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Rumor: HBO gearing up for filming

By Winter Is Coming on

A commenter that goes by Belfaster (from Belfast, natch) has stated that HBO is moving forward on set construction and the like and that it appears they have given the green light to Game of Thrones. I can confirm without … Continue reading

io9 and Felicia Day mention Thrones

By Winter Is Coming on

Two brief mentions of Game of Thrones that emerged on the web in the past few days. First, the popular sci-fi blog io9 had Game of Thrones on its list of “18 Upcoming TV Shows That Could Save Small-Screen Scifi.” … Continue reading

GRRM waits, Momoa trains

By Winter Is Coming on

George R. R. Martin mentions the pilot in a recent post to his Not A Blog and it sounds like he is in the same boat we are in. Meanwhile, March creeps ever closer, and with it the HBO decision … Continue reading

Rumor: HBO reaction to screening “not positive”

By Winter Is Coming on

All may not be sunshine and rainbows on the Game of Thrones front. Commenter Michael has remarked that he has a source that is stating that HBO’s reaction to the pilot screening was “not positive” and that they are “back … Continue reading

Harry Lloyd confident Thrones will get green light

By Winter Is Coming on

We have yet another interview with Harry Lloyd, this one from Wonderland magazine. In the interview, Lloyd talks Game of Thrones and it’s chances at aseries pick up. …in March the execs at the American HBO company will decide whether … Continue reading

Intriguing tweet from Esme Bianco

By Winter Is Coming on

Esme Bianco (who plays the newly-created character Ros in the pilot) has a couple of interesting tweets. First she says: So happy I could die. Then, in response to some discussion about what she may be talking about, she replied … Continue reading

Game of Thrones: A smash hit waiting to happen?

By Winter Is Coming on

Will Game of Thrones become a hit for HBO or just another decent show?  Certainly from the fans’ point of view seeing the story we love retold on screen will be exciting. But will the story capture the imagination of … Continue reading

Belfast extras agency prepping for more Thrones

By Winter Is Coming on

It seems that the extras agency that supplied the extras for the Game of Thrones pilot (and will likely do the same for the full series) is counting on a series pickup. Rimshot, who was an extra in the pilot, … Continue reading

Scripting Episode 3

By Winter Is Coming on

I’ve been snowed in today (feeling very Stark-ish right now) so I decided a good way to kill some time was to get out my old paperback copy of A Game of Thrones and see if I could write up … Continue reading


By Winter Is Coming on

Got a few small items to report on so I guess it’s time for another news round-up post. Congrats to Robert Stromberg, visual effects supervisor for the pilot, who has been nominated a second time for an Academy Award in … Continue reading

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