Casting George R. R. Martin Jaime Lannister Speculation

News and notes

The title of this post is a bit of a misnomer, as there really isn’t any news. But there are notes!

-Intrepid ASOIAF fan Jackie recently attended a Battlestar Galactica convention and was able to speak with Jamie Bamber. He revealed to her that he had auditioned for the role of Jamie Lannister. Obviously, he didn’t get the part, possibly due to his height. But as Ran rightly mentions, we know that they like to bring back those who previously auditioned for other roles. Perhaps Bamber may end up in the series as another character? Renly, Littlefinger or Beric Dondarrion are some popular suggestions.

-In a comment on GRRM’s Not A Blog, Parris mentions that HBO is expected to make a decision on the series in the spring. She mentions “end of March” as a possibility. I’m still holding out hope for an earlier pickup, but it isn’t looking good.

-serMountainGoat of the Westeros forums posted a very detailed report of the GRRM signing and moot in Belfast. In addition to his own take on the events, it sort of compiles other reports and covers all that happened that day, so it is a good read for any who weren’t able to follow the earlier reports.

-Lastly, I have some cool site-related news. I can’t announce anything yet as I’m still ironing out the details but hopefully will be able to soon. So stay tuned!


  • hehe can't wait for the good things to come.
    Also would be interested to see Bamber around sometime.

  • About the site-related news: will WiC get a real forum for the comments? Will we be able to post pics & stuff? User related search features? Would be nice… :-)

  • Nice WiC :)
    In a lack of GoT big news lately, it is good to have a little announcement about the news of the site.

    Waiting patently…

  • @WiC

    Just to clarify, where you said "it isn't looking good" you were referring to us getting a series announcement before March, correct? not to the series pick up in general? I don't like to nit pick but I just need to be sure…

  • Dunkeltroll: Those types of things are on my to-do list. Kinda waiting to see if the series gets picked up first before I start really fleshing out the site.

    nikki: Yes, I just mean my hopes of getting an announcement sooner then the spring aren't looking too good.

  • George just explained everything about the pretty babes from tha last post.

    We guessed that too!
    The Dothraki dancers.

    The belly dancers were local entertainers hired for the wrap party.

    George: "…The gorgeous young ladies in the pictures with me were the dancers at Dany's wedding to Khal Drogo, whose wild, erotic celebrations lead to wanton coupling and arakh fights. Not Moroccan, no. They actually all came from London, and flew down with the cast and crew. Bright, beautiful, talented young women… and they're even hotter than they look, believe me. The dance / swordfight sequence should be pretty amazing…"

  • @Winter: setting up a board is not very complicated, and it might be better to get one running (and make some tweaks to / gain experience administating it) before the big wave hits when the show gets a go.

    We already had threads with more than 200 comments; they tend to get quite confusing, especially if you don't check back here every 30 minutes. Also, right now the older threads tend to be abandoned as soon as there is a newer one, even if there is still an interesting discussion going on.

  • Reading that report of the Belfast moot yesterday I noticed it mentioned that originally HBO wanted the Lannisters to use Japanese type swords.

    I wonder what other "ideas" got thrown out?

    So Jaimie wanted to be Jaime, not sure what part I could picture him as to be honest.

  • Kind of off-topic, but… speaking of the waiting game, new reports suggest that the first Hobbit movie may be delayed from a Dec. 2011 release to a Dec. 2012 release!

    So, possibly three years of waiting, instead of two. Very bad news. :(

  • @Winteriscoming…if there isn't a series order by spring does that mean our hopes of seeing this show in winter 2010 are dashed ?

  • I am still trying to wrap my head around an African/Moroccan Dothraki people – I can't stop picturing them as steppe Asian-esque! And Jason Momoa is Hawaiian…

    I think Nikolaj Coster-Waldau has much more of a warrior's look than Jamie Bamber (remember, Jaime isn't just a pretty boy, he's a Kingslayer), as much as I'd love to see Bamber involved somehow. Littlefinger is definitely an idea!

  • "About the site-related news: will WiC get a real forum for the comments? Will we be able to post pics & stuff? User related search features? Would be nice… :-) "

    Whilst it's not a bad idea, I am loathe to splinter the ASoIaF fanbase over multiple websites, something the fandom has managed to (mostly) avoid so far (unlike, say the WoT fanbase). Is there any particular problem/reason why simply registering with a new site rather than the existing forum at or the discussion topics ToweroftheHand is preferable?

