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Rumor: HBO looking to book Paint Hall for 5 years

An interesting comment was posted on Hibberd’s story about Thrones. The commenter states that he was talking to the Paint Hall studio manager today and apparently HBO is thinking of booking 2 hangers within the studio for the next 5 years.

I just wanted to let you know I was down at the set where Game of Thrones is filmed in Belfast today and I was talking to the Studio manager who told me that HBO have been inquiring about provisionally booking 2 hangers in the studio for 5 years. I wonder if this means they intend on having a set end date, obviously if it bombs they won’t need 5 years.

Winter Is Coming: More positive signs. Although the 5 year thing is probably just HBO trying to get as good a deal as possible and doesn’t mean they are going to order a whole 5 seasons up front. I suspect that if the show really bombs, they will just cancel their booking with the Paint Hall and pay whatever fee that may result.


  • It's fab news, though I guess that they might not necessarily mean to use the hangers entirely for AGoT. It might just be a case of getting in now with a good deal and then finding ways to use the cheap/free space for various shows over the next five years.

    However! I choose to believe it's entirely AGoT related and that they are provisionally planning to film all the way up to ADwD at the very least, cuz I'm feeling all optimistic today.

  • Hmm..good point. I wonder if they'll consider filming some Boardwalk there as it uses green screen for the NY skyline. I think the lighting should be similar to NY.

    Personally though, I think it's all for GoT. They presumably will be requiring more space now that they'll need so many different sets/castles etc.

  • What a fantastic news to start weekend with!!!!

    You can believe me or not, but my intuition won once again.
    I was thinking to myself (to console myself while waiting) around the mid-december: "During the christmas time it will be quite…then around 15 th of january we will begin to get some of the news"

    big hug from The witch-rabbit!

  • Booking it for 5 years would probably cover them for, at best, 3 seasons of the show. HBO usually takes about 18 months per season, give or take. They might try to do this series faster because of the kids, though. Hard to say. They might also do seasons 1 and 2 back-to-back, at least, in the unlikely event they get the 2 season order to start that has been speculated upon.

  • Well when all is said and done, at least we have a potential site to stalk for the next five years…I'll have to coincide my euro-trip with some filming time, you know, once we get underway. BECAUSE THIS IS SO HAPPENING!!


  • Five years = 3 years. 18 months, 6 months. Months and years. 4 years. Hangars!

    This is AMAZING! Hungry people are dying of thirst!

  • @Everyone…..Hbo' main competition as I see it is AMC….'Mad Men'…and 'Breaking Bad' are the two best shows on tv right now !…I still say Bryan Cranston as ' Vargo Hoat'…..

  • "Why is it that HBO takes so long for a single season anyway?"

    For the added awesome.

    HBO treat their series more like films and devote considerably more resources to each scene than a standard network series does. So more rehearsal time, more filming time, more set-up time and so on. Basically, HBO take their time and get it right and avoid the problems caused by having to rush around like a maniac trying to fit everything in (like say HEROES or LOST do, to varying degrees of success).

  • Why is it that HBO takes so long for a single season anyway?

    Higher production values not only cost more, but take more time to produce. More writing time, more pre-production time, longer time on set shooting as a more complicated shoot with bigger cast, crew and sets takes longer to do. They probably do more takes than most TV shows, more like what you'd get on a major feature film, so that adds time too.

  • @ni: wait for the end of the first season. Look what happened with the True Blood book sales a year ago. I'm sure Bantam (and to a degree George) wants to sell as many hardcovers as possible. If they release Dance in the next months a paperback would be available by the time all these new fans want to catch up. My bet would be that George has nearly (say 95%) finished Dance and is working at the next book already to make sure that as many books as possible can be released while the series is on air. I'm sure some guys at Bantam have done their math homework. Lets assume we get to see season 1 in spring 2011 and season two 18 months later (autumn 2012). The best case for Bantam would be to release Dance in autumn 2011 and the next book (The Winds of Winter???) in spring 2013.

