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HBO confirms remainder of cast

HBO has confirmed the casting of the remainder of the main cast for the Game of Thrones pilot. Once again, this confirmation comes via Mo Ryan of the Chicago Tribune. It should come as no surprise that we were spot on in all our guesses.

Another day, another round of “Game of Thrones” casting.

Over the weekend, as I noted in this story, news emerged that “Stargate Atlantis” actor Jason Momoa has been cast as horse lord Khal Drogo in the epic saga “Game of Thrones.” “GoT” began filming its pilot in Northern Ireland this week (other locations include Scotland and Morocco).

HBO confirmed the casting for several other roles in the drama today:

-Jamie Campbell-Bower (of “The Twilight Saga: New Moon”) as Waymar Royce
-Joseph Mawle as Benjen Stark
-Richard Ridings as Gared
-Ron Donachie as Ser Rodrik Cassel
-Donald Sumpter as Maester Luwin
-Ian McNeice as Ilyrio Mopatis

Winter Is Coming: Nice work to all who puzzled these out. Most of them were figured out so long ago I don’t remember who got what, but good job to all! Now to get to work on the cast list page…

UPDATE: Jay Tomio at BSCreview also got word from HBO of the confirmations. He also added Aimee Richardson as being confirmed by HBO to be playing Myrcella.

UPDATE: George R. R. Martin has posted his confirmations of the castings for Rodrik, Luwin and the three prologue characters.

UPDATE: He has added confirmation postings for Bran/Benjen, Ros/Illyrio, and Drogo.


  • New posts are coming fast and furious. We've already had some location pictures so hopefully, we'll be getting pictures of the cast in full costume soon – I really can't wait to see those. As least I sure hope HBO will release some for us to see.

  • Nah, the rabbit, we were working on Cersei for less that 48 hours when the news broke. We'd get it eventually :)

    @Winter: a small typo, "were figured" instead of "were figure".

    So who's making the Drogo banner?

  • Aimee Richardson confirmed by HBO as well. So that's everyone we have currently speculated to be cast.

    Hopefully HBO will continue to fill us in on the other minor roles when they are cast (Tommen, Rickon, Hullen, Septa Mordane, etc.). Even if they will only appear in the pilot I'd still like to see the look the casting dept. is going for with these roles.

  • Simon, nice find on the new moon video. I could happily live with those wolves, but the hard part will be getting believable wolf-human interaction. Ghost has a habit of tearing people's throats out, doesn't he?

  • Cool, Simon. They look believable … and big :) very adult, very old direwolves, hehe.

    I'm glad HBO is confirming even the non-speaking roles, keeping us up to date. What do you think, guys, should Winter keep those separate on his list, as they may get re-cast? The rest of the roles have been signed for the potential series, so they are more definite than the non-speaking ones, in some sense.

  • After looking at the New Moon video, I have a feeling people will say that GoT is copying that with it's giant wolves.

  • Marko: I was going to pose the same question. I decided to group all the speaking roles into one though, unlike now where I had separated those only appearing in the first episode (Ros, Will, Gared, Waymar).

    Non-speaking roles, I guess, should be separate. What does everyone else think?

  • so glad i don't have to change my damn cast photo image, that one's a beast. hahahah.

    congrats to everyone. and fwiw, i half-heartedly guessed lena headey, or at least, i had my own version of making the clues relate to her before she was confirmed.



  • @rabbit

    correct. i got the terminator guess right.

    nobody got the karate kid / wax off, that one was impossible and just plain weird.

    those were some rough clues from what i remember. she's who i wanted anyways, so who cares!! it's a win/win.


  • I actually thought the New Moon wolves would look quite a bit worse than that. There seems to be a history of bad CGI werewolves.

    I'd say keep the non speaking roles separate for now, since they might be recast. I'm pretty surprised HBO confirmed Myrcella. It seems at this point they've realized the fandom will take any information we can get

    @ rabbit
    I'm sure pronuciation is going to cause endless arguements. I've never heard the audio books, so I'm sure mine are way off.

  • @WiC

    I would only showcase the speaking roles, the ones who will have contracts in place for future episodes.

    I know nerddom requires we be explicit in every nuance, but it's sort of pointless and misleading to show a series of talent who will likely if not definitely be re-cast if the show is picked up. i'd keep that sort of casting news to news posts only.

    or at the very least, showcased in the same way you'd showcase the 2nd unit director.



  • @Ryan, As far as I remeber that night of Cersei guessing, some did not believe you…
    Just kidding.
    I accept 100%.
    And who cares, we got them now!

    The names in my head are so weird, believe me.
    that you all can not imagine …lol

  • Ryan: I think at the very least I would like to include the actors pics, if there are any on the web. Just so we can see what kind of look the producers may be going for with the character.

  • oh yes, except i wasn't in chicago time zone, i was in new york. and i don't really have any reason to cheat about it, since i said outright "this is probably wrong, but here's an example…"

    sidenote, those CG wolves sucked, even if they look real, we all know they are fake. that can't happen in GoT, no way no how.


  • here was my wrong approach to the right answer:

    "She is not Elisabeth Shue (who played a brawny chick in Piranha 3D which was very Sarah Connor like)

    She is not Linda Hamilton, who is linked to GRRM via beauty and the beast, and. who played Sarah Connor.

    She is not Sarah Michelle Gellar, who did a version of Sarah Connor for Robot Chicken, and Uhhhh hahh has some clue relating to big ben.

    So obviously it's Lena headey, who played Sarah Connor most recently.

