• This should lead us into a nice little dog hunt as soon as Mr GRRM posts a couple of those tormenting clues. :)

  • I think no clues is a good thing.

    Sandor, 2nd to only Petyr, is one of my favorite characters so I hope they have a good actor for him. Known or not.

  • Vinnie Jones…he even died while trying to shoot a hound in Snatch…I know I'm reaching there LOL

  • I wonder if we'll get clues for this one.

    Casting is winding down. Cersie is the only major part left I believe.

  • Also, I hope they forgo the clues and just jump straight to hard facts. Last week was a nightmare. o_o;

  • Uh-oh … here we go again.

    Still pulling for Dominic West to get a role. I could see him pulling off a good Hound.

  • Bear in mind, NCW is 6'2". So assuming they are remaining faithful to the size of the Clegane brothers, whomever they cast as Sandor would need to be taller than that.

    Of course, they could ignore the fact that the Hound is supposed to be quite tall (his size isn't as crucial to the story as Gregor's) or just use movie magic.

  • Thanks Paul. Didn't know that. Well, hopefully West could still find time in his schedule to terrorize the Stark girls!

    Great picture of him from 300 … just the menacing face I pictured the Hound to have!

  • I still like the suggestion someone had for West as Bronn, too. That might give him some time…

  • Yah, West would make a great Bronn and it might not be so demanding on his time. Him and Dinklage would make a great pair, I bet!

  • It would be brilliant. I can picture them now, pissed drunk, sitting on the hood of their horse cart under a bridge, pounding back bottles of mead and talking about all the wenches they've slept with!

  • dominic west would make a great bronn. i could even see him as littlefinger.

    as far as major roles left to cast… isn't it obvious that rickon is going to be the most valuable man in the realm by the end of the series?



  • @Paul Gude

    "Agreed, DNix7.

    On the speculation train, off of all of Winter's picks I like Kevin Durand.

    That being said, HBO has been great so far. I'm sure I'll like whomever they've chosen."

    I Like Durand as an actor, how tall is he?


    "Ray Stevenson, PLEASE"

    Ray Stevenson would be awesome but with his busy schedule making movies and such, also he has moved out of TV and into the big screen. I think he's a pipe dream.

    P.S.- I can't use the URL/NAME for posting anymore WTF!??!!?

  • Dominic West would be a perfect Petyr.

    Watch 300, he plays essentially the same character

  • Yah, Petyr would suit him too. I just want to see him end up somewhere in this. After his role in The Wire, he should be an HBO lifer.

  • The no anonymous posting is excellent. I posted as 'writer' a couple of times but the troll-attack turned me off. It's good to be able to enjoy the thread again :)


  • Durand would be cool. he's actually a pretty good actor. Vinnie Jones not so much. I like the guy but he's a one trick pony. The Hound will require more range I think.

  • Ray! Ray! Ray! No one would do the role better. I'm a stickler for keeping to the books, but this is one place where I would favor acting ability over physical description.

    btw..there were two woofs. I know I'm reading into it, and he's not in the pilot episode, but ya think maybe they might have Gregor as well?

  • *Goes into hyperventilation*

    I told GRRM a few days ago on his blog the Hound had to be hot. He was surprised but there was a great share of female appreciation.
    Please let there be a sexy albeit terribly terryfying brutally maimed HOUND…. grrrr

    (My problem – I like NCW well enough, but he won't do the "OMG" bit for me)

  • I know everyone loves Ray Stevenson as the Hound, but I just feel he is way too old. He is 45 and looks it. He's older than the actors playing Jaime, Catelyn and Tyrion and of an age with the actors playing Robert and Ned.

    I don't know, it is just too much of a stretch, for me.

  • Nonono, Ray Stevenson CAN'T be the Hound.

    The Hound is like 26 when the book starts.
    The whole Hound drama wouldn't be half as sad as it is, if he weren't such a young gun.

  • @Jenny — I totally agree!!! There's something about the Hound that I find extremely sexy in an absolutely revolting scary way. Do you think Kevin Durand could pull off the scary/sexy thing? I do!!!

  • @PlainJane

    He appeals to the average female. Nothing we can do about it.

    Guys, if you really want the girls to do everything for you, play the doomed soul card.
    A real knickerpuller.

  • Am so far off the Kevin Durand wagon i'm about 2 miles behind on foot.

    Really can't see him as the Hound.

  • Woof, woof!

    WiC, thank you for taking care of the trolls, I hated it so bad!!!! ;) ;) ;)

    Guys, I know who plays the hound! This guy!!!

    OMG I am sooo excited to see him on the screen!!

  • @dunnstock…

    yeah, because you're a guy and you don't feel turned on by him…

    It's as if I suggested Cersei should be Emma Thompson.

  • As much as I liked him on Rome, I concur with WiC: I see Ray Stevenson as too old to the part.
    Not that it bothers me a lot if he's finally the chosen one, but I rather cast someone else.

    I think I would like to be surprised on this one by an almost unknown.

  • Thanks Jenny! Hey Jenny did you ever think about putting more than one fleeting thought in a single post instead of spreading them out into hundreds? That would be a little less…. what's the word.

  • @ Jenny

    Isn't Renly pretty young?

    I always got the idea that he was maybe in his mid twenties?

    Would make Bana a bit old, not that I expect he'd even do it, but yeah.

  • Ray Stevenson has long been my favorite for this role, but having seen the casting choices thus far, I trust them to find the right person. As long as I can still hope beyond hope for Helfer as Cersei, I'm content.

    But… "woof, woof"? Looking at the prior messages I would have guessed that was some response to Brude's suggestion about a Director of Photography.

  • sven I think you're right. though he was pretty good as Duc du Pont Leon, even if that was one fluffy show.

  • @ Davey

    Sorry, that's just the way I am… things just come to my mind in fragments… I wish it were any different.
    I'm more the Chat type of person I believe.

    about Bana as Renly: Well NCW is 39 whereas Jaime is only 30… So Bana could be Renly???

  • how come no one talks about rickon stark? he's my second favorite .. i hope they cast him at around 12

  • Well its like Legion said Bana is just too old. He would have had trouble pulling off early 20's when Black Hawk Down came out and that was filmed nearly 10 years ago.

  • Bana is also too big. He'll have films to make.

    Renly is only a small part, but Bana would likely cost a bomb for like 3 episodes over 2 seasons.

    Renly is more likely to be a random imo

  • Oh gods, please don't let the man be some cutie pie under the latex! Sandor was a child when it happened, his would-be heroic jaw-line wouldn't have even formed yet. He prolly wasn't even shaving. He was nearly killed by his disfigurement, by the time we meet him in the book, the damage has gone far beyond the few square inches of real estate on his face.

    And please, since when have Adonis-like looks had anything to do with dark sexual desires, ladies? If you found the Hound sexually compelling in the book, you'll likely find him just as compelling in the tv show–if he's played well by a gifted actor. I want a gifted actor in the role, I couldn't care less what he looks like off camera! Sheesh!

    The perfect actor for the role, to my mind, is Eddie Marsan. If you've see him once, you'll never forget him. Have any of you seen "Happy Go Lucky?" His character's relationship with the lead in that movie had definite Hound/Sansa overtones! She was a grown woman and the sexual tension was still creepy!