    I at least could honestly do without having to sign up to yet another forum ;-)

  • Can't really picture Jamie Bamber, stern, intense Appollo, as the devious and onctuous LittleFinger… Seems a bit of a stretch? But I've only seen him in Galactica, maybe he has the range. I could definitely see Mark Sheppard in that role though…

  • Jamie Bamber also played Archie Kennedy, a rather wussy character, in the Horatio Hornblower movie series. Used his real accent, too. (Some BSG fans aren't even aware that he's English.)

  • Yeah, there is no reason why Bamber couldn`t do Littlefinger. Many actors can surprise with their versatility.

    In Dark City Kiefer Sutherland played a strange,physically challenged scientist who walked with a pronounced limp and struggled to speak through frantic, heavy, breaths. I couldn`t believe I was watching the same guy who kicks ass and saves the world every season on 24!

  • @Adam: well, this discussion is already going on HERE – and not on Westeros. I for one had to set up a Google profile for no other reason than to have an identity on WiC, which is the same amount of work than registering to a forum, ain't it? But the blog-format still lacks some of the nice features a message board contains (and I don't mean page-long signatures with animated GIFs in them – hate those).

  • jamie bamber as little finger! brillant! i'm so mad i never thought of that before. since we'll probably never get michael sheen, i could totally throw my weight behind bamber who i loved so much in BSG and think is very talented (and looks the part! imagine him with a pointy little goatee!)

  • bamber as bronn? just a thought. dominic west is better imo, but just wondering…..

    and littlefinger should be michael sheen, if only……..


  • It will be really interesting to see which way they have gone with Dothraki design and culture on screen … can't wait.

    WiC: Good luck with the cool stuff you're preparing for the site.
    Just to voice my opinion about future plans: I wouldn't like a full blown discussion board with completely free topics (we have that option already elsewhere, no use splitting), but more functionality for blog post related commenting won't hurt :) Well, I'm sure you're giving a lot of thought to how to take this to a new level and stay unique and specific, while remaining the hub of tv series related news.

  • Bamber fits Berric Dondarion to my mind. He could also do Renly.

    I personally cannot see him as Littlefinger where the best suggestion I have heard is the scientist dude with the beard in the last series or so of Lost (forgotten his name but he has the look – intense but you would not initially expect him to be a creep whereas Alan Cummings and the like look like they are going to be a creep…)

    Also if BSG peeps are coming in how about Starbuck for Brienne (I know other people have been there, can of worms, spilt, floor etc etc)

  • I kind of like the way the discussions are around the latest post. Helps you to stay up to date, of course you don't follow every discussion and some are abandonned but at least you know what are the latest things that have been said. Easier to post a comment than follow a forum imho (esp that when the amount of people will raise the amount of new topic on a forum will go up like crazy)

  • Why would anyone other than Winter need the right to start threads? That's not what I want to suggest.

    But I would like to have the opportunity to get back to previous postings/topics more easily. I would like to keep threads alive while there is still something to discuss. As it happened, I posted late (when there was already a new one) in some threads and didn't get any more responses, even if I tried my best to provoke some ;-)

    Also, it would be nice (especially for someone new to the site) to have easy access to older posts of any user. For example, folks like Ryan or Paul are highly regarded (at least by me) contributors to this site, and they made quite a lot of interesting posts. Now try go and find them!

  • I liked the article from sermountaingoat, especcially since it mentions me :)
    Such a shame that he mixed me up though…

    There was also another Polish guy called Walther (not on the board) who is now living in Dublin and he had brought the rulebook from the ‘Game of Thrones’ board game to be signed. It turns out he loves the game but has never read the books! He hung out with us for the whole evening as did someone who is a boarder and Winter is Coming member Aragorn – and he was wearing an Aragorn t-shirt just to illustrate that fact. I think Aragorn may originally be Dutch or something but is now living in Dublin, more on Aragorn later.


    I am not Polish, but Dutch and I most certainly am not called Aragorn, but Walter…
    I did however loved playing the boardgame before even starting to read the books.

  • Bearing in mind that casting discussions are very much order, and these, util we reach the and -before-we know-but-just- scrutinize -the – entrails -of – GRRMs – cryptic- utterances time, will be continuous, a function for such discussions might be in order..

