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NCW talks about the shoot

In a recent interview with Danish television news site TvTid, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau talked about, among other things, the Game of Thrones pilot (original Danish version). More specifically, he spoke of working with Lena Headey, riding a horse and, of course, his nose.

How was it to work closely with an international star like Lena Headey?

It was a really good experience. She is super sweet and talented – and she’s very fun. She was also pregnant during filming, but not so far along that you could see it clearly. Yet she was forced to have a stand-in in a nude scene with me.

A nude scene? Don’t you play brother and sister?

– Yes, it is true… but nevertheless she is completely naked. I can not dwell on why. You may see in the series.

When you play the king’s squire, it probably means that you must ride a horse?

Yes, I ride around a lot. I’ve tried it a few times before, so it went very well. But it will of course always depend on what kind of a horse you get set up with (ha-ha).

I have read that American fans of ‘Game of Thrones’ think your nose is wrong?

It is true that some think that my nose is weird, because it has a crack. They think that I generally fit nicely into the role of Jaime Lannister, from the novel, but that my nose is a little off. I broke my nose as a child – it was something with some wild pranks, I guess. So it looks a bit messed up, but I don’t intend to do anything about it.

Winter Is Coming: That nose thing just won’t die, will it? For the record, I never had a problem with his nose and think he is going to make an excellent Jaime. Interesting about Headey being pregnant for the shoot. Assuming the show gets picked up, that could really throw a wrench into the plans of filming the first season in the next 5 or 6 months.


  • They used a stand in for Lena's nude scene? That's kind of disappointing…

    As for her being pregnant, I doubt it will be a problem. They can use stand-ins when they must, and she will probably be able to work until quite late in the pregnancy (otherwise I doubt she would have accepted the role). I think this happens pretty often on TV these days.

    Also, I think it may help Lena gain more of that voluptuous look, as I always thought Lena was a little thin for Cersei.

  • Maybe they will have to speed up the shooting a little bit or they'll conceal her pregnancy with clothes. I don't think there are any other nude scenes for her in the first season so they won't have to use a double again.

  • Being pregnant won't be a problem. They've already shot her one nude scene in the first book, no? I suppose there could be more later that gets added, or maybe I'm forgetting something else? And besides, body doubles…

    Normally she'll be in various gowns and such, so they can make it work. Also, if she is pregnant enough that she's showing, by the time they shoot the show she may have had the kid. She could well have been a good 4 or 5 month along by the time they shot that scene, which means she'd just about be due by March.

  • they could always film the Cersei scenes early on before she shows much more. And i gotta side with Lex when i say i think Cersei ought to be a bit more voluptuous then Lena currently is.

    and who cares about "NCW's" nose? Jamie is a warrior, so a broken nose fits him just fine. And it sure doesn't detract from his acting ability.

    i'm assuming "king's squire" is a misinterpretation?

  • Glad to hear some of Nikolaj's views. I still think he was one of the best acquisitions for this pilot; he brings serious charisma to a role that demands it. I'm stoked someone got an interview.

    Now if only some of our Danish lurkers could translate "supersød."

    Regarding Lena Headey, I'll jump on the "pregnant is fine" bandwagon. I agree she'll likely have given birth by the time they shoot the next episodes once this thing gets picked up. If not, yes, there are plenty of ways to cover a pregnancy.

    The only fly in the ointment might be if she needs X time off to care for the newborn.

    Either way, Cersei + cleavage = I'm fine with that.

  • This was a horrible translation from Danish to English – although, the "King's squire" thing was not an error in translation. More likely just the danish reporter's lack of insight into the story, and Nikolaj not bothering to correct him.

  • Well, for an automatic machine translation I think it's very good :) Super sweet indeed … very interesting to read, especially the bit that Lena is pregnant. Congratulation, I guess! Some more stress for the producers, but as others have said, it should work out fine.
    Cool that Nikolaj refused to reveal anything. I laughed when the nose came up again :)

  • I like the bloke. He seems very level headed and is how I picture Jaime now.

    I do wonder if Lena quite wanted her pregnancy announced in this fashion as no else seems to have picked this up so it was possibly being kept quiet? I also agree with those who say its not a problem. If she is a) far enough gone that it is not showing much but showing too much for a nude scene and b) far enough gone that she can tell people that she is pregnant then she is probably well past the 3 month period and into the 4-5 month period so will be close to term by the time they decide whether to go ahead with the series or not. As filiming will not start until summer at the earliest I doubt it will be a problem. Lets hope all goes well for her.

