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Day 3: Filming at Doune Castle

Today is officially the third day of filming. Although, from the reports we’ve been getting, it is likely the first day they will actually be filming. It sounded like the last couple days consisted of mostly rehearsals and equipment set up. Today all the main cast will be present, including Sean Bean.

No set reports or photos yet. However, GRRM checked in from Scotland this morning with a blog post in which he discusses meeting some of the cast members.

I’ve met Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner (and their charming moms). They’re terrific, bright and beautiful and bursting with enthusiasm, excited to be a part of this.

And now I’m having pangs of guilt about all the horrors that they’re going to have to go through in the months and years to come, thanks to me.

I’m going to have to rewrite the books so only nice things happen to Arya and Sansa. Might change the story some.

Also ran into Ron Donachie, Jennfier Ehle, and Kit Harington, and all of them were great The rest of the cast is around here somewhere too, but we haven’t bumped into them yet. But I expect we’ll meet them all today on set.

In addition, we’ve gotten some info regarding today’s shoot from a stand-in for Lena Headey and Jennifer Ehle. Props to Ran from Westeros for the find. Anyway, this stand-in, MissKatiana2, has tweeted that she will be working on Monday and Tuesday. And that Sean Bean, Jennifer Ehle and Lena Headey will be there as well. She also described a scene that she was blocking the other day:

on ‘action’ – i had to come out of the castle ‘cellar’ & go up the castle steps with my ‘hand maiden’ behind me carryin.. the train of my dress, did that twice & then the real actress did it!

UPDATE: Commenter Mauberly points us to an article in The Press and Journal regarding the filming at Doune Castle. No new info here, but it is nice to see more press about the show.

UPDATE: Got a detailed report from an anonymous source who claims they were at the filming today. Can’t be sure as to the validity of this report, but here is a summary of what they had to say (they asked to not be quoted directly).

-The entire cast is there, along with McCarthy, Benioff, Weiss and GRRM.
-Mark Addy is in a wig and beard.
-Ehle is present and was apparently nursing a baby (has she had a baby recently?).
-The wolf pups are there.
-The great hall is set up for the feast. All the food is real and looks delicious. A ton of effort has been put into even the smallest detail. They apparently have a popular German medieval band there playing drums and bagpipes.
-Dinklage’s performances have been amazing and quite funny.
-Over 100 extras in full costume. Costumes look beautiful.

UPDATE: A poster by the name Crakehall is posting about his set visit over on the Westeros forums. Sounds like he might be the one that sent me the report above since he is reiterating the info present in the email. But he has offered up one extra tidbit over there: that GRRM did his cameo appearance today.

UPDATE: Here’s photographic proof that Crakehall was there (you can see GRRM and Parris in the center of the photo).

UPDATE: More from Crakehall:

I did see the banners, however, and they are awesome, so don’t you worry In fact, the great hall gave me the biggest ‘dork’ moment of my trip. The woman who was taking me through laughed when I started pointing out the houses.

UPDATE: Great report from JacMac30 over at the Westeros forums:

Photos weren’t allowed and the two security people John (I think) and blonde haired raccoon hat wearing lady said they were getting stick for the existing photos up on the net so no photos from me. I’d like to repeat how lovely they were btw, really nice and friendly.

People I saw:

Mark Addy, wearing black brocade. Saw him trying the crown on too while a crew member was taking what I presume were continuity shots. Beard long but not too busy, black with grey.

Ron Donachie – all I can remember is he had long grey whiskers on his cheeks. I was so take with them that apparently I missed Kit Harrington next to him.

Jennifer Ehle, couldn’t see her outfit. She was wandering outside the castle with her baby. Her husband and son turned up later. Hair quite ginger (long wig unless her hair is very long these days). More ginger than I expected. Not what I’d call auburn but then it may look different under studio lights and on camera. It was tied back in multiple plaits.

Jack Gleeson, wearing long crimson brocade coat. Nearly bumped into him on the way out. He looks great as Joffrey.

Think I saw the woman who will be playing Septa Mordane among the extras. There were lots of Lannister and Winterfell soldiers, and Winterfell staff. Looking really great. Winterfell staff were in grey/blue outfits while the Lannister red was more subdued than I expected but still looking great.

Rory McCann – by this point I was a bit giddy at being so close to the following so details are lacking. He has the right side of his face done up but I can’t remember the details. Wearing black (or dark brown) and red I believe.

Sean Bean – is Ned! Longish hair, close beard. Wearing a blue/grey under a dark leather coat.

Peter Dinklage – blonde shaggy hair. Think he was wearing a red velvet outfit. I did wish him luck as he was being called to set. (As they all were).

The Winterfell folk trouped past. – Richard Madden, redder hair than I expected but looking good. Can’t remember much of Alfie Allen, I was very close to them at this point that I couldn’t see their clothing easily. Sophie Turner, wearing the same blue/grey colour as Sean I think. Don’t think Maisie and Isaac were on set today. Could be wrong.

Finally while I was waiting to get into a the one and only toilet…who should come out but Jaime Lannister! Poor Nikolaj, I laughed inanely! Really wasn’t expecting him to come out! He was wearing a light blue and light brown leather over coat. I was surprised it wasn’t crimson. Poor guy must have been wondering why I was laughing at him coming out of the toilet! Tall, blonde and a lurvely smile! Definitely Jaime!

