Winter is podcasting!

This was the site-related news I was teasing earlier. I’ve been invited to appear as a guest on an upcoming episode of the podcast Television Zombies. Television Zombies is a funny and irreverent podcast/blog that covers fantasy/sci-fi/cult TV shows. Tina, Chris, Jeff and Chuck have invited me to join them in an episode all about HBO’s Game of Thrones. I’m real excited as I’ve never been in a podcast before. Look for the episode to hit TVZ’s website the week of Christmas.


  • Great news! Congrats on the invite and enjoy the experience :) If the show gets picked up you may well do more in future *cross fingers*.

    It's got to be a good sign that GoT is being discussed, hopefully the more people talk about it, the greater the chance that the series will go ahead.

  • We're excited to talk to you. I'm just finishing the Game of Thrones novel now in preparation for the podcast and I love it. I have plenty of questions about the themes, cast and locations, all sorts of fun stuff.

  • Wow, great … looking forward to it very very much. Congratulations, it's a great opportunity to promote the show and this blog :) well done.

  • Will definitely check it out. Glad that there's a voice talking on behalf of fans, and not just a blogger. :)

  • Lex,

    See, I was hoping more for a "Moe" from The Simpsons kind of thing.

    But soon we will all know.

    Yes… yes we will.

  • Maybe you guys saw this already, but I just heard that David Benioff and wife Amanda Peet are expecting another baby! Congrats!!!

  • Not super relevant news, since its a comedy not a drama, but it was just revealed that HBO will not be bringing back Flight of the Concordes for a third season.

  • (Mr. Mister
    Not super relevant news, since its a comedy not a drama, but it was just revealed that HBO will not be bringing back Flight of the Concordes for a third season.)

    -No surprise there. The guys had problems coming up with the material for the second season, so a third didn't seem very likely.

  • I hadn't noticed this before. In the comments Bear McCreary was asked about scoring the project (by one of us?) back in October and said he'd heard about the project and thinks it sounds very interesting but HBO wasn't beating down his door. He was also pleased that people had thought of him for the project and that might be useful if he decided to pursue it.

    I also hadn't seen this, but IMDB was updated with a full credit list:

    WTH? The pilot had SEVEN assistant directors. Hadn't heard that before.

  • Adam: Nice finds. I wonder if they are going to be scoring the pilot now or waiting for a full series pickup before doing that?

    Also we still don't know if McCarthy is just directing the pilot or will be doing some or all of the remaining episodes. If it is the former his indie film shouldn't be a problem. Nice to see him finding more directing work though.

  • @WiC + Adam

    I don't want to assume, but it's possible they may use placeholder music for much of the pilot.

    It's also possible McCarthy won't be involved in EP102, and that his work is more/less finished for now (not factoring in the possibility he is involved with reshoots for EP101 if they use most of the pilot footage).

    I wonder if, due to age and continuity, they don't reshoot EP101 entirely to start from a new ground zero, and to account for any recasting they intend to do for non-speaking, but critical characters like Tommen, etc.


  • Man, I'd be shocked if they reshot the entire pilot. If they want to recast Tommen, they'd have kept his shots to a minimum and just reshoot those, or just hope the audience doesn't mind the actor change, or just cut him in in post. (Actors with no lines can be green-screened into the background of shots without too much trouble, I imagine.)

    Seriously, I doubt HBO would throw away several million dollars of work to put a little extra polish on the first episode. They'd live with some minor inconsistencies/blemishes first.