Is Coming: No clues as to who they cast. I don’t know if that is a … Continue reading

HBO insider’s thoughts on project

By Winter Is Coming on

A poster over at the Westeros forums has a report from a producer close to the project. Here is what she has to say regarding the pilot: 1) She really likes the script, and thinks its very promising. 2) *big … Continue reading

Actors names revealed, WiC posters are geniuses

By Winter Is Coming on

We were right. We were 100% correct on our guesses for the five adult roles. It was just announced by The Hollywood Reporter that Jaime, Dany, Theon, Robb, Jorah, Sansa and Arya have all been cast. HBO is filling out … Continue reading

Reaction to the news

By Winter Is Coming on

Martin weighs in with his thoughts on each role and reveals which clues connected to which actors. Basically we nailed all the clues with the exception of the “boney pop singer” which was a reference to the unknown child actor … Continue reading

Have we cracked the code?

By Winter Is Coming on

It seems we are getting very close to solving GRRM’s riddles. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out Tower of the Hand for the excellent summary of the clues and the popular choices so far. In short, this … Continue reading

Martin has some production updates

By Winter Is Coming on

GRRM has updated his Not A Blog with another post. He commiserates with the fans over not having any casting announcement but also confirms that the production office has opened and announces that filming has been pushed back two weeks. … Continue reading

Pilot set to begin production soon

By Winter Is Coming on

In the absence of casting news, I have some other good news to share. It sounds like they are getting very close to beginning production on the pilot. I’ve received word that the production office has been established in Belfast … Continue reading

So to sum up…

By Winter Is Coming on

Wow, where do I start? You guys have been at it for over 4 days now and there doesn’t seem to be a clear consensus on any roles (although there are a couple very solid possibilities). George really is a … Continue reading

More hints, more clues

By Winter Is Coming on

Over at Martin’s Not A Blog, he’s given us some more clues to puzzle over in regards to this recent round of casting. Take a look: I know, I know. Still no announcement from HBO, alas, and I can’t say … Continue reading

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