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Day 14: More filming in NI

By Winter Is Coming on

They are now concluding their second week of filming for the Game of Thrones pilot. I had heard that filming was to last 18 days, although I’m not sure if that was just filming in the UK or if that … Continue reading

Day 13: Filming… something

By Winter Is Coming on

Filming continues today in Northern Ireland on the Game of Thrones pilot. Another location shoot today, supposedly taking place at a castle in NI. I’m not sure what they are planning on filming and so far my guesses have been … Continue reading

Day 12: Filming the King’s arrival

By Winter Is Coming on

While the fans get to live vicariously through the lucky few able to go to yesterday’s signing and moot, the cast and crew were back at it today for day 12 of filming the Game of Thrones pilot. Based on … Continue reading

Reports from the GRRM moot

By Winter Is Coming on

I’ll be posting the reports and photos from the post-singing moot yesterday. I expect these reports to trickle in as everyone wakes up and tries to get rid of their hangover! The first report we got was from Silverstar. A … Continue reading

Day 11: Filming rolls on (UPDATED)

By Winter Is Coming on

Filming continues today and it sounds like they are still shooting exterior scenes at this point. Either they are still working on the execution scene or they’ve moved onto the King’s arrival (I’m aware that the picture on the right … Continue reading

Reports from GRRM signing

By Winter Is Coming on

Keeping the reports about the GRRM signing in this post and moving the shooting info into a new post. UPDATE: According to Rimshot, Richard Madden is at GRRM’s book signing. Which means they must be shooting a scene that Robb … Continue reading

Day 9: Taking a break

By Winter Is Coming on

As far as I can tell, today was another off day for the production (seems like they get Sundays off). Everyone has been working real hard, early mornings and late nights, and things seem to be running on schedule. So … Continue reading

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