Day 5: No filming today

I had heard that there was to be no filming today and it was strictly a day for transporting cast, crew and equipment. Well GRRM has confirmed that fact in his most recent Not A Blog post. He also shares some other exciting news, particularly for those planning to go to the Belfast meet-and-greet:

The Scottish filming is done, and cast and crew are packing up today for the big move to Belfast and its Paint Hall, where the shoot will resume. So far, so good.

Parris and I are moving on as well. She’ll be headed over to Ireland tomorrow to spend Samhaim with friends, while I linger here in Scotland a few more days to visit with Lisa Tuttle. We converge again in Belfast in November. Today we swung by the HarperCollins warehouse outside Glasgow, where I signed five hundred hardcovers of SONGS OF THE DYING EARTH. Ask for one at your favorite UK bookstore, they will be going all over the country.

Things are shaping up for the signing at Eason’s in Belfast. Last night after the filming wrapped we stayed up late drinking with the cast, and I think we convinced a number of them to join us at Eason’s. Should be a hoot and a half, assuming they don’t come to their senses in the cold grey light of morning. I told them my readers were essentially harmless. Hah.

The cast is sensational, by the way.

Winter Is Coming: I’ve also heard that filming will resume tomorrow where they plan to shoot the prologue at an undisclosed location in Northern Ireland. I assume that by the time George makes it back to Belfast they will be shooting some of the indoor scenes inside the Paint Hall.

Great to hear that the fans snooping around Doune Castle these last few days haven’t completely scared off the cast. I kid, I kid. From all reports, it sounds like the fans were very well behaved and all the cast and crew was quite friendly. Will be very cool if some of them come out to the signing and/or meet afterward to interact with the fans. I’m so jealous of all of you that are going to be there. Don’t forget to drop the name of my site here if any of the cast feels like doing an interview later on down the road!


  • GRRM: "…Should be a hoot and a half, assuming they don't come to their senses in the cold grey light of morning. I told them [the cast] my readers were essentially harmless. Hah."

    I laughed out loud at this. xD

  • Good news for the meetings indeed. I laughed at that GRRM's comment as well. Make sure to behave, but ask a lot of questions and take photos :)

  • I'm really jealous of everyone in Scotland and Ireland who gets to see GRRM and the filming. I hope the fan's going to Eason's put on their cutest, most harmless faces so they aren't all scared away!

    Although I assume Bean and Headey, in particular, are used to crazed fans. :D

    -strangerface, who is mostly harmless–like a baby direwolf.

  • Then please wear a helmet Silverstar.

    Imagine being there yesterday evening: George getting drunk with Tyrion.

  • Hi Guys

    Very excited as I just got the call! I'm going to be a 'Winterfell Male'!! I can't tell you where it will be (not the paint hall) but I'm booked for 5th November.

    It was lovely hearing the voice 'Hello, this is *** from the HBO production 'Game of Thrones'.

    It's a relief to finally know I'm in. Now I need to book the time off work!

    On a sadder note, I now won't be able to make the signing due to work commitments but I will be at the moot.

    Now, as I actually haven't read the books yet (I know, but I wanted to read a signed copy!) can anyone tell me, in a few lines, what a 'Winterfell Male' is?

  • Probably just means you're going to be a Stark guard or serving man or something. Means you'll be working for Sean Bean and Jennifer Ehle :)

  • Rimshot: That's awesome! My guess is you will be an extra at the scene where Ned (Sean Bean) executes Gared (Richard Ridings). The other possibility, assuming they haven't shot this scene already at Doune Castle, would be the King's arrival to Winterfell. Those are the only two scenes I could think of that would require extras.

    I know you don't want to get in trouble, but any info you are able to give without getting in hot water would be greatly appreciated. Congrats!

  • I'm so jealous that you get to be an extra! Unfortunately I'm in NYC so my chances of ever being one are slim to none. Booo.

    I'm just about dying for some sneak photos of the actors in their costumes. Do you think there is any chance of any pics being leaked?

  • Congratulations on being hired, Rimshot. Don't draw attention to yourself or anything (much as it pains me to say this, ignore those requests for photos).

    I guess you're going to be serving Lord Eddard (Sean Bean). That's cool! Just act like anything he (or the rest of the Stark family) does is right and true!

  • Congratulations, Rimshot! Lucky you … Hope you can find someone to get a signed copy of the book for you, though, too bad you can't attend both. But I guess being an extra is the better choice. Winterfell people are Stark retainers, serving honorable masters, people of the North, used to harsh conditions, and well … stark :) I guess the scene will be the opening one after the prologue, the execution, as Winter said.

