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Day 8: Filming continues

As expected, the reports have slowed down considerably now that the production has moved back to Northern Ireland. Jamie Campbell Bower tweeted that he had an early night last night, which suggests to me that they are finished filming the prologue. A day and a half of filming seems about right for that relatively short scene. Will have to keep an eye on his Twitter and see if he talks about leaving Belfast.

In other news, Norri, a member of the German medieval band Corvus Corax, posted over at the Westeros forums confirming their involvement in the pilot. He mentioned that they played new versions of two of their songs, Skudrinka and Ballade de Mercy. He also mentioned that they had their costumes and hair done in a style that would fit with the look of the show.

Speaking of costumes, Rimshot checks in with this exciting report from his costume fitting yesterday:

Had my costume fitting yesterday.

As I sat there I kept thinking ‘my friends at WIC would love this!’.

As I mentioned before, I’m a ‘Stark Servant’ (not Start! That’s what happens when you answer the phone still half-asleep!).

To tell you the truth, I had written a long piece describing my costume and several of the others I had seen, including guards and Jaime’s armour. I saw loads yesterday and I’m dying to tell you guys but I would be letting down my agency and betraying the trust they have in me.

Guys, I’m sorry as I know you are hungry for any bit of info but it would be wrong of me and I want to keep working in this business. Carla and Extras NI have been very good to me and, if GOT is picked up, we could have years of work to look forward to.

You will see what I saw soon enough but I will say this. I have worked on loads of films and worn loads of costumes and those I saw yesterday were some of the highest quality I have ever seen (wait till you see the armour!) I can’t wait to get my servant’s costume back on and to step into the world of GOT.

As always, keep it here for any updates.

UPDATE: Here is what is reported to be a photo of a Clanranald member dressed as a Baratheon guard from Louie Pastore’s LiveJournal.

[photo removed]


  • I'm just going to move my last post from bthe previous thread here because conversation is likely to flow in.

    I'm definitely on the David Bamber as Varys role, as I think the man is an awesome character actor and can do facial expressions that would allow him nto be the many faces of Varys.

    I know many think Matt Lucas because of physical description, but I have never seen the man be anything that isn't comedy and with his recent personal tragedy (his husband hanged himself), he may not be avaliable or want to play in something with alot of death.

    Rimshot, understand completely that you don't want to get yourself in trouble with the extras people because as you say, that could be years of work for you. It's enough to know it's high quality stuff.

    I still like Dominic West over Gillen for Littlefinger, but that is only because of 300 and the near identical bastard he played there. But Gillen does have the right shifty arrogant look to his eyes that would make it workable.

    Bronn…….I've changed by mind. Ray Stevenson would be great. Maybe not quite the Bronn I had in mind, but damn good anyway.

    Lysa is the character that causes me the most thinking in terms of I haven't liked any suggestion for her so far because I just see Kirstie Alley and can't shake that image!

  • Question for Rimshot:

    What do you mean by "You will see what I saw soon enough"? You just talking about when we watch the pilot in about a year (hopefully)? Or do you know something we don't know about possible costume shots being released?

  • Yes Winter, keep digging! Soon enough ain't 12 months in my agenda haha. I totally skipped past that part, just too excited I guess.

  • @Rimshot- if you can't answer any of these questions that's fine, no offence will be taken :) However if you can give us some hints would be nice.

    Have you seen any of the main cast in costume? If so, who looks best (as in best for the character)? Do the Starks and Lannisters look like beliveable families? Do you know if there will be any official photos released?

    I presume you'll be in some of the Winterfell scenes, let us know if they go well :)

  • I knew he wouldn't have the balls to give us anything real from the way he's talked before. Not that I really blame him.

  • Well, maybe he's really smart. Now building an alibi of not giving us info, and in a few hours he's going to mail WiC (as an anonymous source) the photo's of everyone in costume!

  • I'd replace, "Balls" with "Lack of desire to continue working on the project."

    Julia Frey has said there are no dumb questions, just ones she may not be at liberty to answer. Mo Ryan has sometimes let us know that she isn't in s position to give us more information.

    If you want a huge leak, it's probably either going to come from someone not directly involved in the production who doesn't care about the goodwill of the people involved, someone who's gotten permission, or someone on the way out that doesn't care.

    All these things could happen.

    That said, there's no lack of courage involved in an extra who's detailed what role they're playing not giving up secrets on a board that's been proven to be read by folks involved in the discussion. It's just good sense.

    That said, IF anyone involved in the production thinks they can do this without getting caught/sacked more power to 'em. I'd advocate not giving us too much personal information about *your* position, though. It's much better for all involved if we don't know. (For example, the little bird who gave us CC didn't give us any information about themselves. Their leak turned out to be useful and there's little chance for backlash.)

  • @Rimshot

    No worries. A paycheque is more important than satisfying our curiousity…though some would disagree with me!
    Enjoy your time in Winterfell!