Also spoke to Tom McCarthy and wished him the best for the film. He seemed surprised and chuffed that a fan of the books was there. Oh and I saw DnD from afar.

I was really impressed how everyone just seemed to bring the books to life in front of me. I hadn’t expected that. Can’t wait to see this on the small screen!

Quick ‘hello’ to transport guy I chatted to in the castle and a final thanks to go to Mo Mr. Driver who ended up giving me a lift back to the car park instead of having to wait on the bus. He enjoyed hearing what the filming was all about. Said he learnt more in those 2 minutes than he had all weekend

Anyway, that’s the long giddy story boiled down. Really pleased that I took the day off work now!

Filming continues tomorrow but that will be them done at Doune. Regards the CGI debate, from what I saw outside I don’t think they’ll be shooting the outside of the castle. There’s too much filming rig about. The mats etc out the front were to attempt to stop the grass turning to mud. Historic Scotland insisted the big trucks are not allowed to drive onto the grass to turn etc (info from Mr. Transport). They’ve covered the grass in the court yard with loads of sand.

Think that’s it….

Jackie – happy to answer questions if I can. Oh..Mark Addy…no, don’t think there were lifts but then I think Robert sits down for the whole of the feast so maybe he had a cushion. He is bigger than Sean Bean though (he was um…shorter than expected

UPDATE: Jackie (aka JacMac30) has responded to a few questions here and over at the Westeros forums. Here is what she said:

I was attempting to reply regards the authenticity of the costumes etc. I can’t say I’m an expert on medieval costumes but they seemed close to me, esp the staff and soldiers. I didn’t see any armor as the soldiers were dressed for the feast. The colours were quite muted and the fabric is similar to that seen in Merlin (I stress fabric). I don’t mind Merlin but I know it’s a bad word around here. The Lannister crimson/red was darker than Uthors.

Sean was wearing a leather coat to the knees with scroll work inlay (or maybe another pattern, I didn’t like to stare). Quite dark colours.

Nikolaj was also wearing a knee length leather coat and as stated earlier, not red/crimson but a light greyish colour I think (again I was embarrassed at the time for having just laughed at him coming out of the toilet!). I think there was cream too.

Didn’t really see the Stark’s attire as I was too close to them.

Rory was in dark colour but I think he also had read on. He is significantly taller than Sean Bean and a similar height to Nikolaj.

Mark Addy’s looked very Royal and rich.

I think Crakehall might be right and that we saw the back of Lena as she was being helped up the stairs to the feast hall. If so, then her outfit was very intricate and regal. Quite an ellaborate head dress.

The house hold staff were wearing various styles. The kitchen staff had head scarfs and leather like aprons wrapped around their waists. Some wore long tabards over trousers, some had shorter tabards (think they were the servers at the feast).

Other extras looked like they could be other lords of the north, they work skins on their shoulders or big leather collars. There was someone with a shaved head and looked quite savage. I think Septa Mordaine was there too.

As for the banner I saw, I should have stated it wasn’t in the main hall at the time it was in the preparation area. I never saw the main hall.

Responding to Ran regards external shots. Unless they took some shots before they put the scafolding up (to block the light from the halls windows, not for cameras) then I don’t see them filming wide shots of the outside. I wasn’t there for the King’s arrival so don’t know if that was shot from outside. I doubt it as there was no set put up around the Historic Scotland visitors shop which is in the gate way.

I’m not there today. Figured yesterday couldn’t be topped and I really should get some work done, talking of which…. I am smiling a lot today though.

Jackie. – ps. I did boo quitely when the Lannister guards men were called to the main hall


To answer some of your questions:
1) the people on the left are indeed in costume but some were wearing ‘normal’ coats over the top. I did see them reading lines at one stage. My impression is the woman (dark hair)and RAF style coat might be a Stark lady in waiting. The guy with the leather looking coat might be a steward not sure.

2) the puppy was about knee high and quite big. Not a newly born pup. He/she was being trained on the grass just to the left of pathway seen in the photo. Visually perhaps not intimidating to the castle dogs but I’m not sure they’d be filming that or not. Looked like it was being trained to sit and pay attention ;)

3) Sean’s hair was dark but not black. More a dark grey.

Think that’s it…

Jackie – still smiling ;)


  • Issac's mother will have to have a "talk" with him about birds, bees, and adults who wrestle naked…

  • "The Press & Journal" article does mention a nugget – that filiming at Doune will be done by next Saturday. Do we know where they are going next, other than the Paint Hall??

  • Me too, Silverstar. At the very least you know that GRRM will be there and if you ply him with drinks and plunk his magic twanger, you just might be able to wrestle some info out of him. Can't wait to see the pictures and hear the stories.

  • brhodes: The assumption is they will film in the Paint Hall for a couple of weeks, then head to Morocco.

  • According to her blog Julia Frey has been driving around NI. Do you think she has just been sightseeing or looking right shooting places? Landscapes etc.

  • @WiC,

    I'm going to see if there's much take-up for a meet after the London signing too. I actually think that one might be quieter, due to it not being based around the tv show, so if GRRM chooses to come along to that, it might be easier to get info out of him in a slightly quieter environment.