  • I do wonder if Lena quite wanted her pregnancy announced in this fashion as no else seems to have picked this up so it was possibly being kept quiet?

    Heh, exactly what I was thinking. NCW might be in trouble now …

  • The only fly in the ointment might be if she needs X time off to care for the newborn.

    True, but we know from Ehle's example that they seem to be happy with families and small babies being on set, so it might not be too much of a problem.

  • ”What i it like to work closely together with an international star like Lena Headly ?”

    It was a really good experience. She was supernice and talentet, and she is very funny. She was pregnant during filming, but not so far along so you could see it. Yet she still had to have a stand in for a nude scene with me.
    -Lisa Headly plays Nicolaj Coster-Waldays Twinsister in ”A Game of Thrones”.

    A Nude scene ? –But you play brother and sister ?

    -Yes thats correct…but none the less she is completely nude. I cant come closer to tell you why, youll have to see in the series.

    Your playing the kings squire, that must involve you riding a horse ?

    Yes, i ride around alot, i tried it a few times before, so it goes very well. Men it always depends on what kind of horse you get put up on. (ha-ha)

    ”I have read that American fans of ”A Game of Thrones” think your nose is wrong for the part ?

    Its correct that some think that my nose is weird, because it has a crack. They think i fit the part well as Jaime Lannister, like it is in the book, men my nose dosnt match.
    I broke my nose as a child – It happend as part of some childsplay, i think.
    So it looks a bit messed up, but i dont intend so anything about it.

    ”What is your own experiences regarding the roleplaying and adventure universe that ”A Game of Thrones” belong too ?

    I only tried roleplaying once in my life, in high school/College where i was part of a game of Dungeons & Dragons. I ate a hash cookie which affected me alot and it did not end well. I ran around in the forest with a stick trying to catch the others. I think they put to much hash into the cookie, because i remember at the end i sat and chatted about my family and different problems. So it was a very traumatic experience and sad experience, generally i dont have much experience with drugs and such.

  • That was my translation of the article, it makes a little more sense now, and as it was commentet the interviewer did not know anything about the source material, thats why the questions are not very good.

  • That nose is going to get its own endcredit. Damn, no nude Heady in season 1! Let's ask George to write in an extra nudescene for her in his episode!

  • @Bananens: that hash brownies answer is just hilarious. maybe it's your translation but i'm still giggling (almost as if i had had one) :)

  • Bah peeter stop mocking my lack of knowledge regarding cookies and brownies, im but a unexperienced danes who only been to Holland once :)

  • By the way, we are so obsessed with this series I believe noone even congratuled Lena haha. Maybe we could send her a message as the Winter is Coming community?

  • It'll probably be announced quickly, or picked up by gossip sites, just tyhinking ahead. Of course now that other sites are going to pick up that news, it means more mentioning of Game of Thrones so it means this news is twice as good!

    I like NCW even more, now that he seems such a doof to spoil the news.

  • I wonder if she got pregnant before or after she got the part. And if D&D see this as any kind of problem.

  • Heady being pregnant stinks, it derails a lot of the shooting time-schedule and I don't want them to have to "shoot around it," as you all seem content to do. I want to see Cersei in all her beautiful glory.


  • I don't see a problem with the pregancy situation. Better now (when the shhoting schedule won't be affected too much) than, let's say, in the middle of season 4 (assuming they get there, yadda yadda).

    Kinda surprised that NCW gave away the incest storyline like that… I know it's pretty much the most widely-known spoiler at this point, but still… a bit unnecessary I thought.

  • Well, for a start its actually looks a little bit strange of announcing someones pregnancy like that.

    I would be angry, for sure…

    And it seems that Nikolajs nose will haunt us till the end of pur lives.

    Jaime Lannister? Who?
    The one with big nose…ha ha

  • Perhaps they can re-cast…say with Tricia Helfer. Don't get me wrong i think Leana will do wonderfully that being said Tricia to me seems like she was born for the part.

  • 1 – NCW knows Lena alot better than any of us, so until we know different, lets give him the benefit of the doubt, shall we?

    2 – Love the nose. May it never fall off.

    3 – NCW giving away story line? Well I guess you can blame GRRM for that for writing a book any one can read.

