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Merry Christmas to all!

Merry Christmas everyone! Last year I did a little Game of Thrones Christmas wish list. Amazingly, almost all my wishes were granted, with one big exception of course. So this year I’m making my one and only Game of Thrones Christmas wish:

That next Christmas I will be watching Game of Thrones on HBO!


  • "That next Christmas I will be watching Game of Thrones on HBO!"

    I admire the sentiment, but this is how annoying rumours get started, because there is almost no way we will be seeing it by Christmas 2010, not unless HBO completely break with the way they have filmed every single drama series they have made for the past decade.

    January 2011 is now unlikely, but not impossible. Spring 2011 is now the most realistic start date. 2010, however, is all but impossible.

  • Won't be by Christmas 2010, but hopefully we'll be seeing all of the ads on TV and billboards by that point. That will be enough for me.

  • I predict a one-season order in February, 2010, with a January 2011 series premiere.

    I also predict a second-season to be ordered halfway through filming the first season, and that they will continue to shoot through two seasons in succession.

    Let's hear some other predictions from fellow posters.


    P.S. Merry Xmas to those who observe it. Happy New Year to the rest'a'youz.

  • "Won't be by Christmas 2010, but hopefully we'll be seeing all of the ads on TV and billboards by that point. That will be enough for me."

    Ah, so WiC's original post would technically be correct then. Clever ;-)

  • Adam: What makes you say January 2011 is now unlikely? I thought the general consensus was they would run it as a winter show, both to make use of the tagline 'Winter is Coming', and to use it as a winter complement to their big summer drama True Blood.

  • If we're watching GoT in any other season *other than winter*, it's a huge mistake on HBO's part. It would be just so incredibly wrong.

  • Because we know – assuming pick-up – filming will not recommence until late spring/early summer, and that shooting of Season 1 will take 30 weeks (seven and a half months). It's possible on that basis they will not actually finish production of the season until some time in January 2011, maybe not even until February 2011.

    HBO could start showing the series whilst winding down production, since after all they'd still have 12 weeks to complete post on the last few episodes from the commencement of airing, but it's not HBO's normal practice. THE WIRE, ROME, TRUE BLOOD and most of their other series had/have a gap of at least 2-4 months before completing production of the final episode and starting to air the show to concentrate on marketing, getting the cast to do interviews (something they'll be keen on for this, sending out Sean Bean to do interviews and talk shows like they did with James Purefoy for ROME to drum up excitement) and so on. Maybe they will do something different for GoT, but it seems unlikely, especially with a brand new series with probably heavier post-production requirements than most of their other ongoing shows.

    GAME OF THRONES is also notably missing from the big new HBO 2010 trailer that went up recently:

    TREME, BOARDWALK EMPIRE, THE PACIFIC and the new seasons of TRUE BLOOD, ENTOURAGE etc are all shown but no sign of THRONES. To be expected since it hasn't been picked up yet, but given this promo went up on Christmas Eve and assuming they do the same for next year, we could indeed see some more GoT footage in this promo's 2010 equivalent.

  • I was watching Inglorius Basterds the other day. When I saw the frenchman in the opening scene (Played by Dennis Menochet), my first thought was Stannis

  • I'm with the idea that we won't get a premier on Christmas, but will get promotional materials.


    I thought the same thing, then also thought of Davos. He was a strong presence even though his efforts were sometimes futile.

    PS: Primus sucks.

  • @Adam

    Still not clear about your math. When DO you forsee them airing the season? I think January, MAYBE February of 2011 at the latest.

    Why not?

    Shooting begins May 1 > 30 weeks later is end of October > begin teaser promotions in August > IPK's + Cast PR Tours Nov + Dec > EP 101 airs January 2011.

    Seems more than feasible to me. Even if they completely reshoot the pilot (which I doubt), 30 weeks is pushing the limit. Saying they DID completely reshoot (because they recast a lead or something), the first episode would finish shooting before end of May. That gives them plenty time to begin post-production and keep grinding through 2010 and into early 2011.

    I don't get why the pessimism on when it might air. I agree Xmas 2010 is unlikely but winter WILL be coming, and it will be NEXT winter if they know what they're doing (and they do).

    Also, why would GoT be in their trailer, the show isn't even picked up yet? Seems like a non-point.