  • How much will be filmed at the paint hall? It seems a fair amount of the Winterfell scenes will be at Doune (courtyard and great hall stuff at least), the prologue and beheading will presumably be outdoors somewhere, Dany's scenes in Morocco, that doesn't leave much?

    The brothel, maybe some of the indoor scenes from Winterfell if sets are preferable to the smaller castle rooms- anything else? Will Dany's indoor scenes be filmed in Northern Ireland?

  • My post from george's not-a-blog. Figured it had relevance here, so sorry for the repeat to some!…
    I think of all the actors, I'm the most excited to see all the younger crowd in action. From Theon down, all seem to be unknown and untried…they will truly become the characters for some of us. I'm really looking forward to seeing Maisie and Sophie…horrors and all.

  • Silverstar: Good thinking. And if the cast and crew are at the Belfast moot, GRRM may be more reluctant to spill the beans. In London, you won't have that problem.

    shinyteapot: I would assume any indoor scenes will be shot in the Paint Hall. That means they would need the following sets:

    Winterfell Crypts
    Ned & Cat's Bedchamber
    King's Landing Brothel
    Illyrio's Mansion
    Winterfell Godswood (?)

  • @ Mauberly –
    Wow, Julia Frey's blog is great stuff. The October 22 entry has a photo that, with some CGI, would make a great Storm's End or, without CGI, The Whispers. She is obviously scouting for the full season, perhaps she is scouting for the Opening Sequence?

  • Wow, a GRRM pub trip in London would definitely get me on a train.

    I like how the optimism is shining through in his not a blog about months and years of filming to come. Wonder if he knows something we dont?

  • @brhodes

    Isaac is an english boy, he likely already knows about sex. It's ridiculous how young kids know about it these days.

  • I like the style of reporting in these exciting days :)

    It really is good to have George there, he will surely provide lots of reliable info we couldn't get even from the most fervent fans stalking around the set.

    One of the commenters found the info that they will be at Doune at most until Friday the 30th before BBC. The stand-in won't be needed after Tuesday, she said. How indicative is that, experts resident? Are stand-ins required to be present throughout the shoot? Thank god for Twitter :) Speaking of which, Bower's one will surely reveal in some way where they are shooting the prologue!

    I could imagine they will be combining the scenes and shots from Scotland with ones filmed at the studio (both interior and exterior – say the portals, gatehouses, windows, and doorways they could not find at Doune, we're all guessing the crypt as well) to create Winterfell for the screen. What wouldn't I give for production design sketches, phew.

  • Stand ins are generally used for camera pre-filming work. Getting the angles and lighting stuff right and checking the staging.

    If they are only needed until Tuesday, then the chances are, after that, they'll be filming with the actors stright off having got all their settings sorted.

  • Figured as much. One thing that nagged me though, was ligting – as they are doing much of it outside, the conditions will change, and then perhaps they would need stand-ins every day to set it right and not have the actors stand there just for that.

    As for Julia's blog – really nice photos of really nice places. The entry of 22nd though, according to her earlier post, belongs to a free weekend trip series, so I guess it's not work related. She is scouting Scotland at the moment, though … the prologue and the opening scenes? In some way I'd expect them having decided on the locations by now, though, if they are shooting those right after Doune.

  • Is Bower the only cast member on twitter? Seems likely that some of the other young actors tweet. Has anyone checked?

    I'd do it myself, but the only contact I've had with the twitter world is through links on this site. Is it even possible to search for a specific twitterer (twit?) by name?

  • Got an anonymous email with a report from the set.
    Here is the summary of what they had to say.

    -The entire cast is there, along with McCarthy, Benioff, Weiss and GRRM.
    -Mark Addy is in a wig and beard.
    -Ehle is present and was apparently nursing a baby (has she had a baby recently?).
    -The wolf pups are there.
    -The great hall is set up for the feast. All the food is real and looks delicious. A ton of effort has been put into even the smallest detail. They apparently have a popular German medieval band there playing drums and bagpipes.
    -Dinklage's performances have been amazing and quite funny.
    -Over 100 extras in full costume. Costumes look beautiful.

  • "-Ehle is present and was apparently nursing a baby (has she had a baby recently?)."

    5 minutes of googling says no.

  • Great stuff. Not just the info, but the fact that the informer is someone that is part of the production and/or is allowed to be on set and move freely around. Which means we could potentially expect more reports in the following hours and days. Protect the source, he's god-given :)

  • Legion pointed out that "I like how the optimism is shining through in his not a blog about months and years of filming to come. Wonder if he knows something we dont?"
    And I agree. With biiig puppy eyes and a grin on my face.

    Plus, hooray for wolf pups, I was dreading the option of them using CG direwolves only.

  • Pups are cute and can help sell the series even more at the beginning at least. Ehle nursing mystery, we have to explore that … or perhaps that wasn't her …

  • Ehle is present and was apparently nursing a baby (has she had a baby recently?)."

    Ehle gave birth in March (to a daughter, Tahulah). I don't know anything about babies but I assume it's actuall her baby and not that they are aging Rickon down significantly.

  • Ehle gave birth in March (to a daughter, Tahulah). I don't know anything about babies but I assume it's actuall her baby and not that they are aging Rickon down significantly.

    That's probably it, then.

  • If there were that many extras ihn costume milling about I cannot believe we dont have pictures yet….

