Filming Production

Call for extras goes out

More signs that the production is getting closer and closer. Extras NI has just sent out a casting call for Game of Thrones. Check it out.

HBO have begun production in Belfast of their latest TV series ‘A Game of Thrones’ based on George R.R. Martin’s award winning novel of the same name. Described as “an epic struggle for power set in a vast and violent fantasy kingdom” – our extras are surely in for a treat. The starring cast includes Sean Bean, Mark Addy, Peter Dinklage and Lena Headey amongst many more.

Filming is due to take place in Northern Ireland in the last week of October and first two weeks of November and of course all our medieval and character faces that have been used on Universal’s feature film “Your Highness” will be at the top of the list for this project, however, the thing we urgently require for paid work are CONFIDENT & EXPERIENCED MALE HORSERIDERS, aged 16-60. If this describes you or someone you know, please send in a clear photo along with full name, height and contact telephone numbers to [email protected] URGENTLY.

Winter Is Coming: As I suspected, looks like Extras NI will be handling the extras duties for this project. Good to get confirmation of that. If you live in the area and haven’t already signed up with them, you should do it as soon as possible.

I suspect the horse riders are for the arrival of the King’s party to Winterfell. That is the only scene I can really think of in the pilot that would need a bunch of riders in the background. Unless they are looking to cast Will and Gared from a pool of extras. But that doesn’t seem likely.


  • I assume those extras will be needed for Robert's arrival and the feast at Winterfell. Maybe some Kings Landing stuff if it made it in the shooting script. Not much else in the script was very "public".

  • As for the horse riders: what about any Dothraki scenes? That was my first association … nothing explicit in the script draft, but you never know what they want to show.

  • @Marko
    Dothraki horseriders do seem likely, but they'd probably get those extras in Morocco, based on what we know.

    Anyway, this is exciting news! Mostly just because it shows how close they're getting, along with all the other bits of news lately. I do hope we get something really big soon, though.

  • They might have a few of them as House Stark guards riding along with them from the execution, but basically it will be some of the same guys standing around in Winterfell as castle guards.

    But yeah, they'll need a lot of people for the feast scene and Robert's arrival. It should be a pretty large group if its going to look like the King over a whole continent is arriving.

    Also, these same rider extras will have a LOT of work going forward if the show gets picked up.

  • I'm loving all the news lately, even if it is "smallish" news. So excited to see this thing moving forward. I like that the call for extras sort of refers to the HBO project as though it's already gone to series. I'm sure it's nothing, but it may be indicative of a general buzz that the series appears to be poised to get green lit. Wishful thinking on my part I'm sure.

  • This thing HAS to go to series. How can it not at this point?

    It's obvious that AGOT has huge support from HBO if the sheer scope of the pilot is any indication (international locations, quality actors, etc.). They want this to be a success as much as we do.

    Things could not be shaping up any better, in my opinion, and I can't wait for more news as things really start kicking into gear.

  • I'd send a picture if I knew how to ride a horse and lived in Ireland.

    Besides that…yep, I'd definitely give it a shot.

  • do most big budget hollywood things contract out for extras?

    C'mon I'm waiting for extra calls for women in their 20's (like me). Seems like there isn't a lot of options. I can either be a whore, a member of the smallfolk with a brat in my arms, or a handmaiden. What else could female extras do really?

  • That's true, there aren't near as many female extras in the pilot as males (even in the first few Daenerys scenes, she's the only female there). Rough.

    Assuming the series gets picked up, you could be the girl in the town who blushes at Theon as he rides by.

    Actually, I think she was a whore too. Double rough.

    Never mind.

    (GRRM shore likes them whores…)

  • dholds –

    "It's obvious that AGOT has huge support from HBO if the sheer scope of the pilot is any indication (international locations, quality actors, etc.). They want this to be a success as much as we do."

    I'm fairly certain HBO wants the series to be a success FAR more than we do. After all, we don't millions of dollars invested in its production, do we?

