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Martin talks about Morocco trip

George R. R. Martin updated his Not A Blog with a couple posts about his time in Morocco. He doesn’t talk any specifics but in the first post he has a few pics up of the impressive Kingdom of Heaven set (parts of which were reused for Game of Thrones). In his second post, he has pics and a report from the wrap party:

Another highlight of my time in Morocco was the wrap party.

For those not familiar with the term, it’s a Hollywood tradition to throw a big party when you finish shooting — or “wrap” — on a movie or television project. I attended quite a few great wrap parties during my ten years in LA, but the GAME OF THRONES wrap party blew them all away. We held it in the Ouarzazate Museum of Cinema, a pretty amazing place itself, complete with local musicians, belly dancers, acres of Moroccan delicicacies, and lots of spirits to lubricate the exhausted cast and crew. And when the museum threw us out, we just adjourned back to the Berbere Palace, where the party continued.

These few poor snapsnots don’t capture a tenth of what went on. But hey, what happens in Morocco stays in Morocco, right?

A great time was had by all… except, of course, for the cast members who shot their scenes in Ireland and Scotland, and the Irish and UK crew who did not get to make the trip to Morocco. The drawback of shooting in so many different places… everyone couldn’t be there together to celebrate the end of the shoot.

Winter Is Coming: Some good pics from Martin. Especially of the wrap party. I see Tom McCarthy, Jason Momoa and David Benioff. My question is, who are all the young ladies? Just some random models hired to make the party a bit more interesting? Or perhaps they were some of the Dothraki extras. Could Irri and Jhiqui be among them?


  • Extras very rarely get invited to wrap parties, at least from my own experience when I've been on a shoot as it closes. So whilst I wouldn't say they are -not- extras, it is highly unlikely, and more probable that they are dancers or otherwise hired as entertainment at the party.

  • The girls may be local fans, or part of the crew (I presume some local people would be hired rather than flying absolutely everyone out from Belfast)- or dancers.

    I notice that while our Drogo appears in some photos, Dany, Viserys and Illyrio are absent. I wonder if this is coincidence, or they've all had their hair dyed for their roles and HBO don't want pictures of how that looks getting out?

    Looks like a good party at any rate :)

  • Tom McCarthy is also in one of the pics. He's the guy in the beard giving the thumbs-up to the camera.

  • @shinyteapot.

    As for as the Targs go, I'm assuming that they'll be wearing wigs. Dying hair silver, and not making it look grey is very hard to do.

  • Some nice looking women indeed. George is so lucky. And Jason is drinking Heineken looking like it was the only option the bar gave him haha.

  • Probably is nothing, but George says in the Jerusalem post:

    "I'm obviously going to have to put a city under siege sometime soon".

    That seems fairly confident in a pickup.

  • Hopefully he get's inspired reg. the local music, bellydancers etc. reminded me of some possible east related setting.

    That is if the booze didn't get the best of him that night…

  • "I'm obviously going to have to put a city under siege sometime soon".

    If Meereen isn't under siege, if not in flames, at the end of A DANCE WITH DRAGONS I will be quite surprised. With the sheer number of enemies arrayed against it, I can't quite see how Dany's going to hold the city AND also undertake a return mission to Westeros.

  • The girls can't be Dothraki extras. Or at least, it doesn't make sense, as Jason Momoa is white. It would be weird if Dothrakis were so diverse.

  • They could be Pentosi extras, since Pentos is apparently an Africa-like city in the TV series (despite actually being somewhere more like a European port city in the books), but much more likely they were just dancers, workers and entertainers brought along for the party. There may also have been some of the staff from the studio there as well.

    Parris' comment on his Notablog that the greenlight could come any time in the spring, which Ran interpreted to mean a green light as late as May, was interesting. I think March is still the most likely time, but the news it could take longer is discouraging.

  • @Adam Whitehead

    …three fires must you light…one for life and one for death and one to love…

    I believe, as I said before, that Mereen will be under siege at ADWD. Poor Mereeneese souls :'(

  • Ah, interesting that both TREME and BOARDWALK EMPIRE are now into production of their regular-series episodes as well.

  • Looks like George has gotten a case of the Jungle Fever.

    @ Adam – Isn't the series gong to be delayed anyway due to Headey's pregnancy?

  • I really hope they don't wait too long. The kids will grow up quickly, and the pilot episode will end up needing to be reshot if they look really different between the first episode and the second.

  • At a guess George's 'groupies' will probably be Dothraki extras for the wedding scene. I think you can tell the difference between the entertainers and people the party is for.

    Silverstar – I cannot see them waiting if the series is picked up. As you say with children involved it would be stupid to do otherwise.

  • grrm wrote:
    Dec. 1st, 2009 07:49 pm (UTC)
    bevy of beauties
    The belly dancers were local entertainers hired for the wrap party.
    The gorgeous young ladies in the pictures with me were the dancers at Dany's wedding to Khal Drogo, whose wild, erotic celebrations lead to wanton coupling and arakh fights. Not Moroccan, no. They actually all came from London, and flew down with the cast and crew. Bright, beautiful, talented young women… and they're even hotter than they look, believe me. The dance / swordfight sequence should be pretty amazing.

  • If this does go to series… How would a Manx Gaelic / Irishman like myself try out for a gig like this! I'm psyched.. been reading Martin's books since I was a kid.