  • @HKCavlier
    I didn't say I wanted the hound to be beautiful.
    But I want him to be, you know, appealing. Not lookwise, but as a figure. Imposing, dark.
    Not just plain disgusting.

  • Catelyn

    What if David & Dan have only made a decision about how to do the direwolves?

    Though I guess a direwolf that goes "woof" would not be particularly awe-inspiring…

    Granted, if the Hound ever said "woof" I think I would laugh myself silly to hear that coming from him.

    I wouldn't be surprised if it's someone we've never heard of.

  • The Hound is one of my favourite characters cos he is one of the few who seems to show a character change and a motivation that is driven almost by morals, mainly by money, but almost by morals. So near and yet so far.

    He's potentially a good guy who has gone tragically wrong because of his bastard brother.

  • HKCavlier, Eddie Marsan is another example of someone who I wouldn't have thought of in a million years but would be great. Too many times (and I fall into this trap as well) someone is suggested because they played a role similar to the character in the past. Likewise, if someone doesn't have a similar credit in the past, it's sometimes hard to see how they would work.

    I can't wait to see who it is.

  • Eddie Marsen looks the part if they don't go for 'hot hound' with scars.

    Only 5'8" though…..

  • Sandor and Cersei are probably the only two roles for which none of the casting choices that I have heard so far have fully clicked. Sure Ray Stevenson and Kevin Durand are ok but they're not dead-on perfect (though I would certainly be happy if Stevenson is cast as any character whatsoever)

    So, basically I'm just waiting to be surprised.

    Regarding age, I don't think it's something fundamental in connection with The Hound. I don't think it matters if looks 25, 30 or 40. IMO It doesn't take anything from the story.

  • I think David Wenham would make a great Petyr.

    I'm so excited to hear who is playing the Hound! He's one of my top five favorite characters! I just don't know who they'll pick…I agree that he's pretty sexy though, as a character.

    I really hope this series does well so there's more than one season because I can't wait to see who gets cast as Jaqen H'ghar.

  • I agree with HKCavalier that the appearance of the actor won't really matter. Especially, when the Hound's most distinguishing feature is a badly burned face.. It's all in how the script and the actor portray him. If they accurately capture the Hound from the books, there's no way he *can't* be sexy ;) And I'm sure he'll be scary, too..

  • @Ryan —

    I'm a huge Charlie Hunnam fan — especially after watching him in Green Street Hooligans. However, he strikes me as a bit "big" for Loras, but maybe I have always just pictured Loras to be slightly feminine?

    Loving the suggestion of James Carden as Samwell Tarly.

  • James Corden as Samwell would piss me off. Guy can do serious; he did so in a show called Fat Friends. I just don't like him, lol.

    Charlie Hunnam looks very different nowadays and is some biker show called Sons of Anarchy. Wouldn't fit Loraas at all anymore. Lee Williams i've not seen since Teacher, but reckon he's too old. Loras needs to be about twenty to pull off the Renly hero worship aspect of their gay relationship.

    I like Tom Hardy for Ramsay, bit rough looking, why not.

    I don't know Laura, but again, age might come into it.

  • I'm still all for Richard Armitage as the Hound. At 38 he might be too old, but he meets the (I mean "my") requirements for the character: He's got this smouldering look, he has a great voice, great scene-presence, and he plays (tormented) evil reeeaally well. And according to imdb he's not too busy right now.

    For Bronn I always pictured Rufus Sewell. He has this "not entirely trustworthy" look, and he's a great actor. He is of course busy with "Pillars of the Earth" but it's "only" a miniseries and Bronn isn't required 'on stage' all the time…

    Last casting suggestion: I want Christopher Eccleston in GoT. Any part – but hopefully a big one so he can continue to grace my screen :) When I read the books, I pictured him as Jorah, but I really like Iain Glen, so what about CE as Stannis? I could buy him as the somewhat selfrighteous would-be ruler who's led astray by the 'beautiful-but-deadly' Melissandre…

    (Eh.. Can anyone tell me how to link in this blog?)

  • CE as Stannis would be awesome. But I doubt he would commit. He's really got that 'type cast' thing – as in he hates the idea that he will be

  • I think Richard Armitage would make a good Bronn, too. He might be too old but I don't think that matters as much with Bronn (since there's no Sansa 'romance'). I definitely agree that he pulls of smouldering very well. And since Robin Hood got the chop, he might have time..

  • @Flower Adams:

    You have to use html code:

    [a href="URL HERE"]Link text[/a]

    *Be sure to replace [] with <> respectively.

  • I think it's really weird how the Hound seems to be really different in the minds of boys and girls.

    Boys all want him to be that killer-machine-superugly-muscle monster, whereas girls want him to be a killer-machine-semi-superugly-semi-muscle-monster.
    I think whoever they chose, one side will be disappointed.

    (If I annoy anybody, please just ignore me)

  • "Boys all want him to be that killer-machine-superugly-muscle monster, whereas girls want him to be a killer-machine-semi-superugly-semi-muscle-monster.
    I think whoever they chose, one side will be disappointed."

    I want him to, just, you know, get his comeuppance :P

  • Comeuppance for what?

    He doesn't do anything bad. If anything he does good things.

    Poor Hound

  • @Silverstar.
    Are you a boy or a girl?
    (I think a girl?)

    Well, I totally love Jaime, but he's sort of SPOILER sexed out at the end of AFFC. It takes out all the sizzling.

  • Mycah wasn't murdered.

    He was punished for hurting the Prince. Granted he didn't do it, but the Hound wasn't to know that. He was just told to do his job.

    If anyone is to blame for Mycah it's Arya. If she had followed protocol and not associated with some street urchin and not allowed said urchin to be near the Prince.

    I blame her. Not Sandor.

  • @jenny

    I think you're right. I've just given up guessing for the hound because everyone has such a strong opinion on what he should look like. At this point, as long as the guy can act I won't be disapointed. It'll be fun to see how they do the scars. Sandor is a great character and deserves someone tht can pull it off.

  • @ Silverstar

    He wanted to provoke Arya into killing him. So he said it… and he SUPERSPOILER died a very ugly death (maybe uncompleted, but still terrible).

  • Lol. I think that's a good point, Jenny. No doubt there's differences in the way we all perceive the characters but the Hound is so multi-faceted that people see him in many ways.

    We all know half of his face is burned, so he's obviously not a looker. But beneath the burns, Sansa seemed to find his angry eyes his least appealing attribute. So I don't think it's unreasonable to assume it's the burns that are ugly, and the man underneath could have been handsome. (Not that it matters, since all we're going to get to see are the burns :P)

  • I haven't heard any feedback about Elmo. Haven't you seen the picture? Obviously you are taking this lightly. Elmo has had years of acting experience. True, he looks a little red, and in many ways he's too young, But he's got the passion, the zest, and by god has he got the fur.

    By the way, I think the chemistry between him and Sophie really work.

    Check out these pictures of Sophie and Elmo side by side.

    I really think Elmo can pull Sandor off. He was fantastic in The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland, and he was born to do this role.

  • Well, there was poor Mycah, chopped in two.

    "I'm Homer Simpson, the most powerful food critic in town, who will never get his
    comeuppance! You hear me? No comeuppance!"

  • @ legion.

    I agree.
    We shouldn't forget Arya killed a stable boy and some other people. Where would her comeuppance be?