  • Okay, I take back some of the excitement, the informer seems to be a regular tourist. Amazing though, how freely they can move around … it means that we should be getting further reports, and it's only a matter of time before someone takes a photo of a costume.

  • Maybe they has low the age of Rikon and Ehle was training for her acting…

    By the way, i found a great pics from HBO… you know if they are official?

  • If you look closely at Crakehall's photo, and enlarge it, you can see two people just below and a tiny bit to the right of GRRM who appear to be in costume.

  • @Guildor: What pictures? probably not …

    @brhoder: hmmm … don't think so, I can only see people in (rain)coats.

  • @Marko
    I have a sneaking suspicion that source may be a SHE, named after a famous city in France…No tourist would have found out all that information, and such specific stuff at that.
    Just a thought.

  • Sometimes they will have stand-ins on set a lot for blocking and lighting set-ups. Interesting they told her they won't need her later in the week. Maybe they will be focusing on the scenes that don't have either Headey or Ehle by that point. So Jon and Tyrion, Ned and Robert, the kids, etc. Ehle and Headey could be off to N.I. by then for other scenes, or just have a few days off, depending on the schedule. Might be they have some other local girl(s) there as their stand in(s).

    Sometimes stand-ins literally have to "stand-in" for actual shots in the movie, say if they need a pick-up of a character in full costume but you don't actually see their face. Instead of dragging the actor out to reshoot a part of a scene they already shot – and since the actor might be working on another scene elsewhere, they can get the stand-in and have the second unit shoot them at a distance, or from behind, etc. Better than wasting the main actor's valuable time, and cheaper that way too. A lot of scenes in a lot of movies, when you can't see the actor's face, is really a stand-in.

    Now days they can even CGI the actor's face in if the shot makes it apparent it's a stand in or stunt person, which was sometimes a problem in the past. That happened with the Final Cut version of Blade Runner, where the stuntman who ran through the shop windows in place of Joanna Cassidy (Zorah) was too obviously not the actress and wore a terrible wig (yes, I said stuntMAN, not woman). So they went back and CGI'd Cassidy's head back into the scene, plus with better hair, and it looks SO much better now.

  • @ Marko –
    The guy in the long grey coat with the short hair and sideburns appears to me to be in costume. As does the girl with the dark hair holding the waterbottle.

  • @Kelsey: your suspicion may hold water, but – look at the picture. It has been taken by the same person, and Parris is in it … so, not this time though (although she's known to have been sharing some bits of new here and there).

    Brude, thanks for the expertise!

  • Ehle gave birth in March (to a daughter, Tahulah). I don't know anything about babies but I assume it's actuall her baby and not that they are aging Rickon down significantly.

    That's probably it, then.

    No problem playing a "motherly" character then :)

  • @brhodes – I looked at those two as well, but I really do not think those are costumes. What do others think? Patience patience :)

  • I don't think that those are costumes. They would look like some sort of pseudo-Victorian adventurers in this.

  • Gorang- Legion – Marko –
    There is a guy with an infant just above and to the right of GRRM. It looks overcast, but not raining. I may be a dumb cajun, but I've never seen raincoats like that. The girl with the waterbottle looks like she's in a dress.

  • Well, I won't argue. Hope we can soon get some proof one way or the other comparing these to confirmed costumes. On Westeros, another member has promissed a report soon, she stayed there longer!

    And … apparently I'm at the top of the commenters' list at the moment. Fun, cause I have never paid too much attention to that, kept quiet unless I has sth to say most of the time, and kept my remarks as pertinent as possible. Still, a celebration is in order :P or not.

  • I'm loving all these update :P

    I can think of a few ideas for this German medieval band. Off the top of my head the popular ones are Faun, Estampie and Corvus Corax. There are others I have heard of. Here's hoping it's Estampie :D

  • @Gorang – Legion – Marko, Strangerface…

    Its all in fun trying to figure these things out. :) I just don't see raincoats there…

    Also –

    Did anyone else catch the replies to Crakehall's post over at Westeros stating that the banners of the great houses were up in the "Great Hall"?

  • *out of the lurkerland*

    All the day pressing F5!!! I'm so excited with the news and reports!!!

    *back to lurkerland*

  • Seeing that picture from Crakehall showing GRRM at the Doune Castle set gives me goosebumps. I have been googling Doune today and found this info on Doune Castle the courtyard apparently used to be very crowded with stables, smithy, workshops and possibly a brewery. I guess locals over the centuries torn down those for building materials along with the tower tops.

  • It must feel really special for Martin to ''walk in'' to the materialization of his work. As a former Hollywood writer I'm sure he has always tried to picture how his work would look on screen.

  • "I'm loving all these update :P

    I can think of a few ideas for this German medieval band. Off the top of my head the popular ones are Faun, Estampie and Corvus Corax. There are others I have heard of. Here's hoping it's Estampie :D"

    It is one of those three. Won't tell which though ;)

  • kingorpauper: How do you know? Any other details you care to give us?

    As you can tell, we are all quite mad over the tiniest of details here. ;)

  • Hopefully we will get our first glimpse of a Direwolf soon. Maybe GRRM can pose outside the gate for us with one in his arms.

  • Hi to everyone!

    It is been a long day in the office (I have not got access to this site)…

    But, now I am so exciting taht only thing I am capable to write is: YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!