  • You also assume that George is evil enough to shelve DwD for over a year after he finishes it, just to make some extra bucks (of which he is a gonna make a lot anyway if the series becomes a hit, paperback or hardcover).

    Call me naive, but I don't see that happening.

    What will ofcourse happen is a that the entire series so far will be rereleased in hardcover with Tyrions/Neds/Jons/Danies face on the cover

  • only 95% of it ;). I remember an interview where he sad that in an ideal world he would finish the whole thing from Book 1 to Book 7 before he publishes anything, because that way he could change somethings in the first book while writing the last one. Just a theory of course.

  • I gotta agree with seb332, that it would make sense for George to be "spilling over" into the Winds of Winter whilst writing Dance. And I suppose its actually a good thing – he's taking so much time with Dance so he can set up what needs to happen which, in fairness, is a lot. And then, hopefully the next books will be more straight forward for him…well, comparatively at least.

  • I hope you guys are right and the books are allready written.
    but I have fears we'll never see the end of this story.

  • "My bet would be that George has nearly (say 95%) finished Dance and is working at the next book already"

    This is actually quite close to the mark. I'd hesitate to say '95%', but based on current info I'd say that the finish line is definitely in sight. GRRM has also confirmed that he's already written five or six chapters for THE WINDS OF WINTER.

    "I'm sure some guys at Bantam have done their math homework. Lets assume we get to see season 1 in spring 2011 and season two 18 months later (autumn 2012). The best case for Bantam would be to release Dance in autumn 2011 and the next book (The Winds of Winter???) in spring 2013."

    I don't think Bantam or GRRM are thinking like this. Right now, the series has not been picked up, and might not be. Given the writing problems with Books 4 and 5 it would also be difficult to plan writing schedules and release dates for books not finished as yet. Finally, the books' sales and profile have shot up hugely over the last few years, so ADWD will be a massive hit and a NYT #1 bestseller almost regardless of when it comes out (assuming someone like Rowling or Brown hasn't got a new book out the same day). Holding the book back to coincide with the TV series would be a huge mistake, and they'd get a serious backlash for doing it.

  • From a publishing standpoint, especially in these days of doldrums in the industry, I think Bantam would much rather get a nice big hit book out the door and on the shelves as soon as possible. These companies are not so flush with cash right now, they are hurting. ADWD will be a surefire major hit – AFFC was a NY Times #1 Bestseller, and I think also hit #1 (or close to it) on the USA Today Bestseller list (NY Times and USA Today use different criteria for determining "Best Seller" status).

    I also just know how the editors for these series tend to think, having worked with some in the past, and they will just want to get the book done and out as well. They are under some pressure from foreign publishers (assuming they are the ones doing the foreign language rights deals, it could be GRRM's agent) to have the next one done, etc.

    Also, book editors are also human beings – perhaps uniquely so as far as corporate executive types go – and I doubt they are sitting around, wringing their hands, cackling about how much money they can squeeze out of the public by screwing around with release dates and such. The one's I've known tend to be book fans first, and corporate executives second, only as a way to make money in a field they love. They were generally a whole different animal than many of the movie executive types I have encountered (though to be fair many movie types are also fans first, business people second). They are probably feeling the wait for the book and series to be done same as everyone else.

  • It's worth noting that Bantam, GRRM's US publishers, were at one point on rather dodgy financial ground by the sound of it. All of the other genre publishers seem to have weathered the storm and come through the recession okay, but Bantam was creaking a bit there. Moreso than most publishers, they probably wouldn't want to sit on a guaranteed bestseller at this time.

  • I can't see George or Bantam just sitting on the book. Yes, a simultaneous Dance release with the start of AGoT on HBO would be exciting for fans, but there is more money to be made if the book comes out first.
    From what I gather, GRRM's chief difficulty with Dance is the Dany storyline. He has alluded to a "Meereenese Knot" a few times, so I can only assume he is referring to the events that take place across the pond from Westeros.
    He has also stated that Bran is the most difficult PoV to write. Bran is both the youngest PoV and also potentially has the most to do with magic. It must be a difficult struggle to wrestle with the fantasy element of the series in this PoV without losing the real-world medieval feel of ASoIaF.