  • SuperSuper spoiler…

    He might not even be dead. There seems to be a big following believing he joined the Monastery

  • @ Davey, I screaned loud applause for Elmo, don't blame me, lol, :D, hugs.. ROTFLMAOBOYFCHYFA!!! hihi

  • @ Jenny

    Let us hope it comes soon……….

    (Have I ever mentioned she is my least favourite character?)

  • @ legion


    that's what I meant by uncompleted death. He must have been pretty far gone when the monks picked him up.

  • She's just the one I find so unbelievable as a character. She deals with far to much far to easily. Stark or not, I can't get behind it.

    Anyway, enough Arya bashing from me….for tonight anyway :p

  • @Lesion,

    That is not a super spoiler, it's a guess, even if it happens to be true. the only thing that is a spoiler is that when Arya left him for dead, he was still alive.

  • @Silverstar

    The Hound's definitely done some terrible things. So has Jaime, so has Bronn, so has Arya. My point?

    Nobody in those books is 'good'. That's why we love them. I judge the Hound more on how he strikes me as a person/character, than on any single act he's done. Besides, he got his comeuppance for Mycah already.

  • I like Ser Davos. One of my favourites. Perhaps one of the few actually good guys we've met so far.

    As for watching in Europe……Torrents are your friends as much as they are mine……

  • @Jillian

    I think we were talking POV strictly… otherwise I really couldn't say…

    We should have a SHOUTBOX here.


    rolling.. on teh floor… laughing … my ass off butt on your fucking cushion Harpy chugged her Yoohoo for ace?

  • Ooh. Arya-bashing! Fun fun :D Nahh.. I kid, I kid. I didn't like her much the first time around. Now I appreciate the fact that at least she never simply rolls over and plays victim.

    She's still not my favourite, though and never will be. If she'd chosen a better three for Jaqen to kill, rather than being so consumed with hate I might have liked her. 'Killing' the Hound didn't win her any points, either. I also agree that for the amount she's done at her age.. It's almost as if GRRM is making her a bit too badass.

    But my least favourite is Dany :P

  • Dany is one of my least favourites as well. And Jon.

    Give me the Three Lannisters anyday…

  • Jenny, Thanks! HODOR!

    Guys I really think Elmo is going to be cast for the hound. Since Tickle Me Elmo, he's had a bad rep and he wants to fix it. This owuld be the perfect role for him to get some respect agian.

  • speaking of which I really hope there will be some asian people in this series. I really like them, they are excellent ninja masters.

  • Catelyn

    I still say David Bamber for Varys…he could pull off "simpering" very well! Check him out as Mr. Collins in Pride & Prejudice (with Jennifer Ehle!!), and he was in Rome as well!

  • Guys sometimes I wonder why Arya is named that word in a series called Song of Ice and Fire.

    Aria: an elaborate melody sung solo with accompaniment, as in an opera or oratorio.

    I think Aria will be the last one standing, like in a sort of Battle Royale

  • TEST

    I hate trolls…

    ex-white rabbit gives a hug to everyone here, after all day fighting with google…

  • I would love to see Ray Stevenson as the Hound, if he was an only child. He's a cold-blooded killer yet amazingly gentle with Sansa in private and even with Arya out on the road. Stevenson would be amazing at this dichotomy. I've always figured Gregor to be 5 to 10 years older and I think it would be very unlikely to find anyone in their mid 50s big enough to do the Mountain. I think Sandor's got to be in the mid 20s-30 range for them to pull off the whole family.

    I haven't really seen enough of the other contenders to have an opinion on their acting ability. That's going to be the key on this one.

  • Ooh, I forgot about Brienne. I do like her. She's just a good person.. And while Tyrion and Jaime are awesome and even Cersei entertains – and I've already admitted to not being big on Arya, it's got to be said: I'm House Stark through and through. I just love the values and culture that comes along with them.

  • David Bamber would be an awesome Varys, or, frankly, a slightly younger than book Lord Gyles

  • So probably the Hound is cast…(so far, so good, no tormenting clues given by GRRM)so we have to trust to the magic of Nina Gold to get the part just right,as we wait, idle and twiddle our thumbs, my rational mind tells me.
    Yet my primal reaction to reading "Woof, woof" was a flashback to Donald Suthherland doing (bad) dog imitations in "Kellys heroes"….a fact given here merely as a feeble attempt to derail the guesswork train
    (As my mind ponders the idea of a high fantasy version of "Kellys heroes", well and truly derailed already) '

    The poster formerly known as
    Thoros of Myr

  • I agree. David Bamber would be excellent. Powder him up a bit in that pic, and he's even close to what I'd imagine Varys looks like.

  • Euh, I do not know.

    I think there is no place for Sutherland senior in the pilot, or perhaps Magister Illyrio,in same weird way…

  • I was just throwing it out cos someone asked.

    He could be quite a good Jeor Mormont I think, shove him in some furs to bulk him out.

    Yeah. I'd buy that.

    Finding an old man physically fit for Selmy will be quite hard

  • Replacing my previous post. I think Donald Sutherland is too old for Selmy as it is a fairly physical character. He might make a good Roose Bolton as he is an excellent actor. Can't really imagine he would do it though.

  • The thread back one assumed we were getting a full first series, so, as we have from the start really, I was throwing out any old casting based on that assumed first series we're gonna get

  • Crap! Just when I have a ton of work to get done, my FAVORITE character might be cast…using my willpower not to keep checking the interwebs!

    Casting the Hound is a big deal for me, because if they cast someone who isn't as badass and wonderful as the Hound in my imagination, I'll have a hard time watching the series. So far, so good on the casting of my other favorites–Arya & Tyrion–but the Hound? I'm nervous…give us some clues!

    GRRM was surprised at the Hound love? Seriously?? It's like JKRowling being surprised at the Snape love.

  • @legion, no problem really.
    I thought you ve been talking about the pilot..sorry.

    And for the rest of the GOT – I am the most exciting about the casting Walder Frey, Old bear and Maester Aemon..and somehow I got the feelin that they would going there with bigger
    D. Sutherland is not bad idea at all for Jeor Mormont, old, but yet vital.

  • I'm not seeing the problem with Stevenson as the Hound. Sandor is likely to look much older than he really is.

  • @ the_rabbit

    I am also really interested to see who they get as Lord Frey.

    Someone else suggested they get in Ian Holm as Maester Aemon. I really liked that idea. He's a brilliant character actor.

  • I got two very wilds wishes..Derek Jacobi or Ian Holm for Luwin.
    And Peter O Toole for either Frey, either Aemon, I think he would be brilliant in both roles..heh heh.

    But, i am only dreaming, I know..

  • it surprises me how much some people dislike arya. i guess it is just a product of everybody bringing their own perspective to the books. i think who you like in the book probably says a lot about you. i personally love arya. anybody who eschews needlework for "needlework" is fab in my book. could she have used her three 'deaths' better … sure but no matter how many stable boys she had to kill to save herself and her friends she still is a kid afterall and prone to a lack of strategic thinking. and of course as might be suspected i did not like sansa at all in the beginning tho i dislike her less now that she has stopped being the "damsel in distress" … maybe littlefinger will be a good influence on her.

