• These posters are good enough that I fully expect them to be the source of a future rumor that GoT will have a September 7th release date.

    Please bookmark this thread for easy debunking.

  • Very well done. I like how they're simple, showing the character and a quote. Also, a series like this is always nice.

  • I like Lena Headey even more after seeing this. I did always picture Cersei as fair-skinned, but this poster screams "golden Lannister."

  • Hehe, yeah. I liked Narwen's stuff too and thought about putting the images of hers in the post but I didn't want the post to be a giant collection of images. So I linked to her page instead.

    Checking it again and I see she just added one of Tyrion and it is awesome.

  • Holy shit. This is really really great! Can't wait to see the real posters. They should totally look like this.

  • By "the Russian guy", I mean Narwen, not to be discourteous. Seriously, though, they are amazing; much better than the ones sauron28 has done.

  • I like Sauron's Ned – cold and severe, a face of the great northen lord.
    Overall, Narwen's poster I like more…especeally Cat and Jaime.

  • All the posters are great. But Tyrions poster made me fell all giddy and sad at the same time. Can´t wait for this show to air.
    Both the cerceis look a little fishy though. But that is to be expected. You have to turn Lana blond. One is too cartoonish, and the other has really strange hair.

  • You know, I actually realised yesterday that the casting is so fantastic that I'm half dreading watching the show now.

    Ned's execution with Sean Bean in the role? Ouch.

    And watching Jennifer Ehle as Catelyn at the Red Wedding, if we get that far, is going to be utterly heartbreaking.

    I'm going to cry buckets.

  • Love the Cersei one. I was having a little trouble seeing Lena Headey in the role, but as Crystal says that poster captures her perfectly.

  • Both sets are really good.

    The sauron ones are nice and simple, and I like the John one because I really like that 'my watch begins' tag line.

    The Narwen ones look more like trading cards, and would indeed be awesome as such. Im a sucker for proper none gaming trading cards.

  • @ Silverstar

    I know what you mean. Certain scenes are bad enough to read about – it's going to be even worse watching it happen. I don't even want to think about the Red Wedding, since I'm positive Jennifer Ehle's performance will be absolutely heartbreaking.

    Ned's death will be a bit easier to take because I'm so used to seeing Sean Bean die in movies.

  • I am amazed … Sauron's are great, I like the style. My favourite might be Tyrion by Narwen, though, overall. And of that batch Catelyn comes second. Such great actors, such great characters – it feels epic just looking at those posters. Hope the HBO go for that same feeling and capture it.

  • Hello everyone,
    wow, it's really a big surprise to see my (fake) promo posters turn up here at WiC ;) Thank you all for your comments and feedback.

    Big credit goes to the very talented Narwen though, because he/she made the awesome Jon photo-manipulation I used. I also really like Narwen's stuff, simply amazing, especially the Tyrion poster – gives me goosebumps.


  • Those are so beautiful I could cry.

    I love Narwen's, too, but somehow these are simpler and more to the point.

    My only complaint is…is Narwen stopping with these three?

    How about:

    Dany? "Fire cannot harm a dragon."

    Tyrion: "All dwarves are bastards, but not all bastards need be dwarves."

    Robert: "I am surrounded by flatterers and fools."

    Arya: "Stick them with the pointy end."

    Sansa: "Life is not a song." (I know that's said to her, rather than her speaking, but in the first book she mainly reacts rather than acts.)

    Joffrey: "Leave the children to their frolics."

  • @ Fate's Bitch

    That's so true… Even people not having read the books surely will know Ned will die fairly soon :D

    Really impressed with the Cersei pictures… can't wait!!

  • I love them all though Narwen's are the better IMHO. I'd love to see;

    Robert and Ned spilt side by side with, "The King eats and the Hand takes the shit."

    Tyrion a bit more menacing, perhaps holding a dagger with, "A Lannister always pays his debts."

    Robert looking drunk with, "Its not too late, is it?"

    Viserys looking his flat out evil, petulant self with, "You don't want to wake the Dragon do you?"