  • @Meg: Well, if the series gets picked up then is the wildlings. They'll sure need a good amount of young women if we ever get to see seasons 3-4-5

  • @Meg
    Pretty sure there should be a few female minor nobles at feasts and such, or for the pilot, I imagine there'd be random unnamed women at the Winterfell feast. Not exactly a queen, but a step above your average smallfolk.

  • Gah me wishes I would live in Ireland (not that I can ride a horse well enough but being an extras is fun :) )

  • Did anyone see this?

    Matthew Willig Interview

    “I don’t have anything written in stone. There is an HBO pilot coming up that I am very interested in. But there is nothing right now on my table that I am getting ready for next week,” he said. “Things have been coming across that hopefully in the next year or so will put me out there and make me a little more visible.”

    Seem like he is putting his name in the pot for Gregor? I don't know anything about him though except he was an NFL player and he would probably have to do something about his accent :P

  • @ Paul Gude
    Wasn't matthew willig someone you wrote a letter to, or rather his agent or the like?
    Not wanting to be a spoil sport, but maybe he's interested because of that.
    Meaning freaking awesome, results!
    But also that he probably haven't heard about it from HBO.
    Rather hollywood politics/routines in full swing. I mean people letting peole know they are interested etcetc.
    I'm not that knowledgeable in the area myself, but that's how I imagine it works.

    Still, hope he get's it! He seems great :)

  • @JG

    Matthew Willig has always been my favorite pick for Gregor, despite being a little short, with "only" 6'8 tall. He is more broad-shouldered and has proven he has some acting skills in the past.

    I'd bet it's in the same case as Conan Stevens: he audition for the role of Drogo, knowing that it's a good thing the producers take you into account when looking for a Gregor Clegane actor.


  • @Daniel: For me Conan has still has the edge though, with his weapons experience etc. And as was pointed out before he bears a bit of a resemblance to McCann.

    But, in Willig they could have another option, which is all good. There can't be too many suitable actors out there after all.

  • I'm seeing now "Hellboy" and wondered what a terrific Other would Doug Jones do. He's so slim has has a LOT of experience on being the guy-in-a-suit character. He's an expert on body language and performing non-human characters. It would help to keep apart the "Others as just another type of Zombie" cliché.

    Not sure if he's available at all, though.

    @JG: To me, Willig also has an strange resemblance to McCann. But didn't mind at all if Stevens got the part. Let's be honest: it's not on the (huge) shoulders of Gregor Clegane where the drama and heart of this series lie. At all.


  • By the way, the people at westeros forum keep up their outlandish work with the fake posters.

    This is their latest addition, by Narwen.


  • Well, I'm male…so I've got that qualification nailed. And I live in Kentucky, so maybe they'll see kentucky and think horses!! No basically I'm out.

  • I think Willig might have been up for The Hound, but I suppose Gregor is a possibility too. However, it's unlikely he was talking about Gregor because when he made that statement, only Sandor was casting (and Gregor still isn't, of course).

  • I think Daniel might be correct in that Willig may have auditioned for Drogo as well.

    Of course, this gets back to my idea of why they may be having such a hard time with Drogo. *If* size is the huge factor, and they really have been auditioning all the people some think they might be (Willig, Stevens, Dante Nero) it could be that the ethnicity of the Dothraki keeps getting shifted.

  • I sent a photo of myself to Extras NI–and they loved it! The photo was taken while I was visiting some friends in Spain. I am in the nude and atop a fleet-footed donkey riding down a summer-bloomed hill! And then to celebrate my enormous success, I put out a flyer in NI for female extras in NI! I need about 12 women in their 20's to share a spacious flat; the job may require a LOT of waiting around in scant clothing and drinking whiskey and watching pornographies on my lap! So if you know anyone who is interested, send me a photo and let me know how much you weigh (be honest! NO FATTIES).

  • @Daniel: Doug Jones would be cool! My uncle once interviewed him and had nothing but good things to say about him.