  • nevermind. i found the pic. ^_^ And to add my two cents, it looks like the folks are wearing pea coats and it's a sunny day while everybody is standing in the shadow of the castle. *nodnod*

  • Does anyone know anything about the German medieval band? Are there just men or also women? How many band members? Could it be In Extremo? Faun? Corvus Corax? Cultus Ferox? Subway to Sally? Haggard? Estampie? Sava? Rapalje? Schelmish?

    I'm so excited ^^

  • If you think of those four as the points of a square, the one in the upper left corner looks to have hair and clothing that could quite possibly be considered a costume.

    The one a lot of people seem to be talking about, (upper right corner of square) is definitely wearing an interesting coat, and it *could* be a costume. Or, he may just be a unique dresser. His hair is fairly short, but looks like he has a beard.

    Person (woman?) at bottom left holding a water bottle might be in a dress, or just a long coat.

    Person (woman?) at bottom right looks like she's in street clothes.

    I wouldn't take much stock in the fact that it's sunny meaning that folks wouldn't be wearing long coats. It's the person in the upper left of the square formed by the four really seems to have something going on in my opinion, which lends itself to the idea that the upper right guy is in costume as well.

  • Well, if it is one of those 3 bands, my guess would definitely be Corvus Corax, as they definitely have bagpipes.

    Corvus Corax myspace

    And I'd have to say that I definitely don't think those are costumes.

  • I believe the two males (at least), if not the other two, are in costume. Hard to see the details though, it's pretty obvious that this shot was focused on GRRM more than anything else ;)

    Those were just extra's outside looking at a script.

  • I certainly wasn't suggesting that just because it's sunny that it isn't cold. It's almost November – I have no doubt it's a bit chilly there. Plus everybody else is wearing a coat of some kind ('cept that guy in the black tshirt…). I think the unique cut of the top-right guy's coat could *maybe* put him in the realm of being in costume, but I'm thinking it doesn't really follow with the fashion of the books; usually folks are wearing cloaks. But I'll admit, it's *possible* that he's in costume (and maybe that other guy since we can't really make out what he's wearing at all). But I don't think any of them are dressed up. lol

  • I believe that the guy who is nearly blocked out by the dark haired woman, is in costume. He was wearing some sort of plain riding clothes, with a leather jerkin. He looked somewhat like Bean, but upon closer inspection did not turn out to be him.

  • Ughh… if you're reading this, Weiss, I hope I haven't spoken of much more than was already out. It is so hard to keep it in though, and we're all so excited :P

  • @Paul,
    I think you might be right concerning those two persons as being in costume, but I think the coats are being worn to hide their wardrobe.
    Everyone else is either in short coats or long sleeves except those two and the one in the upper right looks as though his legs are bare.
    The woman's coat is awfully bulky, she might have a dress underneath. So can anyone identify them, or are they extra's.

  • Chris,

    Can you describe what the person in the upper left of the "square" formed by those four looks like to you?

    Again, all the other ones look like they could be wearing street clothes to me:

    Upper Right: Interesting trenchcoat.
    Bottom Left: Blue coat
    Bottom Right: Obvious Street clothes.

    I can't get a handle on that one person, though. They look like they have long(ish) red hair and a brown-and-green tunic on to me.

  • @ kingorpauper –
    I have it on good authority that Weiss does not read this blog. Therefore, you can safely TELL US EVERYTHING!

  • Estampie are so medieval. I love them :) They are even more medieval than Mediaeval Baebes (who I'd love to be in the series if we get one ;)) Corvus Corax use the bagpipes a lot. Faun are great too. This is so exciting :D

  • Man, its actually hard to tell. The guy in the gray trenchcoat-esque thing… it looks like it has some weird flaps on the shoulders and it definitely doesn't look like a modern fit of a pea-coat or trench coat. And the girl looks like she may have something in her hair?? There's a very slight red glint or line, but it could very well just be the light or the resolution of the picture. Who knows… hopefully we'll get some better pictures before we all go crazy over every blurry picture that comes out!

  • it's so sad that a distant photo of an overweight writer with a few possible extras is the highlight of my day.

    anyone tried contacting Faun, Estampie, or Corvus Corax?

  • I tried to contact Corvus Corax (I wrote in their guestbook) but maybe it's more convincing if there would be more people trying to ask :)

  • grimherald – They were over the weekend. The website says just parts of the castle will be off limits. And some of the reports come from people who were taking tours. I'm going to go with yes.

  • Man, exciting news hitting us all day long, hourly updates, drooling all over my keyboard.

    Moste awesome: they have a medieval band during the feast. Did anyone of us fans even think about putting that kind of scene in the pilot? Loving the producers even more.

  • Would love if it was corvus corax, loved them in concert.
    Cultus ferox is nice too (former corvus corax) or wolgemut as well. But would be ecstatic if it's corvus :)

  • I am pretty sure the book mentions that they had musicians there. Remember, Mance sneaked into the feast posing as a minstrel.

  • @grimherald
    I've read that they won't be closing the castle to tourists but might restrict where they can go depending when/where they are filming. Crakehall was able to look at the feasthall and see the banners. So cool. Oh, how I wish I was in Scotland right now (I think we'll be going next summer, maybe they'll be filming then too!!!)

