Intriguing tweet from Esme Bianco

Esme Bianco (who plays the newly-created character Ros in the pilot) has a couple of interesting tweets. First she says:

So happy I could die.

Then, in response to some discussion about what she may be talking about, she replied with this tweet to About Yea High:

well hopefully you guys will be happy about it too soon ; )

Winter Is Coming: This is highly speculative, I know. But could this be another sign that HBO is privately telling those involved with the production that they are getting the green light? No way to know for sure, but one does wonder. March is less than three weeks away now. Hopefully the long awaited announcement will come early in the month.


  • why she´s happy could be anything, love or whatever, but I´m sure the actors know by now if the show is on or not. filming is for sure several weeks for each actor and their calendar for 2010 should already be set, don´t you think?

  • It becomes more and more interesting!
    Hopefully, if we have managed to survive these four long months, we would survive another couple of weeks..
    OMG, we are so close! And it looks good and promising!

  • The question is: did Esme place About Yea High correctly in the GoT-fan circle, or in her (presumably bigger) general fanbase? Anyway, she seems to refer to some not too private matter…

  • Funny, at first glance I thought the tweet meant "So happy (that my character) could die"– as if the show were greenlit, and she got to come back for an extra ep. in order to die onscreen. But perhaps it's more than that (probably is).

    • now this makes so much sense it is almost absurd. why have a separate shae when we already have a perfect gorgeous sex goddess, already cast as a trollop, to fill the role nicely.

      i say we start a petition to merge the red headed whore and shae characters for esme. who's with me?

    • The point of her scene is to introduce Tirion to the audience as one who has questionable moral values, not as a romantic, Richard gere style, who falls for his hookers.
      this is why we don't even know the whore's name.

      • Yes, Tyrion has questionable moral values, but Tyrion is also a romantic who DOES fall for his whores. He falls in love with Shae, even though *SPOILER ALERT* she's a scheming piece of work who eventually betrays him. He thinks fondly and concernedly about "all the women who had taken his coin and his seed" over the years. Just saying.

        • you are right, but the whole point is that in the beginning the viewers think that there is good guys and bad guys, and then they slowly learn it's not the case.

  • Any chance the Tweet is a double entendre? "So happy she could die???" Maybe its a stretch, but perhaps she found out she's in another episode or two only to get snuffed out early in the series. If I were her I'd still be happy to be in the series.
    Hopefully though its what we are all assuming it is and we had official unofficial word =)

  • Hm. Well, that's much more direct- even if still not particularly so. Perhaps they really are bringing/merging Shae in to the first ep, played by her.

  • I doubt she'll be back, except as perhaps a background character in the King's Landing brothel. Shae is supposed to be quite young and innocent-looking, which is part of how she manages to convince Tyrion that she really loves him. Esme is just sexy hot.

  • She probably didn't mean anything by that last tweet, just being polite, and the first one just mean she's happy, could be a million reasons for that, maybe she found a cool prize in her cereals, who knows.

    עד מתי מרץ 2010?

    • Yes, I know, our russian friend admitted, she has done it :)

      Read down all these posts and you will find it.
      It is a little bit confusing to catch every reply over here.

      Thnak you, anyway.

  • This is what Esme tweeted last night:[email protected]: A present just arrived from George RR Martin! http://twitpic.com/12ygw7 ____The pic is a Dark Sword 'Lannister Lady in Waiting' miniature figure.__This has got to be a clue don't you think? Has she been brought back to play Shae?

  • Esme was so incredibly nice in person, you wouldn't believe how humble and kind a beauty like her can be ;)

    • That video of Gleeson was lovely. I think he'll make a good Joffrey, as long as he can pull off looking cruel and haughty. He has such a sweet face.

      • I agree.
        We have not a decent photo of him so far, I am becoming more and more satisfied wiith this choice.
        Joff is described as pretty attractive in books. despite his cruel nature.

        I think Gleeson (after watching this videO) is the good choice for Joff.