    Hope that APPROACH makes sense, as I think it's closer to reading the right way without opposite day inversions."


    Those wolves are rendered, textured, and lit very well, but they are, alas, CG wolves. My contention remains, and I hope they use real animals and camera tricks to pull them off.


  • I agree with Ryan on the CG wolves. Maybe because it's a ridiculous scene from New Moon with some bad acting, but they are too much CG in my opinion. I want to believe the direwolves can be real, but maybe I'm asking too much.

  • All right, all right, it was not an attack, I just teased you..

    And I am right there with you about the wolves!

  • Oh no no no! I should have explained more but I was being lazy because I'm typing one handed. I want REAL wolves for GoT! I was just surprised because all of the CG wolves I've seen have been terrible. Definitely not saying that the direwolves should be CG.

  • Let's not forget also that the CGI budget for New Moon would probably eclipse the Thrones budget by a wide margin. So we wouldn't be getting CGI work that is quite as polished.

  • I always thought that the wolves in New Moon looked quite laughable really. I really hope that real wolves are going to get used in Thrones. Some camera tricks could be pulled to make them look bigger, right?

  • @Manda

    I completely agree. I would love to see real wolves. and there is something off about the New Moon wolves, but compared to say, the Harry potter Werewolfe, van Helsing, etc, these are spectacular lol

  • pfft, the wolves are going to be dogosaurs. Get used to it, buck up, and move on. If they aren't, it'll be nice, but if they are, I won't mind too much.

  • @Winter and everyone: oh, I wouldn't collapse the minor parts with the rest. Didn't imagine the divisiong would be series vs. appearing in pilot only, but really on the basis of how big the role is. Hard to draw the line, but there's a general consensus, and GRRM treated them the same way – those confirmed today, and Will and Ros, are minor. Drogo was the last major role … I feel this is a good division, and we could consider keeping it.

    I support listing the non-speaking role we learn about, separately, under an appropriate heading indicating they may be recast, pilot only, or sth similar.

  • I too am curious about pronunciation; the only one we really know (for the show) is that Ros is pronounced "Roz."

    Here is how some of them sound in MY head (YMMV):

    Eddard = ED-urd
    Sansa = SAN-za
    Arya = AR-ee-a
    Tyrion = TEER-ee-un
    Jaime = JAY-mee
    Cersei = SAIR-say
    Daenerys = Day-EN-ur-iss
    Dany = DAY-nee
    Viserys = Vi-SHAIR-iss
    Drogo = DRO-go
    Illyrio = Il-LEER-ee-oh

  • My Boston accent taints my pronunciations. In my head Arya is ARE-ya but when I say it out loud it's more like Ah-ya.

    Worst CG wolves: The Day After Tomorrow

  • A little name thing I observed: a lot of news outlets (and other places) have Magister Mopatis named 'Ilyrio' with one L. Seem like the correct spelling is 'Illyrio', though – just want to draw your attention to that.

  • Marko: What do you propose for the heading of each category? Main Cast, Minor Cast and Pilot Only?

  • Just posted the wolves to show they can be done well. I don't know if real ones would work as well as CGI ones, to be fair. There are limits to both.

    If the wolves were as good a standard as the New Moon ones I'd be happy.

  • I wonder if they've toned down Jory's part in the pilot because I see to remember him having several lines in the leaked script.

  • Thanks for turning to me for advice. I would keep the first two as they are (Main Cast, Minor Roles). Let me think about the third … hum, Non-speaking Roles, and then you add a line right below: Pilot only. These roles will likely be recast when the series is picked up. Perhaps. What do you all think?

  • @AYH
    I agree with most of your pronunciations but always imagined:

    Sansa = SAN-saw
    Daenerys = DAY-ne-riss
    Viserys = Vi-SUR-iss

  • I'm with Ryan on this one. They're pretty good CGI, but no one will doubt they're anything but that. I'd very much prefer real animal actors and tricks to CGI wolves.

    Which is good, because (for at least the pilot) GRRM confirmed the use of real animal actors:

    grrm wrote:
    Sep. 26th, 2009 12:33 am (UTC)
    Do remember, all they're filming right now is the pilot. Except for the Dany scenes, all the action takes place in Winterfell, before and during King Robert's visit. The direwolves are all still very young.

    Should we get a series order, of course, we will need larger wolfish actors at some point.

    princess_vernie wrote:
    Sep. 26th, 2009 04:28 am (UTC)
    Re: wolves
    So then we are looking at actual wolves/wolfish dogs as opposed to CGI?

    grrm wrote:
    Sep. 26th, 2009 05:15 am (UTC)
    Re: wolves
    For the pilot, at least.

    I'll point out that he does say, "Larger wolfish actors" when talking about the series instead of "some other solution," or whatnot.

    Not guaranteed proof that the series will use real animals, but a nod in that direction.

    Again, I'm going to be very interested to see who's going to handle the dragons. I don't know I've seen any work outside of WETA or Jim Henson's creature shop that would satisfy. My hopes are on an established company trying completely new techniques that combine real elements with CGI seamlessly to create something never before seen on TV or film. You know, simple stuff.

  • Isn't Jaime just with a short e, as you would say Jaim? And not Eddurd, but pronounce the last a? I'm bad with writing down pronunciations.

    It actually never occured to me that pronunciations could differ that much. You know what would annoy me though, if they made it a-REE-ya. Now I'm afraid!

    By the way: more people get scientology ads on this blog? Noticed it today, underneath the twitter-updates and above the polls. Now that makes me afraid too!

