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Harry Lloyd continues his press tour, which is mostly to promote his role in the West End production, The Little Dog Laughed, yet Game of Thrones always seems to come up. Here we have not one, but two different places where Lloyd talks about Thrones. First is the Telegraph:

Currently baring his buttocks nightly in The Little Dog Laughed in the West End, Harry Lloyd’s next assignment will be Game of Thrones, an HBO medieval fantasy with Sean Bean and Iain Glen.

An American accent will not required. “It’s an unspoken rule that if you’re American, you can’t hold a sword,” the amiable actor tells me. “It’ll be like Lord of the Rings. Everyone will do a non-accent. It will be great fun.”

And secondly, from the Official London Theatre Guide:

Lloyd may be seen on screens more often if the American pilot he recently filmed is picked up. Game Of Thrones is based on fantasy author George RR Martin’s series A Song Of Ice And Fire and sees Lloyd play the Beggar King Viserys Targaryen opposite a host of British acting talent.

He describes the process of getting the part as: “One of those auditions which you have every now and again for some big American TV series and you’re like ‘Great, thanks.’ You go in and put yourself on tape and send it off and you’ll never hear about it. So I went in and slightly took the p**s with this character, had a bit of fun with it. They loved it.”

Winter Is Coming: Nice to see Lloyd still spreading the word. Two interesting quotes as well. I guess his first quote rules out any sort of hope for regional dialects. It’s probably for the best as most people won’t notice or care and the few that do will just complain that they got the accents all wrong. The second quote is more interesting. Now that I know this, I wonder how over-the-top Lloyd’s Viserys will be? Hopefully it’s not too comical. Still I am looking forward to seeing his interpretation of the character.


  • I'm just so happy he is so passionate and excited about the project that he's putting in a little word for it here and there whenever he gets the chance!

    Re: Viserys, I suspect he's talking about acting like a…well…crazy asshole as Viserys. Which is kind of what he is, essentially. He's paranoid, vain, controlling, manic, over-reacting and IMO a very over-the-top character. He's the guy you love to hate, at least until you learn more about Cersei (hehe). This has to be incredibly appealing to an actor like Harry! It must be a big departure from his personality. That's how I interpret the quote. My two cents!

    • I agree.

      It sounds like he didn't believe he'd get the part, and relieved of that pressure, he went in and took risks with it. Viserys could easily be a stereotype if done one way, rather than a 3D character. I'm hoping this means that there will be some sympathetic dimension to him, even if he is crazy and abusive.

  • I suspect that any director seeing an over-the-top crazy audition would be thinking, "Hey, I can always get the guy to dial it back." When they see someone who doesn't go far enough, it's hard to know if that someone can and hasn't or just plain can't.

  • Funny thing: just watched the Rotten Tomatoes Show on, and Brett Erlich mentions at the end that you have to watch Saint John of Las Vegas because Peter Dinkalge is in it, as he says that everything with Dinklage in it is awesome!

  • Americans can't hold swords? Someone should really notify Johnny Depp (PotC), Viggo Mortensen (LotR) and Lawrence Fishburne (Matrix Reloaded)…

    • Viggo Mortensen is Danish, at least his citizenship is, he lived in Denmark many years in his youth and his father is Danish..

      So I would argue that you cant use him in that context… he is a viking :D

  • (Not sure why they call it sci-fi rather than fantasy)

    Maybe because they're the same thing to non-geeks? If you didn't know that, then you're not one of them…us… them… maybe.

  • I've translated some stuff about Nikolaj Coster Waldau…
    is there any forum related, I could post it?.. its not really about the show..

  • Just found this article on The Wrap. Someone let me know how to view the whole thing. I couldn't figure out how to open it up.

  • OMG! JayJudah sucks!!! hehe jk. He posted that he's on his way to watch the scrrening at HBP!!! Lucky!!!!!

  • I love Harry's positive attitude towards the series! You know its something good when a cast member who has moved on to other projects keeps bringing it up in interviews.

    On another note, isn't the HBO screening supposed to be taking place right about now? Any word on that?

  • Maybe he means he had a productive day with ADWD? But it seems ambiguous to me. And the Mood says: accomplished, which could be read a few different ways I guess.

  • Seems to me like its the Jon Snow chapter. He mentioned that he was going to switch back to the Wall due to his backyard resembling it. Thanks New Mexico weather patterns for giving our guy the inspiration he needed to wrap up a pesky tough spot!

    Now if only a passing jetliner would accidentally drop a huge statue of a harpy on his house, we might get some progress on the Meereenese knot!

  • Oh! BTW, when GRRM does finish ADWD look for some kind of King Kong quote. He's referenced this a few times in the past as he's flicked the various other smaller monkey's troubling him off of his back. Maybe the last chapter for him to finish will be a Dany scene. Then we can get the famous " was beauty killed the beast" line.