  • and i want to second (or third or fourth) the suggestion of Eddie Marsan for the Hound. truly inspired idea. he was great as the gruff and socially disfunctional driving instructor in Happy Go Lucky. It is true that he is way to short and lacking physical stature but i think that could be easily remedied with apple boxes and camera angles.

  • Eddie Marsan is too old and utterly lacking the physically intimidating size Sandor is famous for. It makes no sense to cast a short little man then stick him on top of a box when they could cast a tall actor to begin with. It's not like Marsan is famous or exceptionally talented or anything.

    I have to agree with Jenny and register my surprise that people keep making such horrible suggestions for Sandor. If they get Eddie Marsan for Sandor, they might as well get Glenn Close for Cersei.

  • Well thank god the anonymous posting is stopped so the foul mouthed insensitivity is gone and replaced by honest to goodness actual trolling by the likes of Davey.

    Vinnie Jones for the Hound.

  • Errant Venture

    "I'm not seeing the problem with Stevenson as the Hound. Sandor is likely to look much older than he really is."

    20 years older??

  • From Winter's pics I loved Callum Keith Rennie the most.

    HE was pure awesome in Californication and he's a truly amazing actor.

  • @Prome

    You might have something there with Donald Sutherland. When I saw that on Westeros, two things came to mind. The first being that The Hound was cast and the second was Donald's character from Kelly's Heroes. So either one would be great. If it is Mr. Sutherland the only role it could be is Maester Luwin.

  • Okay – so I was bored and I decided to try this 'link' thingy (thanks, Lauren!)
    (Picture first, then credits):

    What about Mary Stockley as Cercei? She's icy blond, can act and is British.

    Tom Hollander as Littlefinger

    And for some of the 'lesser' roles:

    Anna Massey as Olenna Redwyne

    Jones as Margaery

    Stephanie Leonidas as Arienne Martell

    Weeks as Jeyne Westerling

    Trent Ford as the Knight of Flowers

    Campell Moore as Edmure Tully

    Teresa Churcher as Lysa Tully

    Alex Ethel as Bran

  • Yes to the Stephen Campbell Moore as Edmure Tully! Though I have to say I could also see him as Littlefinger. I saw him in History Boys on Broadway and he is a fantastic actor.

  • A couple of interesting pics there Flower.

    I disagree with most of them, but some that we haven't seen before, which is always interesting.

    I think for many of these little roles, we really need to look to English actors. I can't seem them ballooning the costs too much importing Americans or others for smaller roles.

    I live to be corrected though.

  • Non-Anon, you have a point about size. Since there are many talented larger actors, odds are they'll be able to get someone who fits that part of the description without sacrificing the ability to bring some of his more tragic aspects across. That said, I notice the Hound is yet another character that is many different things to all of us. This should be exciting.

  • Legion, these are actually all british actors :) And most of them aren't that well known, so therefore not as costly… (Yes, I watch Miss Marple/Poirot a lot :))

  • Honestly, the casting for Bran worries me most. Finding a (probably) English kid around ten that can pull of the role is going to be tough enough. But I'll trust the casting directors since they've done an excellent job so far.. The problem is a couple of seasons down the line when he'll have grown so much. Though since it hasn't even been picked up for a full season, guess it's foolish to worry about that now :P

    Also – I think D.Sutherland would make an excellent Old Bear.

  • Oops. Sorry. Trent Ford isn't British – but he played a British aristocrat in "Gosford Park" (very small part). Sorry 'bout that, Legion :)

  • @ Flower

    Some interesting new faces. Alex Etel is too old for Bran (14). The Water Horse came out a while ago but at that age he would have been a very good fit. I like Felicity Jones as Jeyne Westerling better. That's a face a teen boy would lose a kingdom for. Trent Ford is certainly hunky enough for Loras. Gotta agree with Blue on Stephen Campbell Moore as Littlefinger. Edmure is brash and young but I don't see him as being that small.

    I will say again that some of the "small" roles (especially if this goes multiple seasons) could land some fairly big names, a la Harry Potter, with people wanting to show they can do something different in a quality production. There is a reason why stars make indie films for next to nothing.

  • Indie films will come with critical acclaim.

    A walk on in a HBO production probably wont.

    I hope they get some biggers names to cameo, but I doubt they will commit to any small but frequent characters.

    On saying that I could imagine a big name cameo'ing as The Queen of Thorns for example, or Renly.

    Of course then we also have to look at what we mean by a big name. Donald Sutherland for example is well known, but he isn't an A-List celebrity.

    Still, I do love thinking about casting!

  • Felicity Jones is the best suggestion I've seen for Margaery yet. I also like the Olenna and Lysa suggestions. Leonidas is perhaps not my vision of Arianne but she could definitely do the defiant, rebellious daughter thing if Mirrormask is anything to go by.

    Hollander strikes me as too obviously villainous-looking for Littlefinger. Campbell Moore looks far more Littlefinger-ish to me. Etel's too old now, as others have pointed out.

  • @legion

    I agree. We aren't going to see A-listers. But some really juicy roles that don't stay around for long **SPOILER** like Sean Bean playing Ned, Renly, Queen of Thorns, the Red Viper, Jeor Mormont **END SPOILER** or aren't seen all that much like Mance Rayder, the Magnar of Thenn, Qhorin Halfhand, Walder Frey could draw in some well known names.

  • To be honest, I think the best Hound would be Gary Cooper. He's got it all. He's the right size, has the right look, and he's a great actor. I think HBO could very easily secure the rights to his image and voice to digitally re-create him as the Hound. In this day and age it wouldn't even be too hard.

    Plus, being dead, he doesn't have any projects coming up.

  • @ gofalcons
    I think I like Felicity Jones as Margaery for the exact reason you suggested her as Jeyne: she looks young, pretty, naive, and I like to think of Margaery as someone who's learned to use that to her advantage. Besides, FJ can look cunning and 'grown-up'

    You're right about Alex Ethel. But I so hope D&D will find another boy as competent as he is. Campell Moore isn't my favorite suggestion either – but David Wenham who was, is sorta out of the question, no? :)

  • @Flower

    That "cunning" picture certainly says Margaery. The second link isn't working here. I wouldn't say that Margaery is naive, though. I think she learned enough from her grandmother to know exactly what she is doing.

  • Pretty nice suggestions there, Flower.

    I love Felicity Jones as Margaery. Best suggestion I've seen so far.

  • Probably not Renly, since he appears in the second episode (or so). The show will need a chance to catch on first.

  • Depends how big the buzz for the Pilot is before and after.

    It's pretty big before, after, if it's any good, I should imagine it will be more

  • @ Flower Adams: Wow, I only know Felicity Jones as Catherine Morland, so it's strange to see her look so cunning. Jones isn't how I imagined Margaery to look like, but I wouldn't mind her if she was. She's a decent actress. I do think it may be possible for D&D to call back one of the two actresses Merchant was up against in the final round to audition for the other roles. George seemed to really like them, and I imagine if they were that talented, D&D and Nina Gold may have felt the same.

  • @ gofalcons – I don't think Margaery is naive either – actually she's pretty savy when it comes to court politics -I only meant that she *looks* naive/malleable; and that that is her strenght :)

    Well, I'm off to bed. Hopefully we'll get some clues/casting info in the morning. Night y'all

  • since when is Sandor supposed to be good looking? I've always pictured the guy as a hideous husk of a man. BTW that's another reason for Ray. I know he's a bit old for the part as WiC suggests but the make up could help blur a few years off of him. At any rate I think an aged up Sandor would make for an even wierder, but possible stronger tension between our Dog and our Little Bird.