    The poster Formerly known as
    Thoros of Myr

    Jimmy Nail for Yoren!

    "My name iis Arya Stark.
    You killed my family.
    It would have been a really good idea if you had already done your preparations ..""

  • Oh man, Jaimie Barber was fantastic in BSG, but I am glad that they did not cast him as Lannister. In my opinion, he would make a compelling Littlefinger, who has always been a favorite character of the series for me.

    I think Barber could pull off the devious intellectual cunning Petyr requires.

  • Ignore my previous comment, as I got my BSG characters crossed.

    @Gene Linet
    I'm with you, James Callis aka Baltar (who I originally thought Jaimie Bamber played) would make an awesome Littlefinger and Bamber could be … Davos? He does the good guy pathos well right?

  • Out of the BSG cast, Callis came to mind first, but actually I can see Bamber as Littlefinger. Callis may well not want to play another manipulative character so soon after Balter.

    Having said that, I still see Jeremy Davies (Faraday from Lost) whenever I think of the role, so he remains my favourite.

    As for Katee Sackhoff as Brienne, while in terms of acting she'd be great, she's only 5'6. Brienne needs to be at least 5'10 I think, preferably taller. Going in a completely different direction, give her a red wig and she could be a great Melisandre. Completely different role to Starbuck too, which helps.

  • "well, this discussion is already going on HERE – and not on Westeros."

    Not sure what you mean here. The conversation IS going on at Westeros and, interestingly, with the likes of the producers (very intermittently) taking part and Parris chiming in (more regularly). Again, I don't see any purpose to splitting attention between multiple message boards when we could concentrate in just one place. We're also going to get another message board automatically if AGoT is picked up on the HBO website anyway.

  • Jamie Bamber is probably too young to play Davos. Davos is older and has several children who are now grown men captaining their own ships.

    Was watching Bleak House on Netflix and noticed John Lynch in a smallish role in that production (he's had bigger roles in other things). I think would be very good for Davos. He's got a great look.

  • As a longtime WiC poster I would like to tell my opinion about the forum/blog debate.

    I am right there with Adam.
    It would not be a good think (IMO) to split the fanbase, at least for us who are fans of the books, and fans of not yet finished pilot :)

    I like diversity between Westeros (with a classic) forum, Tower with many interesting informations, and I like the blog-form of that site.

    I would be very pleased that the blog form stays, but WiC will decide, and I am o.k. with it.

  • Hello,

    Jaimie Barber would be terrible for anything. He should go back to bartending at gay clubs. I haven't seen him acting in anything, but I can tell from his name he sounds like a chump.

    And I don't want chumps in my favorite pilot of all time.


    My guess for the "BIG NEWS" on WiC is we will now be able to watch HBO through a live feed on this website. I can't wait. Especially the soft porn.

    Also you will never see me post sentence that start with "I'm thinking that…", and "I'm guessing that…". Why? Because I learned English from a qualified instructor who didn't spend most of her time watching Nascar racing.

    Yeah, that's right.

  • you will never see me post sentence that start with

    Pardon me sir Naysayer, sir, but there is a typo in that sentence. Insert an article there and you'll be good to go!

    LAWLZ on U, ya big CHUMP

  • bunny, you dirty jackal. I will crush you. Plus I meant to do that.. I was using the word as a sort of argot latin plural. Your attempt at dethroning me was pathetic. I will eat your pitiful entrails, you. And don't even LAWL me again, if you know what's good for you. I threaten u with my massive eBulk.

  • @Naysayer,

    My e-peen is bigger than your eBulk. LAWLZ

    What a woyld, what a woyld…..

    So ahem, ya… interesting thread. Really interesting. I'm into it.

  • As a long time poster, I wanted to share my opinion about a few things. I believe that I'm entitled to doing so, and I would be wrong to keep it to myself, it being a precious and lovely thing, unequalled. I believe you may enjoy my opinion, whether it resonates with you or rubs you the wrong way. In any case, it may just change your life. So therefore without further delay, friends, family, fellow fanboys, I present to you my humble opinion. It is that I like big butts and I can not lie. You other brothers can't deny that when a girl walks in with an itty bitty waist, and a round thing in your face, you get sprung.

  • I really hope they keep Bamber out of this series. His effort in previous HBO show Band of Brothers was one of the least inspiring performances and while I liked his BSG character at the start of the show his acting just got worse and worse as the series went on.

