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A few quick updates

A few quick updates to start this Christmas week.

-Over at the Westeros forums, Adam Whitehead (aka Werthead) has put together an impressive Game of Thrones FAQ post. It is detailed and informative. Be sure to check it out.

-WiC commenter The rabbit found a post on another forum from a user who’s dad apparently played Mikken (Winterfell’s blacksmith) in the pilot. His mom also appeared in the pilot, although he doesn’t specify which role she played (Septa Mordane perhaps?). He states that they will “hopefully” be featured in other episodes.

-The podcast with Television Zombies has been recorded and should be going up on their site later this week. It was a lot of fun and I can’t wait to hear the end result!


  • I love the line from the interviewer:

    It's something he returns to throughout our interview, each time becoming so animated that I actually want to put in a call to the television network and demand they commission a full series as it clearly means that much to him.

    Sounds as though Morocco went smashingly.

  • @ebleyes
    Click on the link in my first post, and you will know.

    I thought the same, AYH, and it is our first real outside sneak across the Narrow see, apart from Georges words and pics.

  • I'm so thrilled all the actors involved in AGoT are so enthusiastic. You could see it when we spoke to them in Belfast, and now Harry Lloyd sounds just the same. Sounds like the script and hopefully the books have caught all their imaginations just the way they did ours.

  • Silverstar,

    I'm personally glad we sent such amiable delegates to the Belfast signing and the moot; you can't get much more positive than you, Jackie, and Adam.

    I still imagine the girls were a little baffled; "We feel quite beloved and have done very little as yet!"

    Pretty funny.

    Wish I'd been there.

  • hey guys its earlybut i want to wissh you all a merry christmas…hoping to get a green light post in march *crossing fingers*

  • Amos Greig in Facebook:
    My parents are in the G.R.R Martin A Game of Thrones tv pilot!!!!. My mum was all oh yes we're in a period peice called "A Game of Thrones" your dads a blacksmith have you ever heard of it? lol I was speechless [I've read the first two books]

    If his father looks like his son, he'll be great Mikken.