  • Can ride very well, am the right gender and age, but live too far from Ireland… Maybe I could plan a three week "vacation" in NI. :)

  • Off topic… but GRRM is saying on Not a Blog that the Norwegian wolves aren't being used for game of thrones, nor were they ever in consideration for the role since "UK laws prevent it"

  • Hmm, that's weird. It made it sound like they were specifically going to the UK for the possibility of some type of filming, I wonder why it would be legal for some cases and not for GoT. Eh. Maybe we can pry out of him whether they plan on using real wolves at least??

  • See!

    I told you all that the UK's animal immigration laws would make those wolves impossible.

    Not that i'm happy about it, I just like to point out when I'm right, lol.

    Also, let us hope more clues will be coming soon if we have a new casting….

  • It's time for NI to rebel against the tyranny of the UK. No Norwegian wolves? What's this? Dontcha like chocolates? dontcha like widespread internet piracy? poor wolues. this is a sad day.

    D Benioff is a hack writer, I decided last night. A terrible hack writer. Based on ALL his screenwriting work. And SoIaF will never be finished. And if it is finished, I don't care because I don't want to see these actors' ugly faces when I read the books.

    The end is neigh! I've given up reading high fantasy. I will now indulge in romance novels like SOAIF except with less incest and whores.

  • PS I heard from a good solid source that Norwegian Internet Pirates are going to sneak those wolves in. The wolves will totally blend in with London wolves and are taking up recently decease wolves identities. Whoa I'm puttin TITTIES back in IDENTITIES. WiC male commenters are fat and in their 30's (perfect age for an idenTITTY crisis, while the women are young and hot AND FROM STOCK PHOTOS. You bunch of whoreson transsexual freaks ;)

  • PS I told you way back about something boring you totally ignored and now that GRRM is saying the same boring thing, only that it's a million times more exciting because he's GRRM and I'm nobody, now you see I was right, way back when, while you ignored me. How could you? When I am king, you will be the first against the wall! You whoresons!

  • @Legion
    Yep, right indeed. I think I was the first, or at least one of them early ones, to be a wet blanket and say I didn't think the wolves would be for AGoT. Hooray for us, boo for those not being the wolves…

    Anyway, like Jillian says, George's post also states that we're down to one major role to fill. Hopefully Sue will stop by and give as an idea whether it's Bran or not… If she hasn't gotten word one way or another soon, my guess is that it's Drogo? I suppose it might not always be a priority for production companies to promptly contact people if they *haven't* gotten the role, but it seems like common courtesy. Then again, if her son DID get it, I guess she'll have to keep quiet until it's official.

    Last but not least, glad to see Froggy the Gremlin again. George seems to frequently make several short Gremlin posts in a row, so with luck there'll be a new one really soon with some clues to twist our poor minds into pretzels.

  • Now that this website has completely imploded, and nothing is new or exciting anymore, I just wanted to admit that I am in love with that girl that posted her picture a few weeks ago. I put her 240×180 pixel photo as a desktop background.. i experimented with stretching the picture across my 24" widescreen, with "tiling" it (for about 78 pair of gimlet eyes looking at me), and finally settled for a single photo in the middle, completely surrounded with my icon shortcuts to porno websites. Girl, whoever you are, I love you.

  • You know what? I'm still rooting for Elmo. That's right. When I read those books, it's ELMO that "roars" at Sansa to look at his scars–except it's a bit squeeky instead of roaring. It's ELMO that laughs about killing that kid–except it's a wonderful laughter full of joy and mirth. It's ELMO that is all UPSET over how no one wants to be his friend–except cute and furry all over, instead of ugly-manly. Whoever that man is that got the part… he will never ever compare. Did they even GIVE Elmo the chance to do a READING? I HIGHLY DOUBT IT.

  • With only one major role to go, I can hope for two things:

    1) Some intrepid reporter once again getting a scoop from HBO about who has been cast and their role. Intrepid reporters have been rocking it lately.

    2) The last major role is cast and HBO actually does a press release.