    4 – Brownies.

  • Why should every B list celebrity have to make an announcement every time something happened in their private life? Just because people on this forum didn't know about it doesn't mean it was a secret. For all we know, the producers were aware of her pregnancy before she even got the part. It's quite possible she doesn't care who knows or doesn't know, because it won't affect her work in any significant way.

  • Maybe they will have to speed up the shooting a little bit or they'll conceal her pregnancy with clothes.

    I hope that they will wait the shooting a little so that she is max pregnant, AND that they will give her clothes that emphasize her big pregnant belly. I think this is a great twist to the production.

    For the nose, what a great thing to bring up! I am sure he has been asked that question since forever and it is part of his charm! That broken nose ought to be a symbol of national pride.

  • @Morgan,

    You're right, we don't know. I'm just saying that as we don't know, it's better not to make a big deal out of it just in case.

    We don't know how pregnant she is, but if she's not really showing, she may be in the quite early stages. Many people do prefer to keep it quiet and only tell the people who need to know in the early stages because it's a risky time, that's all.

    I'm sure the producers would have been told when she felt they needed to know, and they will be factoring it into shooting schedules and so on. I wouldn't expect them to recast, but what do I know?

  • @Geoff Lena Headey is Cersei now, I can't imagine anyone else. I really can't picture Tricia (who is great) as Cersei, she is too severe and current looking.

  • Look what HBO did with the Tara character in True Blood. One actress was used in the pilot, and than was re-cast when the series went to series. Perhaps they only intended to use Leana for the pilot.(knowing she is pregnant), or perhaps Tricia's Schedule was too full for the pilot. It is not out of the realm of possibilities, at least let a guy dream :)…congrats to Leana irregardless she is wonderful.

  • Silverstar, I agree with you, and I'm certain the producers have their bases covered.

    I highly doubt they would re-cast (why bother shooting the pilot with her in the first place?)

    But if they do, please, no Tricia Helfer.

  • Gobble gobble…

    @silverstar et al.

    As far as pregnancy being kept under wraps… what's the big deal? It is LH's choice and it was the producers choice to go forward with her. If an actor 'spilled the beans', I think that's completely fine. Why should they announce it publicly? Her private life is none of our business, and body doubles take care of anything that we are concerned with… So go ahead and congratulate her, I say. NCW did not say anything wrong. I have never heard of a production company announcing that an actor is pregnant. And if they do, they are just being cheesy. In any case we are speaking of a pilot. The future is very, VERY flexible.

  • Sorry, didn't mean for that post to seem so terse.

    What I mean is, I don't think Tricia Helfer would suit this role at all. I'm not a huge battlestar fan, I didn't think she was "bad" in that show… but I can't see her having all that much range as an actress.

    Anyways, I know this has been a recurring topic here, so I'm not trying to change anyone's opinions.

  • I highly doubt they would re-cast (why bother shooting the pilot with her in the first place?)

    depends on what she wants (not everyone is comfortable to work a short time after giving birth) and what the contract says (I'm sure there is a special section for actresses her age).

    If she doesn't want to work after this any more and there is a way out of the contract there is simply no alternative. But i think we would have noticed this via some casting note or by a by a rise of the silk prices. The fact that we don't know anything alone is enough to conclude that there is no problem ;)

  • I do not think that the producers will announce anybodies pregnancy.
    And I do not think that her pregnancy is a big deal for the series, and for anything else.
    There sre thousands ways to shoote the fim with an actress beeing pregnant.

    It seemed only a little bit strange that her collegue said it to the press.
    Maybe, as someone mentioned before, he seemed it was not a big deal either.

  • Before i go further i do believe Leana was cast with the intention that she would be involved in the whole series, and i have very little doubt that anything will change that. However it is not unheard of for someone to be cast, just to get the pilot filmed and they recast it later. Once the series gets picked up they can than look at possibly re-casting. I do find it strange that they would cast someone knowing this, at best we are looking 1 1/2 years…6 months for the remaining pregnancy, and 1 year leave. That could seriously affect filming schedule. So it is now possible, that perhaps they cast Leana with the intention of only using her in the pilot, and than casting Cersai with someone else, who maybe was not available for the Pilot?.

  • This topic begs the question: Are boobies best full of silicone or mother's milk?

    hmmmm… There are pros and cons which I will not enumerate on this board.