    This how I always pictured the the ad campaign/teasers, direct close up swith a bit of an expository speech by a few of the main characters leading to their tag and a fade with the logo and the premiere date, sort of like a cross between what they did for BSG a year or so back and the promos for the second season of Rome.

  • If Littlefinger had a poster (which he won't), his line could be:

    "I did warn you not to trust me, you know."


    "Tears are not a woman's only weapon."


    "A Lannister always pays his debts."


    "Can a man be brave if he is afraid?"


    "I am the sword in the darkness."
    or: "I am the watcher on the walls."


    "Mercy. There's a bloody trap."


    "A man hears the whisper of sand in a glass."


  • Narwen's ones are more epic, that's why there's more Photoshop visible there.
    Sauron28's on the other hand are very minimalistic, what some people can like.
    Both autors are great in their categories.

  • @invertebrae, Those are great, but we don't even have actors for some of those, yet.

    But "Can a man be a man if he's afraid?" can be used for a Brandon poster.

  • This is totally F'in awesome!!! I can actually start to feel this show starting to come together…. and it feels EPIC!

  • Wow, absolutely LOVE that Cersei. Lena looks exactly like what the character should look in that poster. I think it's the best one I've seen yet.

  • I wanted to e-mail this to you, WiC, but your e-mail form is broken — it keeps insisting, falsely, that I've entered an incorrect code for anti-spambot verification. Perhaps it's incompatible with Safari 4.0? Anyway, the information I was trying to send is as follows:

    I have it from a highly reliable source that the TV series the 7' tall wrestler, body builder, stunt man, and actor Conan Stevens refers to in this post on his web site is in fact A Game of Thrones. He had been discussed earlier as a possibility to play The Mountain That Rides, both because he looks the part and because he had expressed some interest in it in an earlier blog post, but as we have no indication that Ser Gregor will appear in the pilot, it seems more likely the audition is for another extremely tall and imposing figure who hasn't yet been cast: Khal Drogo. I can certainly see Mr. Stevens lifting Tamzin Merchant with one hand, or completely encircling her waist with both, and he looks swarthy enough to make a convincing Dothraki with just a bit of makeup.

  • @etomologist

    great find, for those who are afraid of clicking hyperlinks, here's the content of conan stevens' latest update on his site:

    "I am unable to write any details at this stage but my Acting Agent in Australia, has managed to secure an audition for the pilot of an upcoming American TV series, in a role that could be very suitable for me.

    With a number of opportunities arising at present, it is only a matter of time before I sign up with one."

    interesting indeed!

    and @Josh

    Yeah, i know several of those characters i made up poster taglines for won't be in the series for a while. i also realize that they aren't going to ever make a poster for Jaqen either, but hey, it's fun to come up with stuff at the very least.


  • Conan is an interesting possibility for Drogo.

    He isn't what I imagined Drogo looking like, but he looks like he could be a Drogo……if that makes sense.

  • I don't think an actor his size is being brought in to play Drogo…in my opinion it must be for Gregor..but Gregor isn't in the pilot right ?….this could mean there getting ready to cast other roles in preparation for a series order and quick turn around…

  • Or there has been a re-write and Gregor is now in the pilot in some way….

    Doubtful, but possible

  • I just can't believe how good these posters are. I've been staring at them for too long now. Sauron and Narwen need to go work for the HBO art department. Ned and Jon are my favorite characters and to see them brought to life is super cool!

    I just bought my 5th copy of AGOT. I keep lending it out, so I returned to the bookstore today to purchase another copy. Was surprised to find a Staff Recommendation under them, saying "These are the best books on this wall. And they are being made into an HBO series!" I giggled with excitement. ASOIAF fans really are everywhere, it seems like.

    I also saw a lot of people browsing the SF/Fantasy section, some of whom definitely didn't look like the typical socially awkward outcast type (I know this is a myth anyway). I'm always happy to see a continual mainstreaming of the genre.

    I wonder if HBO will ever do a science fiction series? If so, I would love to see Hyperion. Or a Lord of Light miniseries.

  • I'm with you Meg, Hyperion could make a great TV series. The part with the pool bubble on the balcony of the space ship would make great viewing.