  • "Isn't Jaime just with a short e, as you would say Jaim?"

    No, it's pronounced just like 'Jamie', or at least that's how GRRM pronounces it. 'Jaime' is a very rare and old version of how you actually spell 'Jamie' (a bit like 'ser' as well).

  • Here are my pronunciations:


    Aegon = A-jun
    Aeron = A-run
    Aemon = A-mun
    Alysanne = AL-iss-ANN
    Arya = AHR-ee-uh
    Arys = A-riss
    Asha = AH-shuh
    Baelor = BAIL-or
    Balon = BAY-lunn
    Belwas = BELL-wahs
    Brienne = BREE-en
    Brynden = BRIN-din
    Catelyn = KATE-lynn
    Cersei = SAIR-say
    Chataya = chuh-TIE-uh
    Chiswyk = CHIZ-wick
    Cleos = CLEE-ohs
    Daenerys = DAY-nee-russ
    Dany = Danny :)
    Davos = DAIV-ohs
    Doran = DOOR-ann
    Drogo = DROH-go
    Eddard = ED-dard
    Gendry = GENN-dree
    Gilly = GILL-ee (though I always think JILL-ee first)
    Gregor = GREG-or
    Hodor= HO-der
    Illyrio = il-LEER-ee-oh
    Jeor = JEE-or
    Jaime = JAY-mee
    Jojen = JOH-jenn
    Lancel = LANN-sell
    Lothar = LOH-thahr
    Lyanna = LEE-anna
    Margaery = MARR-juh-REE
    Melisandre = MEL-iss-ANN-druh
    Myrcella = MEER-sell-uh
    Oberyn = OH-ber-inn
    Olenna = oh-LANE-uh
    Pate = PAYT
    Petyr = PEE-turr (aka Peter)
    Rorge = ROAR(gh) (hard to type out)
    Rhaegar = RAY-gahr
    Sandor = SAND-or
    Sansa = SAHN-za
    Shae = SHAY
    Tyrion = TEER-ee-un
    Tytos = TIE-toes
    Varys = VAYR-iss
    Viserys = VISS-er-iss
    Walder = WALL-derr
    Waymar = WAY-marr
    Ygritte = yih-GREET


    Arryn = AYR-inn
    Baratheon = buh-RAY-thee-UN
    Cassel = CASS-ell
    Clegane = CLEE-gain
    Luwin = LOU-win
    Mopatis = MO-pah-tiss
    Pycelle = PIE-sell
    Qyburn = KWAI-burn
    Targaryen = tar-GAY-ree-un
    Tyrell = TIE-rell


    Areo Hotah = R-ee-oh HO-tuh
    Amory Lorch = AM-or-ee LORCH
    Jaquen H'ghar = JAY-kin H-GARR
    Syrio Forel = SEAR-ee-oh FOUR-ell
    Vargo Hoat = VAHR-go HOTE


    P.S. @Manda… Sorry, your not wanting CG wolves explanation. :)

  • @WiC

    You don't normally see non-speaking roles credited at all, not unless they feature prominently in a show or film. So in that regard, I would just sanction the non-speaking parts to a different classification and call the rest the CAST.

    You can call the rest: BACKGROUND/EXTRAS (Subject to Recast)

    Just make sure you're covered for later, once the series goes from PILOT to FULL SERIES. then most of those roles will be moved into the main CAST section.

    My two cents.


  • and it should have read:

    Mopatis = mo-PAH-tiss

    and to be honest, it should have gone under a full name, since it's a strange one:

    Illyrio Mopatis = il-LEER-ee-oh mo-PAH-tis


  • re:pronunciations

    FWIW, I have some of the audio books, I can listen and try writing out phonetic versions of the names. However, just because Roy Dotrice pronounced them a certain way for the audio books does not guarantee that is how they'll be pronounced for the show.

    AYH, your list looks pretty good based on my memory, with a few exceptions.

    Eddard is: ED-ard (as in Hard, replace the H with Ed).
    Viserys: vi-SAIR-iz
    Daenerys: du-NAIR-iz
    Cersei: sir-SEE

  • @ Adam Whitehead
    Jaime is a Spanish name nowadays. As a Spanish speaker, HI-me is the pronunciation I find more suitable. What does GRRM say about it?

  • @ Ryan –
    I'm curious to know if GRRM's blessing was obtained for the audiobooks. Your pronunciations are a little different:

    Brienne Bri – ene
    Catelyn Cat – lyn
    Viserys Vie -sere – us
    Ygritte Ee – grette

    Personally, I'm with you, not the audiobooks on Brienne and Viserys.

  • One Falcon to Another –

    I pretty much go with the audio book pronunciations as well except for Petyr which the audiobooks have as Puh-TIRE. That always sounded horrible to me and was relieved when I read somewhere that George said they got that wrong and it should be pronounced like Peter. I also always read the "ys" at the end of Daenerys and Viserys as "eez".

    ASOIAF names aren't as bad as some other fantasy names. I hate trying to figure out what to do with an umlaut and backwards accent mark in a name. The worst, though, is Stephen Lawhead's take on Robin Hood. WELSH, for frak's sake. What am I supposed to do with Welsh names?

    Saw a Michael Sheen interview the other day and he mentioned the name of a train station near his home in Wales. Thought the host was going to have to give him the Heimlich.

  • Falcon to Falcon: I hate the way he says Puh-TIRE too. I also always read it as Peter. When I talk about him with other fans, I just call him littlefinger, to avoid any confusion.