  • Wow, James Callis as Littlefinger? Brilliant. He is short, and can do cunning. Definately attainable too.

    Beric was who I originally had in mind for Jamie Bamber. But I wonder if it is a big enough part for someone who was one of tha main characters in the hugely successful BSG.

  • No need to split the fanbase. Just work something out with Ran to insert the RSS feed from here into the Westeros GOT forum.

  • Talking about characters who could jump over from BSG…
    Callis would make an excellent Littlefinger indeed, but if they would like someone older instead then why not go for Callum Keith Rennie (Leoben)
    Additionally use Dean Stockwell for Tywin
    And personally I believe that someone who has a bit rougher look like Aaron Douglas (Chief Tyrol) would make an excellent Davos.

  • I love Stockwell, but I honestly can't see him as Tywinn. He's got a quality that's a bit too earthy, somehow. He's not regal, I don't think. Tywinn should be the most regal man you have ever seen. He should have the air of a monarch about him. A lot of that has to do with his look, more than anything. But he just doesn't look like Tywinn to me.

    Michael Hogan looks pretty much exactly like my physical mental image of Tywinn and though Tigh was a very flawed and curmudgeonly sort – not very regal – you do catch glimpses of that sort in Tigh from time to time, I think. Once he had gone full-on bad-ass after the New Caprica stuff and was back in uniform, he seemed to have grown a lot and gained an aura of authority he didn't have before. I could see Tywinn in him, then.

  • Oh man, Leland Palmer! I can't imagine him as Tywin, but I'm not saying he is a bad option… I'd just have to get used to him in the role (as I only think of him as the creepy, dancing, murderous dad).

    Isn't he much older now though? That picture looks like it could be from 15 years ago.

  • Ray Wise is too smarmy Tywin. He's got a face that a person just wants to slap. Nobody would slap Tywin. At least not twice.

    If he weren't dead (and 15-20 years younger) I'd say Patrick McGoohan in full Longshanks mode would be perfect. Alas…

  • Agreed, falcon. I'm convinced Longshanks in Braveheart was a big source of GRRM's inspiration for Tywin…such a shame.

    Michael Hogan would be a good choice, but I think I like him better for Kevan Lannister (or maybe Stannis). Callis is probably the most attainable of my "dream" Littlefingers. He'd be a great choice.

  • Yes Ryan, most of the times I'm not mingling in casting speculations, but everytime a Dutch(wo)man gets mentioned I'm rooting for them. When the Carice van Houten for Cersei rumor started I absolutely went crazy. I could actually see hauer pulling it off, but I haven't seen him for a while. But he is proud of his hair…

    Why I'm still awake at 5 in the morning? Watching the Jets game, boooring…

  • Alan Dale would be perfect as Tywin.

    I wonder if the production is using Valyrian Steel's swords for Ice, etc.

  • Either Alan Dale or Charles Dance would make awesome Tywins. I'd favour Charles Dance, I think. He's scary.

    We ought to make a list of the big characters who crop up in the rest of season one. Might do that today actually. That'll give me something to do while Westeros is down.

  • A question: if someone understands enough of a language to (somehow) follow what's going on on a site like this, how come this same person can't construct a single intelligible sentence? Simply amazing!

    And please don't think I'm bitter about it, I'm just scratching a hole into my head because of it… ;-)

  • @Dunkel,

    I read your question a few times, and I am not sure if I understand it. Is it a riddle?

    Regarding the hole in your head that you scratched, that's just gross.

    Good luck,

  • He is whining about the bad grammar in angellic angels post.

    Dunkeltroll, the answer is quite simple:

  • re: Dunkeltroll
    if somebody has a wish to comment on something on teh interwebz, having no opinion or the vocabulary to air the lack of it, is not a reason not to do it.

    case in point: a talking walrus
    (i know i'm being too harsh)

    p.s. i haven't read that series but i just loooove the sh*tstorm that always seems to surround it

  • you guys are crazy. dance and dale would be aesthetically appropriate tywin's, though dale is a bit on the old side for me. but really? better than


    Really!? I hope you guys can see past the "hair" because it seems you might be letting that factor into the criteria which would be silly.


  • Re: Rutger Hauer would be perfect

    I gotta side with the Devil in this one.