  • Conan Stevens looks a lot more like McCann than how I would imagine Drogo. If he's talking about A Game of Thrones, my money's on the Mountain.

    If that's true, then one of two things is going on:

    1) They're confident enough about the pilot that they're getting people on deck for the series.

    2) The script has changed significantly from the leaked version we've seen. Either he's now part of the party that arrives (deviation from the book) or they added an "outside of POV" scene with the Mountain in it.

    #2 just doesn't seem feasible to me, and it seems odd that HBO would cast such a white guy as Drogo. I'm sorry, entomologist, but if you do an image search on him and look at some of his other photos, that is a seriously pale guy. In a series that has so little roles for a main character who's a person of color, the idea that HBO would put on some makeup on him so he could play a Dothraki seems a little crazy to me.

    From his own biography:


    Height: 214cm (7' 1/4") Nationality: Australian
    Weight: 145kg (315lbs)(22.5 stone) Ethnicity: Anglo-Celtic
    Build: Extremely Muscular
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Hazel

    Again, I'm trusting HBO on all of their casting choices, but if they cast Conan Stevens as a non-Caucasian, that's dangerously close to Boris Karloff as Fu Manchu to me.

    I'm just not buying that'll happen.

    If the information is accurate, and he's been tapped for A Game of Thrones, I count this as a sign that they're confident about the series going forward.

    Again, if he is cast as Drogo, I'm not going to avoid the series, but I will be seriously surprised.

  • Yeah, Conan has to be auditioning for Gregor and man, he is perfect. Did you watch his "Action Packed 2009 Showrreel"? … Brilliant! And he definitely shares a resemblance to Rory McCann.

    I think everyone involved with the production has to be very confident that at least one season will get picked up by HBO. They've probably never had this level of hype for a new series, period. Let alone one that hasn't even begun filming its pilot! So casting for characters that don't appear until later episodes seems like a no-brainer at this point.

  • Really, they've already added one King's Landing scene- it wouldn't be too much of a stretch for us to at least catch a glimpse of other King's Landing characters such as Gregor. I don't really see him as Drogo either.

  • I think with filming commencing within weeks that they have completed casting of the pilot…George will probably be dropping hints within days….

  • He has to be the mountain. Just has to be. As for auditioning for the pilot, that makes me wonder. I mean, I don't see them re-writing the pilot so severely, unless they have written in a flashback to the murder of the Targaryen babies. That could be very short, so, maybe.

    But then, don't you think GRRM, who loves to keep fans in the loop, would say, or at least hint, that more roles had been added and we'll be seeing more characters?

  • Well, we've got red-headed whore and nameless eunuch- is the eunuch likely to be in the brothel that Jaime fetchs Tyrion from? Probably not, so I'm betting we get a little more of King's Landing as the Lannisters set out for Winterfell. I bet the leaked script we've seen has gone through a lot of changes. They usually do.

  • he almost has to be the mountain. nothing else makes sense. and to whether he is in a 'new' version of the pilot is irrelevant. even if he isn't his casting or potential casting makes sense on the level that The Mountian is a character that the 'talent' pool to play him is rather small. imagine if you will, that for whatever reason Tyrion didn't appear in the pilot. do you think that, if dinklage was who they all wanted for the charater, they wouldn't have cast him/tied him up as soon as possible even if it was only on a contingency (we are doing this pilot that if it gets picked up we want/need you for this role). the same can be said in this case. there are not a whole lot of 7ft plus, physically gifted and fight/weapon experienced "actors" (i mean, let's be honest this guy isnt tim roth) on the planet … and if they think that this guy is their top choice it only makes sense to tie him down as their are very few options other than him, and maybe they believe that those other options are a very significant step down … on this i will defer to their judgement on the matter.

  • Odds and ends.

    Conan isn't at all how I pictured the Mountain when I read the books. That said, upon looking at the guy I could quickly change the way i view Gregor the next time i read them.

    Posters look great!! One small knit-pick though. The Hand necklace on Ned is all wrong. Otherwise they look fantastic.

    Arya poster. Arya fencing int he yard with Needle… or Arya making a mess of her stitch work. Caption "Stick them with the pointy end".