  • Falcon,

    True, true. I believe we all think of him as Littlefinger and how annoyed would he be if he were a real person to hear that?

  • @Falcon, Falcon, & Ryan –
    Yeah I forgot about Puh-Tire. That was bad. Its Peter as far as I'm concerned.

  • @gofalcons

    the umlaut is simple, just pronounce it like OOH. as for the backward accent, shit, got me. heheh.

    Catelyn is definitely KATE with a LYNN at the end, for me anyhow.

    And Daenerys was always DANGEROUS to me without the G in there.

    Viserys always rhymed with jibberish in my book.

    you can see my connotations can often dictate pronunciations.

    and i don't think i have all the pronunciations correct with regards to how GRRM might pronounce them, but that's just how i have them in my head.


  • I think a lot of my pronunciations stem from reading the books so young. I tended to read the name exactly as it was written. Catelyn = KATE-lyn, Aegon = ai-Gon, and my personal favorite…Aenys = anus.

    I am amazed at the things they do with CG but I do feel that there;s a time and a place for it. There is no place in GoT for CG wolves.

  • Spineless Ryan (friend of Spiny Norman)

    Love the DANGEROUS and JIBBERISH connotations with the names.


  • @Manda

    Agreed. In Harry Potter, they got to be cartoony with it all and it sort of worked, though I didn't like it in the first couple films. I liked lupin and sirius the dog in Cuaron's Azkaban however, also the inflating aunt in the beginning was classic.

    Nothing cartoony about GoT, and unless you have LotR budgets for your CG, i wouldn't even attempt it.


  • @gofalcons

    It's true, that's how I associated their pronunciations. Hahahah. Didn't realize it until this post actually.


  • @Ry-Guy-McFly

    Thought you'd like that. It's rather amazing actually. I spent a good chunk of an afternoon going through it and asking myself, "What is wrong with people???"

  • Cryptic(?) tweet from JCB:

    "Things I have been called today, A fish, A girl an Aristocrat and a see you next tuseday. Eventfull day. X"

    My sick-addled brain recognizes that the "Aristocrat" may be Waymar Royce.

    Any idea on the rest?

  • I'm guessing lines from the script, but wrestling a sick toddler, so no time to look it up.

    Then again, that "girl" thing is pretty common, I guess. (No offense meant, JCB, just noticed it happened 'round here a couple of times.)

    The see you next Tuesday perhaps a reference to shooting?

    Nothing hard about this, I'm sure, just confused brain and cold meds.

  • Okay, got a moment to myself. Read through pilot script and then the original prologue.

    No use of "fish" or "woman" in script, so maybe just some banter on-set?

    Re-reading the prologue, I really hope there's a bit more action from there infused into the new script. In the pilot script we miss the fight between the Other and Royce, and the reveal when Royce kills Will. I think both of those would be great to see. For those that disagree because they'd rather the Others be some unseen enemy, keep in mind that in the pilot script the Others are fully seen, just the fight is missing.

  • Also, JCB has a lot on his plate. It's not all GoT 24/7 (as it is with us).

    He could be called a fish because he was drinking? And people have remarked on his feminine looks before.

    I'll agree the "aristocrat" part was Waymar Royce.

    Tuesday … maybe they're shooting the prologue! We can hope.

  • Holy crap, Paul J, that's a great tidbit.

    I'd never heard it before.

    Nothing to do with shooting then, of course.

    So now the Aristocrat is the only thing that would make me think this is Game of Thrones related on the surface. If at all.

    Paul J. continues to be a genius in my book.

  • @ WIC

    Regarding major vs. minor roles, I'd just like to point out that Luwin plays a larger role (or at least has more lines) than Theon in the pilot, and both he and Rodrik Cassel play bigger roles that Theon in the first book as the primary foils for Bran and Catelyn.

  • Manda, not at all!

    While Paul J and I may not see eye to eye on everything, I can't deny that he was brilliant figuring out Bran, and he's corrected me on things I've gotten wrong countless times.

    While being corrected can be a little ego-bruising and having disagreements can make folks a little prickly to one another, I'd be a fool not to recognize the fact that he's a good source of information and has a quick mind. I'm not that far gone yet.

    No sarcasm there, either.

  • I was just surprised that you'd never heard that; that's why I asked. Hehe, I thought it was universal :p
    And I agree that all of you are waaaay out of my league when it comes to super-sleuthing. I just sit back, refresh the page every thirty seconds and take it all in!

  • Ahhhh. Well, I still meant every word. Paul J is a class act.

    As far as "See You Next Tuesday" goes, there are two main explanations.

    1) If it's something Yanks don't use often, that might explain it.

    2) If it's not a mostly-UK expression, then it's probably my sheltered upbringing that's kept me out of the loop. Although I'm pretty much in the thick of it these days, there are still a few things that missed me.

  • I don't think it's used in the US much at all. I am American, but I know it only from when I visited the UK.

  • I think I was in the fourth grade the first time I heard it; a friend's mom said it and I had no idea what she was talking about. When I got older (high school} it became a regular part of my vocabulary so I became quite desensitized to the word in general.
    I'm banking on your sheltered upbringing *wink*

    To kiss a little more booty; I'm very impressed with the people on this board. It seems like we have at least one expert for every topic. And I'm not being sarcastic there.

  • Regardless, if those things were in relation to the script we know there've been some rewrites.

    Though I'm guessing all we've *really* learned is that JCB gets ragged on a lot.