    I know month isn't that long to wait. It just *seems* like it to me.

  • @Davey

    What is your major malfunction? You don't make any sense and when you do its like listening to a 12 year old who is gay. By the way, your a troll.

  • I wish he'd at least say which role has been cast.

    Leaving us hanging like this is cruel…….god damn monster of inhuman cruelty that he is!

  • @Paul
    "I know month isn't that long to wait. It just *seems* like it to me."

    Pretty sure you speak for all of us, there…

  • @Paul

    I completley agree. HBO will make that decision when they are ready. And only then. HBO has done this before.

    A month isn't that long if you think about how many days are in it, and also there aren't many hours in a day, except in February. I guess unless you are really looking forward to that.

    The days are getting shorter so it's a time to gather nuts. I'm just glad I'm where I live. It's nicer here.

  • @ Legion,

    You know what would be great? If George RR Martin, the writer of Song of Ice and Fire series from which A Game of Thrones is based, would just tell us who is cast. Otherwise its like he's putting laughing at us, like it's funny to him.

  • Middleton, you're a person I want to be friends with–I can tell you're full of amazing insights and humors. I never heard of of George R R Martin, so I have no idea what you're about. But besides that I think we should do a sleepover and play WARHAMMER 40K all night in our skivvies.

  • The "good" thing is, with only one major role left it's really close to not mattering any more.

    It's not that we shouldn't care, or wonder. I think all of us are past the stage of not wanting to know the status of every little piece of casting. It's just that knowing which roles were being cast was of major importance when we were getting clues. Now that we're waiting for the announcements to let us know who it's going to be, a cast role is still as unknown as one that has yet to be filled.

    Small comfort, but it makes me think about it less.

  • "Small comfort, but it makes me think about it less."


    I completely agree. Thinking about it is obnoxious. By the way, I'm a long time lurker on WIC and so I wanted to introduce myself. I am a history teacher. I am smart. Also I have worked in Hollywood but I got sick of it, and I didn't get anywhere up the ladder. But I am more knowledgeable about how networks create pilots than most people here or anywhere on the internet. Also Paul, I agree with you with what is "good". Also, I moved to the UK a few years ago so I am British and not American.

    @Davey, I don't play in my skivvies whatever that is. I am straight, and I like women. and I don't play Warhammer 40k with little troll boys like you.


    Although I have visited this site since long before you came around (I was probably the first person to see this site and told it to other people before anyone else), I have no idea who Sue is. Or anyone else you are talking about. Is this an inside joke? What are you about man? And what kind of name is demokritus. Don't answer. I have already too many things to worry about.

  • @ZzaRaZza

    Maybe you haven't seen good CGI wolves yet. Did you think about that? Maybe you just didn't see them all. Maybe you should hope that the CGI wolves in A Game of Thrones, which is the name of the pilot that they are working on, will blow your mind. I am praying to God every night that this will happen, and I know my prayers are not ignored.

  • It was a dark and stormy night. Davey rolled out of bed, unable to sleep, and donned his red velvet smoking jacket. “I do believe it is time for porn, Ser Elmo,” he said in a woeful imitation of a British accent, lighting a clove cigarette at the end of a meerschaum cigarette holder as he spoke. Holding his smoke between his teeth, he grabbed his custom-made Tickle me Elmo by the hand, and sauntered over to his mysteriously stained and crusty computer chair. Taking a seat, he double clicked one of the numerous carefully selected porn links which were tastefully arranged on his desktop. Much to Davey's chagrin, he mis-clicked, and found himself at the Winter is Coming blog. “Blast and tarnation, Ser Elmo! Why have I not deleted this acursed link? Too many times has it robbed me of precious moments which could have been spent reveling in the tour de force that is Body-building Shemales gone Stupid! Ah, drat it all, there are new threads. I shall have to deal with this before I can visit with you, my lovelies. Be patient, my sweets!” Davey plunged headfirst into the seedy realm of fan speculation, armed only with his ability for unsubtle sarcasm. He grasped Ser Elmo for comfort, and was soothed with a high-pitched “Bugger your ribbons, and shove your swords up your arses!” It would be a long night, he feared.

