Harington headed to Belfast

Well it looks like Kit Harington will be heading to Belfast very shortly. According to a report from WhatsOnInTheatre, this will be his last week starring in War Horse.

This week marks the departure of Kit Harington in the role of Albert in the National’s production of War Horse.

Harington will move onto a new TV project by American programme makers HBO, creators of Band of Brothers and The Sopranos.

Winter Is Coming: Very exciting to hear that the actors will be making their way over to Northern Ireland shortly. As we discussed before, it is likely that they will be showing up earlier than the scheduled shooting date for rehearsals, costume fittings, and in some cases, equestrian and combat training. Harington will definitely need the latter two, so I suspect he may be one of the first to arrive. The rest will probably be trickling in over the next few weeks. Time to keep an eye on the Belfast papers for some Sean Bean or Peter Dinklage sightings!


  • I know I've said this before, but one of those latter two is way high up on my wishlist of things I'd like to know. Who's going to be the fight choreographer?

  • Cool, I've seen the link on your twitter first. People, just imagine the amount of news when this starts happening even more seriously than it already is!
    What's with the layout of the first paragraph? :P

  • Welcome :) Don't want to come accross as too fussy, though.
    Are we getting a post on George's and Parris' response to McCann going official today as well? What a flurry of posts after a relative calm, feeling excited.
    Looking forward to wolf pictures on flickr.

  • Those are Google contextual adds, nothing to do with possible hbo connections, just that fact that HBO is mentioned on this site.

  • Actually, I think their twitter account has existed for awhile. It would be a nice idea to bring GoT up a lot though.

  • @knowtom: it appears they only created it this month, so it's all fresh and juicy. Good for us, I think, they're not so set in their ways and mroe impressionable, heheh (I think they've kept official twitter account for some individual shows, though. Anyone?)

  • Yeah, so I twittered a little thing about GoT to HBO. I figure if enough of us do that, not all the time, but now and again, it will send something of a message.

  • Why so eager to know who the fighing choreographer will be? The only combat scene in the pilot is in Winterfell's training ground, and probably it wouldn't be more that two or three swaps with wooden swords. Or there is a real fight in the prologue? I haven't read the leaked script, but I was under the impresion that the scene fades out with the Other closing on Ser Waymar, before any combat takes place.

  • I even like to hear about little news like this.

    Could someone perhaps get someone to sneak in on the set and film some of the rehersals? I'm only really half-kdding….

  • Can't wait to see the Arya/Jon/Needle scene. Every time I read it I'm either smiling or in tears. Here's hoping Kit and Maisie have great chemistry, as do Kit and Dinklage.

    I also want to welcome Kit to television. Hope he becomes a big star!

  • Err, hmm. It doesn't actually say anything about him going to Ireland "soon," just that he is ending his run in the play, and that he is going to film GOT next. Perhaps this week is just a convenient date to end his stage role. Perhaps he wants some time off between projects.

    However, nobody yet seems to have pointed out the last line of the article: "The series is due to [be] aired in 2010." Speculation? Probably… But still :-)

  • i seem to remember reading that harington already had some some kind of stage combat accreditation. so he won't be starting from scratch.