  • They're not going to re-cast the role. If they think it's necessary, they'll re-shoot the scene in the pilot at a later date.

  • Well, isn't there a way for them in the CGI department to kinda 'airbrush' out the fact that she is pregnant? I'm not a techno-artsy-fartsy person so whether it's possible is beyond me or not. However, I'm sure I was watching a news article about some serious hoo-haa about models being made to look thinner or whatever; so wouldn't it be possible to hide the bump so to speak?

    That would of course only help until she had the baby; but filming schedules would surely work around that; Cersei is in a lot of scenes, but not ALL of them. If they want Lena that much (which they obviously do if they cast her), then they'll work around her needs.

  • Congrats to Lena!

    And I don't thing pregnancy will be any major drawback for the show, since it probably won't be greenlit for a few more months and she may have delivered by then, and if not just use a body double for some of her scenes and it will be fine. C'mon we will have Others and the Great Wall and direwolfs, I'm sure they can handle this xD

    And btw I thing NCW is perfect for Jaime, the broken nose just gives him more personality and is very fitting for a warrior that has been fighting since very young.

  • If you're going to engage in wild speculation, let me try too: This suggestion by one person that LH might be recast is going to emerge as a rumour that all fans think LH should be recast (like the nose thing), or that the production is recasting her. The production will spend a lot of time stamping down on that rumour, and come to distrust the people from this site. The negative hype will stick to the production and result in fewer viewers watching the premiere of the show, which will result in it being cancelled.

    Okay that over the top, but my point is: (1) watch what you say on this site, because people are picking up on it! (2) STFU.

  • That's it.. LH is pregnant. This show is over, it's completely ruined. I will definitely not be watching it now. I can't stand the idea of Cersei being pregnant. What a waste!

  • I don't think any of us want her recasted. She is our Cersei now. Just worries the optimists among us about the show's timeline but we don't know anything about it so let's keep faith, as usual. :) And well congrats to her afterall Cersei is mother of 3 so get to work lol

  • @Avenger

    I just posted on my own site the same observation, that if anything, being pregnant might actually help her motherly instincts come through on screen even more, being that Cersei is a mother of three.

    She won't be recast if the show is picked up. She is a big draw to get the 300 and Terminator fans to tune in for a few episodes… until they're hooked.


  • @Spacechampion

    I don't know if thread comments will garner the negative attention of HBO. If HBO has anyone to be upset with about it, it's NCW. However, we're assuming Headey didn't want the news out. She may have said it was fine to talk about, same with HBO.

    As far as being recast, speculation is pretty benign imho. I personally don't think she will be re-cast, but anything can happen, including Headey pulling out herself knowing the rigors of shooting and whatever.

    We just don't know, so it's not like anyine is pretending they have information one way or another. Right?


  • Not all women stay home to care for the newborn for more than one or two months. Lena might be perfectly capable of taking care of her child while shooting the series. Part time shooting is an option too. Ah well, I'm happy for her if she's pregnant.

    And about Nicolaj, I love his nose. It's the best part of his body (until I've seen the pilot ofcourse).

  • Lena's pregancy will not interfere with production of series when it is picked up. HBO will announce by March, then several months of prepoduction will take place, lets say filming starts late mid-late July, she will be by then the proud loving mother of a 2 month old. The way these actresses stay in shape thru childbirth and afterwards, she will be back to her normal gorgeous physical self by then.
    So please stop the naysaying (especially from those that wanted someone else for Cersei). I mean look at those photoshops by Narwen of Lena, she is perfect.

  • Agreed, we must keep Lena! And I believe (although not sure on this point) that she has done nude scenes before, so there should be no problem for her losing the robe for us again once she gets her body back post-pregancy – she will probably be WANTING to show it off at that point due to the normal changes in the body post-pregnancy.

    LAWLZ. (That was just for your Ryan)

  • To add something to the "pregnancy-in-film-issue" that could be useful:

    Cobie Smulders, who plays Robin Scherbatsky in 'How I Met Your Mother' became pregnant in 2008 and delivered a child in spring 2009 (as did her colleague Alyson Hannigan). During the series' fourth season, Smulders wore wide clothes and was filmed from angles and heights as to make her pregnancy less obvious. It could still be spotted in several episodes, but the cameramen did a good job of making it almost invisible.
    At least until the late stages, Mrs Headey's pregnancy will probably not be an issue of any importance as far as the filming of 'Game of Thrones' is concerned…

  • To go on a WTF tangent, trailer for Peter Dinklage's new movie, THE LAST RITES OF RANSOM PRIDE in which Dinklage plays a character called, with astonishing appropriateness, 'The Dwarf'. There's a meme advertising thing for it going around:


    It appears to be a Western, so why is Dinklage decked out like Jack Sparrow? Interesting.

