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More critics discuss Thrones

Television critics and journalists continue to discuss Game of Thrones. Here are a few noteworthy mentions from the past week.

-James Poniewozik from Time lists Game of Thrones as one of the things he’s looking forward to in 2010.

-Ken Tucker from Entertainment Weekly is hoping that the upcoming year will see a series order from HBO.

-MSN Canada lists Game of Thrones as one of its 10 shows it is most looking forward to in the new year.

-TV Guide Canada’s Amber answers a question about Thrones and echoes many of her fellow journalists’ speculations of a series pickup in the spring.

-Alex Weprin from Broadcasting & Cable cites the buzz surrounding Game of Thrones in his article about the changing face of cable TV.

[Thanks to Ellen, morning-demon, ninepenny, The rabbit and Game of Thrones UK for the links.]


  • And now seriously – was there any other upcoming highly anticipated tv series with huge amount od buzz, which didn't get picked up after the pilot? I am far from expert in cable series, especially those which wasn't picked up, so i am curios about it.

  • has anybody a idea what a series pickup from HBO looks like? What can we expect? A plain text message on twitter (;)) or a longer text on with some promo pictures (or even a short teaser)?

  • Molda: Good question. The only fairly recent example I can think of was Fox's Virtuality (starring our Jaime). Despite the network airing the pilot as a movie and it receiving good reviews and a decent amount of fan buzz, they still decided not to order a full season.

    That is network TV though, where they are less willing to take a chance on something.

    I'm pretty certain HBO will give Thrones the greenlight. At this point it is just a question of when.

  • seb: It will most likely come in the form of an article on Variety or Hollywood Reporter. Possibly a press release on as well.

    Doubt there would be any promo images. Boardwalk Empire only recently released their first official promo image and they've been into filming their first season for a few months now.

  • From what various industry folks have said, it sounds like the buzz that AGoT is getting already is quite unusual. Which is hopefully a good thing.

    Personally, I'm confident that they'll get at least a season order, based on nothing at all but gut feeling. The director, the amazing cast, the buzz, the incentives to film at the Paint Hall, the great script … all adds up to a pretty much certain thing, I reckon.

  • Besides sports, Lost and a few HBO shows there is nothing else I watch on TV right now. With Lost ending this year, GOT has got to be picked up. Hopefully Dance will come out this year too.

  • Hey WIC,
    I know this is old news, but AWESOME WEBCAST!!!! I loved it!

    You can tell your little Zombie friends that I am forcing all my employees at the duplex Chinese Warcraft Gold Farm factory to subscribe to that podcast. And even I might again listen to their webcast if not never.

    Meanwhile, my Chinese will be forced to listen to it between the usual communist propaganda chin-chan diatribes and excellently imitated western music that they stream from some Chinese terrorist cell. Who knows, they might learn to speak English a little in the process. All they seem to understand at this point is when my middle-managements beat them on the head with a stick fo' mo' virtua' go'.

    The best part about the webcast was the girl, who sounded VERY SEXISSIMO during the sentence or two that she spoke about irrelevant things when presumably she wasn't busy reading The Hobbit for the fiftieth time– I was like *Zounds!* I imagined she wears thick nerdy eyeglass frames like all the cool kids do these days, Ugg boots in the winter and flats during the rest of the year. I was forced to cool off in front of a season 1 episode of Buffy with lube by my side. I'm calm now and Xander made a funny which was a bonus.

    The other kewl thing about the webcast that struck me was that Phil character. I was like, uh, well, hmmm, uh, yes. Dude.

    Ah well, other than that, Game Of Throne special edition was a bust…. Better luck next time! PS My Chinese children love Zombie Cast!

  • It is intereseting that the names linked to postproduction work are begining to pop up these days.
    As far as we know the postproduction of GoT is due to start in february.
    Maybe, they are decided to start work on it earier?
    (Or I am just dreaming of it)

  • They do have to plan ahead, even if they don't go through with it. Scheduling is a game of thrones in itself.

  • So is it the case that Holly Schiffer would be involved in the post-production of [i]all[/i] the pilots?

  • That Rubicon show from AMC sounds very promising, as we wait for GoT.

    After 'Mad Men' and 'Breaking Bad,' I'm willing to give anything AMC puts out a chance.

    'Caprica' also should be pretty good.

  • I loved Battlestar Galactica, but Caprica just looks like a soap opera to me.

    Like … Dynasty for the Sci-Fi fan.

    I dunno. I'll watch the first episode, but my hopes aren't very high.

  • No surprise that Schiffer also oversaw post production on John Adams. They are definitely loading up on folks that have worked on the visual effects on that show. Which is a very good thing.

  • CAPRICA's pilot episode is surprisingly brutal and hard-hitting, almost as much as BSG's opening mini-series. There's a strong feeling of very f-ed up things going on throughout the pilot building to a pretty strong finale. It left me impressed enough to give the series itself a go.

    It's a lot more similar to BSG in tone and it's no-hards-barred atmosphere than I think people realise, but it's also very self-contained (no BSG experience is needed) and, critically, doesn't have any crazy unexplained stuff going down like Head-Six or anything like that. It was that sort of stuff that killed BSG's last season or two, and if they can keep away from that and just deliver a good drama taking us from the inventions of the Cylons to the outbreak of the war, that should be decent enough.

  • The Caprica pilot was great. One of the shows I'm looking forward to in January 2010, along with the final season of Lost, and the new Kids in the Hall show ("Death Comes to Town").

  • I just spotted Sophie Turner
    and Maisie Williams on twitter. It looks like both girls are excited about the GoT project ! Sophie had this to say to @esmebianco:

    @esmebianco No not atthe moment, still keeping fingers crossed though, oh well we shall see how it goes! :) xxx

    And this to Maisie:

    @Maisie_Arya I have noooooo idea!! :( I love how I am Sophiesansa and you are Maisie-Arya haha xxxx I will email Isaac! :D

    I love the enthusiasm, and really hope the series gets picked up, for them !

  • Nice find RahBur! I hope the series gets picked up now, for these kids sake. They would be so thrilled!

    Also I added them to my Twitter list of the Game of Thrones cast and crew. Check it out!

  • Someone should send Sansa and Maisie a tweet about the twitter account "grrmpy" in case they think it's actually grrm. Not exactly how we want some of the cast thinking of the author of the series in my opinion.