  • I think with filming commencing within weeks that they have completed casting of the pilot…George will probably be dropping hints within days….

    Filming starts on October 26th according to the last update on that from GRRM, so that's about 7 weeks from now. Not sure how much rehearsal McCarthy likes to do. After that costuming will take some time, too. I'm sure there are concepts for all that stuff by now, not to mention designs for all of the sets, armor and weapons and such. Goodness, so much to do on pre-production. I wonder what state all of that is in at this point.

  • The contenders to play the Mountain:

    Matthew Willig.

    Robert Maillet.

    Paul "Big Show" Wight.

    Tyler Mane.

    Nathan Jones.

    Conan Stevens.

    That's a win for Conan if I ever saw one.

  • Ryan, I'd actually say that Nikolai Valuev may look even more like McCann than Conan Stevens.

    I'd be happy with either of them.

    Of course, McCann hasn't been officially announced yet. I'll breathe easier when that happens.

  • @invertebrae – Nice! I loved that scene with Oberyn. Another one of GRRM's classic twists that will absolutely SHOCK viewers of this show. I know I couldn't believe it when I read it.

  • And I should add, GRRM described that fight scene so perfectly that it was absolutely vivid and visceral in my mind. To the point that it was almost more like watching it than reading it. Here's hoping HBO can do it justice. I'm sure they will and it's going to be completely badass.

  • @dholds

    cannot agree more. that scene was very visceral, got under your skin. and made you say OH SHIT! then later on when qyburn was doing his business on gregor, you got to say TAKE THAT YOU ASSHOLE!

    loved it.


  • @invertebrae

    Defintely. But what the hell was Qyburn doing and WTF is Gregor going to come back like/as?!?

    The Frankenstein That Rides?

  • Conan Stevens could well be McCann's brother. It's more likely for him to be considered for Gregor than Drogo, in my opinion.

  • Someone already said this, there's the chance they've added flashbacks scenes with the mountain, could this be a background during the Ned-Jaime dialogue? I mean Ned staring at the throne with Jaime sitting on it and, in the meantime, Gregor killing and raping Elia and the kids??
    Gregor could also be a member of the kings party, but I don't think that would be functional to the story.

  • In Narwen's pictures John Snow looks like emo kid and Tyrion is not ugly, even though he is supposed to be. The other pictures are great, however.

  • "Defintely. But what the hell was Qyburn doing and WTF is Gregor going to come back like/as?!?
    The Frankenstein That Rides?"

    Gregor will be back,
    but this time:

    (sorry about that)
    I would go for Conan Steven as Gregor, though
    And simply breathtaking posters!

    The poster formerly known as
    Thoros of Myr

  • Just great, all three are very good! Only what hand represent on Need, Kings right hand? I think that a direwolf will be better!

  • I fancy zombie gregor takingcon lady stoneheart and her cronies? Or taking on the others themselves.

    there's a reason for the zombie stuff in GRRMs story and I'm thinking it will relate to the invasion of the others plot point.


  • made a few posters myself. these aren't all photoshopped like the others, but more of a design and concept exercise.

    i think a modern photo shoot, almost fashion shoot like, with stark lighting (see what i did there?) using the central characters in costume, would be a great way to connect modern viewers to a medieval time period.

    just imagine these actors made up like their characters, i think you'll get the gist. ok enough caveats…

    Game of Thrones Posters by Liftingfaces.


  • @invertebrae

    Umm, wow. Out of all the posters I've seen so far, yours are the best. I can definitely see HBO using a style very similar to that for the their promos.

  • @Kukash

    aw thanks, they were fun to make!

    as much as i loved the other posters those guys made, my worry is that (as we debated earlier on WiC blog) HBO can't rest on the medieval laurels and expect people to come flocking. they need to reach out to an audience who may not care for fantasy whatsoever.

    i think the logo is a critical part. it can't be too lord of the rings or harry potter, that's why i tried a more epic yet memorable logotype that may conjure WAR OF THE ROSES instead of NARNIA.