  • First, congratulations to Lena for the baby!

    Second, if they needed a stand in for nude scenes, it means her belly is noticiable – and, for a woman who work out to keep her gorgeous fit, the 3 early months probably are gone and she should have been between 3~5 months at the pilot's production. An early pregnancy, mainly the 2 first months, isn't that noticiable.

    So, the baby must be born between April~May and it won't be a problem.

    Third: There's a large ammount of scenes that doesn't include Cersei at AGOT, like Jon's and Dany's. I'm re-reading AGOT and Cersei doesn't appear so much at the first half of the book. After "The things I do for love", she only appears at Lady's death. And much later after that.
    So, it won't be a problem waiting to LH deliver her baby.

    Fourth: The nose issue – oh my God, that is a man's nose! I can't see any problem in NCW's nose!

  • @Ana,

    I am with you there. about the nose. I almost broke mine once. I'd hate to think that it would have kept me from being in a nude scene with preggers Lena.

    Big Congrats to the guy who got lucky with Lena!

    I am a little jealous though. You see, I always thought it would be me. If it wasn't for the expensive face cream that my mother refused to pay for since I turned 22, I would get all the girls, By the way if any ladies want to webcom with me, email me. I am very manly and I daresay beautiful (albeit the acne issue). I like them small girls, and I like them big girls. I even like them carrying a little bitty weight girls. But please, NO FATTIES, NO EXCEPTIONS.

    The bad news is MILFS tend to hit the wall (get ugly and fat quick) after they reproduce.. So I guess I missed the Lena banana boat and I'll never get to make love to the beautiful body that I wank religiously to in 300. So hey… I don't care if Lena stays or not. Do what though wilt, make it so. make it hot.

  • Having read the interview, I really like NCW. I think he's going to be a big star. I don't think his career would have been advanced so far without is nose.

    RE: some nas-T and offensive comments about women who have children: those comments are very offensive, and nasty.

    Lena *is* Carsei. know why? because she is, because I saw her picture photoshopped with blond hair as Carsei and that is that. when I read the books or think of Carsei now, I think of that expertly photoshopped image by a russian amateur. She can't be replaced.

    Having said that, I think Tricia Heifer would be an excellent Carsei replacement–IF Lena wanted to, you know, go raise her newborn.

  • One note, Lena may not be announcing anything about the baby because some folks think it's bad luck.

    My wife was a doula for an Irish couple who moved here to Seattle, and they wouldn't allow folks to buy gifts for the baby until the actual birth was over and everything was fine. A lot can go wrong with a pregnancy, and many folks don't even like telling family or friends until they're a bit further along.

    As far as whether they'll get another actress to play Cersei, that's something we're not going to be able to determine ourselves. If she'd decide to pull out on her own, it wouldn't matter what we'd think.

    That said, since she went through with the shoot, I'd say there's a good chance she'd still want to do it. Then we get down to timing, including speculation about due dates, whether the production will hold, shoot her in bulky clothing, etc. Personally, I think it'll be a crazy speculation bonanza.

    There's also the possibility that NCW (whose nose is fine, natch) made this comment as an incredibly bizarre practical joke. I'm not buying that for an instant, but if it *were*, how oddly effective.

    I hope everything is well with Lena Headey, and go back to the idea that as impatient as we can get for these things that I'd rather have it right than rushed.

  • @Rabid & Lax

    I daresay she'd make a better Cersei than Carsai. But this is just one man's opinion.


  • Congrats to Lena, I hope all goes well and the child is healthy.

    I don't think the pregnancy will be an issue at all with filming- Lena must have known she was pregnant before taking the job, she wouldn't commit to it unless she was happy to go back to work after she has the baby. Of course she may change her mind, but if she can take the baby to the set with her it will certainly be easier than leaving him/her with someone else for the long days of filming.

    We know filming is unlikely to be done in order, so it seems plausible that Cersei's scenes will be left to near the end of the filming block, allowing Lena to get over the birth and get used to life as a new mum.