  • I lived in Chestnut Hill (Boston) for three years and never heard the phrase, "C U Next Tuesday."

    Then again, as Mad-nda pointed out, Bostonian accents are odd; I may have heard it and not recognized it. "Wicked cool. All set? Saya naxt Toozdah. Ya homo."

  • ya know, I'm kinda all set with you raggin' on Bostin accents! It's wicked fuckin' rude, ya prick! And no, I won't pahk the fuckin' kah in Havid Yahd! :p

  • @Paul Gude…its more of a phonetic saying…not something you can generally get just typed.. I had to think about it for a second, see you next tuesday…then I remembered a humours discussion in the school yard in grade 7…yep, people in Canada use that one too.

    @Whoever brought up names…I think I agree with the list Ryan posted, Especially Danger Dany.
    The two exceptions in my mind would be
    Cersei= Sir-see, Or maybe Seer-see
    Arya= Ah-Rye-yah
    ….Just because Aria is a common fantasy name, and martin doesn't take me as common. And because thats how I've pronounced it since the 9th grade and my first read-through, and it would mess with my psyche if it wasn't. Haha

  • Also…What if JCB is going through some fight scenes or sword practice and looks ridiculous? Kinda fits.

  • One last comment before I go back to my thesis proposal:
    Donald Sumpter…AWESOME for maester Luwin. He looks exactly as I imagined.

  • An' shuddit, Maaanda. You think you so smaht. I could hiya a booy from Southie ta take a tooah of ya front yahd in his fackin' Camahro an' pahk thaht bad bastid on top a ya mailbahx. Or betta, I can jus spraypaint "BRADY SUX" on ya roof. You be hated harda than Nomah Gah-cee-a-paa-raa.

  • I just now got what See You Next Tuesday means. Or should I say C U Next Tuesday.

    Never heard it before, but i'm from the midwest, and the worst we got was H-E Double Hockey Sticks.


  • Interesting stuff about the pronunciation… I mostly agree with Ryan, but I always read these differently:

    Daenerys = Dan e reese
    Myrcella = Mirr cell ah
    Viserys = Vis er reese
    Ygritte = Ig reet

    I guess it's the one with the "y" that are off. I always pronounced them in my head as more of an "e" sound.

  • Holy…what the heck is going on?

    Post-production person Marisa made this Twitter update:

    "might get to see some GOT footage tomorrow… very excited!!!"

    I'm flabbergasted, happy, and envious all at the same time.

  • Pronunciations for me:

    Cersei = SER-say
    Targaryen = Tar-GARRY-en
    Baratheon = Ba-RATH-e-on
    Brienne = BREE-en
    Daenerys = Day-NAIR-is
    Catelyn = CAT-e-lin (makes much more sense with the Cat nickname than CATE-lin does, to my ear. Also sounds more medieval and less modern)
    Jaime = used to be Jaym, but it's changed to JAY-me for me now.
    Tywin = TIE-win
    Tyrion = TIRRY-un
    Tyrell = TIE-rell
    Viserys = VIS-erris
    Lysa = LIE-sa
    Petyr = PEE-tir
    Myrcella = Mur-CELL-a
    Arya = AH-ree-a

  • Two things: great to have GRRM back, he's staying for two days, right? I'd like to hear his opinion of the actors in the roles which he presented, too bad that's missing. Hope he writes another post about Bran and Drogo.

    Second, Marisa from post-production is one lucky girl. I thought about it a bit, and realized that she may be getting establishing shots from different locations to work on. Wouldn't expect any actors in this batch of footage …

  • Marko: Establishing shots makes sense to me. Can we get some of the more industry savvy folk to verify if establishing shots are generally filmed this early and if so are they then sent to the post-production studio for processing?

  • I suspect that Jamie Campbell Bower must be a fan of the books and just wanted to be involved in the show to take such a minor role…. because from what I've been reading about him online it sounds as if he's poised to become a major star….

  • Pronunciation of the names is pretty subjective. One guideline applies, in my opinion: ASoIaF names are variants of the names we know in our primary world, some only have an alternative spelling (Petyr vs. Peter), others are minimally different (Eddard vs. Edward, both have Ned as a short version/nickname). Nicknames so sometimes point to the pronunciation as well, Dany is based on Daenerys, so we read 'dae' in the full name as DAN- not DEY- (treating ae as the Latin/Danish ligature letter). Look for existing names and nicknames if you're unsure of pronunciation, or need arguments, then … which doesn't stop you from hearing your own version in your head going against all that when reading the books, of course :)

  • @mark: GRRM has confirmed the pronounciation of Jamie as Jay-mee. It's an old form and a definitivly a boy name. In fact, it is one of the few names we really know how is pronouced.

  • @GRRM's Prologue Review

    Just being a nerd for a second, but the:

    "has worked with dead men" clue has so far not been answered. We expected it was JCB in Sweeney Todd, but now I wonder if he meant Dumbledore?



    Looks like you've got your own style of reading. Hehh. I like that!


  • My god, I'm seeing Jaime with different eyes now. Jaimee sounds so girlish, but now that I think of it there is a certain guy-actor in GoT whos name is Jamie. Oh wait, there's Jamie Oliver too.

    But in Dutch it just sounds like a girl's trailer-trash name.

  • @Knurkwurst

    Don't forget about Jamie Foxx (birthname Eric Marlon Bishop). That's Foxx with TWO x's even. Try to figure THAT one out. There's also Jamie Kennedy (Scream) and Jamie Bell (Billy Elliot).