    We have another piece of the puzzle now, just have to know how it fits … on 5th they are shooting outdoors, then. We're guessing they will have shot the prologue too, by that date. That's in a week – more than they need for the prologue. What can we make of that? Shooting first some scenes in the Paint Hall? Say the brothel, so Tyrion and Jaime can go home :) Then they go to an outdoor location used first for the prologue (Bower is already there) and then the execution scene? … if they have found a place that meets the requirement for both. Speculation, speculation.

  • @Marko
    You forgot about the call for extras- horseriders.
    In Doune there were not any horses.

    The only scene where I see a lot of horseriders is the Kings arrival in Winterfell.

    And it colud be probably an outside shot.

  • True, I agree with WiC and you it's one of the options. I imagined it would be a studio scene with a set model of the gate … at least partly. Well, we'll see or rather hear about it :)

  • wow congrats Rimshot, i wish i could have a part in the project too, but it isn't a real possibility so i am happy for you instead, and i have to repeat wic and strangerface and ask for the infos you be able to give us as long as you don't get in trouble (although it's hard to not ask more than that!)

  • if they have found a place that meets the requirement for both.
    I don't recall the specifics of the prologue, but wouldn't they just need an outdoor area with snow for both?

  • As for snow…
    I would not mind if there would not be any snow at the executiion scene or at "We found puppies – scene"
    It would not bother me at all.

    The only scene where I want see the snow is the Prologue.

  • Anyone have any idea what this tweet from Campbell Bower means?

    Oh anne how you I love you. "Who thinks tactics are a minty sweet?' X

    Tactics? Could he be talking about training for his scene in the prologue? I know in the leaked script he doesn't actually do any fighting, maybe they changed it?

    Of course, it could be something totally unrelated as it seems he likes to tweet about a lot of random stuff.

  • "Seriously going to faint if some of the cast members show up."

    Please don't, since then the rest of us will have to carry you around all day :-)

  • i should have remembered. after 10 minutes of refreshing and no new comments that means there is a new thread …

    @WiC: is Campbell Boywer the kid from Sweeny Todd? i figured he would be a bit too big to play a part that **spoiler** isn't long for Westeros? **end spoiler** … am i getting him confused with somebody else? is this really the best use of a fairly talented actor?

  • @Juhan — GRRM: "…I told them [the cast] my readers were essentially harmless. Hah."

    I laughed out loud at this. xD

    Hehe.. Heheheh.. I laughed too! I laughed and laughed!!! Hoo hoo hee hee hoo! Omg, lemme wipe the sweat off my brow. Hooo hoo hooO!!!hehehe This is rich. You're too much mistah Grmm!


    Also I wanted to say that Cable Guy is a fantastic movie.

    Ciao suckers,

  • Winter, it appears to me that someone name Anne made a joke, (a spoonerism if you will) switching tactics with tic-tacs. JCB then complimented her in his tweet.

  • Jacopo,

    That's the right guy.

    As I mentioned in the past, I think he's perfect for Royce if they're out to shock the audience with the death, for that reason. He seems like too big a name to bite it so early.

    Others have suggested that this might mean he'll be brought back as another character later (a la Dillahunt) but I think it's a perfect cameo for someone who otherwise couldn't/wouldn't commit to a series.

  • I got the joke regarding Tic-Tacs. My question was why would someone be making the joke in the first place. I'm picturing a fight/stunt coordinator as an intro to a training session saying something like "Who here thinks tactics are a minty sweet?"

    Ah well, I'm probably just making something out of nothing. Like I said he tweets about all sorts of random things. Carry on…

  • @Sarah Ha Ha: have you mastered the space time continuum? can you do more than than flit into the future and file 10/29's diary entry on 10/28? like zoom forward to next winter and tell us how good the show is?

    @PG: ok, i must have missed that in my long poverty induced internet exile (which is to soon resume as soon as either A. i get evicted or B. my new neighbour realizes i am "borrowing" his/her internet and secures their "linksys" …. ah, unsecured "linksys" how do i love the … let me count the ways …

  • It's great that filming goes so fast, shows how prepared and confident they are. Can't wait. Oh and dang I wish I could go to belfast as well :(

  • @Who Is Jacopo Belbo?

    Yes, I have mastered this so called space time thing. I can do a whole lot more than flit into tomorrow's future. I look forward to doing a whole lot of flitting in general, and from what I've seen during my space time flits, I followed through, I succeeded, I didn't flake. Oh shit hold on, I'm having deja-vu.

    Okay, back… or am I?