  • Raynette – That would be absolutely great to see some of the banners and the place where the great feast takes place! Hope you can get here at somepoint :)

  • Big thanks once again to all scottish people bringing us the news everyday.
    It is all above my expectation!

    I thought we were going to wait nervously for a bit of Martins reports every day.

    Love you, folks!

  • Ryan,

    I know this might just be wishful thinking to have the mystery solved right away, but I think you're right.

    "They apparently have a popular German medieval band there playing drums and bagpipes."

    Who does that best describe but Corvus Crorax?

    Drums and bagpipes seem to be all they've got in the clip above.

  • "The clip above" meaning my clip that I linked to their name. Obviously that's not all they can do, of course. Nice one, kingorpauper.

  • @Güd

    They also aren't touring until November apparently, and they can bring their own costumes! Win/Win.



  • I really hope this is it :). I mentionned then back in july without thinking it could actually come true. It's to be noted that they made very different music (latin, french and german text, more symphonic, more drum based) They would really deserve. If you wanna discover I suggest Hymnus Cantica, ore dragonis, mailied,Bretonischer Marsch and well a few others.
    Again it could also be cultus ferox as they use the same instrument (if so then check Tamfanae)

  • seems like of the trifecta (corvus corax, faun and estampie), that corvus corax would be the most "major" of these bands, just based strictly on the venues and productions of their shows.

    am i correct in this? any deutchlanders care to weight in?


  • Yes, Corvus Corax is the most popular or at least the best known of those three bands in Germany. Last year they even played at Wacken Open Air! ;)

  • RE: JacMac30's report –

    Interesting to note that they noticed the photo that was up on the web. ;)

    @ Grimherald – bring a discrete camera!

  • I'm so jealous of all the folk who have seen the filming. Really, really, REALLY hope we get to meet Bean and Ehle and Addy and McCarthy and Dinklage and everyone in Belfast next week!

  • @Silvestar
    I wish all your hopes come true.

    These reports really made my day (oh, how I hate mondays!)
    It is interesting that nobody has seen the Queen yet.

  • I'm guessing that the German band is Wolgemut. They play at Pennsic, the giant SCA gathering in PA, and at various Renn fests. They used to be wild and totally badass, but have calmed down some. Still, they have a great sound.

    That's my two cents!

    -poster formerly known as Taffy

  • Wow, I never would have guessed medieval German bands had such a following. I think seven or eight possible bands have been listed in the last few hours. Wild.

  • Lol, I love this site and everyone on it, but even I can't bring myself to care about German folk bands with medieval flavouring.

    On saying that, all news is goods news!

  • I'll echo pretty much everyone else's comments here and say thanks to everyone for the updates from the set. It's been awesome. Can't wait to see some close-up shots of some cast members in costume … if we ever get that lucky!

    Hard to believe this is actually happening!!!

  • One question popped up in my head, despite it is past midnight here, and I am tired…

    Everyone talks about the puppies…but no one specifies was it a wolf-puppy or a dog-puppy (little german sheppard)?
    Have I miss something?

  • Jaime Lannister sat on THE THRONE!


    great to hear about all of this! So excited for the series!

  • I was wondering the same thing Rabbit. I'm guessing dog puppies … sheppard or husky or something.

    Even if the full-grown versions will be live animals, I'm sure they could get by with dogs for when they're little and no-one would be able to tell the difference.

  • Good point dholds, the huskies fit more than german sheppards because of their coulors.

    They could be gray or easily completely white.

  • "I'm so jealous of all the folk who have seen the filming. Really, really, REALLY hope we get to meet Bean and Ehle and Addy and McCarthy and Dinklage and everyone in Belfast next week!"

    Indeed. The only regret I have is that it doesn't look at all likely the Pentos crew will be there. I just realised how many films and TV series I've seen with Ian McNeice in and it would have been cool to chat to him about EDGE OF DARKNESS and DUNE.

    As for the others, I know Parris said on the board that she thought Rory McCann might be a likely candidate to come along, and we'll see about the others.

    I might be extra geeky and bring along a copy of CITY OF THIEVES and see if David Benioff will sign it. Don't want him feeling left out at the booking signing ;-)

  • If I'm going to London, i'm going to need to find a hardback copy of Game of Thrones for GRRM to sign.

  • Jaime Lannister sat on THE THRONE!
    I laughed really really hard at this. Possibly and punch drunk.

    Poor NCW is probably going to surf the web one day and find reports of him on the toilet. And he thought the comments about his nose were bad! ;-)

  • I gotta say, I always thought Peter Dinklage was going to rock Tyrion, and all reports are showing it to be true. When the show gets viewed by folks who haven't read the books, I really think Tyrion is going to be held up as the Game of Thrones equivalent of Al Swearengen.

    He's not the "good guy," but he's a pure example of someone who could have been a good man, had the circumstances of the world in which he found himself not forced him to make some difficult choices.

    I can't wait!

  • Man, coming home from defending my thesis proposal to this updated post has made me smile despite the psycological bruising my mind and ego suffered through tonight.
    Thanks spies.
    Thanks WiC, for feeding my addiction.
    A Game of Thrones actors and crew: Do us proud!

  • I am so not comparing (I am a fan of both) … but this could be SOO much bigger that The Tudors … and I know a lot of people don't like it for whatever their reasons are but you can't deny that The Tudors are popular ….. I'm hoping for a complete series with tons of Emmy noms and wins …. maybe I'm asking for too much??

