Harry Lloyd gushes about Thrones

Another interview, another actor excited about the project. This time it’s Harry Lloyd, who in an interview with the Gay Times, mentions his work on the Game of Thrones pilot. If you’d like to read the full article, go here. Here is the part where he talks about Thrones.

Refreshingly down to Earth for a 26-year-old in his position, he refers to himself as ‘a worrier’. Which makes it all the more gratifying to see him talk about his current other project, a pilot for a new HBO fantasy series, Game of Thrones, based on a range of books. He likens it to a less-magical Lord of the Rings (‘big battles, political and quite dark’) and gleefully describes his role as ‘a brilliant fucking character, a really nice nasty part’.

It’s something he returns to throughout our interview, each time becoming so animated that I actually want to put in a call to the television network and demand they commission a full series as it clearly means that much to him.

Winter Is Coming: Such enthusiasm for the project is a great thing to see. We know the cast in Northern Ireland had a blast, and it sounds like the Morocco crew did as well. With this much excitement from Lloyd, I can’t wait to see what he’s done with the role.

[Thanks to The rabbit for the link and Ran for transcribing the relevant passage.]


  • I'm really looking forward to seeing Lloyd as Viserys, I think he's a great actor and perfect for the role. Viserys needs to be nasty without going into pantomime villain territory and I'm very interested to see how he turns out on screen.

  • I, too, am looking forward to seeing him on the screen. Viserys is a character that could easily go off the deep end into absurdity on film, so I hope Lloyd can keep him villainous, without being ridiculous. I have great faith in the casting people, so I'm sure this isn't something I need fret about too much.

  • Meggyo, the thing about Viserys for me has always been the fact that his behavior would be considered absurd if he wasn't also prone to violence.

    Someone pointed out that he wasn't much of a danger, especially with Drogo around. If anyone has ever dealt with an emotionally unstable younger sibling or significant other, or has ever worked as a cop or a bouncer, I think you'll get it when I say that just the fact that he's willing to hit folks makes him a danger.

    There I mentioned this in a discussion about this on another thread, but the fact that he'd act that way in front of Drogo and all his people speaks volumes.

    I mention it simply because I thought he was amazing in the Doctor Who episode I saw him in, but he was definitely over-the-top. There may be some ridiculousness that does happen, depending on how you define it.

    The magic of Lloyd is that you can watch him go off the deep end and not be thrown out of what you're watching.

  • Paul – True, his actions in the book certainly are absurd to normal people, but I don't want Viserys coming across as so out-this-world nuts that people just laugh at him. I can somewhat agree that Viserys wasn't as much of a threat to Dany once Drogo entered the picture, but you can't discount what a crazy person has the potential to do. I would like for Viserys to come across as more dangerous/violent crazy, than silly/stupid crazy.

  • Meggyo, very much agreed!

    I think Lloyd is one of those rare actors who will be able to do everything Viserys does in the book and make you believe it's legit.

    And if THAT is accomplished, folks will see how dangerous Viserys really was.

  • I think Viserys is quite dangerous. Pathetic and small but still dangerous.
    That is because he has nothing to lose. I remember Ned saying that a deserter of the black is dangerous because of the same reason.

    In the end before Viserys "Crowning", Drogo was just lucky Viserys had his fit of rage at that time.
    He was just as likely to get it in the middle of the night and slit Drogos throat in his sleep.

    Thats Viserys, Stupid, greedy, pathetic, small, weak yet proud and angry. Capable of anything and everything and he is completely unpredictable.

  • Oh man this interview has gotten me completely excited for the show again. I've been really anticipating getting some of the cast and crew reactions about the production and the shoot. It's just awesome to me that GoT is like all Harry Lloyd wants to talk about! I can't wait to read more interviews! Thanks for this one Rabbit, you made my day(s)!

  • I haven't been around much since casting finished, but just popped in to say Merry Christmas to everyone!