  • I wondered how long it would be until we attracted a few trolls.

    Awww, WiC, now you can feel like a full on professional blogger! Lol.

  • @Middleton
    Sue's a woman who's been showing up recently, whose son auditioned to play Bran. Demokritos is Greek. The spelling "Democritus" is more common, but Demokritos is closer to the original. Past that you can look it up if/when you have fewer things to worry about.

  • Demokritos was an ancient Greek philosopher, pretty much ignored in Athens. Plato hated his work. Probably most famous for coming up with the idea of the atom, and that things are made up of them.

    I'm a Classics teacher, go me for knowing stuff!

  • ZzaRaZza, too true.

    While CGI works okay for me in compositing things, if I see a CGI generated animal or alien being it makes me feel a little sad inside. Even the stuff from James Cameron's Avatar that I've seen in trailers doesn't seem to fit entirely with the world.

    The one difference was the stuff that WETA did for District 9. The aliens didn't throw me the way most CGI stuff did. According to this article they basically had an actor named Jason Cope wear a suit that they would then rotoscope the alien over.

    Not saying that they should rotoscope direwolves over real wolves necessarily, but I do think that whoever does the direwolves may actually invent some new practices in order to make everything look perfect.

    Of course, the pups probably won't be a problem, but the look of the mother will inform the rest of the series.

  • Demokritus, lovin' your blurb about Davey. except the unsubtle sarcasm part. i mean sure, if there is sarcasm then it's definitely not subtle. but there is something subtle about it. I think my dumb oaf Marty Middleton is more subtle, but also he's meaner.

    Love, Davey

  • Can we start a thread about me? I like to talk about myself. If you do, I will start a couple of new google accounts and make your site look popular! :D Please Wic!!??? By the way I'm also two regulars that aren't trolls… I'm just bored today.

  • @Legion
    Yep! That's where I got the name. Not as studied on Demokritos as I probably should be, but I like what the Atomists stood for. I'd say more, but I've probably contributed to driving things off topic enough for now.

    @Paul Gude
    Seems to me like the best option is a mixture of real wolves, camera tricks, and CGI, which seems to be what you're saying. As for the dead mother, I wonder if that might be done best as a prop, since it doesn't need to move. So just a super-realistic stuffed animal, basically.

  • Demokritos,

    That's exactly what I'm thinking for the mom, a really well-done dead direwolf. The basic thing is then they're going to have to make sure the Stark's direwolves match it when they grow up.

  • @Paul, Demokritos
    When I think of the dead direwolf mom, the scene with the sick triceratops in Jurassic Park always leaps to mind. Big ass animatronic animal. Lying down.

  • I agree with gorangligovic.

    Get the Henson people in and make the mummy Direwolf a proper puppet animatronic.

    You'd never get a real one big enough and CGI can never beat a proper thing actually being there.

  • One thing is that the dead mom will set the tone for the Direwolves throughout the series. So if they make the dead mom a big ass beast of a wolf, then the pups will at some point have to grow up to be big-ass beasts of wolves. That may be our first indication of what they plan to ultimately do with the wolves.

    @District 9 –
    District 9 was a lowish-budget film with good CGI. However, its more difficult to do CGI for something with hair, and also the aliens were foreign so they could create their own movements and expressions, etc. We are all very familiar with how canines look and behave and even the slightest incongruities will break the realism factor.

  • Chris, agreed.

    I was originally going to write that nothing I've seen has ever worked, then realized that District 9 did. Still, it was the only time a CGI being has worked for me, and I completely agree that hair will totally change how it works.

  • Looking forward to see District 9 soon.

    As for the direwolf carcass I agree with what you're saying. They'd better have a good plan for the wolves already from the start, otherwise they will get in trouble when they need to match their mom's looks.