  • Yea, all these posters are awesome. I don't mean this as a dig, but I can't wait to see HBO's ad campaign for the show. They have proven to be top notch at this stuff, and some of their ad campaigns have been really clever and brilliant… not to mention, look amazing. While these posters look really good, I'm not sure how much they would attract the average Joe… I feel like they are sort of preaching to the choir, and HBO's goal will definitely be to attract a more mainstream audience. It'll be real interesting to see what direction they go with it.

  • @Chris

    couldn't agree more. the photography and design can't reek of fantasy or "insider" coolness.

    will be interesting to see how they market it indeed.

    i still like the discussion from a month ago or so where the promos could be reimagining classic fables (frog and prince, princess in the tower being rescued, etc.) and turn them on their heads.

    ie. "Forget what you think you know about fantasy. This is a Game of Thrones. coming january 2011."


  • IMO I hope they don't go for a 'fairy tale turned on its head' approach. For me, that would be worse than a straight 'gritty fantasy' approach.

    I must admit, though they may want to distance themselves from the whole 'This is fantasy. There are dragons' angle, they have to represent what the series is about, no?

    I hope they do a really good line in grit, blood and fantasy. If people don't like that, then there's only so much you can do to keep 'em hooked on ASOIAF :) IMO to hook people with a 'this is historical' angle would be false economy.

  • @James

    they should do gritty i agree. it should be sort of like what deadwood was to the western. it was still in the genre, but it was a new way of looking at it, using diction in an almost shakesperean way.

    however, they MUST dispell the dungeons and dragons thing somehow, because my wife (with whom i share much in common taste wise) rolls her eyes when i talk about game of thrones, she is skeptical a fantasy series on HBO is going to get her attention).


  • Thank you all for your comments and especially WiC for kind words. I have read all comments and try to take them into account. I have re-done Jon (more severe) and new Dany with new logo.

    (P.S. I'm "she", not "he" ))) )

  • Sauron and Narwen: Thanks for your excellent work! Seeing these posters has made my anticipation for this series increase, which I didn't even think was possible. Keep up the great work!

  • Ryan, I wholeheartedly agree with you on the whole "dispelling the dungeons and dragons thing," but I also agree with James that the "Fairy Tale Turned on Its Head" would be the wrong approach.

    I only think that because you're setting up an association between the thing you don't want the audience to think about and the show. I do realize it's there to set up a contrast, but I could still see people saying, "Isn't that the show with those fairy-tale promos?"

    I also see the "false economy" of trying to ignore the fantasy roots entirely.

    What about splitting the difference and having a promo like this:

    You start out with a close-up of someone's face, and there's a discussion taking place with an offscreen voice. The person is scared, stripped bare. He's saying that he doesn't know anything about any money. It sounds like maybe something from a Tarantino or Guy Richie film, given the person's accent. He's screaming, spitting that he doesn't know anything. The voice asks, softly, "Is there gold in the village? Silver? Gems?" We pan back to reveal The Tickler in some nondescript but still not modern clothes. "Is there food?" We catch sight of Gregor's waist, and pan up his body to his helm. " Where is Lord Beric?"

    I don't know if I've described this well enough, and know that the scene is from way way way into the series, but the idea would be to get the people watching to say, "This might be something I'd like to see," before they realize where it's set, then show them slowly.

  • @Paul G.

    i like your promo idea. splitting the difference is what they'll have to do. it's just, there's such a stigma around freaking fantasy (which is lame). like when i'm reading a series, and someone asks what i'm reading, and they're busy reading michael chabon, i feel like i have to put a caveat up just to tell them i'm reading a F/SF book. like "it's good too! honest!"

    that said, the same people who enjoy vampires on HBO don't necessarily also like fantasy. in fact most probably do not. so, the challenge is to find a way to hook the unsuspecting viewer. they have to do it with lies, deceit, sex, blood, and betrayal. and probably sell the royalty aspect more than the supernatural/fantasy side.

    they have a good thing going in that GRRM himself seems to have eschewed much of the allegory, in an effort to make high fantasy "different" even in prose form.

    if that translates to the series, and to the marketing, they stand a better chance of getting people to see the premiere episode.

    i think that, once a viewer watches EP101, they will be hooked, as we all were when we read the book for the first time. after jaime says "the things i do for love," your attachment to the series was past the point of no return, we knew right then that we would likely be reading until the very last word GRRM writes in this world of westeros.

    and let's hope the tv audience feels the same way. that's really up to benioff and weiss and mccarthy and the actors and crew etc. at this point, and the marketing team of course.

    it's in their hands, but we get to speculate and make fake posters all we like, yay free world!


