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Day 8: Filming continues

By Winter Is Coming on

As expected, the reports have slowed down considerably now that the production has moved back to Northern Ireland. Jamie Campbell Bower tweeted that he had an early night last night, which suggests to me that they are finished filming the … Continue reading

Day 6: Filming the prologue

By Winter Is Coming on

I have heard via a reliable source that they are filming the prologue today somewhere in Northern Ireland. This seems to be supported by the fact that Jamie Campbell Bower tweeted about waking up early this morning (about 5 AM … Continue reading

Day 5: No filming today

By Winter Is Coming on

I had heard that there was to be no filming today and it was strictly a day for transporting cast, crew and equipment. Well GRRM has confirmed that fact in his most recent Not A Blog post. He also shares … Continue reading

Award-winning VFX supervisor working on pilot

By Winter Is Coming on

Robert Stromberg, an Emmy-winning and Oscar-nominated visual effects designer, has been more or less confirmed to be working on the Game of Thrones pilot in the capacity of visual effects supervisor. This confirmation came via a series of Julia Frey … Continue reading

Day 4: Filming at Doune Castle

By Winter Is Coming on

Today, according to reports, will be the last day of filming at Doune Castle for most of the principal cast. Officially, the last day they have the castle reserved for filming is the 30th, so I’m not sure if that … Continue reading

Day 3: Filming at Doune Castle

By Winter Is Coming on

Today is officially the third day of filming. Although, from the reports we’ve been getting, it is likely the first day they will actually be filming. It sounded like the last couple days consisted of mostly rehearsals and equipment set … Continue reading

Filming at Doune Castle

By Winter Is Coming on

It looks like Doune Castle will be the location where the first scenes of Game of Thrones will be put to film. According to this report from the BBC, they will be shooting there over the weekend. The report mentions … Continue reading

Jason Momoa talks about Thrones

By Winter Is Coming on

Jason Momoa had a panel today at Armageddon Expo in New Zealand. During the panel he spoke of his role as Khal Drogo in the Game of Thrones pilot. Le Saboteur from the Westeros forums checks in with a report. … Continue reading

Benioff & Weiss thank the fans

By Winter Is Coming on

David and Dan checked in over at the Westeros forums to thank the fans for all their help and support in the casting process. They also tease a possible George R. R. Martin cameo. This is just to say thank … Continue reading

More Game of Thrones press

By Winter Is Coming on

With the start of filming closing in (only two more days!), the buzz for the series continues to build in the main stream press. First, TIME television critic James Poniewozik weighs in with his thoughts on the project and the … Continue reading

HBO confirms remainder of cast

By Winter Is Coming on

HBO has confirmed the casting of the remainder of the main cast for the Game of Thrones pilot. Once again, this confirmation comes via Mo Ryan of the Chicago Tribune. It should come as no surprise that we were spot … Continue reading

Esme Bianco interview

By Winter Is Coming on

A new interview with Esme Bianco has been posted to her fan page on Facebook. In it she answers a number of questions regarding the Game of Thrones pilot. How did you hear about Game of Thrones pilot? My agent … Continue reading

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