  • I've never seen Esme act, but just based on photos, I don't see why it wouldn't be possible at least for her to play Shae. Someone else commented that Esme is too sexy and not "sweet and innocent" looking enough for the role. Shae is actually described as being quite sexy and saucy in the book. Part of the reason Tyrion values Shae is her wit, think of some of the lines she has. "Men call me…often." and "You're half right m'lord. I'm young." Shae definitely has her moments when, "The sweet innocence of the world was written on her face," But even Tyrion realizes that it's an act and privately calls himself a fool for loving a whore who is only with him because of his money and social position.

    So, I guess what would be required would be an actress who can display a wide range of emotions, doesn't mind a lot of nudity (Shae is naked in almost all of her scenes in the book), and has a sexy body. Does Esme fit the bill? In terms of physical description, Shae is described as having large dark eyes, short dark hair, and a sexy, slender body. Isn't the character Ros redheaded in the pilot? I guess if they were going to merge that character into Shae, they'd have to change the hair color, depending on how true to the book they want to be.

    • I personally wouldn't mind if she comes back as shae and they merge her character. Hair colour aside I think she could fit the role quite well as long as she stays true to the character. I guess it would be such a shame to just have Esme be in the pilot.

    • Do not know what happened to my previous reply, but who cares.
      Wanted to say, that I hardly could see Esme as Shae, but I woud not mind at all if the producers change Chataya and her daughters origins, to make place for Esme as Alayaya – whose name would become Ros.

  • The whole discussion about Esme playing two different characters or merging two characters into one just made me think about the problem in a wider scope: what other characters are likely to be condensed or written out? To do so makes sense on many levels: it reduces costs, helps not to overwhelm the viewers, and allows more screentime for those characters that actually DO appear.

    • That is a good question. D.-Troll.

      Due to the form of series (each season of some 12 episodes) I do not think that they are not going to write off any major character.
      On the contrary, the major issue with the whole ASOIAF saga is the fact that there are too many major characters for the media like TV. (when you read you can always turn some pages back, or help yourself with the appendiy to clear things up to yourself).
      I admit, I was litlle confused while reading for the first time.

      If I was producer I would merge some Starks, Lannisters and other banner-houses.
      For example: Of all Strak banners I would leave only: Bolton (he is crucial), Maege Mormont, and Great John Umber. The other could be played by extras only with sigils on ther costumes…
      I would do the same thing on the Court in KL.

      I ll never do the merging or the write off to the characters vital to the plot.

    • I agree with The Rabbit. I don't think they will write out any major characters. Who could they write out? Most of the characters, even if they seem minor early in the story, become pretty integral to the plot later on. The only characters I see getting condensed or written out entirely are the background ones.

      • Thoros of Myr and Beric – for example.
        The both of them seem quite minor in GOT, but their importance grows through the series.

        I am pretty sure, that we are not going to have Boros Blount or Merryn Trant personally, but some guys in white armours walking around.
        (Forgot to ask Rimshot has he seen some white armoured lads on the set ?!)

      • I remember now: we already had a very simmilar discussion (mostly about Brienne). My point remains, that it would help to have the source material complete before starting to film it.

        For example, they would never have dared to write Tom Bombadil out of The Fellowship of the Ring, without knowing the guy doesn't appear again in the other two books. In the first volume, he is quite important and powerful…

        • Oh, and Winter: to indent actual replies would improve readability – but I guess I prefer quoting to replying, and simply put the last made post at the end of the list. Right now, the posts made by you, The Rabbit and me alone are completly out of order.

        • I do remeber the discussion about Brienne, but understand the point about Bombadil, and you are right about that.

          In the case of Brienne – I would not dare to write her out, not because we do not know where she goes or ends, but because she is very important element in the developpemnet of Jaimes character.
          Jaime literally "raises" with her help.

          • Some people believe Brienne to be pointless and boring, and that she could easily be written out. My opinion on that topic is exactly yours.

            But my original question wasn't about dropping any of the plot; just to reduce the number of people involved in it (let more stuff happen to fewer people). That technically eliminates characters, to be sure, but that might be necessary to keep the show watchable in its first run. Later on DVD you can skip back like The Rabbit said he did in the books, but for a more casual viewer who doesn't tape the show, the sheer amount of characters might be a problem.

          • (It took me some time to find your post :) )

            I agree, it could be very, very confusing.
            But, there is one thing, I think we tend to forget here, people in front of TV will see faces, not read their names, as was the case while reading the books.
            But that could be problem, too.