  • Kristoffer Joner would be great for Littlefinger if it weren't for the fact that I have yet to hear a Norwegian actor who doesn't have a horrible English accent.

  • I still like James Callis (Baltar from Battlestar Galactica) for Littlefinger the most.

    He is British. James is 5' 8" (1.73 m).
    HE has proven he can act the smart yet underestimated character in Battlestar. And he looks like I pictured Littlefinger :)

    Kristoffer Joner also looks the part.

  • I am sorry to post this here, because it's a bit off-topic, but i wonder – What do you think about deads of major characters if HBO will pick up the series?
    It works perfectly in the book. But in the tv series? I fear, that for those, who've not yet read the books, it will looke like common thing done very often on tv, because some actors have another job, or because he(she) dont want to continue on the project etc, so they kill his(her) character. It may lose the shock,tension and emotions a bit for them. (Not for us though, we will enjoy it whatever happens)

    But maybe i'm just a bit paranoic and pessimistic about every little aspect :)

  • Molda22,

    You're saying "deaths" and not "deeds," correct?

    I think the deaths will work if they follow the pacing in which they're laid out in the books.

    Royce dying within the first couple of minutes sets the tone nicely. It doesn't matter who you are, you may die in this world.

    The deaths that follow are shocking, but masterfully so. I think that anyone watching will be able to figure out they were premeditated by the writers, and not just thrown in there.

    The impact is too choice.


  • Eventhough you sometimes see people getting killed off in TV-series I still think at least some of the deaths in Song of Ice and Fire are of a diffrent caliber that you don't see much of at all. It's actually pretty rare to see people you get to know fairly well get killed off. You especially don't see many people you actually like getting killed off.

  • Rimshot saw Jaimes armour – that means that they are going to film Kings arrival at next thrursday?

  • Paul Gude: Sorry for that little mistake :)
    Well, they are masterfully shocking, but still i think that many people who dont read the books and will see the deaths of main chars may say to themselfs: "aargh,my fav char was killed, its surely because the actor must quit and do something else or didn't want to continue with this project, or is pregnant or whatever" This reason comes to mind like one of the first.
    But yeah, i agree that i am worrying about things, that aren't that important :)

    The other thing is – is there any (even the slightest) chance to see the pilot before S1? Is there some possibility of leak? Or even legal way of seeing this? I presume not, but maybe…

  • Was checking out the Sean Bean fansite forum for any possible info they might have and came across this link, allegedly of a Baratheon Guard uniform.

    I have a feeling the stag on the lanyard isn't part of the actual costume but something to identify while everyone is setting up whose with what group…just a guess. It doesn't look like a part of the costume to me, but it might yet be based on what the Baratheon stag will look like.

  • Quite a few of HBO's shows have killed off significant(and likeable) characters. Off the top of my head, I know Deadwood and The Wire did, and I'm pretty sure shows like Sopranos and Band of Brothers and Oz probably did as well. Showtime's Dexter just killed off a fairly major character a couple weeks ago.

    I think HBO/Showtime viewers have come to expect and appreciate a different caliber of television. One of the most refreshing things is that you know that the shows on HBO won't have to worry about a lot of the constraints or limitations of cable/network shows, and thus, just about anything goes. HBO seems most concerned with having the best story and show possible, and they know the viewers will come because of that, not gimmicks.

  • Wow, if that's really a guard costume that's pretty disappointing. Why would he be wearing a kilt? MAYBE I could see that being a servant uniform, but why would one of the clanranald guys be dressed as a servant? Also, the text says something about 30 episodes next year. hmm….

  • Well, like other things we've heard about, the colors we are seeing in this photo might not represent what the costume finally looks like when shot with by professionals. This is just a snapshot.

    The purple kilt is a bit odd – I wonder if that's just a temp thing and really he'll be wearing a different kilt, or maybe even a mail skirt for the actual shoot. They may have just been using to get an idea of how it would look.

  • If it is a guard costume, it is probably their riding clothes. It's assumed they are being used for the King's arrival scene, and they probably aren't going to be wearing armor or nice clothes for that long of a trip on horseback. Who knows, but it definitely looks like a Baratheon costume, which would be our first costume shot!

  • Beside the skirt the costume looks good IMHO. It is how I always pictured a servants garb – it looks believable for a something commoner would wear but with a sewn on badge of the House they are serving.

  • Hmm, just messaged with Ran, he's suggested to that the blogger who posted the picture that maybe they take it down so as not to get the production upset about it. Not sure if you want to take it down, at least for now, WiC, at least until we find out how the production feels about it.

  • If that does end up being the Baratheon guard costume, I will be quite disappointed. There seems to be a 'cheapness' about it.

  • The kilt is definitely a surprise, especially on a character from one of the southern kingdoms.