    I certainly wouldn't worry about her appearance. Two of my friends have had children in the past year and, despite the sleepless nights, both seem to look better now than they did before pregnancy!

  • @Wenings

    My presumption is that Lena was showing at the time of filming, and thus unable to perform her nude scene. She did her own nude scene in 300 I believe, and NCW as much as implied that pregnancy was the reason for having a body double.

    As the father of a 2 year old girl and an 8 month old girl , I can tell you most women begin show after three, and usually after four months, some as late as six months even.


  • No, baby is coming…
    (sorry about that, just had to say it, salutations to the mother -to-be..)

    The poster formerly known as
    Thoros of Myr

  • @sjwenings- for the pregnancy to show enough to need a body double, I'd guess at the time of filming that scene she'd be about 4 months along. She was cast about 2 months before the filming, so is likely to have known by that point.

    On a different topic, while chatting with a friend, I looked up a film he mentioned and straight away thought Dutch actress Karina Smulders might be a good Brienne. She's the right age and seems to have the right look (obviously would need to be made up to look less attractive rather than more, but her features fit), unfortunately I haven't a clue whether or not she's tall enough- and Brienne does need to be tall.

  • First of all, congratulations to Lena. :)

    Her pregnancy won't be a problem at all. I'm sure there are various ways to tackle the situation.

    One thing I didn't quite understand was the reason for the stand-in. Is she showing, or is she just uncomfortable?

  • "On a different topic, while chatting with a friend, I looked up a film he mentioned and straight away thought Dutch actress Karina Smulders might be a good Brienne. She's the right age and seems to have the right look (obviously would need to be made up to look less attractive rather than more, but her features fit), unfortunately I haven't a clue whether or not she's tall enough- and Brienne does need to be tall"

    at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aT5ZHQwyO6w on 0.23-> when the camera moves from her to the male actors besides her she doesn´t look especially tall
    see also the kiss at 0.12 at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BxcNbC64g40

    the poster formerly known as
    Thoros of Myr

    "My name is Arya Stark
    You killed my family
    Don´t bother with any preparations"
    Jimmy Nail for Yoren!

  • @prometevsberg- maybe she's not tall enough, that's a shame. Though of course it depends how tall the guys are. I'd say Brienne needs to be at least 5'10, preferably more.

    In general though, it may well be worth looking to the Netherlands for an actress to play Brienne- I'm 5'7 and I feel terribly short when I'm over there, whereas I'm a bit above average here in the UK.

  • smulders is TOTALLY the right look for brienne. wow. i'd even say she would be worth using camera trickery to make her work. not sure how her english is, or her athleticism, but wow, almost exactly how i envisioned brienne (yes, obviously i mean if you took smulders and tweaked her appearance to match the rough-and-tumble brienne).

    great find! has her name made it over to the westeros boards where D&D can see?


  • Sigh… I've been waiting with growing annoyance. I checked his site again today and there is still nothing other than a brief Thanksgiving greeting. I apologize in advance to anyone who thinks I'm just trying to look for something to troll about. I'm not.
    I hope most of you know by now what a fan of the series I am. I feel like I wouldn't be a true fan if I held my tongue about my feelings any longer. I know he's been under the weather, recuperating from a long trip, mourning over the records of his two favorite football teams, dealing with Thanksgiving, ect., but does anyone else think its a bit…oh I don't know… shocking that GRRM hasn't posted about his trip yet?
    I get that as an author of an incomplete work George doesn't feel obligated to give readers a blow by blow account of the writing process on ADWD. I understand that setting time tables and giving estimates as to when his next book will be complete only serves to undermine him when the approximate deadline he gives comes and goes.
    This trip is a bit different than fans waiting for the book though. For one thing, its over. For another, there have been a whole lot of people waiting (extremely patiently) to hear about GRRM's experiences with the project.
    I guess I'm going a little overboard here. I apologize if any feathers get ruffled by my lack of (continued) patience. Its not my intention to rake up any muck. I'd sure just be very excitied to hear anything about the trip, shoot, interaction with fans, cast, locals. I've spent so much time the last few weeks living vicariously (yes, it was my own choice to do so) that I'm just a little flaberghasted that the subject of all of our interests hasn't felt the need to report. No offense to Rimshot and other contributors who have had unbelievable feedback, but I have been glued to the flatscreen in hopes of getting some word from the big guy. It just kind of stinks to be left hanging for so long.
    Current Mood: Hopeful with a stong chance for diminished patience =/

  • @ryan- I don't have an account on westeros, so probably not. I fear if I signed up there as well I really wouldn't ever get any work done. Feel free to suggest her if you wish.