  • Winter, sorry for not giving you the benefit of the doubt.

    The only place I found a reference to that exact phrase was in a UK sports reference.

    I CAN'T believe people are clamouring for Michael Owen to be left out against Sweden. The only way he is going to regain 100 per cent match fitness is by playing regularly. We are not going to win the tournament if our only tactic is lumping long balls towards Peter Crouch.

    Steve Anderson, Dover

    RB says: Too right, Steve. Unfortunately Sven seems to think tactics are a minty sweet.

    UK folks, is that a common phrase?

  • @SHH: i don't know … are you? were you ever here in the first place?

    @PG: ha ha ha ha … now wasn't that a long time ago … now England does win by lumping the ball up to Crouchy … (who likes his naaaachoos) and they don't even have to 'leave out' owens since he is always injured … ok, fantasy nerdiness does not mix well with footie nerdiness … i will cease and desist

  • Please don't, since then the rest of us will have to carry you around all day :-)

    I shall endeavour not to. To be honest, you may have to do that after the meet anyhow, due to the fact that I will be consuming large amounts of alcohol in over-excitement, I suspect.

  • Apparently weather forecast for higher mountain valleys in Northern Ireland is snow and cold for the next few days, I just checked it out.

  • So if they can set up in time and conditions are right they might not even have to make the white stuff.

  • Back in the golden age of Hollywood if they learned the right weather conditions would appear for certain scenes and the locations weren't to distant they would pack up everyone and be there pronto.

  • I can't imagine that they want to film the snow scenes in real snow:
    – You'd see the characters' breath, which could be distracting.
    – There'd be too many tracks in the snow, what with the actors and the crew walking around in it and doing multiple takes.
    – The lights would melt it anyway.

  • "…higher mountain valleys in Northern Ireland"

    It should be pointed out that what are called 'higher mountain valleys' in Northern Ireland is only in contrast to the flat bits ;-) (highest point in N. Ireland is 2000 ft, IIRC) If they wanted to really go for snow they'd have probably done better to have gone up the road from Doune into the Scottish highlands.

    I suspect they'll bring their own snow in any case. This isn't something you leave to the vagaries of the weather.

    "I shall endeavour not to. To be honest, you may have to do that after the meet anyhow, due to the fact that I will be consuming large amounts of alcohol in over-excitement, I suspect."

    Uh-oh. I'm having prophetic visions of doom already :-O

  • Whenever I see actors in a scene with snow and cold and don't see there breath I know they used fake snow and it was warm outside. It takes me out of the scene and adds a sense of falsehood to the performance.

  • Yea, I think seeing their breath is a good thing, makes it actually look cold, which is what the North is all about. This is one of those areas where I accept the fact that I have no clue how these things work, but feel like the people on the production know damn well what they are doing. So they will probably film in real snow if they think its for the best, or they won't. And the end product will turn out just like they want it to.

  • I do not think it was Northern Ireland but the higher elevations in the Northern and NW portion of Ireland proper.

  • I don't think the beheading scene will have snow. In the pilot scrip, it says "South of the Wall the grass is still green and the sun is shining, but the air is cold enough to cloud the breath of four guardsmen as they escort Gared toward the stump of a massive oak tree." The prologue scene will probably have snow, considering that Gared and the group are North of the wall.

  • I think if the awesome John Adams clip found by peeter is any indication, there could even be some re-touching in the outdoor scenes as well. At the 38 second mark we see what I believe is them matting out trees and adding a whole new background.

  • Those John Adams effects are amazing! I'm now much more confident about the effects for A Game of Thrones.

  • Yea that video is amazing. It's worth noting that John Adams had a significantly higher per-episode budget than Game of Thrones probably will.

    John Adams was somewhere around 100+ million for 8 episodes.

    Rome was somewhere around 100 million for 12 episodes a season.

    Rome was canceled for budget reasons and HBO thought it was not sustainable, so they may not be willing to invest that amount into GoT. But even if it does receive about the same funding as Rome, that's still 60% of the funding per-episode that John Adams had. Then there's all the things that GoT will require CGI for that John Adams didn't, dragons, direwolves, battles(maybe?), etc.

    Anyways, not trying to be a downer. John Adams did some amazing things in recreating that era of time, and judging from that video, did some amazingly seamless CGI composition. And I'm sure a lot of those same things will be used to bring Westeros to life. They just may have to be a little more creative and conservative about it than John Adams did. Maybe not. Who knows.

  • Wow, thanks for that link. I've always wondered how they get everything just right. Simply amazing…

  • "Rome was canceled for budget reasons and HBO thought it was not sustainable, so they may not be willing to invest that amount into GoT."