    Maybe they're pushing Westeros more as a fictional Ireland/Scotland as a way to set the series apart from the typical British medieval fantasy.

  • Wow!
    I have just been away for a liitle while and than BANG!
    A pic of the guy in the REAL costume.

    I would say he is rather servant, not the guard.

  • I think the Stag is on a lanyard.

    Other than that, I don't have a lot to say about this yet, except that the guy looks like part of the Clanranald trust to me.

  • yeah the kilt just looks like a dropcloth they had laying around heh. Maybe they were just fitting the tunics? OR! Maybe they flipped the script and the Baratheon guys are all centaurs with CG stag bodies.

  • wabawanga, careful with jokes like that. Before you know it, there's going to be a rumor on Ain't it Cool News that the show will feature CGI centaurs…lord knows they've got enough other things wrong over on that site in the past.

  • Okay, now that I've seen it on a screen larger than my iPhone, I have to say that with the colors and styles, it almost looks like the top and bottom of two separate costumes. Whether this was taken mid change or an example of a costume designer that knows more than me, I'm not too worried.

  • This doesn't look like a guard to me. I mean, sure, Baratheon guards would not be as richly costumed as, say, Lannister men, but this just looks like a servant. I can see him holding a horse for his master to mount, but not standing in front of a door looking intimidating.

  • regarding the costume, it's hard to say if that's full garb or some underlayments, or some hybrid. the kilt/skirt as is, makes him look like a cross-dressing servant. the long red locks aren't helping hehh.

    another point about the cheapness. he may be in a shot where he is in a crowd, and thus not necessary to be in finely crafted gear. in other words, you may see a speck of him, or a sliver. behind a dozen others.


  • also, nobody here (WiC included) seemed to mention this clanranald guy's post, where he says his buddy in the photo told him there were going to be another 30 episodes to film next year.

    even if that is speculative, meaning there's another 30 episodes to film IF the series is picked up.

    the implication is twofold: 1. that's a helluva lot of episodes to film in a year; and 2. that would likely be 2 seasons worth of shooting in one calendar year, implying they are looking already at more than one season for GoT.

    also, the guy could have been BS'ing.


    P.S. just looked at the pic again. it almost looks like the dude was doing a fitting. and that the skirt and black shirt may have just been under layers, while the leather jerkin and belt something different.

  • Exactly, Ryan. I'll allow myself to be wowed if some leaked photo looks awesome, but won't be bummed out by a costume that doesn't look right to me. We have absolutely no context.

  • Ryan, the one reason I could think to do 30 episodes at once would be to keep the kids around the same age for a while. Is there a break around episode 30 where time passes?

  • Maybe, we sholud wait for some fans who have been in the castle, maybe they could confirm is this guy is in full costume or not.

  • Come on, no matter who wrote what, 30 episodes in one year is ridiculous, especially for an HBO show (as long as were not talking about "In Treatment" anyway). This shouldnt even be considered a rumour. 13 episodes instead of 30 would be more like it.

  • Yeah the costume is not impressive at all and doesn't fit in my head but we have no idea what it was used for, what the surrounding was like, if what is said is true or even if the costume is in finished state. So well let's wait for the real thing instead ;). And I also believe it's 13 and not 30. misunderstanding probably

  • Yeah, I gotta say that'd be more than one episode every two weeks, which would be one heck of a schedule.

  • There is some logic to filming the first two seasons (or 30 episodes) together at once. As someone already mentioned, it would keep the age of the kids similar – since there isn't a large time jump through the first 2 books.

    The more important reason would be to keep the cost down. As LOTR did, filming a lot at once will drastically reduce costs – especially since so many scenes are shot out-of-studio. 30 episodes in one year does seem impossible, but I wouldn't be surprised if they did something similar to reduce costs.

  • I think the 30 episodes is just mispoken/misunderstood. Where would 30 come from? If the first season has 12, it would take some weird math for them to end up filming for 30 episodes at once.

    And it may keep the kids at the same age for a few seasons, but what happens after that if they continue to keep the show going?

  • If they did two seasons at once, that'd be 24, which someone could round up to 30 if they were trying to impress upon someone they'd be getting a lot of work. Likewise, though, someone could have misheard thirteen as thirty. Once we start second-guessing like this, though, a clue like that becomes worthless.

    I'd rather go with someone actually told him 30, but they may be mistaken.

  • I see too some logic in the filming two seasons in once.
    For all reasons you have mentionned before, and just to add one:
    At the end of first season two main characters dies, and which is more importnat, one of them is played by a "big" name.
    The audience (not the fans of the books) might feel some disappontement at that moment.

    If someone could refresh my memory about the end of A ckash of kings – I am far away to this point during ny reread, and I completely forgot how the second book finish.

  • Ran told me he is trying to get some sort of clarification on the "30 episode" comment. I'm pretty certain it's some sort of misunderstanding. 13 is what I assumed too (which really would be 11, but someone could easily have got it wrong).