    As far as the less common spelling of Jaime, there was a contestant on Survivor: China, and another on The Amazing Race show.

    Both girls. Both a little trashy.



  • Just a quick note – 1. regarding CGI direwolves & New Moon – Twilight fans think that everyone/thing copies Twilight – which wouldn't be a bad thing…if it was actually any good! :-D

    2. I always regarded Daenerys' name as being Greek. Cersei is Greek, along with a lot of the names of characters from Dany's end of the pond. The rest of the names I always figured were just variations on spellings of European names, seeing as the story is very very (highlighting the 'VERY') loosely based on British/European mythology, and their pronunciations I assumed would be the same – Petyr – Peter…same thing (easiest example). Eddard is also a used variation. Arya – is just Aria – as in the songs from an opera, etc…

    Just my tuppence

  • @Marko
    In The Hedge Knight, Aegon is called "Egg". This would imply that the ae in Targaryen names is actually pronounced "eh", like Ä in German. Also, the fact that the e is dropped in "Dany" could imply that the nickname doesn't have the same vowel sound as the full name. Of course, the AEs could just be pronounced differently in different names, but "eh" or "ey" (Either of which could easily turn Aegon into Egg) sound better and make more sense to me.

    Very good point about real world counterparts, though. I believe George has mentioned this specifically: that most names with obvious real world counterparts are pronounced exactly like them: Petyr, Jaime, etc. The only exception would be when there is a missing/changed consonant, as in Eddard. And of course with Jaime it's easy to have some confusion due to the numerous related names with spellings similar to that (Jaime pronounced "High me" in Spanish, James, Jamie…) Jamie seems to fit best, however, and apparently has been confirmed.

  • @Demokritos
    True about Dany vs. Daenerys, I interpreted it as the full/official name being older, more formal, and hence more conservative in spelling. My intuition is that nicknames wouldn't change vowel qualities … Egg is fitting with his bald head, but also an echo of his true name, yes. Anyway, I'm a slightly confused: was actually favouring the 'eh'/'ä' pronunciation of 'ae' (as opposed to ey) because this is the sound you get in 'Dany' as well. So we agree :)

  • @ Demokritos: Thank you for saying what I wanted to say about Aegon/Egg. The fact that his nickname was "Egg" gives us two important clues to Targaryen name pronunciations (not necessarily applying to the rest of Westeros, but at least to this dynasty):

    1) the ae combination is pronounced as a long a (ey). Therefore, the first syllable of Daenerys should sound like day. (The other two syllables are up for conjecture, but my personal interpretation is day-NEHR-iss, though I suppose the y should really be a long e.)

    2) the g is hard and not soft — it does not sound like j. Therefore, Targaryen should be tar-GAR-yen and not tar-JAR-yen. The conqueror's name was EY-gone tar-GAR-yen.

    My bubble has really been burst to discover that Martin pronounces Jaime as jay-mee. That's the name of a two-year-old kid, not a mighty warrior. I shall stubbornly continue to call him jaym, even after the HBO series defies me. However, I was vindicated to find that Martin's Catelyn is CAT-uh-linn, which is what I've always called her in my head.

    Also, I don't think we can call the casting complete until we have official news on the direwolf pups.

  • @Chela: good reasoning and valid points. Just don't know where you made the leap: Aegon is like Egg, therefore Daenerys is 'DAY-nerys'. 'Egg' is pronounced 'Eh-g', not 'Eyg' … True, though, that when I stop thinking and just go with the instinct, I read those EY-gone, and Day-NEH-riss. Oh well, the series will set the canon, what with George being so closely involved :)

  • @Mark (comment from 6:45 AM)

    Wrong. Jaime can indeed be pronounced JAY-me. I have co-worker who spells their name that way and pronounces it JAY-me, not JAYM.

  • well, there are different regional pronunciations of "egg". Some people pronounce it with a long a, some people with a short e.

  • I've always thought that Jaime was pronounced JAYM. It's sounds far better than JAY-MEE. It just has a certain ring to it.

  • I still stand by Daenerys being pronounced like Dangerous but without the "G".


    I don't know how you would emphasize the second syllable, sounds so awkward to do it that way.

    I haven't read a Dunk & Egg novella (yet), so I was excited to know that Aegon is a hard G and not a soft one (as I have always read).

    Thanks for the Wednesday lessons, friends.

    Little Amy looks awfully scary in that photo, like she is going to slap her father or something. I wonder if she can act, and if so, if she could be Myrcella for the show..

    Jaime being pronounced JAME just doesn't make sense to me, and frankly I'm surprised people actually thought it was pronounced that way. HIGH-me I can understand for those who speak Spanish, but JAME? no way no how.


  • Aegon = Ay-gon
    Arya = Ar-ya
    Aerys – Ay-riz
    Balon = Balloon (could not resist)
    Brienne = Bree-en (the first syllabe is like a french cheese)
    Brynden = Brin-den
    Catelyn = Kate-lynn
    Cersei = Ser-sy
    Daenerys = Day-ne-ryz
    Davos = Daiv-os
    Drogo = Drogo
    Hodor= Hodor
    Jaime = Jay-mee
    Olenna = O-lee-na
    Petyr = Pet-yr
    Sandor = Shan-dor (like hungaryan)
    Sansa = San-sa
    Tyrion = Tee-ri-on
    Viserys = Viz-er-eez

    zhabalabazhazhablabla-kso – That is Jalabhar lol


  • You know, it's funny…

    I read through half the series and never noticed that 'jaime' did not have an 'i' in it, so I was seeing and pronouncing it 'jay-mee' in my head all that time…then I one day I actually noticed that it did not have the 'i' and figured I was mispronouncing it the whole time…and was glad for it because I thought 'JAYM' was more original/interesting sounding — but I stand corrected. I did not realize that it is an alternative spelling of the popular boy's name and I did not know grrm confirmed it previously. Thanks for the correction!