    Hold on a sec, there seems to be conflicting opinions on this. I've heard this before, but I've also heard that HBO considered cancelling Rome a mistake, in hindsight. Something to do with focusing too much on ratings and not considering DVD revenues. Is that correct? Would that mean they might be willing to invest as much in or more in GoT?

  • I've heard that as well, that they canceled the show prematurely before DVD sales had a chance to reach their fruition. I've also heard that after a few years, some of their shows have made enough in DVD sales alone to pay for the total production cost.

    Whether that means HBO will be OK putting out that much money for GoT is anybody's guess. I guess my point was that even if they put out that kind of money, it would be less than what John Adams had to work with(at least on an per-episode basis.) They've clearly got nice budget considering who they've gotten to sign on to the project, so who knows…

  • I have to admit that I didn't have time to watch this all the way through because I was at work before.

    I love seeing the "Robert Stromberg" credit at the end.

    I think with having Julia Frey on location scouting and Robert Stromberg being involved means that this type of thing is definitely going to be done for the show.

    I think Chris makes a valid point that there were less episodes for John Adams than there will be for season one of Game of Thrones, but at this point does that matter?

    I could be completely naive about this, but isn't the pilot budget separate from the series budget? They certainly wouldn't give them the money for the series up front, and they have no reason to save money given to them for the pilot for the series if whether or not the series gets picked up depends on the pilot.

    So, does the number of episodes in season one affect the amount of money going into the pilot at all?

    We don't know the budget of the pilot, do we?

  • It also reminds me of something Jonias said in an earlier thread:

    It looks from the photos that the Doune Castle hall can accomodate about 50 guests plus servants, so unless they are green screening the walls to add cgi later on, my assumption is a more intimate realistic approach as in LOTR.

    I would say that given the footage in the clip, Jonais may have been right the first time.

    Now, I'm all for realism and normally say no to CGI, but the John Adams footage makes me think that for the sets at least it's a really fine option.

  • Actually snow on the ground…at least in patches is very important to the beheading scene. Jon almost misses Ghost because he is blended intot he snow so well. A white direwolf would hardly be concealed against the mud of a forest floor.
    ""There," Jon said. He swung his horse around and galloped back across the bridge. The wtached him dismount where the direwolf lay dead in the snow, watched him kneel. A moment later he was riding back to the, smiling."

    It would be easy enough to change the plotline around a bit except for Ghost's actual coloring. This makes it important to have at least some snow on the ground.

  • Re: Rome's cancellation, here is how it went down (as I understand it).

    -Season 1 is aired and does decent ratings on HBO
    -S1 is aired in the UK and does poorly on the BBC (mostly because they decided to edit the first two or three episodes into one, which meant the reviews for the show were poor from the start)
    -BBC, in response to this failure, tells HBO they won't be providing any more funding after Season 2
    -HBO crunches the numbers and decides they can't afford going alone and tells the show's creators S2 will be the final season
    -S2 comes out on HBO and does better numbers than S1
    -the DVD sales for the series are also very good
    -HBO later realizes that, based on the upward trend in ratings and the high DVD sales, they probably could have afforded going alone and regrets pulling the plug
    -they decide to make amends by producing Game of Thrones ;)

  • So, basically, as we all know the first episode of Game of Thrones is going to rock, we won't have to worry about poor reviews killing it for BBC funding. :)

  • Well then Winter, as much as I loved Rome (my fave tv series ever), according to your (heavily fanboi influenced and slightly tongue-in-cheek) logic, I am actually glad it got cancelled so that GoT could be greenlighted (yeah, yeah, for the pilot only so far). I never though I'd say I was glad they cancelled that show, but seeing it in this light I am =)

  • lol @ heavily fanboi influenced and slightly tongue-in-cheek logic

    WiC, makes sense except (imo):

    The first Rome eps of Season 1 are very slow. The series didn't exactly have the bang or hype of a classic like Shogun, which I remember when it aired; it seemed the entire western world tuned in. It's no wonder (to me) ratings were poor in the UK for the first eps.

    Still I doubt that this paints the entire picture. And we'll never know it completely, and what difference would it make anyway. But the important thing is that BBC & HBO are still investing in joint productions. Maybe they'll produce something that everyone including investors are happy about with GoT.

    As far as HBO regrets go… Yeah, if you want a house full of regrets, talk to a day trader. I'm sure HBO regrets all the money they missed out on if they had made the gamble which in retrospect seems so clear.