  • (SPOILER)Now this is more like it! Worked late today and didn't get to check out the new stuff much until the Eagles got finished kicking the Skins all over the field. Loved hearing about the wolf pups but it brings up a possible descrepancy. In the books the wolves have grown enough by the banquet scene to pose a threat to the castle dogs. Ghost does not back down when confronted at the banquet table. In the book there is definately some time elapsed between finding the pups and the arrival of Robert and the wolves have done some growing. I wonder if the director/writers have chosen to forgo this time lapse to make the story easier to follow for new viewers. If so I wonder how the encounter will be changed if included at all. Will Jon be holding Ghost? It would sure look silly to have a little newborn direwolf puppy stand off against a pack of dogs. Probably not a huge deal but it gave me some food for thought.

  • about the wolves age: more importantly than the scene with the other dog is the conversation between Tyrion and John, outside the banquet where ghost plays a part. Tyrion even has a few funny lines regarding the size of ghost compared to him. Anyone knows if that scene is in the script? seems a pretty important one, to define early on both Tyrion and John.
    It is the one with the line

    "Remember this, boy. All dwarfs may be bastards, yet not all bastards need be

    and Tyrions "controversial" acrobatics. Of course the age and size of ghost is not vital to the conversation, but when reading it I felt Tyrions interaction with ghost helped make a good picture of him.

  • heh… but then again. we can now actually SEE Tyrion (how cool is that) so we don't need help to picture him =)

    Still I really hope they do something with Tyrion's shadow at the end of that scene, because:

    "When he opened the door, the light from within threw his shadow clear
    across the yard, and for just a moment Tyrion Lannister stood tall as a king."

    Is just too cool an image to pass. I say they should rip off that one straight from the book.

  • (spoiler)
    Are you taking about the scene when Jon walks out of the hall and Tyrion does a back/front flip off the ledge while they converse. I wonder if they are gonna do a little wire action for that.

  • I'm rereading the Jon/Tyrion scene in the script for the first time in a while and realizing that Ghost is described as a "pup" and "still far too small to tear out anyone's throat." IIRC, in the book Ghost is large enough to really scare Tyrion, but here Tyrion is cautious, but not really too afraid.

  • @Brude: oh well, not such a big deal I guess. Like I said, we can now actually see Tyrion, so no need to emphasize his size =)

    @Daniel yup, thats the one.I wonder if they are doing the backflip at all. Don't think so…

  • Spadey you actually made me realize that the size/age of the pups is even mre important a short wile later. Ghost actually does attack Tyrion on the way to the Wall and bowls him over. Its a long trek to the wall from Winterfell, but if Ghost is just a puppy at the feast it won't be THAT long of a hike.

    I'm sure its all been thought out by the crew ahead of time, and perhaps they are filming with juveniles instead of outright puppies. I'm just picturing cute little fuzzballs from the descriptions of them that I have seen.

  • @lordned: oh yeah, you are right. Maybe they will just not have a scene with the ride north and show Tyrion and John already at the wall? Nothing too big happens there, right?

    But yeah, from reading the comments I got the same impression, that the wolves are little puppies. And the description Brude gave us there form the script, it also seems they are little ones, so that would make sence.

  • @Daniel yup, thats the one.I wonder if they are doing the backflip at all. Don't think so…

    "Tyrion pushes himself off the ledge, falls twelve feet to the ground and lands roughly."

    Mind you, we know there have been changes to the script (the Pycelle scene removed), and there could be others so things could have changed. Also, a script is really just an outline of a movie. Once a director gets a hold of it, a lot can (and usually does) change.

  • I've always wondered about that. I just reread parts of both scenes. At the banquet Ghost is only about a third as big as the dog that challenges him. Yet on the road north Ghost is capable of tigger-pouncing Tyrion to the ground. I know puppies grow pretty fast, but that has always seemed a little too fast to me.

    As for the road scene, its not crucial by any means, but there is some good dialogue there between Tyrion and Jon. Its also on of the few Benjen scenes. Of course they could still float some of the lines in at the Wall and give Benjen a few more appearances before he goes-a-ranging. I also like the scene though because its really the only scene in the first book that gives us a view of the vastness of the North. Stark North I mean. Not beyond the Wall.

  • I noted the wolf age / size issue eons ago. It's especially daunting when, a few weeks later, a wolf pup the size of a large rabbit leaps up and tears out the throat of the assassin in Bran's room.

    I warned you. I warned you, but did you listen to me? Ohhhh nooo, you knew all, didn't you. Oh, it's just a harmless little bunny, isn't it. Well, it's always the same, I always tell 'em, but do they listen to me? Oh, no…

  • Just got the wildest idea, monthy python scene with the rabid bunny. Same thing happening in the assasination scene…would be just so priceless…here little summer…*aaarggghhh* "get it off"…(Summer flying through the air)…

    Still about the wolves, I think the pilot will only let them be seen as little puppies and not doing anything else but drooling all over the castle :D

    But the scenes with Jon & Tyrion is very important to define the characters and they should be narrowed as close as they can get from the books.

    Thanks for all the info from everyone. This will be so great!