    By perfect, do you mean not at all perfect? Because if that is what you mean by perfect, I agree. I would agree that besides, he is busy frizzing up his white hairs. I would agree that he would not have been perfect twenty years ago and certainly not today!

    That was irrational of you… not to mention unsportsmanlike.

  • For Lord Walder Frey, then Rutger Hauer would be excellent. I'm not joking. He's old, very old, and fat.

  • I am confident that any Battlestar actor could easily play the role of Nameless Eunuch #2.

    For the joker who said Battlestar was hugely successful, I say unto u: Not getting cancelled does not equal hugely successful. Successful, maybe. Beat its own ratings when moved to a better time slot? Okay.

    But what do I know? I only watched the first 30 minutes of the first episode. And I thought it was an excellent example of the 98% of content seen on television: Shit.

  • Marko: First thing I thought of when I saw that draw was "Marko's boys are going down!" ;)

    Seriously though, should be an interesting match up. Slovenia has nothing to lose at this point, having done very well just to qualify, and the increased attention being paid to soccer in the US means the pressure is squarely on the Yanks.

  • @WiC and Marko

    First persons I thought of when I saw the draw were you two…
    I just wish a sweet revenage for my boys, from both of your teams ;)

    GO Slovenia!
    GO USA!

  • And regarding the forum debate, I don't plan on introducing forums. I think Westeros does a great job of being the ASOIAF fans' go-to forum.

    I do plan on adding more functionality to the commenting for the site though. Something where you can create an in-site profile that will have your post history, a little about yourself and maybe an avatar. Similar to what Tower of the Hand does.

    As to continuing discussions in old posts, I think that is a definite concern and I'm trying to think up a solution to that. Maybe in addition to the recent comments widget, I can include a widget that shows the 5 most recently commented on posts? This way if someone comments on an old post it won't as easily go unnoticed. The recent comments widget tends to fill up with comments from the newest post and if someone slips in a comment on an older post it generally goes by unnoticed and the discussion dies out for that post.

    Another idea was to include a "read all unread comments" function which would display all the comments you haven't yet read from all posts. This may require a little more web coding then my current skill level can handle though.

    If anyone has any other suggestions, feel free to add your input.

  • I like the changes you propose.

    I am not skilled at all into the web handling, that is why, no clever suggestions from my side.

    I am glad that it will stay in the blog form.

  • "…can include a widget that shows the 5 most recently commented on posts…"

    That would be great, especially if it's easy to do. I think that would add greatly to this site.

  • I don't like the unread thing.. it sounds like it would track me. I can't be tracked. I am a ninja.

  • Sounds like a great idea. I'm looking forward to the changes.

    (Not patiently waiting until March for the HBO decision. Chewed one finger down to the last knuckle. Only 9 more to go!)

  • @Winter: sounds great & would cover everything I miss right now. The blog-frontend was never a problem to me, but the comment-section WILL get increasingly confusing when more people start to post.

    The suggestion to put up a forum was not meant to let us all start topics at will; I had something like the reviews section on the reelviews forum in mind – one forum thread for each blog post.

  • "though dale is a bit on the old side for me. but really? better than RUTGER HAUER?"

    Erm, Dale is several years younger than Hauer. And frankly a better actor with a much more appropriate range.

    Don't get me wrong, the Hauer can be awesome (in BLADE RUNNER and particularly his earlier Dutch films with Verhoeven, and was also okay in BATMAN BEGINS), but he can also be very corny and B-movie-esque.

  • Gotta say, I'd love to see any number of the actors being tossed around for Tywin– Alan Dale, Hauer, or Michael Hogan…. all great choices….. although Hauer is getting a bit long in the tooth. Still….

    I'd second Baltar for Littlefinger too.

    As for Naysayer and BSG– I could see how a person could not like all of the show, but the acting was wonderful. You missed something not watching more of it, IMO.

  • Winter, why don't you post a suggestions topic? I'm sure posters are eager to suggest some ideas to your blog.

  • grrm wrote:
    Dec. 1st, 2009 07:49 pm (UTC)
    bevy of beauties
    The belly dancers were local entertainers hired for the wrap party.
    The gorgeous young ladies in the pictures with me were the dancers at Dany's wedding to Khal Drogo, whose wild, erotic celebrations lead to wanton coupling and arakh fights. Not Moroccan, no. They actually all came from London, and flew down with the cast and crew. Bright, beautiful, talented young women… and they're even hotter than they look, believe me. The dance / swordfight sequence should be pretty amazing.