  • If the Hound's role has been filled, does this just leave Bran, Cersi, Drogo, and Illyrio as the main roles for the pilot?

  • knowtom: Alex Ethel is fifteen now, isn't he? That's way too old for Bran, who's supposed to be 8 according to the leaked script of the pilot. D&D are looking for at most a ten-year-old boy (preferably an eight-year-old or younger boy who doesn't mind being carried upon someone's shoulders for many seasons and can act the part of a cripple well enough), judging by George's words.

  • "GRRM was surprised at the Hound love? Seriously??"

    Well, the Hound is a child-murderer. For me, the Hound is like Jaime, the fact that he repents his ways later on doesn't change what he has done in the past. I find it quite strange that people often forget that Sandor killed Micah and laughed about it afterwards, and I don't think much he did later on really made up for that (his 'helping' Arya wasn't much help at all really).

    At least Jaime rescued Brienne from the bear pit, which possibly (and highly arguably) makes up for the "Things I do for love,".

    I'm down with Stevenson (the Hound's age really is totally irrelevant to the plot) but Callum Keith Rennie is actually an excellent choice as well.

  • Guys, Donald Sutherland is the worst actor ever mentioned on this board! Congrats! I didn't think you could have done better. He has been in nothing good since The Omen! Secondly the Hound saved Arya from the red wedding with the pretense to sell her off for ransom! The guy has huge bad luck and it comes off like you have to pity him and you see he's just a bitter guy. The kid he killed was a peasant so it's ok, really! No one cares about peasants in Westeros! I'm still rooting for Elmo as the Hound. I'm crossing my fingers!

  • Of all of the suggestions I've seen for Sandor, the only one that made me sit up and say "Oh God, please, yes!" was Callum Kieth Rennie. He'd be perfect.

  • Man. If I would of known that all it takes to get females was some child killing, I would of done it years ago. Thanks for the advice. Sandor rocks!!

  • To understand the character of Sandor Clegane and the female response to him, you need to recall that George was a writer for Beauty and the Beast in the early 90s.

    The Hound is basically a darker, twisted version of Beast. The hound is not a "good guy" — he's vicious and ruthless– but he retains the elements of Beast that make him sympathetic — disfigured, unloved and feared, yet surprisingly vulnerable and affectionate toward a young female. George has even mentioned Ron Perlman -who played Beast on the show- as his idea of a model actor for the Hound.

    THe Beast, of course was intended as romantic character. With Sandor, George may not have intended him to be romantic, but do think its clear he was inspired by beast (he has admitted before that a number of characters and settings are homages). George may have written enough of Beast into the character of Sandor for the romantic elements to emerge, but just not enough to realize quite what he was doing.

  • JRQ, that makes a whole lot of sense to me.

    Another aspect is that there is a real phenomenon of women who love murderers. Shelia Isenberg wrote a book about it:


    Not that the people who "love" Sandor would ever go to that extreme in their own lives, but there may be a shadow of that impulse there.

    To be honest, I also like Sandor as a character, although I don't think I'd ever want to hang out with the guy.

  • In this case, of course, the "safety of prison" would be replaced by the fact that he's a fictional character. In both cases, a complicated, dangerous man who has absolutely no capacity to hurt you.

    Still, JRQ has the better idea, I think. GRRM gave Sandor sympathetic qualities, whether he expressly meant to or not.

  • Why does it bother male fans that many female fans like Sandor? I'm not being snarky, I'd really like to know.

    By the way, I loved Callum Keith Rennie as Leoben on BSG and while he wouldn't be my choice, having him as Sandor would do nothing to lessen my love for Sandor. :)

  • The "sexyness" of the Hound comes up only when interacting with Sansa.

    It's the fantasy of "taming the beast", you know, controlling the power within.
    Like riding a wild horse or driving a race car.

    You wouldn't imagine how many cheap historical romantic novels are based on that same idea.

    It also has a feeling of uniqueness. Only Sansa can touch him. All the others would be killed.

    That's mindblowingly erotic.

  • I think JRQ nailed it. Sandor fits a pretty classic literary archetype that women have found appealing for ages. Not that there's never any correlation to be found, but I'm pretty sure that's a bit different from developing romantic feelings for serial killers.

  • @ J.M Bauhaus

    You find child murders and those that take joy in it appealing? Dam there I was trying to be a nice guy, and all I had to do was murder some children and then laugh about it.

  • @Non-Anon – I loved him as Leoben, too, but it was actually seeing him recently in Harper's Island that convinced me. The man can certainly do menacing.

  • @ J.M. Bauhaus

    Agree. Not the same as loving a real life murderer.
    It's purely fictional.
    "The girl and the werewolf", "the girl and the vampire" "the girl and the demon"…
    Look at what Twilight is doing.
    Honestly, I don't think any woman would really want to be with a stone cold blood sucker. But in a book…

  • JRQ and Jenny nailed it. The Hound is a more grotesque version of every pirate with an eye patch or gunslinger with a scar down his cheek depicted on the cover of a million 'bodice-ripper' romance novels. The man who is an untamed wild beast, perhaps even cruel, but maybe, just maybe if the woman is really special and tender towards him, she'll break through his rough exterior and find the secret heart of gold underneath.

    Women seem to go for that fantasy every time, that's why they like 'bad boys,' it's not that they like that they are bad, they like the fantasy that they can tame them and make them good. Women like to make projects of men and constantly see things in them that often aren't there. Men are the opposite, we go for what we see on the surface, and when women turn out to be more complex, human and…cumbersome (for lack of a better word – all humans are 'cumbersome,' I'm not making a judgment about just women), we get scared off and often seek another who we hope is the person we met on that first date.

    These are gross generalizations, of course, but it's a pattern I've observed time and time again.

  • @Bowler – I spent years in Buffy fandom being told by the Spike haters that daring to think a murderous vampire was hot meant that I am a woman of loose morals and questionable character. I cannot possible be more over that discussion. Find somebody else to bait.

    For the record, I'm married to a very nice guy who has never killed anyone and is equally kind to children, kittens and puppies, and I couldn't be happier.

  • @ Brude

    I can't believe you said it out loud!
    Thanks so much!!!
    You confirmed all my suspicions about what women look for in a woman.

  • For Sandor, I hope they found a creepy unknown actor, like Marlowe was on The Wire.

    His first scene still freaks me out (Marlowe's), when he's swinging his golf club, head band on, telling the block that he's claiming corners, calm as can be.


  • To derail the Sandor love fest for a second, I'm putting in a second vote for Northern Irish actress Laura Donnelly for Margaery Tyrell. She's exactly what I pictured in her: small features, animated, and pretty in an impish yet sexy way…

    Laura Donnelly for Margaery!


  • Thanks to Brude, Jenny, JRQ, and J. M. Bauhaus for their explainations. It's obvious from what you've laid out that feelings about a literary character and someone falling in love with a real life murderer aren't parallels of the same impulse.

    Bowler, I wasn't answering myself, but just adding to the though I already had. There's no way to edit, so a second post was my only recourse.