  • Just to add a few things…
    I was pretty sure that we would have some photos form the filming in Scotland.
    And I am pretty sure that the photos of cast and extras in coustumes will pop-up from all over the web in some time…we must be patient for a little wide.
    There were too many people in Doune castle..and I bet they carries their cameras with them.

  • I think we need to take the outfit with a grain of salt. Honestly, I don't think there's a single one of us who believes the picture above is going to show up as-is on screen. Is there?

    wabawanga may actually be right about the "skirt" material. It doesn't really look like it matches the upper half (to my eye, anyway) and seems visibly stained with something like chalk smudges in parts.

    What would be great is if JacMac30 could take a look and let us know if it matches anything she saw.

    Again, the only main takeaway I have from this is that they seem to be using lanyards with the different crests on them to keep track of extras/unnamed roles on set.

  • The "kilt" really looks like a smock or some kind of coverup to me. Not sure why he'd pose with it on. Maybe he snuck away mid-fitting to take a quick shot.
    It looks stained up on the right side, Not mud splatters like he might get from riding the King's Road, but more like a bleach stain that may have happened when the smock was used on a previous fitting.
    Not sure, but it doesn't reall see to fit. The tunic looks decent though.

  • @legion Yeah Purefoy is a little buff for Littlefinger. He's just so damn smarmy in that scene. Even when he slits the guy's throat! I'll recind the choice though and stick with my James Callis pick ;P

  • new theory…

    this extra may never bee seen from the waist down, hence lack of need for bottoms. just a thought.


  • Excellent point, Ryan (director of things).

    The top half doesn't look bad to me. The bottom half really doesn't look bad, either. It just looks mismatched as a whole.

  • Scott (the man in a picture) wrote on Facebook:
    Its 1.20am the end of two days filming on set. Odd watching mates getting wigs transplented and false beards on. Am tired,soaked and I think my arse is still on a bench on set! Yet I really enjoyed it. Am told there are another 30 episodes to do next year!!
    October 28 at 3:27am

  • I note that for his Profile Pic it's from the waist up.

    I'd say we should take *that* as the first costume shot, and consider the "skirt" an anomaly until proven otherwise.

    He reiterates the 30 episodes. Does anyone know of a shooting schedule like that, beyond soap operas? As impossible as it seems, could it physically be done?

    That question is for someone who's worked on film sets before, like Ryan, and the question is if it's even remotely possible. I can imagine that it's impossible well enough on my own.

  • I'm seeing a lot of cases for network dramas shooting around 22/24 episodes a year.

    If they really are ordering 30 episodes, that would be great news to me, because that's deep into A Storm of Swords, guaranteed.

    Depending on how they pace it, that could take us to the Red Wedding, which would be a perfect place to end if you're looking to get picked up once more. "C'mon! Don't you want to know what happens next?"

  • If those are true first costume leaked photo's of a Baratheon servant. The costume is to drab to be a guard I believe. Where is the crown on the Stag?

    R&D without the R…I hope not.

  • Rofl he looks like a leprechaun!

    Well every costume can't be amazing, especially the small roles like guards and servants and stuff. It's not like Sean Bean is gonna be waltzing around in that, although the thought makes me chuckle. No cause for alarm! :)

  • Perhaps the misinterpreted part of the "30 episodes" thing is that it's all next year. Perhaps it's simply that there will be 30 more episodes in the future where the Baratheon guards (or similar) are needed. That would at least make a little more sense.

  • Scott, that stag is attached to a cord around his neck. It's not part of the costume.

    As far as the look, I think Ryan got it right when he said that we won't be focused on him.

    Ingemar, I was thinking along similar lines, but was thinking that perhaps they'd be using the footage of the guards they shoot over the next year in 30 episodes. Small difference, but worth noting because of the wording he uses:

    "Am told there are another 30 episodes to do next year!!"

    Again, I think it's possible that he misinterpreted and heard 13 instead of 30. I think it's possible that someone said they'd be used in 30 more episodes and he heard, "next year," either by his misinterpretation or because someone misspoke. What we have right now is the following:

    1) It's pretty clear that he's saying 30 episodes.

    2) We have absolutely no way of knowing who told him that, if he heard them correctly, if they knew, etc. We'll need further clarification.

    I'm not saying that he's right, but again, it's very very easy for us to come up with reasons why a 30 episode shoot isn't what they said.

    What I'm still wondering is if a 30 episode shoot is possible.

  • (Because, if Ryan says it's completely impossible, then there's no need for a debate, really. If it is possible, then the question of whether or not he misinterpreted what he heard is more interesting to me.)

  • When I first saw the picture I immediately had the same thought as Ryan, he is probably sitting at a table or something and we don't get to see the lower half of his costume. Anyway, I kind of like it. These guys in Westeros aren't expected to wear too fancy stuff on their horses eh?