  • Wow Adam! That is a silly discussion topic. All Lombardo says is that he likes the tone of the series and that you forget its a fantasy and the author misconstues that to mean that HBO is cutting all fantasy out of the show.
    Either the author of the thread is trying to start some kind of controversy just for controversy's sake or he really needs to read more slowly and comprehend more comprehensively before he starts another such thread!
    Oh yeah one more thing (not to you Adam, to everyone in general). Please stop comparing AGoT to Legend of the Seeker. I actually kind of like LotS for what its worth, but saying that GoT will be similar to Seeker is like saying that the Sopranos was like Johnny Dangerously!

  • Haha. Quoth Adam: DEADWOOD was cancelled because the producer wanted to concentrate on some show about surfers or something. That turned out well.

    Every now and again someone feels like taking shots at John From Cincinnati. I can't say it's not completely warranted. Man, I tried to watch that series. I just couldn't force myself to be interested in some of the weird, esoteric conversations.

    I think I understood the dialogue from Brick more than JFC; if I didn't understand the words, maybe I at least understood the sentiment.

    Maybe I need to surf. But Charlie doesn't surf, why should I?

    Anyway. Yeah, rather ridiculous i09 post. A little like talk radio hosts who make sudden and bizarre remarks you know can't possibly be their actual opinions, but will say anything to stir controversy.

  • My apologies if this has been posted already:

    GRRM announced on his blog yesterday that he has received replicas of Needle. If you want to, you can order the sword from him. Then someone posted a question, inquiring as to whether HBO will be using these Valyrian Steel swords on the TV show. This is GRRM's response (which relates to merchandising in general):

    "Unfortunately, the HBO swords will use different designs. The show has its own armorers, who will do their own original designs on the weapons and armor as seen in the series.

    As to why you might want to buy these… well, for the same reason you might want to buy a Valyrian resin of Ned that does not look like Sean Bean, or a Dark Sword mini of Jon Snow that does not look like Kit Harington. Do you want a keepsake of the books, or of the TV show? If the show goes forward, you will have your choice.

    Also, in the specific case of these swords, I retained the right to license out high-quality steel replica swords, and that license is held by Valyrian Steel. HBO has the right to license inexpensive toy replica swords. So if you'd prefer something made of plastic that you can pick up at Wal-Mart, that may indeed be available at a later date… and will look just like the weapons in the series.

    HBO also has exclusive rights to do lunchboxes, key rings, and bobblehead dolls, among other things. It was a VERY long and complicated negotiation."

    How about a Bobble-Action Red Keep playset with Ned, Septa Mordane and the rest of the Stark party swaying happily away from the walls of the walls of the Keep with Sansa and Joff bobbles looking on. You could even sell it with play tar for hours of sticky fun!!!

  • Did anyone read the crazy news about Boardwalk Empire pilot costing $50 million dollars? I hope they meant the cost of a whole season.

  • Damn, I'm feeling so guilty for this. Especially since I'm from Europe and it's 3 AM. But for the sake of GRRM and Dragons, here we go: J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS!!!!!!!!!

  • No offense, but I was rooting against the Jets especially so that GRRM would have next Sunday off from caring about football. That way he would have the extra time to get cracking on Dance. Just kidding!!!…sort of ;P

  • I think we're better off with the Jets winning to put GRRM in a good mood, than losing to give him more free time. Games take only a few hours to watch but a good mood can bolster your output for months.

  • Even if the Jets lost, I'm sure he'd still be watching the AFC and NFC Championship games. I barely watch football, except for Ravens games, but I do watch the playoffs all the way through no matter what.

  • I'll just nod my head and agree; American Football (it is AF and not Baseball isn't it?) means absolutely diddly-nora to me. XD

  • Totally unrelated, but I've been spreading the word about Game of Thrones.