    And, Ryan, nice. I wouldn't mind Laura Donnelly for Margaery at all.

    Now I'm off to bed. Fingers crossed that there's more news in the morning.

  • "@Silverstar

    The Hound's definitely done some terrible things. So has Jaime, so has Bronn, so has Arya. My point?

    Nobody in those books is 'good'. That's why we love them. I judge the Hound more on how he strikes me as a person/character, than on any single act he's done. Besides, he got his comeuppance for Mycah already."

    That's fine. I'm just explaining why ~I~ have no interest in the Hound, and don't particularly see him as someone who deserves all the praise he gets. I'm not particularly interested in praising Jaime or Bronn either, and I think Arya is becoming really quite scary.

    And yes, I'm female. I always seem to have a very different outlook on these kind of things than the majority of women in the fandom. Never been interested in 'bad boys'.

  • ya ….Arya is awesome….she's been through alot….she's by far my favourite character….so stop picking on her …Margeary is a black widow….though not her fault …looks like she will be getting the last laugh though LOL

  • coltaine777: do we have a steven erickson fan in the house? chain of dogs, the hound and woof woof indeed.

    now Malazan Books Of The Fallen is A. a series i'd like to see on HBO (you girls think the Hound is dangerously sexy … ha ha ha try Quick Ben, Anomander Rake or Karsa Orlong, but I digress) and B. a writer who actually knows how to FINISH A FREAKIN BOOK ALREADY!!!

    Dear GRRM:

    Please take a few notes from Steven Erikson … 5 years between books is ridiculous. Since 2000 you have managed to finish 2 books in your series and Erikson has done 7 (almost 8) in his … and the Malazan books are longer and even more complicated than yours …. get a move on my man …. schnell schnell!

    still love you tho =)

  • not the subject but well, like others has already said…leave martin alone
    I kinda disagree with Erikson's book being more complicated. The intrigues are often 1 book long (only read up to chain of dogs though, french translation has been stopped) with a few longer, when martin everything spans over several books. Martin's character are also more researched, now Erikson's world is sure damn rich, complex and epic, love him too.
    Oh and R. Scott Bakker took around 13 years to write his first book which is much better than second one, so for me Martin can takes as much years he wants as long as he keeps quality up

  • @who is John Galt…yes I am a huge Erikson fan…don't forget Sgt.Helian(she's classic LOL)…Fist Coltaine was far from perfect, but for me he represented honour…committment…sacrifice…so I adopted the name…I admire the character…at one point I wouldve put Erikson at the same level as George…but the last 2 books for me have been disappointing…love Karsa Orlong too !…and yes Mr.Martin please finish the DAMN book…I can't take the wait anymore…

  • Read this somewhere and I thought it was appropriate:

    Women hope that men change, but they don't; men hope that women don't change, but they do.

  • Arya Stark…Tyrion Lannister….Fist Coltaine…Mat Cauthon…Sorry….are among my alltime fav fantasy characters…

  • I am a woman, and personally, I always found the Hound sociopathic and predatorial, and Sansa's sad "attraction" seemed to grow from a mix of her intense grief, a totally skewed adolescent/hormonal thing and a sort of variation of Stockholm syndrome.
    But then- never really went for the bad boy.

  • Another great character and show idea …The Chronicles Of Thomas Convenant…that would be wicked…

  • Notes:

    1) We shouldn't bother speculating on who will play Bran. I'm next to positive that it will be another unknown, like Sansa and Arya.

    2) I've been re-watching Rome recently, and I just can't see Ray Stevenson as the Hound. First, his age is a problem, despite what others have said. Second, he looks too nice. I haven't seen Punisher, but nothing about the work I've seen Ray do makes me think Sandor. If anything, I would have cast him as Robert and put him in a fat suit.

    3) I sincerely doubt whomever they've cast as the Hound will be a large or even semi-well-known name. It will likely be another person on about the same level of stardom as Richard Madden or Harry Lloyd.

    The best person I've seen mentioned on these boards was Richard Armitage. I still like Darren Boyd, but realistically I don't think D&D, HBO or GRRM are taking our "suggestions" seriously.

  • Guys, so many of you keep mentioning that the age of actors is inappropriate. But the books are about middle ages – no healthy food, no sunscreen, no plastic surgery, no creams or botox – many actors these days would look better than their 15-year older prototypes from real history (I'm not talking Westeros right now). After watching 'Public enemies' I've read the history of Dillinger and seen his photos from FBI archives – he at 31 looks older than Johnny Depp at 45. And it was 20s-30s, not XVI or something. Henry the VIII looks 60 on the portrait where he is 45.

    Also, the actors need to portray characters with much more worldly experience – in case of Sandor so much violence that I believe he would look much older than 26. He's also not from aristocratic family despite the title so he probably hadn't inherited any features that might be considered handsome. And though I understand the dark appeal – mostly because he was good to Sansa – she never thought of any of his features as attractive – like several people mentioned Brienne's eyes despite her being ugly and all. So I don't think he has to be hot.

  • @zzarazza,

    I've never been one to suggest that Sandor has to be a hottie, nor even that he should be in his 20's. I do think an actor over 40 would bring too much weight to the part. I don't know how else to express that. Sandor just comes off to me as still having some youthful immaturity.

    But my chief problem with the names suggested so far have less to do with their age and more to do with appropriateness (Vin Diesel, etc.). Not to mention that most of them are well-known enough that they'd likely turn down a role that appears so small, on paper.

    Whoever plays Sandor, I hope they're no older than about 36, or if they are older, I hope they don't look that old. Also, I think those who are still clinging to the dream of Stevenson should wake up before we have another incident like the Tamzin-trolling.

  • I think Sandor should be late 20s/early 30s. He can be considered a sexy character, but his attraction to Sansa is still creepy.

    Stevenson is a great actor but I think he's too old. Durand has the right look, though I don't know anything else about him. Rennie doesn't have the necessary physical presence.

    @invertebrae- Tom Hardy is a great idea, but I can't help thinking he's too good looking for Bolton.

  • The love for the Hound character isn't just about finding him sexy in some beastly way (tho there is a good deal of that, nice to see I'm not the only one), but more importantly, love for such a screwed-up CHARACTER (yes: fictional character, that's essential) who–from one perspective–can be understood as damaged not from his own nature but mostly from what screwed-up things have happened to him in life.

    Possibly, who he is what his brother has made him, and a product of how everyone else has treated him, and we've seen little moments of possible goodness underneath all that mess…which is incredibly fun to root for–the long shot who you sympathize with and root for something good to happen that might make his life a little less of a misery (to himself & others).

    I get the sense that he COULD do genuinely good things before the end, but the fun is the suspense of it–maybe he'll give in to his environment and turn into even more of a monster. But there's that little bit of goodness underneath, and that makes a great character.

  • @ Arya

    I really hope the clue is not referring to Emily Woof as Cersei.
    Giving away the second name wouldn't be much of a clue but rather a spoiler, so I guess your supposition is wrong.
    Anyway, the actress who wiull play Cersei needs to be very hot, with a magnetic look, an astounding beauty, i.e. similar to Rebecca Romijn, while Woof, even if good at acting, is only an average beauty.