  • Since the Red Headed Whore only has one scene, isn't it just as likely they liked Esme so much they decided to cast her as Shae or Melisandre and simply reshoot The Whore's one scene with someone else. It would be a bit easier than changing her looks around to fit Shae's description and reintroducing her.

    • Matt: Yes, if she gets a bigger part it would make more sense for them to just re-shoot that one scene from the pilot.

  • That thing about death, it may mean, that Esme find out about deleting of brothel scene, so red headed whore will literaly die and she is happy about that because she has been recast as Shae or Melisandre.

  • I think the idea that what Shae looks like being critical to casting is misled. What does it really matter what Shae looks like? You can write around that pretty easily. The only important part is that Tyrion in head over heels stupid for her. There are all kinds of ways you could get there, and all different kids of actresses who could play that character in lots of different ways that would make sense dramatically.

    Maybe she'll be Shae. Maybe not. She could be as good as a lot of actresses.

    • Acting ability is obviously more important than looks for any of the characters. However, it seems like most fans would prefer the characters in the TV series bear at least some resemblance to the characters in the book. One could just as easily as, "What does it really matter what (insert favorite GoT character) looks like?" In that case, why not a black haired Cersei Lannister? As long as the actress can do cruel, cunning, and sexy.

      Anyway, my point was not that I care what color Shae's hair in the TV series, but rather idle speculation as to whether 1) Esme would be good for the role and 2) Whether they would try to make her look like the Shae in the book.

  • There is actually a Red Headed Whore in the Books. She appears (briefly) in the last Arya chapter of GoT so it is possible that Esme has been asked back to play the same role in further episodes.

    The miniture figure from GRRM does hint that she may have another role though, could be Shae or maybe just one of Cersei's maids/ladys in waiting.

    • I'm not 100% convinced the miniature hints that she got another role. My guess is GRRM sent all the cast members a little gift for being a part of the pilot and since Dark Sword Miniatures doesn't make a "Red Headed Whore" mini, Esme got the closest thing.

      • How about that:

        Esme is a Lady waiting to play (someone close to the) Lannisters. Ain't we all waiting with her?

        And yes, I doubt the "Red Headed Whore" mini will come anytime soon, since you can paint those things any haircolor you want… ;-)

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  • Can't help but notice that About Yea High hasn't commented on what he and Esme was tweeting about yet…

    • About Yea High was in Big Bear for three days without internet. Luckily for you all, he has returned with no broken bones (not to mention a finer appreciation of short-track speed skating).

      Esmé is still being mysterious. I don't know if the "you all" was directed at "you all GoT fans" or "you all saucy Vaudeville performance art fans." As far as fan bases go, I think ASoIaF fanbase > Esmé's fanbase > HBO's GoT fanbase (thus far).

      I too want Esmé to have a larger role–but only provided she's already nailed the role she was given. Let's remember we haven't seen an inch of footage from the pilot yet, so we technically don't know who shined and who did not (save perhaps Tamzin Merchant, whose performance some people have gone out of their way to praise).

      That said, early buzz is that McCarthy got exactly what he wanted out of the cast so far. And if they are thrilled with what Esmé has given them, I support making Ros a regular whore at Chattaya's. I would not personally recast her as Shae, but it wouldn't kill the character for me either if she landed such a role. I would say no to having her play Melisandre, unless they have a reason for making the priestess a part-time whore. Keep in mind Melisandre does not appear until season two and will not be cast as yet.

      The fact that Esmé got a lady-in-waiting figurine might be a clue with regard to an expanded role. Or it might just be a gift.

      Or George might be hitting on her.

      What. I would too.

      I think an interesting benchmark for us will be to see if there is any recasting done between the pilot and the shooting of the rest of season one. Few are the shows that don't suffer from one sort of pre-run tinkering or another, and recasting is far from uncommon. It will also give us an idea who perhaps did not fit HBO's vision (or whose other obligations did not fit the shooting schedule to come).

      My one hope is that they don't recast any of the children based on age alone. That would, for me, show the production staff to be glaringly short-sighted. Like, Did you not think ahead enough to consider some of the kids might grow?

      It's not a major source of concern for me, however, as growth spurts aren't really going to hurt anything (except maybe Hodor's back).

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