  • @Marko
    I've always thought of Dany as being the same pronunciation as Danny. I've known girls named Danielle or other names that can be shortened to "Dani", which is pronounced like Danny. So I think I just jumped to the conclusion you were interpreting Dany the same way, for some reason. As for "egg", the pronunciation varies a bit by accent, but "eh" is definitely most common and I don't think anyone quite takes it all the way to a full-blown "ey". Still, "Ey gone" is close enough to "Eh gone" to make the jump to Egg, while if it rhymed with "Dragon", that would be a stretch.

    Your Targaryen is my interpretation, too. For further specificity, the "gar" is like the first syllable of "Gary", at least the way George says it. I still usually imagine it like the first syllable of "garlic".

    For me, Jay-mee makes perfect sense, since ending on the M seems awkward when said out loud. I also know a guy with that name (Though he spells it Jamey). I do see how names ending in an "ee" sound can seem childish and/or feminine, though.

    And the three syllable Catelyn is odd to me, as Catelyn is a real-world spelling of Caitlin, which is pronounced like "Kate Lynn". Of course they're all derived from Katherine, so not a big deal at all.

    Off on a tangent, I was looking up meanings of a few ASoIaF name equivalents, and Caitlyn was the most interesting…

    (From emphasis mine)
    "From the Greek name Αικατερινη (Aikaterine). The etymology is debated: it could derive from the earlier Greek name ‘Εκατερινη (Hekaterine), which came from ‘εκατερος (hekateros) "each of the two"; it could derive from the name of the goddess HECATE; it could be related to Greek αικια (aikia) "torture"; or it could be from a Coptic name meaning "my consecration of your name". In the early Christian era it became associated with Greek καθαρος (katharos) "pure", and the Latin spelling was changed from Katerina to Katharina to reflect this.

    The name was borne a semi-legendary 4th-century saint and martyr from Alexandria who was tortured on a spiked wheel. The saint was initially venerated in Syria, and the name was introduced to Western Europe by returning crusaders. It has been common in England since the 12th century in many different spellings, with Katherine and Catherine becoming standard in the later Middle Ages."

    Hecate was the goddess of witches, which coupled with torture paints a pretty good picture of Lady Stoneheart. Then you have "pure" and the tortured martyr, which fits with the mother who thinks her children are all dead, missing, or in danger. "Each of the two" also fits with this duality. Not sure if George was choosing his names based on meaning at all, but if there's one name that suggests he was, it's Catelyn.

    I think I've actually been wavering between your pronunciation and Marko's in my head this whole time without quite realizing… Probably a bit harder to say with certainty where the emphasis goes, though, so as long as we're all on the same page with the vowel sounds…

  • To me the valyrian "ae" is either long in "cat", and I always give that syllable emphasis.

    A-gon, A-mon, dan-Aris

    I think I read somewhere that that character that looks like an A and an E smooshed together is pronounced that way, so that's how I interpreted the "ae".

  • I much prefer CAT-uh-lin, or CAT-e-lin to CATE-lin. CATE-lin sounds too modern and little girlish to me, to be honest, which is the last thing our Catelyn is.

  • @Demokritos: You've assumed correctly, for me Dany = Danny. Perhaps there was misunderstanding at some other point which makes me seem contradict that. Anyway, it does not matter much :) Hard to discuss pronunciation in writing unless you revert to IPA :P as said before, it will be interesting to watch the series to hear them pronounce the names we're debating.

  • @Marko
    Hm. You said you were favoring 'eh'/'ä' later on. To me that's a completely different vowel sound than the one in "Danny". Danny's vowel sound would be like the one in ham, can, cap, stamp, etc. What I mean by "eh" is like well, fed, set, and so on. Of course, English vowel usage is ridiculously non-standardized, so even those probably don't make things as clear as they should be.

  • I'm surprised by people's pronunciation of Arya. I always assumed it was just "AR ya" (as in "You're not chicken, ARE ya"?).

    Also, Brienne is "bree EN". I'm willing to bet money on it :)

  • hey guys–

    on GRRM's not a blog under his "not coming to denver post" (did anyone else read that?) he mentions there will be a big announcement at the milehicon to keep our ears pealed for…

    is it too early to hope for a series order?

    is it crazy to hope ADWD is done???

  • The first time I read the Hobbit (age 9 or so) I made it all the way through to book to the last chapter thinking it was pronounced Biblo Baggins. lol

    Where are the location pictures people are talking about? I must have missed em.

    Still can't believe this is really happening.

  • Can't imagine a DWD announcement. GRRM has promised to announce it on his web site before anywhere else.

    I'd say a series pickup might be appropriate for the big news.

  • Oh, Legion gets name-dropped too.

    I had mentioned Paul J as the best find ever, but I think my description of the clue solving process was more involved than Luwin.

  • Congrats Pauly G … Next thing we know you'll be having EW contact you for quotes. Wonder why Winter wasn't in that by the way?