  • also, about your promo. i like the redirect, starting out thinking you're in one genre, then realizing you're in another. if they could pull something like that off, it could work really well.

    unfortunately, other than straight narrative, i would guess the fodder for the teasers/trailers will be limited to whatever is shot and partially posted by the halfway point of their production.

    so your tickler scene would be season 2 promos then? of course there are a ton of scenarios like that.

    i could see one with bran, just after the fall, you open in darkness, a blurry haze. you hear voices of worry, dismay, catelyn and luwin and others chattering about the whether the boy will live, his injuries, etc.

    then you see bran mangled in bed, and then you hear the direwolf, and then you cut to the wolf by moonlight.

    you could twist it further and instead of cutting to the moon, cut to cersei elsewhere giving a wicked grin. may give too much away but you get the idea.

    SUPER: "HBO. This winter… the Game begins."

    what are some other possible scenarios? this is fun! hah.


  • @Paul Gude

    I think you described it perfectly, I totally get what you're driving at with that scene. I also think the "Fairy Tale on its Head" route would put too many people in mind of Shrek. While I enjoyed Shrek if I came to AGOT with that expectation I might be horribly disappointed. Another scene that could be trailered that way might be Ned telling Arya about setting up "dancing lessons" for her then cut to Syrio explaining the art of the Water Dance. I am so looking forward to Bean doing that scene with a mix of exasperation and secret pride with Maisie.


    You have to justify reading fantasy to fans of Chabon? Next time just point out his Hugo Award last year and tell them to stuff it.

  • @falcons

    well i was being hypothetical, but yea. a lot of "literate" friends think american fiction is so much higher brow than fantasy and science fiction literature it's amazing to me.


  • @invertabrae

    I'm right there with you but the problem the genre has is that for every GRRM you get 10 Stephanie Meyers'. Of course nobody notices that for every Chabon you get 10 Nora Roberts'.

  • yeah,

    except it's totally the norm to read murder mystery drivel whereas some though provoking scifi? forget it.

    you're totally right about the imbalance of authors, but as you also pointed out, that's true in just about every genre. it's just not tolerated in the F/SF realms.

    ironic too, how much scifi is consumed by the masses vs. fantasy. although fantasy has been making a return to form of late, and i think with the harry potter phenomenon, it's proven that it's a viable genre indeed.

    hey, GoT has kids in it too, that's all they need to know ;)


  • Another option is that you have a close-up the faces of a group of young men. They're shouting, jeering, like it's Arsenal vs Leeds United. They're cringing with every bad play, spitting insults to those that are disappointing them, and cheering like madmen when they see something they like.

    Again, we pan out, and we see that we're watching the Tourney of the Hand, and a hedge knight kills Lord Beric's horse.

    The young men, who we now see in period garb, cringe, laugh, or howl, depending on their personal feelings about what just happened.

  • Wow…awesome posters. They're all great.

    On a side note – I was already happy about Headey's casting, but I am completely sold on the decision with this picture. Bravo!!

  • @invertebrae I know what you mean about feeling the need to 'justify' the fact that you're reading fantasy instead of a 'proper' book :( Oh well, perhaps GoT will be blazing a trail for Global Acceptance of Fantasy :)

    @Paul Gude Love your idea for the Teaser – I could picture it straight away. Great stuff! Problem is, I now can't get 'Stuck in the Middle' out of my head…

  • jesus i made a livejournal account just to be able to post here again.

    Anyways i wanted to say this for a while, the Cersei poster is AMAZING, but the quote just bugs the hell out of me, i cant sleep at night: it should read – when you play the game of thrones "you win or YOU die".

    Other than this huge stone i just took off my chest, keep up the great work :)