  • For all those bashing the Hound as a child killer, the Hound would retort that most of the people who call themselves knights have done the same or worse; that he was a sword, and you don't blame a sword for killing, you blame its user, who in that case was Joffrey.

  • Sandor is a prototypical damaged soul. He masks depression with barbarism, deal with his jealousy through anger, but also the Starks change him, namely Sansa and Arya. There are chinks in his armor and as readers it is endearing and shocking the way GRRM reveals them.

    I wouldn't write him off as a berserker who deserves his comeuppance. Living in the shadow of the mountain that rides, troubled with ugliness (yes this is an important part of his self image) and opressed in the love department, it's clear he lives with punishment every waking breath he takes.

    His fear of fire leads him to abandoning the battlefield, knowingche will need to abandon the little comraderie he had in kings landing to be labeled an exiled coward, another character changing moment. In the end he becomes sort of a tyrant stricken with terminal cancer. In his final days we see his weakness even clearer. But more importantly we see his cold callous heart putting others in front of himself. It is powerful stuff, and if you don't get that from the text, I submit you are not allowing this book into your own heart enough, and bringing too much prejudice to this fictional world.

    It is descriptions of characters like the one I just (clumsily) gave which prove the mastery of GRRM. Think of how intrinsic the characterizations are. Now think of all the characters in the book, and how who they are as individuals essentially shape the plot and history of his world. It is a complicated set of intimate portrayals that manage to reside within one of the more epic series of our tome.

    Perfect for HBO!


    P.S. For those demonizing his actions toward Mycah, keep in mind his nickname and how desperate Sandor was to impress others in order to appear strong and brave (just like his big brother, the loved, feared and respected Ser Gregor). He has next to noone, and so Joffreys praises are quite master/pet like in shape. His character in and of itself should answer the "why" when it comes to the brutish things he has done.

  • His first scene still freaks me out (Marlowe's), when he's swinging his golf club, head band on, telling the block that he's claiming corners, calm as can be.

    Actually, Marlo's first scene is when Bubbles accidentally scratches Marlo's lieutenant's SUV with the shopping cart full of scrap metal. They are going to kill Bubbles for it, then Marlo comes out, cold as ice, and says, "do it or don't, I got places to be." Bubbles' life means absolutely nothing to him at all – it's a freaky scene in its own way, but at that point you have no idea who Marlo is.

  • "For all those bashing the Hound as a child killer, the Hound would retort that most of the people who call themselves knights have done the same or worse; that he was a sword, and you don't blame a sword for killing, you blame its user, who in that case was Joffrey."

    Yup. You can blame him for finding it funny, though. ~That~ wasn't necessary.

    If people love the Hound, that's fine, honestly. I don't understand why he seems to get as much love as he does, but as in all cases, YMMV.

  • I don't really understand the need to base whether you like a character or not on whether they can be considered "good." I enjoy reading about the Hound because he is an interesting character.

    The perfect example, my favorite character in the series is Littlefinger. Yeah he is a slime ball, a perv, out for no one but himself. But it is so damn interesting to read about all his plans and machinations. I just love that stuff. So to me, he is the most fun character to read about and therefore my favorite.

  • I think that whether you find an actress actractive or not matters little in the case of Cersei. She has to be a beauty above standard, the kind you see in magazines. In this case "beautiful enough" is not enough.

  • You don't need to base your like or dislike of a character on any particular reason. All I'm saying is that ~I~ don't particularly find the Hound very interesting, and it's always bemused me that he gets so much love, above and beyond characters who ~to me~ are far more interesting.

    The reason I brought up the Mycah thing was in response to someone's comment about how the Hound has never done anything bad.

    He has.

  • Guys, so much honesty on this board! I love it!

    Paul: To be honest, I also like Sandor as a character, although I don't think I'd ever want to hang out with the guy.

    Jenny: Honestly, I don't think any woman would really want to be with a stone cold blood sucker. But in a book…

    Bauhaus: For the record, I'm married to a very nice guy who has never killed anyone and is equally kind to children, kittens and puppies, and I couldn't be happier.

    Silverstar: If people love the Hound, that's fine, honestly.

    Now it's my turn to be honest!
    Check out this picture while thinking: Only Sansa can touch this Woof Woof. That's super romantic!

  • Silverstar: Got it. That wasn't necessarily directed at you BTW. Just that you happened to bring to my mind that point. :)

  • @Davey

    it wasn't funny the first time around. no point in repeating the same joke (?) so many times.

  • "Silverstar: Got it. That wasn't necessarily directed at you BTW. Just that you happened to bring to my mind that point. :)"


    I've got so used to robustly defending my opinions on characters over on the Westeros boards I have a tendency to jump into the mode right away now. Sorry.

  • And I say again that killing Mycah wasn't bad. He was told to do it by Joffrey/Cersei because of the lie about Mycah hurting Joff. He's the bodyguard, that's his job. Same as Ilyn killing Eddard; it's his job, but is he a bad guy?

    When he laughed he was baiting Arya to try and put him out of his misery.

    I'm not really defending as such, more steering the conversation away from what women want in a bloke, lol

  • Haha. The fact that the Hound can inspire such varied opinions is precisely why I love the character :D JRQ, Jenny – quite a few people at the top of this page – have nailed the attraction to the Hound exactly. A man with so many layers is just incredibly engrossing.

    Back to casting: I understand Ray Stevenson is many people's ideal Hound, but realistically I'm sure it won't happen. Richard Armitage is a good idea, but I'm looking forward to being surprised.

  • @ amir,

    When I look at that picture, my whole body fills with wonderful laughter! I'm sorry you find it so dull!

  • Ryan absolutely nailed the "description" of Sandor. When I first started reading ASOIAF I was appalled by him and found his character to be inhumane and frightening. Yet as the book continued and GRRM allowed for us to see more into Sandor, and my whole idea of him changed. Yes, he is never going to be the knight of flowers. But he doesn't want to be. He is alone, hated, under appreciated and feared. He is FASCINATING. Yes, he brutally murdered Mycah. And when he laughed about it I know I was completely disgusted. But as someone brought up earlier (I think Legion?) it was his job to kill him. Sandor was ordered to track down Mycah and kill him, because that is what happens when you attack the prince (even though we know he didn't). So Mycah dying shouldn't have been a surprise to anyone.

    Anyway, I was one of the original people to express my idea of Sandor being a "sexy" character. Please do not get me wrong, I do not think he should be "sexy" enough that it takes away from the initial introduction of his character as a cruel, disformed, loner. I just think that there is something sexy about a tortured soul like Sandor.

    I also just want to add that I like the suggestion of Callum Keith Rennie a lot, but think that is still a bit too old. My favorite so far is still Kevin Durand.

  • She has to be a beauty above standard, the kind you see in magazines.

    :) More beautiful than Daenerys (TM)? I'm not sure I want to see modern magazine model as Cersei but you're totally free to have your own opinion.

  • If I didn't think it would delay Dance even more, I'd vote for GRRM for Illyrio. Otherwise, I think Richard Griffith would be a great Illyrio.

    I am pleased with the casting so far. The only one I have trouble with is Mark Addy as Robert. He is a fine actor and I have no problem with his looks for the part, just his voice. Reading his lines in the book I just struggle with the typical Addy voice from a Knights Tale and Full Monty. I just picture this booming voice commanding a battle and I haven't seen that out of Addy. I'm hoping he proves me wrong.