  • Unless I missed something, I don't think long report from Jackie specified Ned/Sean Bean's hair colour. I'm wondering if it's dyed dark/black, or if he is wearing a wig.

  • That was a great report! Enjoyed reading it, very thorough, packed with info. Two comments linked by the colour red: The Starks seem more redheaded than expected, hope not too much :) not that it matters what the exact shade is. Good that the liveries are more subdued in colour, if they went with bright red for all the lannister servants and guards, it would feel campy and much less realistic. Red and crimson were hard to come by in the past, and were thus signs of status.

  • The last day of (at least live-action) shooting at Doune, it seems. Perhaps only some shots of architecture and extras to follow (not that I'm basing this on anything), then tidying up by the 30th. Guess they also reserved the place for a few days longer just in case the schedule had to be shifted a bit unexpectedly.

  • I have a feeling that we won't get to see a lot of Ehle, which is a shame. I really want to meet Sean Bean for the "OMG, it's Sean Bean!" factor, and Peter Dinklage for the "OMG, I'm standing next to Tyrion!" factor, and Richard Madden to see if he really is as attractive as he looks in his photos, but Jennifer Ehle is the one I'd most like to actually talk to. I imagine she'll probably want to spend her free time away from filming with her baby and young son though, rather than meeting hordes of rabid fans, unfortunately, so she sure won't be coming to the pub with us.

  • Silverstar: Yeah, I assume that the people most likely to come will be those for whom the attention is brand new, Harington, McCann, Madden, etc.

    Bean and Dinklage have been here before (LOTR and Narnia), while Ehle seems like the type to want to spend time away from set with her family. Headey, I'm not sure about, but probably not. NC-W seems like the type to do it, but the nose comments may have scared him off!

  • We shall see, I guess. I wonder if GRRM has warned them? Or tried to persuade them that we're all lovely and they'd truly love to meet us …

  • A few twits from Katiana the stand-in: she's getting picked up in 15, not needed on the set for another hour. She was done yesterday (today) only at half past midnight. Confirms this is the last day she'll be there.

  • To answer some of your questions:
    1) the people on the left are indeed in costume but some were wearing 'normal' coats over the top. I did see them reading lines at one stage. My impression is the woman (dark hair)and RAF style coat might be a Stark lady in waiting. The guy with the leather looking coat might be a steward not sure.

    2) the puppy was about knee high and quite big. Not a newly born pup. He/she was being trained on the grass just to the left of pathway seen in the photo. Visually perhaps not intimidating to the castle dogs but I'm not sure they'd be filming that or not. Looked like it was being trained to sit and pay attention ;)

    3) Sean's hair was dark but not black. More a dark grey.

    Think that's it…

    Jackie – still smiling ;)

  • Thanks Jackie! :) so nice of you to drop by. The size of the pup is more reassuring now, cool … just what I imagined it needed to be. Bhrodes, well spotted, though the coats were not part of the costume after all :) kudos on the red line in the girl's hair, it really looks her hair is done up nicely with a string, a lady in waiting indeed.

  • Rockin' it, Jackie. Thanks!

    Hey, was NCW's hair a wig, or a dye job?

    And if it was a wig, was it good?

  • @About Yea High – erm, pretty sure it was not a wig and it was blonde. Can't tell you much more, it was a very brief encounter (no pun intended!) and I was dying with embarrassment for having laughed at him coming out the loo! Very tall, wide shoulders and quite imposing (but that could have been my embarrassment! ;)

    Wasn't all that fussed about the character Jaime before but I could be a big fan now…swoon! ;)


  • hey guys!! i'm out just one day and there is this much of news!! i know this is no new for anyone, but i can't get more excited…too bad i live here though would like to go to the pub too. Thanks all of you for the great work and coments. by the way is there someone who could show me where get the leaked script? i havent read it yet.

  • Jackie, many thanks for the reports. You mentioned the King's arrival at one point. Do you know if they definitely filmed that scene yesterday? What other scenes did you see them filming/rehearsing?

  • @WiC –

    On Monday I believe they were only filming the feast scene in the main hall. It looked like the courtyard was being prepared for a scene which I presumed was the Tyrion/Jon scene. Or it may have already been filmed. Was unclear as to whether they were still setting it up or stripping it down.

    I thought I'd heard they'd filmed the King's arrival scene on Saturday but I don't know for sure, I maybe read that here! ;)

    The driver of the bus taking us up from the park and ride said they'd been filming very late on Saturday (think he said 1am!) but weren't on Sunday. However Crakehall said he'd been on site on Sunday and there was some filming going on.

    What I do know is today is the last day of filming and looking out of the window I'm very glad I went yesterday! Grey, cold and very wet! A Scottish word to describe the weather is dreich!


  • Jackie: Thanks for the info. I'm fairly certain they didn't shoot the King's arrival on Sat as Bean wasn't on set that day.

    Based on reports and some pure speculation I'm going to go ahead and say that they've probably already filmed:

    the Jon/Tyrion scene
    the feast scene
    the Bran/Tommen sparring scene

    I think the only ones left would be the King's arrival and the courtyard scene prior to Robert and Ned going out to hunt.

  • @AboutYeahHigh

    Having looked at some past photos, I *think* NCW's hair style was very similar to his New Amsterdam look (certainly the front was, not sure on the length at the back), and possibly lighter.

    Not sure what his natural colour is.


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