  • hehe Grats Paul & Legion! Makes me happy to see us (and more importantly the show) starting to get some serious recognition.
    I do hate the Arturian Comparisionsa few articles I have read are making. Sure there are knights, monsters, magic, heraldry and other similarities, but every time I see the two subject matters compared, I cringe thinking about the "non-geek" viewer unfamiliar with the subject matter that read the parallel and think of Disney's the Sword in the Stone or worse the new series Merlin. Its like comparing the Tele Tubbies to Family Guy because both shows are cartoons.

  • @Demokritos
    Ah, I see … yeah, hard to 'write' phonetics in a non-standardized way, hehe. I considered 'eh' and 'ä' as two different sounds, but preferred them to the diphthong (glide) 'ey' at that point in my statement. 'eh' I meant to stand for the well, fed, set sounds, and 'ä' for pat, rat, mat, Danny, and Dany ones. True that in English this sound is relatively short (compared to German and some other languages, also depending on the position a bit, I think), but it has the same quality as in langauges that write it this way. Hope it's clearer now … we agree anyway. And I agree with DingDong.

    Go George, go Paul Gude, go us. All the best wishes to our community.

  • I've read the article, and I'm pleased with it. Surely, it will contribute a lot to the promotion of the project and furthering the buzz. The one thing I don't like is the twins spoiler references … could gloss over the first one, but then she points NC-W's charachter right out. Well, nothing the first episode won't show.

    So then, an announcement at the Con in the next three days. Exciting period ahead. I should think it is not book-related … and the thoughts inevitably stray to series being ordered, but … not sure, perhaps something smaller but just as exciting. I have a feeling George could not contain the news fully if he already knew, too few hints and nudges in the way he phrases his latest posts concerning the series. We'll have to wait and see, it's a matter of only a couple of days.

  • He DOES talk about finding actors for the rest of the season already….

    Dare we even hope for an order?

  • The announcement could me something very minor (e.g. new calendar artist hired 2011) or could also be something non aSoIaF-related at all (e.g. another Wild Cards installment is on the way). GRRM has his hands in many different things. I'm trying not to get my hopes up.

    Congrats for Paul Gude for quotes. That's awesome for the WiC community.

  • My pronounciation, using Ryan's list:

    Aegon = A-gon
    Aeron = A-ron
    Aemon = A-mon
    Alysanne = A-liss-sane
    Arya = Arry (like Harry without the H)-a
    Arys = A-riss
    Asha = AH-shuh
    Baelor = BAIL-or
    Balon = BAY-lon
    Belwas = BELL-wahs
    Brienne = BREE-en
    Brynden = BRIN-din
    Catelyn = KATE-lynn
    Cersei = Sir-See
    Chataya = chuh-TIE-uh
    Chiswyk = CHIZ-wick
    Cleos = CLEE-os
    Daenerys = DAY-en-ner-ris
    Dany = Danny
    Davos = Davos
    Doran = Doran
    Drogo = Drogo
    Eddard = ED-dard
    Gendry = GENN-dree
    Gilly = Jilly
    Gregor = GREG-or
    Hodor= HO-dOr
    Illyrio = il-LEER-ee-oh
    Jeor = JEE-or
    Jaime = JAY-mee
    Jojen = JO-jenn
    Lancel = LANN-sell
    Lothar = LOH-thar
    Lyanna = LEE-anna
    Margaery = MARR-juh-REE
    Melisandre = MEL-is-sarn-druh
    Myrcella = MEER-sell-uh
    Oberyn = OH-ber-inn
    Olenna = oh-Lee-nuh
    Pate = PAYT
    Petyr = Peter
    Rorge = Rorge
    Rhaegar = RAY-gahr
    Sandor = SAND-or
    Sansa = SAN-sa
    Shae = SHAY
    Tyrion = Ter-ry-on
    Tytos = TIE-toss
    Varys = VAR-iss
    Viserys = VIS-ser-ris
    Walder = WALL-derr
    Waymar = WAY-marr
    Ygritte = yih-GRET


    Arryn = Aaron
    Baratheon = buh-Rath-fe-on
    Cassel = CASS-ell
    Clegane = CLEE-gain
    Luwin = LOU-win
    Mopatis = MO-pah-tiss
    Pycelle = PIE-sell
    Qyburn = KWAI-burn
    Targaryen = tAR-gaary-un
    Tyrell = TIE-rell


    Areo Hotah = R-ee-oh HO-tuh
    Amory Lorch = AM-or-ee LORCH
    Jaquen H'ghar = JAY-kin H-GARR
    Syrio Forel = SEAR-ee-oh FOUR-ell
    Vargo Hoat = VAHR-go HOTE

  • Pretty sure I remember reading somewhere that Catelyn was pronounced Cat-Lin or maybe Cat-eh-lin.
    Not sure where I rememeber seeing that but I used to pronounce it as kate-lin but now do it the other way.

  • Last thing I'm going to weigh in on with the pronunciation discussion. I find myself wavering on the Theon. It's either THEE-en (more of a schwa in the second syllable but I can't type one of those) or THEE-on. But here's the problem with trying to do this on a message board. My THEE a is a "hard" th (like a lispy "SEE" and not like a Shakespearean "Get thee to a nunnery).

    I wonder how much we all would actually agree if we got together in a room and could actually talk to each other? Except for Ryan's Dangerous and Jibberish which I completely get and completely disagree with. (The first syllable of Daenerys is "da" like in dad and the last syllable of both is "eez".)

    By the way, Ryan, I also love the parallel construction there with Horror and Slobber. Those have to be two of the best nicknames in all of literature.