    I know a LOT of people who love the various HBO Dramas, and any time someone mentions The Wire, or Rome, or Deawood, I say "Wait until next year, when Game of Thrones starts. It will blow you away."

    It's funny telling someone who has NO idea what it is, or how awesome it is going to be. They just nod, and look somewhat interested, but come 2011 I know they will become fans (and they'll probably remember me telling them about the show a long time ago).

    I am planting little seeds, that's all. :)

  • @ Lex –

    I know what you mean! I've given my non-fantasy-reading husband my copy of AGoT … I'm trying not to bug him about the book, but when it's hard to keep from talking about something you love so much, or are so excited about.

    I had suggested the books to him after reading them myself, but they arent really "his thing." But since I've been telling him about the HBO pilot, etc, he decided he had better find out more about my "obsession". :)

  • ^What I like are the fans of the books who still have no idea that there's even a series in development. I've run into a couple of those and when I tell them they get wide eyed in astonishment. Had one lady at the bookstore say she's going to order HBO just for the series. I also put in a plug for your site Winter ;)

  • Hehe you guys should see me in the fantasy aisles of my local Barnes & Nobles. I'm like a stalker sneaking up on unsuspecting people looking at a Wheel of Time novel. I'ts a bit awkward sometimes, but I've made it a personal mission to spread the word as much as possible.

  • haha ! I can just picture this …

    *lordnedshead walks slowly towards the Barnes and Noble visitor, whose eyes are fixed on the synopsis of a Wheel of Time*

    *lordnedshead stops, standing just behind the left shoulder of the reader*

    *He leans in and, in a low tone, whispers…

    "Winter is coming …"


  • American Football (it is AF and not Baseball isn't it?) means absolutely diddly-nora to me. XD

    Yes, American Football. Baseball is a summer game (well, Spring through Autumn, really…the baseball season is very long).

  • Yes, I've recommended the books to a few strangers in bookstores as well! I can't help it, especially when I see some poor soul picking up a Terry Goodkind book (or worse).

    Don't get me wrong, I've read plenty of sub-par fantasy myself, and there's nothing wrong with people trying out various authors (and sometimes learning the hard way which authors suck). But I can't help recommending these books to anyone who is interested in fantasy. I've made at least one person to read the entire series, and several others have at least written down the title of the series. I also sold an autographed copy of AFFC to a stranger, via craigslist (I actually had TWO signed copies).

    I feel like some kind of missionary. Spread the word! LOL.

  • It's gonna be like this until March, man.

    I suggest someone come up with a topic question, and those who want to can weigh in with answers and opinions.

    Or a poll.

    Or … word games.

    Or… this.

    Okay, maybe not that.

  • New trademark from HBO for "Resin figurines; key fobs not of metal; non-metal key chains and key rings; mirrors; picture frames; pillows; plastic sculptures; slumber bags; sleeping bags; toy chests; household goods; all the aforementioned goods featuring content from or related to a television series". Also notable is that the Attorney of Record is "Judith McCool" (because it is a cool name).

  • About Yea High:

    Good idea. Considering HBO's latest trademark and GRRM's statements on what merchandise HBO have the rights for I recommend one on GoT: Series merchandise. What bobbleheads would people buy?

  • What bobbleheads would I buy?

    Must Have: Ned, The Hound, Tyrion,
    Really Want: Arya, Jaime,
    Would Probably buy: any and all of them, because I love toys, and have a collector's mentality…

  • James Cosmo is a very fine actor. Not Tywin though. I could see him as Barristan Selmy or Jeor Mormont, maybe Jon Arryn in a flashback. Possibly Hoster Tully, although he might be wasted on a sickbed for three seasons.

  • I just finished book 7 of the Malazan series. Absolutely amazing.

    I joined a Steven Erikson fan post site and will be trolling them now. Don't fret, I'll be back.


  • Think somebody else already suggested Cosmo as Great John (hope that's the right name for the character, only just reread the books too!) after seeing Cosmo in Merlin. I can see him as GJ.