  • @Adam Dickhead…

    Your mom.

    Ha, JK.

    Yeah, no doubt Hauer's been in some questionable films. But so has Morgan Freeman and Christopher Walken, but I'd hire either of them for the right role in a heartbeat.

    Hauer's still a good actor. Blade Runner for totally irrelevant reasons but still good. Confessions of a Dangerous Mind he was good if minor. Props for his role of Lothos in Buffy. Thought he was good in The Hitcher. Even liked him in Merlin!

    I think Charles Widmore would be great in GoT for sure, even as Tywin, but to be honest, I just realized they both look too old now to be the Tywin in my mind. A shame!



    Hauer is still a better Tywin between those two, no doubt…. ya' dickhead.


  • First 3 hours of bsg WAS in fact shit. I don't know how, but after that the shit turned gold. Then went shitty again. But that short season and a half of gold was great! I am still meaning to finish watching it, but the last few eps are just not fun to watch at all :(

    I kind of hope that littlefinger is not played by a well known actor(or even well known in fandom, like bsg actors), it would be best to not have too many preconceptions for that character especially. That said, I have to agree with Charles Dance. Perfection.

    I like the mix of actors they have so far – some fairly big names, and some smaller ones. I trust them with the rest of the roles.

  • Can't wait to hear what the bit of site news is!!
    All this general waiting is making me sad…but we'll have to grin and bear it since it's going to be a while before we hear anything…

  • @ebleyes

    In my opinion, Mr Dance would be more suitable for Kevan; but nevertheless I think he could be a very good choice for the oldest Lannister brother. ;)

  • David Benioff's interview:

    "What are you working on?

    I just returned from Northern Ireland shooting “Game of Thrones” (an adaptation of George R.R. Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire”) for HBO. I’m the writer and the executive producer with Dan Weiss, so we got to do everything, hiring the director, the actors. The shooting of the pilot is done. We’ll find out in March if it will be picked up as a series."

  • From Kent Youth Theatre's website: "Coming soon the interview with Isaac who has been in Belfast filming a brand new tv series full on adventure and heroism."

    Can't wait :)

  • Thanks Mauberly!
    In these days of waiting every litlle news is exciting.
    Happy to see that we will read soon this upcoming interview with Isaac.

  • @ invertebrae

    Nice to see you can handle the rigours of internet debate without resorting to personal insults.

  • As for Tywin, and the actors, and who is too old– I do think you have to remember who they've cast as his children.

    I had a certain picture in my head when reading the books, but that's going to have to change, I think, because the people they cast to play Cersei, Jaime, and Tyrion are older than originally anticipated. I mean, Lena Heady's dad?? These guys we're discussing are about the right age.

  • Unrelated side note–

    I was putzing around on the imdb board for GoT, and there was a recent thread where they were discussing Martin's progress on ADWD. One of the posters said that Martin had said that he had figured out the Meereense knot recently, while on set, or some such thing… and that he had posted about on the blog, or the blog comments.

    I scrolled through the last few months, and didn't find anything about it in his postings, but I don't go there enough to read the comments. Does anyone else know anything else about this? Or is this just some poster going off without any real info?

  • @Adam

    I hope you understood i was being sarcastic, and my remark was along the lines of "you're right… you bastard!" than anything insulting. I try to avoid low-brow insults like the swine flu.

    If you took my post to be an insult, my apologies to you.

    Anyhow, Charles Dance would have to be my second favorite suggetion for Tywin so far. He just doesn't look like the father of Jaime, Cersei, OR Tyrion for that matter. Looks a bit more like a Douglas to me (as in Kirk, Michael, etc.). Still a solid pick and a great actor.


  • "I was putzing around on the imdb board for GoT, and there was a recent thread where they were discussing Martin's progress on ADWD. One of the posters said that Martin had said that he had figured out the Meereense knot recently, while on set, or some such thing… and that he had posted about on the blog, or the blog comments."

    It was in Belfast, he said the knot had nothing to do with the story or what happened to who when, but was simply about the timeline, and that he was making progress on figuring it out. It's not 100% sorted out but getting there.

    On another note, Joseph Mawle was absolutely superb in tonight's episode of MERLIN. Makes me wish he had a bigger role than Benjen in the series.