  • Hi guys, GOT have just been in touch. My role has changed. I'm now going to be a 'Start Servant' (again, haven't a clue what it is!) and I'm now fil
    ing at the same location on the 4th Nov. I have a costume fitting tomorrow in Belfast. It is a 5am start On the 4th which might be tricky as the moot is the night before!

  • Could it mean a Stark servant?

    Darn it, hope that doesn't mean non of the cast want to show up for the moot!

  • Start of Stark? They probably made a typo … 'Male' in your previous description probably meant a man-at-arms, now you're going to be a servant. Same kind of setting, same household, same attitude, just lower on the rank. A day earlier then? Well … seems they could be shooting the arrival then (sure to involve servants, whereas the behading may not). Thanks for keeping us posted, and hope you can attend as many events as you wish.

  • Actually it could have been Stark. It was early when they rang and I was half-asleep! I'll know tomorrow at the costume fitting. What do you think a Stark servant will look like?

  • People have made lists before, so just a recapitulation:
    Feast due to fan reports, it's a sure thing.
    Courtyard scenes (as reported by BBC) – these we suspect included the Jon-Tyrion encounter and the sparring scene between Stark and royal kids. Perhaps some more fragments that will be part of the arrival, but that's only speculation from my part.

  • @Rimshot,

    Possibly some kind of tunic and breeches, in white and grey, with the Stark direwolf on the breast of the tunic? I'd imagine it'd be something along those lines.

  • Oh, and today they are filming the prologue. As for Bower's twitter, he was up early. All the reports and hints may suggest they will be done today.

    @Rimshot: the reports so far indicate grey and light bluish simple garbs for servants, they may look different on camera as the 'book' colours of the Starks are grey and white. (red/crimson indicates the Lannister family, and yellow Baratheon, again, per books – but they followed at least the Lannister theme as expected at Doune).

  • @Marko

    Thanks :)

    I'm guessing that servants could be needed for any scenes which take place at Winterfell, except for the ones which specifically take place in places like Catelyn's bedchamber. So could be wandering about in the background of the Catelyn and Bran scene, or the farewell to the hunting party, or Bran's climb, or anything like that, perhaps.

  • I just have the feeling that anything at Winterfell was either shot at Doune, or will be at another castle or the studio, as they need the architecture, either as proper walls, set walls or extensive green screen (with the exception of the arrival scenes including a massive number of horses, perhaps, for practical reasons). Hope my reasoning makes some sense. Rimshot was called to an undisclosed location, not the studio. Could he perhaps just tell us whether it's outdoors, or will they shoot at a building somewhere else?

  • I guess it must be the arrival scene, then, as all the scenes involving Stark servants are going to be Winterfell-related, as far as I can think.

    Which, I've got to say, is a shame, as the arrival scene will need all the cast, which makes it unlikely any of them will want to come out drinking with us if they've got to be on set at 5am the following morning :(

  • I prefer to be pessimistic. Otherwise I'll get overexcited and convince myself otherwise, and then get disappointed :P

  • @Silverstar perhaps a glimmer of hope is that the extras had early calls at Doune but the principals weren't called until a bit later. Fingers crossed!

  • Wish I could go along and meet the cast. Sadly the only signing I could realistically get to would be London (short train ride from where I live), which I presume wouldn't involve any cast members? I'd still like to go along and meet GRRM, and have asked for the appropriate day off but may not get it.

    Anyone else planning to go to the London signing?

  • Good luck, rimshot, i´m sure you will do it right. By the way, when you are there, you could tell us if they are filming with digital cameras or with film camera? if you could ask some of the cameraman what sort of cameras they are using will be great too…

    winter is coming, same question, you now if they are filming with film cameras, or digital cameras?

  • @JacMac,

    Ooo, fingers crossed. I hope that's the case.


    I'm going to the London signing too, as it's only fifteen minutes or so from where I work.

  • I wish I could get to the London signing but it's pretty expensive train ride from where I live, which is in Glasgow.

  • Apparently, a guy over on Westeros named Ace Jones has got a role as an extra, and thinks he's playing a Baratheon guard. Says he's filming up at a castle on the 5th. Which sounds to me like that might be the arrival at Winterfell scene. What do people think?

  • LAWLzz Stark Servant.

    I would imagine:

    1. Grey, drab colors
    2. Winterfell is the mentally most sane and morally correct of all places in Westeros. So the servants are treated fairly, everyone's happy in their place. I don't imagine the servants are completely invisible or dismissed entirely by the Stark fam, as a lot of them have dialogue in the books.
    3. Shiny happy drab servants.

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