  • @Mauberly

    You've nailed why so many of us are unhappy with Tamzin Merchant. She's not that attractive by the standards of the entertainment industry, and yet still all other actresses will have to be less attractive to avoid over-shadowing her. IMO, the casting directors set the bar rather low by casting Merchant as Dany.

  • contextually speaking, dany will be the most beautiful woman in her scenes, by westeros standards. i think it's all relative.

    plus it's amazing what some lavendar contacts and silvery silky hair can do to one's appearance.

    tamzin will do just fine, by the time she makes it to westeros, she'll be all dolled up like royalty.

    oh, and yes, i think our cersei will be "hotter" than our dany, i promise.


  • Flower:

    Huge YES to the ladies you picked for Olenna, Jeyne and Lysa. Exactly how I had them pictured all along. Trent Ford looks interesting, too. Oh yes, he does … :)

  • @Non-Anon If Cersei and Dany ever meet, Cersei will be well past her best (three kids, many troubles), whereas Dany will still be a young woman, so if we saw them on screen together, at that point Dany should probably look more beautiful. However when we first meet the characters, Dany is a nervous teenager whereas Cersei is a confident, self assured woman, so by that alone many might consider Cersei more attractive during the early stages of the story.

    Cersei should be traditionally 'hot', which is not necessarily the same as beautiful. Though she'll be in her late 30s so she shouldn't look too young. Cersei needs to be sexy, Dany needs to be beautiful in an unusual way, they're not the same thing. Ultimately, which one a given person considers more attractive will be down to personal preference.

  • Cersei has to look like Coster Waldau for all I care.

    I still don't know how people go on about Tamzin Merchant not being beautiful enough.

    Nobody was bothered when Natalie Dormer played Anne Boleyn. Everybody screached about how hot she was and she's phyisically no beautiful woman. Less beautiful than Tamzin.
    It was the role that made her beautiful.
    It'll be the same for Dany.

  • Erm, that comment was meant in support of shinyteapot's one. I do agree to Jenny to some extent as well :)

  • Hmmm … inconclusive. What if he's a potential Gregor? Or Hodor? :P we don't know what he was interested in / auditioned for.

  • I think Matthew Willig might be Khal Drogo…
    It said interested.
    He can't to british english I suppose.

  • Matthew Willig – but can he act? I'll be willing to forego my (imagined, true) sexy Hound ("Hot dog?") but only for a great actor. I'll do it reluctantly, sure, but for the right man… :)

    Sorry. Moving on.
    (But it's a valid question, I think. Matthew Willig's credits doesn't make him an ideal candidate for me. For the Mountain though? Sure thing.)

  • Not to insult the guy or anything, but how about Matthew Willig for Hodor, rather than the Hound?

    Not because of too much or too little "hotness" or whatever, but I haven't seen anyone else I could imagine as Hodor. I don't know if he would be as excited to try out for the part, tho, as he seemed to be in that interview bit.

  • Matthew Willig would be a good Hound if he can act. The Hound isn't supposed to be 'sexy', George has even said that he's ugly in the books. I really am clueless to why some people think Sandor is hot.

  • This whole thing about the hotness or non-hotness of Sandor cracks me up.

    I think some of the misunderstanding is because "hot" or "sexy" usually means traditional physical beauty, whereas in the case of Sandor, we find him "hot"–as has been said so well by others–because of who he is, his psychology, etc (the untamed beast archetype, yadda yadda)…that makes him attractive to us, even though George says he's ugly.

    And what's "ugly" mean here anyway? Besides having a face that's half scarred, what, he has a hook nose and a big forehead? Whatev. It's not too difficult for us readers to imagine someone fitting that description who is nevertheless still attractive to us, if we choose to.

  • "Pretty," not "sexy", is the opposite of "ugly." I really couldn't care less whether people find the hound sexy. However, I DO care about whether he's pretty. He'd better not be. The hound is not pretty; he's ugly and scary — that's an integral part of his power as a character. Cast a pretty-boy, and you ruin the character. Simply put, if the hound can't be ugly, scary and sexy all at the same time, then he's not going to be sexy.

  • In the books GRRM describes the Hound as gaunt-faced, heavy-browed, thin haired, with a large hooked nose …. yeah, real handsome.

  • One thing I'm going to have a hard time with is the Hound's voice. I don't think any actor is going to pull off the voice i hear when I read the books, which is very distinctive — sort of like a drunk, pissed-off, chain-smoking Sam Elliot. He growls and barks (appropriately) more than talks.

  • From "Not A Blog:"

    Meanwhile, off across the water, casting continues. The latest auditions I have screened were for "Nameless Eunuch" and "Red-Heared Whore." (Remember, there are no small parts. Red-Headed Whore has a great line). Only one part has been filled since the Secret Seven were announced, but I expect to hear about more castings Real Soon Now.

  • Adam Whitehead has pointed out:

    "The phrase "real soon now" (RSN, often capitalized as "Real Soon Now"), originally used in the science fiction fanzine community, was popularised by Jerry Pournelle's "Chaos Manor" column in BYTE magazine. RSN is described as:

    * supposed to be accomplished real soon now according to somebody, but the speaker is quite skeptical. In this sense, when spoken, the vowel in real is drawn out: "reeeeal soon now".
    * when one's gods, fates, or other time commitments permit one to get to it (in other words, don't hold your breath).
    * frequently used to mean "soon, possibly never."

  • Anybody going to Bubonicon, to sit at his feet and pry out cryptic gleaningsfrom the utterings of GRRM/twist his arms behind his back and wrench the truth out of him/twang his magic whatever?

    The poster formerly known as
    Thoros of Myr

  • having seen the other's that have been cast in the Stark family, I really think that my son would fit right in ,he look's very like Arya and has been brushing up on his horse riding skill's and fencing and check's up eveyday on the casting's, he did get a recall but we have heard nothing yet!!

  • having seen the rest of the cast for the Stark family I really think my son look's the part, he did get a recall but we have heard nothing yet, he has spent the summer brushing up on his horseriding and fencing skill's and check's in the casting's everyday, he is so keen to get this part and so we wait!!!

  • looking at the member's of the Stark family so far my son would fit right in, he look's like a male Arya and a younger Sean Bean, he got a recall and has been brushing up on his horseriding skill's and fencing all summer, he so want's this part but we are still waiting!!

  • Oops sorry I couldnt find my post so I did it again and the again, didn't realise there were two pages, apologie agai.n

  • @Jenny: You're mistaken. We still need Bran, and then Rickon (who has no lines in the pilot, though).

  • Oh … now I see Sue never specifically mentioned his son had auditioned for Bran. I knew that from her earlier posts some months ago.

  • @Sue: have you ever considered sharing a photo of your son with us? if it's not too personal. Just a thought, because you mentioned his resemblance to the others.

  • I am not sure how to attach a pic on here but you can see him if you google his name on a couple of casting sites, Freddy Downham, the pic is 2 year's old and his hair is slightly darker and longer now, but he hasn't changed that much, he's due to have a new pic done for Spotlight next week,

  • Thankyou, I don't think he has much of a chance but someone has to get it and it may be Freddy, it's fun dreaming anyway and I have enjoyed reading the book's anyway, censoring them for Freddy