  • @Brude

    American Football (it is AF and not Baseball isn't it?) means absolutely diddly-nora to me. XD

    Yes, American Football. Baseball is a summer game (well, Spring through Autumn, really…the baseball season is very long).

    – Yeah well, I live on the wrong side of the Pond, so *shrugs* Baseball just looks like glorified Rounders to me. XD

  • Slightly off topic: I didn't know that Terry Pratchett's "Going Postal" was being made into a TV movie (presumably for Sky) and see that Charles Dance is cast as Lord Vetinari. Good bit of casting!

    To tie it into Thrones, I know a lot of people (inc myself) would like to see Charles Dance play Tywin.

  • Charles Dance is one of my favoured choices for Tywin, although I do slightly favour Alan Dale (Charles Widmore in LOST is very close to my mental image of Tywin, and his constant abuse and put-downs of his would-be son-in-law Desmond remind me of the Tywin-Tyrion relationship).

    HBO have a snazzy new website which went up today. Very nice, with the TREME and BOARDWALK EMPIRE pages up there. Hope we see a new one added soon ;-)

  • @Adam Whitehead

    I just saw James Cosmo playing an Irish mob boss on Castle this week and he did a great job of playing an old man who will put the fear of the gods in you. The relevant scene starts at about 11:50.

  • @Adam Whitehead

    Alan Dale will always be Jim from Neighbours for me ;) Have enjoyed his performances in Lost and Ugly Betty. Still prefer Dance for Tywin though.

    Not sure about the HBO site, things jump out at your as your idling with your cursor!

  • HBO execs should be screening any day now! Think good thoughts!

    In the meantime, I'm excited for Treme and The Pacific.

  • So it seems they have, or are about to have, a rough cut. I'm no expert on how these things work, but shouldn't we be getting some production stills soon?

  • Excellent news, as I live in Belfast :) Hopefully the group comes back, bringing GRRM and Paris with them!

  • HBO will be viewing the rough cut on the 28th, assuming the two-week thing is accurate.

    Based on information from the critics, they seem adamant that there will be no word before March though.

    Meanwhile, Conservative leader David Cameron steps into the ADWD debate:

  • It's starting to become a bit of a new trend to release pilots on dvd or at least in alternative media before their first airing in order to gain momentum for a show. The theory behind this is of course, even though it might hurt the ratings of the initial airing of the pilot, it helps build an audience for a show.

    Now with the way HBO operates (making money based on subcribers, rather than selling commercials based on ratings) it could not make more sense to me for them to be releasing pilots on dvd. Hell, they should be giving the damn things away to get people hooked so they realize how good the show is and then subcribe BEFORE it airs. (As I type this I realize I am advising HBO to model their business after drug dealers, but hey if it works…)

    That being said, with the way HBO has operated in the past, I would say there is probably a 5% chance the pilot gets released on dvd prior to its airing.

  • @Mr. Mister,
    Agreed on the 5% bit. HBO will be more likely to do heavy web advertising with minimal content (just a tagline, for instance) in the short term, then build by posting some scenes/trailers based on the pilot and some finished footage from the ongoing shooting. All of this will be duplicated on HBO itself and on DVDs of HBO produced series/movies, and on other networks owned by HBO's parent company (cannot remember if it is NBC Universal or Viacomm or what).

    The 5% seems to come into the equation because everything in the entertainment industry is changing at light speed, and nobody really knows what kind of marketing gets viewers anymore. SyFy released the "Caprica" pilot on DVD, first, but SyFy is not a subscription network, like HBO, and it definitely does not have the same reputation for quality.

  • That's exactly where I was coming from. I still remember a few years ago, coming out of a movie and being handed a free digital download for the pilot episode of Heroes a few weeks before it aired.

    I remember rushing home and watching it immediately. Not so much because I was looking forward to the show, but because I felt like I had been given a cool secret prize. NBC tricked me good, I still watch that stupid show.

  • Also I've noticed some subcription based networks are beginning to move in this direction. Starz new show Spartacus doesn't premiere until tomorrow, though I noticed that for at least the past few days you've been able to watch the first episode free on their website.