    I'm yet to encounter anyone Dutch who doesn't speak perfect English, so that wouldn't be an issue, though the accent might be. I went purely on the pictures, her face at least is perfect (well, it will be with appropriate makeup), and she has enough acting experience. If she is tall enough to make the role work, she'd need to spend a fair bit of time in the gym beforehand, depends how easily she can build up some muscle. If she's too short it just won't work.

  • @shinyteapot, promotevsberg and ryan:
    Agreed. She matches the Brienne in my mind – of course, with some make-up to make her look less beautiful.
    And what about her acting skills?
    (and god helps us to see a SECOND season!)

    GRRM doesn't have any obligantion posting in his blog and giving a total and complete report about his life and feelings.
    And, you know, after a long time traveling, you need a week or more to pay bills, resume your work, deal with your house…
    And if you follow Not a Blog, you must have seen that he was sick the last days.
    Give him time! It's difficult talking about waiting in a world everything happens fast, but that's it!

  • @Ana Carolina
    Not about to get into a "What is GRRM obligated to do for his fans" debate with you or anyone else.
    Lots of folks get sick and have work/chores/ bills to catch up on and you know what, they still find 5 mins or so to post on this web page or that because they are interested or care about one thing or another. I'm not asking for a minute by minute rundown with pictures and movies of each day on the set. It takes no more effort than say…watching five or six Giants/Jets games on TiVo that you missed while away on vacation to type a paragraph or two. In fact, I've been know to post here and there during an NFL game while fighting off swine flu and I have no soon-to-be-a-major television show, highly regarded fantasy book series that tons of people admire and patiently check for any crumb of news on multiple times daily. George owes me nothing. I just get a little dissapointed that he never seems to realize that all of us fans, well-wishers and interested parties that follow along on this site and others would be super-appreciative if we could get something…anything of a story or two about this great trip we have all been following along for over a month now.
    If we didn't care we wouldn't check in. Nothing earth-shattering is going to happen if we have to wait a while longer. Still, I just can't help but find it less and less amusing that for as much as so many of us care about GRRM's time on the trip he seems not to be all that interested to relay what happened to those of us who want to know about it.
    Again, apologies if it seems I am being brutish asking for any scrap of info. The lack of pilot news might be getting to my brain. I'm just starting to feel like Sisyphus checking the boards for news. The nice difference between me and ole' Sisy though is that I can jump out of my own self-made Hades any time I like and smell the roses. Guess I'll go throw the ball with my kiddos and dwell on less-stagnant topics a while =)
    P.S. I hope board regulars and n00bs alike that celebrate Thanksgiving had a nice turkey day yesterday!

  • @lordnedshead

    As I said: give him time. He will update his blog, when he wants it.

    So, be patient and remember Neil Gaiman's lesson.

  • @ Lisa actually 5.7 see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human_height, for NL and other nations. Dutch men are 6 feet on the average(but self reported) which might mean Smulders might have some height on her, even if shorter than the male actors. But from what I could see of her on youtube, act she can.

    The poster formerly known as
    Thoros of Myr

  • wow karina is so beautiful…and the thing that surprises me is that she fits the brienne in my head so perfectly!! Really, it would be awesome to have her on got!!

  • @Ana & Max
    No, George is not my bitch. I never claimed he was. Again the guy owes me nothing and I'm sure he'll post in his own time.
    My point is not that GRRM should be at my beck and call. Rather the point I am trying to make is that for someone at the epicenter of something we all find so exhilarating and important (within proper perpesctive), it just disappoints me that his response has been so lack luster to this point. You'd think a guy getting to live the dream of watching a universe that he created come to life on the screen would be excited enough to make sharing the experience with people who find his work so engaging a priority.
    Still love GRRM btw. Not trying to be a jerk. This particular instance has just left me a bit deflated as a fan. I'm positive I'll have a full load of wind in my sails again reagrding the show once he does get around to posting.