    About the 30 more episodes, I think we're blowing up that whole idea. HBO will definately not give a two season order while there has never been a rating of the show. Probably a mate of him said: "if this show gets picked up we'll have work for like 30 episodes next year, or how many episodes does a tv-show season last again?"

  • I've never heard of anyone filming 30 episodes of anything in a year, save for daytime soap operas and talk shows. Certainly nothing with CGI.

    And yeah, the costume looks mismatched. It just looks badly done all around (and southern folk would not wear skirts unless – as someone mentioned – it was something worn under mail). I'm going to fall on the side of doubt and say this is not a costume in its entirety. I think we were only given a small piece.

    That said, HBO, now y'all see the value of releasing a few real (and authorized) pics to the public first, right?

    It's so this shit doesn't happen. One properly leaked photo of a cool banner or a well-dressed Lannister guard (or whatever) every few days would have everyone dismissing this crap as an accidental mess and keep our appetites whetted for the real stuff to come.

  • problem is that making a PR approved picture takes time (and if made by a pro this means it costs money/time that they currently focus on something else) and if HBO give it away this means they start promoting the show when it's not even picked yet. I don't think we will see any promotional picture yet. But they might turn around the problem by allowing George to "publish" one of HIS picture ;)

  • Scott (the man in a picture) wrote on Facebook:
    Am tired,soaked and I think my arse is still on a bench on set!

    I think this is the answer: The guy sat at the table (during the Feast IMO), and we will see only the top part of the costume.
    So, don t panic! lol

  • @Ingemar

    Agreed! Then we have something substantial to talk about instead of a vague picture and vague talk of 30 episodes. It just shows again that we need some decent news to discuss or we get lost in our mindless dribbles and have to switch over again to casting suggestions.

  • Even if they were to film two seasons as once, that would add only to 24/26 wouldn't it?

    Most half season HBO dramas go 12 or 13 episodes, not 15.

    It is physically possibly to film 30 and cgi it, look at shows like Heroes or Fringe; these are show that contain a resonably high level of cgi in terms of monsters and powers and such, and they film 22/24 episodes a year. A few more wouldn't take that much longer.

    Still, I don't believe he means literally 30 episodes. He must have gotten confused somewhere. Maybe he was told he was needed for 30 days? Or he misheard 13 as 30?

    Either way, is this confirmation of full season pick up? Coupled with stuff GRRM said about Sansa's and Arya's actressess, I think it's close.

    Also………that costume looks a bit cheap and tacky fancy dress…….but it's nice to see someone leaking pictures for us!

  • Do people seriously think this extra makes a habit of walking around in a dirty surcoat or long undertunic and that that's just his civilian wear below the waist? This is a part of the whole costume.

    In fact, very long tunics, robes, or surcoats were quite common as part of wardrobes in the 14th century, the era GRRM primarily draws influence from; while it's true that he's largely avoided that particular facet of medieval clothing (hose is the other thing he avoids), no harm if the costume designer draws inspiration from it.

    What I'm most impressed by is the fact that it looks very realistic to this sort of period. Instead of "cheap", what I see is something that would fit right in to a museum collection of recreated clothing, with what looks to be the right weight and texture to the fabric, and a very realistic set of dyes being used.

    Personally, this settles most of my concerns concerning costuming. They seem to be going for realism, not flash and "generic fantasy", and that's what I hoped for.

  • I think the main issue I have with the costume is that the colour scheme on the bottom doesnt match the top, nor do the navy coloured sleaves match up well with that mustard top (although thsat may just be my screen). Black sleaves with black leggings would look better imo.

    If he's wearing a surcoat and that is the long skirt looking thing, you wouldnt wear a tunic over the top – the surcoat is the outter garment (google image surcoat and you'll see what I mean).

    It looks like half a costume or something that has been knocked together on the cheap. While it may be realistic looking as a general poor peasents garb, the guy looks to be a Royal Guard of some sort, and so they would surely have a decently made uniform, not a thrown together looking thing like this?

    Also – why does his Baratheon COA seem to be a necklace?

  • Balerion, I too wood like them to adopt a realistic look, but look at "Rome" for example. It had authentic looking costumes but they didn't look cheap. This one does. Can't put my finger on it but it just does. Maybe the belt and the boots, I don't know.

  • legion,

    I recommend looking at Norris's _Medieval Costume and Fashion_ for a good overview of the development of medieval fashion over the ages (though do not pay too much attention to his technical details such as clothing patterns, they've since been shown to be mostly speculative and incorrect). Surcoats were indeed outer garments originally, but other garments developed from them, and some of these would be supplemented by doublets, jacks, or other garments over them.