  • The Hot List 2010… 22 ACTING Olivia Grant and Harry Lloyd… Lloyd, meanwhile, is used to playing around with the dark side. His most talked-about part to date has been a scene-stealing role as a Doctor Who villain (in The Family of Blood episode), and he has just recorded a pilot for HBO's Game of Thrones, a major ensemble piece crammed with British luminaries which Lloyd describes with relish as a "dark, political intrigue set in a fantasy world… with incest"…


  • I like Ryan's timeline. Seems to make sense to me. Either way, I know the likelihood of the actual series airing less than a year from now is very remote, but a guy can dream can't he?

    ninepenny: Nice find. Love that Lloyd is talking up Thrones in all his interviews.

  • May 1 + 30 weeks is actually the end of November. That's also assuming we get the pick up on or about 1 March to give them two months to gear up for production again (which may be a little generous given the amount of additional casting and prep work they have to do, with many more sets to be built and locations sorted out), whilst the dates I've heard are that it will be more like the end of March before we hear the news.

    That's already pushing us back into December. Given the 2-4 month gap between completion of production and the beginning of transmission (and the 2-month timespan is more like what lighter-production-requirement shows like TRUE BLOOD and HBO's comedies have, whilst 4+ months is what ROME and DEADWOOD employed), that's making February tight, but still doable, and probably the earliest I would bet the series on appearing. I'm thinking March 2011 may be more realistic, as that then gives them three solid months to run through GoT, ending just before Season 4 of TRUE BLOOD (assuming that gets picked up again) starts. That would also make GoT the successor, timeslot-wise, to 2010's 'big event series', THE PACIFIC, which makes a certain amount of sense (at least for HBO's schedules).

    January is certainly in the realms of the physically possible, but it would require HBO to change the way they have made every drama series they have done in the last ten years, which is possible (HBO have broken a lot of their own rules with TRUE BLOOD, and may well decide to start thinking more outside the box with their future shows) but I think unlikely.

    Plus, if we're thinking March 2011 or later and they suddenly announce it's January, that's preferable to us thinking it's January and it's suddenly announced as March ;-) Although we could all be wrong and it could be even later than that.

    "Winter is Coming," is a good tagline but I don't think HBO are going to rush the show's production for the sake of it (and hopefully they won't delay it until late 2011 for the sake of it either). If we're assuming longer breaks between seasons, they can use that tagline for a later season anyway, and use the more generic, "When you play the Game of Thrones you win or die," for S1 instead.

  • I honestly don't get why "Winter is Coming" for a March release would be such a bad tag line.

    Is this what folks are imagining?

    "Why does that billboard say 'Winter Is Coming' on it? Winter isn't coming. Spring is coming! That billboard must be up way too early."

    And then later:

    "That show that was going to happen in winter is now happening in March! They still have "Winter Is Coming" on their billboard, but with a March date on it! Jeez, people at HBO must not know when winter is. I'm for sure not going to watch *that* show."

    It smacks to me of the people who are worried that viewers are going to be confused why there is snow up north when it isn't winter yet.

    If they decided to use "Winter Is Coming" as a tagline (and have we gotten any indication that they will yet?) and the show is released before/after winter, I think people will be able to figure out from the imagery what's going on.

    I grew up in a small town in the Midwest. I was a bit surprised after moving to Seattle that there really *are* people who assume that most people from the middle of the country are one step above being functionally illiterate. I won't lie, there are some folks like that, but in my experience most of them were pretty much like folks on the coasts, only with bigger houses, more cars, and less cool things to do.

    I mention this, because I continually get a sense that we think anyone who hasn't read the books is going to be perpetually confused about what's going on with the show.

    Most people would be able to wrap their heads around the idea of watching a show with references to winter approaching and snow imagery when it's not actually winter.

    The questions brought up by it may actually generate interest.

    Of course, that's just a gut feeling. Maybe there's someone involved in marketing/advertising will be able to state something about how using "Winter Is Coming" for a March release sets up a false expectation in potential viewers, who then feel their trust has been mislaid and avoid the show.

    Luckily, I'm sure if that's legitimately the case instead of just a gut feeling, someone at HBO has already thought of it as well.

  • My bigger complaint with the Winter is Coming tagline is that the story does not take place during winter, which is still a couple years away.

  • That would speak to my earlier point, that whether or not this would work as a tagline has nothing to do when the series ends up airing.

    "Winter is coming," wouldn't be a note to the viewer as to setting, but to get them ready for the brooding mood one might find in the Stark-centric first season. "This is all petty squabbling. The real danger is creeping closer."

    For that, it might serve. Also, it's short, which is why I think some folks gravitate to it.

    Still, yet another example of how it may also be confusing to folks who haven't read the books.