  • in response to the other thread:

    yes i'm brazilian, are you too? by the name i would say so…i don't know this comunity you've mentioned but i'll go straigh away look for it. thanks!

    would like to thanks everyone again for the suggestions, i really aprecciate and will with sure read all of them…you've made a bookworm happy
    see ya!

  • To be honest, I wasn't expecting much more news from George about the trip itself. He posted about Scotland, Belfast and Morocco (albeit hamstrung by a different sort of keyboard) and I'm not sure there's much more to add at this point, plus he's probably restricted from going into too much more detail.

    I was actually more surprised people weren't complaining that since he's been back home for several days he should be reporting in on ADWD already ;-)

  • pretty sure GRRM is nearing the end of his writing for ADwD, and will be moving into getting ready for publication in the coming few months.

    in fact, i expect to see a post entitled "the knot is untied" in the short future indicating he has broken through and finished up the last of his story arcs.

    just a hunch.


  • "no grrm is not my bitch, but (translating) if i were in his position I would be everyone elses…".

    Money where yer mouth is time. You can do something valuable for the production right now by collecting all the casting suggestions for all the characters who appear in season 1 who have not already been cast, and posting it either here or in the official casting forum on westeros. ANYONE can do it, it's just a matter of doing it. Collations of data are always of value.

    Oh wait, it would take up your valuable time? Pfft, what kind of a fan are you?

    Gaah, /jerkmode off

  • Besides, a trip like this gives you enough material to write an entire book. Where to start, what has to be left out for now?

    While it would be interesting to read more about it, the energy needed to do so properly is better spent elsewhere. And none of us would be satisfied by a five-minute-posting while watching sports, would we?

  • Congratulations, Lena! If it's a boy, may I suggest "John Connor" or "Tommen" for a name, and if it's a girl "Myrcella" is good too. :D

    I agree with those who think the producers must've been aware of her pregnancy and figured it wouldn't matter. AT the very least, they must've known when they hired the body double and yet they didn't recast for THE nude scene. It'll be fine.

    I'd also much rather GRRM write ADWD than a blog post about the filming. You work on that, GRRM. We'll pester the actors for the details!

  • Hillo, I say good on Lena baby pl? when name i good on Tyrnon for boy und Lassy for the girl? Thank You

    so for the riter for please write the book more for the finish ,

    for Rest, so good to agree. for yes

    Yes Angel

  • @Lex


    Bilbo and Lena are good pals. It would be good to name the baby Tina Turner if it's a boy or Lassie if it's a girl.

    Thank you.

    So for John Ritter, please write the book in Finnish.

    As far as resting, it's good I agree. For sure.

    Angel says Yes!

  • Well here is your news Nedshead, satisfied? I guess not, but there just ain't that much to tell. He told the good stuff already when he was on the other end of the ocean.

  • In his latest post GRRM answers the question of whether or not the show is going to affect his writing:

    "I'm obviously going to have to put a city under siege sometime soon, so we can go back to Morocco and play with all these cool toys one of these days."

    Tongue-in-cheek of course. ;)

  • @Paul Gude

    But I think it's pretty obvious Mereen will be under siege soon for all the ADWD spoilers…

  • The bigger implication is that he seems confident enough to make a joke about the books actually making it into series.

    Either that, or he isn't superstitious whatsoever and isn't worried about jinxing it. Oh wait, doesn't he believe that he has to be home in order for his sports teams to win?

    Winter IS Coming!



  • @Knurk Hey! I'll take what I can get. Actually it was pretty nice just to see a picture of what looked like George having a nice time. The contraptions were sweet too. Oh and now I finally know what Ty looks like ;P

  • Thanks for pointing that out, Ana.

    I haven't been actively avoiding ADwD spoilers, but haven't read much about them either, so that implication would have been completely lost on me.

  • Our George just made my monday. (Usually the most hated day by myself).
    It looks like the wrap party in Morocco was awesome, with Khal Drogo in big form.
    And lots of moroccan pretty ladies…
    Going (running) to the office…
    Thank you George!

  • lol!!
    guys i'll have to forgive me but after i read the post of mr martin i haaaave to imagine him and the rest of the cast coming here in Brazil sitting in one of our theme restaurants and i just almost died laughing alone in here…think i'm gonna suggest it for him ;]

  • serMountainGoat, over on Westeros, has finally put up his very detailed report of the moots in Belfast and Dublin, if you guys are interested :)

    Go here and go to the Ireland 2009 report.