    The sleeves are black, just not a rich sumptuous black, IMO. He's a common guardsman of the Baratheon household, one of dozens of hundreds, whose livery is probably the only such garment he has, and he's been wearing it for a thousand mile march. It's not going to look pristine, and it's not going to be the height of fashion.

    I actually think the long undertunic/surcoat coloring works very nicely; not only is it a fairly complimentary color, but it's a color that makes sense for a garment that is going to see the most hard use. That's the part of the garment that'll get the dirtiest (and obviously, from the dirt on it, that seems to be the intention), and it's the part of the garment which would generally have the least costly material.

    In fact, nobles in the Middle Ages put a great deal of emphasis on the lining of their clothes for this reason — it was less likely to get dirty, and so you could afford to spend more on it without having to worry about what to do if you got muck on it. There's some interesting examples of doublets made with rather coarse fustian, but with remarkable brocade or silk linings.


    I beg to differ.

    Plenty of the "Rome" costumes looked cheap — but that's good costutming.. Rough fabrics, loose fits, poor-quality dyes were what they had back then, and that's what the designers used. You wouldn't use the clothing that your typical peasant wore as rags, much less wear it yourself under normal circumstances, and a serving man's or common soldier's garments aren't going to be greatly finer.

  • These comments are an excellent example of why HBO don't want you to know ANY details of the production until its on TV.

  • Legion, it looks like a necklace because it is. It's an ID on a lanyard. I get something similar when I work at Bumbershoot. It means there are enough people there that they want to be able to identify them at a glance.

    The 30 episode thing is still a non-issue for me until someone can prove it'd be even remotely possible. Another explaination is that they could be shooting enough footage of him and his folks to use in 30 episodes over the next year, without actually finishing 30 episodes.

    If so, that'd be a weird way to put it, though.

  • @Balerion I may be in the minority on this point, but I for one do not want accurate historical recreations. A HUGE part of the allure of this series for me is the pagentry of all the different houses. I want a Stark man to look the part of a Stark man, ect.

    Also, remember, while Westeros has alot in common with real medieval times, it is a fantasy world created by a fictional author. His armor especially is not very representative of real medieval armor with all the colors and fancy helmets and such. I want the costumes to be brillant sign posts that announce "Welcome to Westeros! Gald you could make it!"
    Getting bogged down with what is historically accurate and what isn't is not only uneccessary, in the case of Westeros it is completely anachronistic.
    All that said, this guy is probably glimpsed from very far away for a very short period of time. I like the idea that he is seated at a tressle table during the feast.

  • AYH, to echo Phenompbg's statement above, while I would like official releases as much as the next fan, we're really the ones who are venturing out of the artist/audience contract here. To bring it to a theatre analogy, it's like someone took a picture of the set while watching tech week from the cheap seats and we're all going, "Why are the trees painted white? Trees should be green! This is going to suck!" When, in reality, we're just looking at a base coat.

    Back when people were complaining why it was taking so long for HBO to announce the cast, someone pointed out that they were actually pretty much on schedule, it's just that not many people usually pay attention to the casting of a TV series as much as we do.

    That's not saying that we shouldn't be interested or looking for leaks, just that we should be mindful of where they are in the process. Could you imagine seeing a set photo of the untouched John Adams? If it was from an angle that didn't include a greenscreen to clue us in that more would be added later, it would look incredibly wrong.

    Again, we should feel free to be wowed by something, but I'd suggest not freaking out over non-official stuff.

  • @Balerion

    I can't get hold of that book right now, but may look it up at some point.

    Either way, surcoats go over the top. You don't wear a tunic over a surcoat, which makes me believe he isnt in fact not wearing a surcoat and is just wearing a strange 'under robe' that, because of the stark (no pun) contrast in colours makes him look like he is wearing a skirt/kilt.

    It's a really odd looking costume.

    I stick with what I said before, it's really a problem of the colour for me. That bottom colour does not go with the mustard and the black. It would be alright if it was black and match the arms, of if the arms matched the bottom, but the three colours dont mesh well at all imo.

  • @Balerion
    I'm talking of cheap in the sense of production, not history. I know that soldiers should have cheaper fabrics, no legion soldier would have worn silk. I'm just saying none of the costumes looked like they have been patched together randomly. Attila with Gerard Butler for example. looked horribly cheap as well as inaccurate

  • I think another possibility is that the actor's wearing tights/thin pants and they've made wraps/skirts so the actors don't get cold between shots.

    Or, he's wearing a surcoat under his tunic for the same reason.

    Again, we have no idea except that he chose to crop the "skirt" out of the picture he posted to Facebook.

  • If he's wearing a surcoat under his tunic, I'd be confused as to why.

    He probably cropped the FB image because he didnt want his mates seeing him in a 'skirt.' Lol

  • Legion, to keep his legs warm. Again, just throwing out ideas. Normally I'd write and ask him, but since he doesn't have it in the picture he posted, I'm just assuming it's not supposed to be in the shot.

  • I agree with the comment above that this is definitely one of the reasons that HBO doesn't want things leaked.

    This is like Bob Ross starting a painting with some happy purple paint, and people saying "WTF! the sky is blue, Bob! You suck." Like any piece of art, you can't be too critical until you at least see the end product, it's often quite ugly up until that point.

    That said, it's cool to see a costume (or partial costume), but I am keeping in mind that this is a snapshot taken of an extra which may have been taken at a costume fitting and thus, he may not even be in full costume. Plus, he seems to be sitting on a bench in the scene and might only be seen from waist up for a matter of seconds in the background of a quick camera pan. You never know.

  • All this agonizing over a picture of an extra reminds me of the shitstorms that began and began anew every time a picture was released from the LOTR set. What happened there, as here, is that "educated guesses", either from the leak source or the person running the site, turned into cold, hard facts as far as the fans were concerned. The "facts" there included the moth sketch (the one that Gandalf talks to) made people think the Nazgul were now going to be riding giant bugs, and the computer mock-up of the cave-troll became Gollum.

    I say all that to say you have no idea what it will look like until you see the finished product.

  • So I need to say to Dave and Dan that the blog consensus is that we don't want the guards in skirts? Okay.

    Any other requests? :-)

  • But, yeah, honestly I don't think any of us are under any illusions that the finished product will be bad OR that bitching about these things before we get all the facts will do anything but make us seem dumb and reactionary to the folks that actually know what's going on.

  • I wasnt aware anyone had descended to bitching yet.

    Most people just seemed to be offering opinions on the costume. I don't like it cos of the colours, but it wont ruin anything for me if a guard is wearing a mismatched looking uniform!

  • My point exactly, Legion.

    I don't think any if us who dislike what we see in the picture believe we're complaining about an actual finished product.

  • New post by GRRM:

    Late, wet, and bedraggled, but I'm here.

    Tomorrow heads will roll. Well, one head, at least.

  • Er, any "of" us. Stupid iPhone keyboard.

    There are millions of explainations, one of them being, "Yep, that's how they'll look. Suck it up!"

    That said, I'm more than happy to listen to people spout off about whether or nit it's real until an official picture comes out, just as long as no one starts confusing this with the real deal for the purposes if lamenting the production's low quality.

    So, far, I've seen hints of that, but no one actually going out of their way to say they believe this is an official costume AND it sucks.

  • Hooray for more news!

    If they do this in the manner of John Adams, it'll still be outdoors, but not as big of a space as one would expect they'd need.

  • I wonder if they will also film some of the related scenes (riding back to Winterfell, finding the Direwolves, etc) I know just because two scenes might be connected on screen doesn't mean they have any relation in terms of filming.

  • If I remember right. I believe the Production Design crew consulted Valyrian Steel about the ICE design that Valyrian Steel drew up after a description was given to them by George. And ok by George after seeing the design.

  • That costume is horrible …that's my opinion…none us know whether it's real or not :…I expect more from a costume standpoint…hope I'm worrying about nothing …hoping it's a fake

  • it's my birthday…and my birthday wish is for ?…Game of thrones to be picked up to series…please HBO …

  • GRRM's latest post reveals he is in Belfast, and that they will be shooting the beheading of Gared tomorrow. Still surreal to hear specifics from the book being filmed!

    Also, guys, chill out on the costume. This guy is an extra, you'll probably see him out of focus behind Sean Bean and King Robert, barely able to discern the details of the outfit. It looks a little cheap Renaissance Faire, but I am certain there won't be any featuring of this costume.


  • @coltaine777
    Happy birthday!

    I just red Julia Freys update on her blog.

    She is writing about that blog and some of our posters.
    Just touched me a lot.
    And yes, internet connects people, at least it is my experience so far..

    So, Julia if you lurking, one big virtual hug to you…

  • Yes, very emotional blog post from Julia. Really cool of her to share those feelings with us and giving us an inside look of the production. Great stuff Julia, another virtual hug from Holland!

    (I need hugs too, and George too. What a terrible game of the Giants again, and an incredible close second half of the Jets)

  • I am long time sport fan – (not of American football, I am form Europe), so I completely understand you Knurk, and I am sending another virtual hug to you!

  • Julia seems like a real sweetheart! Thanks for all you do! I consider it in no way a small job! You are, after all the point man for finding Westeros-on-Earth!

  • Julia Frey seems like a really nice lady, props to you guys who have been talking to her and cheering her up.

    Hugs all round I say!

  • I'll ask Julia if she's coming along on Tuesday. I think I can stretch to buying her a drink on behalf of the Winter is Coming crowd :-)

    There is something about the SoIaF fandom which is quite unlike any others I've seen or been part of. It might be that the subject matter means that older, or at least more mature, people are part of the fandom than others, but it does seem to generate a lot of real lasting friendships. It's quite cool.

  • Cool Adam. See if you can squeeze and info out of her about the "strange little island off the coast" possibly doubling as the Ilse of Faces if the series gets to book two.

  • I wish i was going on Tuesday! I think it will be really awesome. But i cant because of University :( Do you think we should have a mission briefing for all the people going?

  • Isn't that dome-shaped island Aisla Craig? Which is big but not as big as the Isle of Faces, which is about 30-40 miles long by by my reckoning. Aisla Craig is only 0.7 miles across.

    Of course, they could use it as a background element, blow it up in size and stick it on the horizon from Harrenhal (I think it should just about technically be visible, can't remember if it was in the books or not), that could work :-)

  • I am so annoyed I didnt just cancel things and buy a plane ticket and just go.

    Still, might be able to swing the London one….

  • My argument to convince myself to go was that if I could have afforded it and had an opportunity to go to New Zealand in 1999 with an opportunity of meeting the cast of the LotR movies I'd have taken it like a shot. This is much closer, much cheaper and if it doesn't go to series this could be the only opportunity to see something like this happen with the books and get involved in it, however tangentially. So my thought was yeah, let's make the most of it :-)

  • Adam, will we get an after-Tuesday blog post on the Wertzone? Either way, take pics! I wouldn't mind seeing some of the ASoIaF fandom.

  • Probably not until late Wednesday, after I get home and recover somewhat from events. I'm charging the camera batteries as we speak!

  • @Adam. Not certian if you can see the Isle from Harrenhal or not, but I believe it is mentione din the distance as Arya and company traverse the shores of the lake.
    Also, I'm hoping the books eventually go there.

  • That's really nice of Julia to mention the blog. She seems like a good person going through a rough time. A collective group internet hug for Julia *hug

  • Hi, someone asked if I'd comment on the picture of the costume. Firstly, it's not a kilt! (calm, I'm calm!) ;) Secondly Balerion is right, it's a surcoat and tunic with trousers and boots underneath. At the time I'd been surprised by the muted colours of the costumes etc but remember these aren't Lords and Ladies, their costumes looked far richer (thinking of Robert's) and there was quite the contrast.

    I didn't see these guys specifically on the day but the outfit is similar to what I saw on others (different colours etc). As for the badge, I think that's a costume dept thing (I think I see a safety pin). Also realised that I saw Lannisters at the castle (crew were calling them Lannisters and they were in red). Were they in the King's party, guess they must have been.

    I also noted that the Clanranald (sp?) peeps were saying there was a lot of violence etc going on and that they were filming on the Monday. I never saw them, I've not read the leaked script. Is there a flash back scene of Robert and Rhaegar (sp?) on the Trident? There was a river at the back of the castle. Or is the only 'violent' bit the sparing at Winterfell?

    Also I'll see Adam on Tuesday. I'm also being crazy and flying over there. In fact I'll be up at this ungodly hour to get to the airport. I'm blaming the cat this morning! Off back to bed! Sorry for any mad ramblings!

  • JacMac30,

    Thanks for posting that!

    My guess, then, is that the color issue is going to go away when seen on the film in which the series was shot.

  • Thanks for answering here JacMac30, and for myself I thought the costume looked nice enough. It shouldn't be bright and shiny…

    And I just had to post here again, because it's just too great if we get flasback scene of Trident with robert & rhaegar…


  • Who is the costume advisor on this? A surcoat under a tunic? No. That isn't how a surcoat is worn. The point of a surcoat is to give freedom of movement, while still have the fit of a tunic at the top – you wear one or the other, or a surcoat over a tunic if it's particularly cold.

    Don't get me wrong, it isn't a huge deal, but it does explain why the costume looks so off to me.

  • I hope those Clanranald lads aren't in trouble. Pastore's lj has been deleted and McMaster's fb isn't public anymore. Ouch.

  • Ouch indeed.

    Wonder if they signed something about media from the set….

    Hope they dont get in serious trouble

  • Maybe Winter is Coming and Tower of the Hand should delete the photo as well. It seems to have been a leak that wasn't supposed to happen.

    And we are nice fans, aren't we.

  • I have to agree with Legion here.

    I'm a little worried the production design crew didn't do enough research and went quickly into design, but I can't fully confirm this till i see more photo's leaked or otherwise. I'll let the color schemes go as this is a fantasy setting, and even in history you would only see house/fealty or personal colors followed most strictly in battle. But I have to keep reminding myself. This was possibly a leaked photo of just a servant and a extra at that.

    The leaked photo of a Baratheon extra looks to be wearing a olive yellow jerkin or doublet with blackish sleeves. Almost a very easy and basic style pattern you can find online. Tunics were and are oversized tshirts in laymens terms, that were belted down. Some can be well fitted. Some can be really baggy. Some can be short. Some can be really long. Some sleeveless or some sleeved.