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io9 and Felicia Day mention Thrones

Two brief mentions of Game of Thrones that emerged on the web in the past few days. First, the popular sci-fi blog io9 had Game of Thrones on its list of “18 Upcoming TV Shows That Could Save Small-Screen Scifi.” Here is what they had to say about it:

A Game Of Thrones. HBO’s adaptation of George R.R. Martin’s acclaimed novel series. HBO has already greenlit a pilot, starring Sean Bean and Jennifer Ehle, and hopes to do seven seasons — one for each novel in the series. Producer D.B. Weiss says it won’t be a huge, splashy series with thousands of orcs stampeding across the screen. Instead, it’ll stay true to the books, and most of the battles will take place offstage.

Secondly, actress and self-confessing geek Felicia Day mentioned Game of Thrones in a recent interview at Geekadelphia.

If you could participate in bringing one video game or comic book property to the big screen, what would it be?

The George R. R. Martin books; they are already making those at HBO The Game of Thrones. I wasn’t British so I wasn’t allowed to audition for those, but that would be really fun.

Winter Is Coming: Nice to see Thrones getting some love from the sci-fi fan community. A few have squabbled that io9 didn’t do their homework on the series and gave it too brief a description but you can’t expect everyone to be as up on the details as us. I’m confident that with a series pick up and more publicity from HBO, the fantasy/sci-fi fan community as a whole will rally around the show.

Interesting about Day not being able to audition. We know they held auditions in LA and New York and ended up casting two Americans in the pilot (two and a half if you count Jennifer Ehle). If there is a second season hopefully she will get a chance to audition as I think she could make a perfect Ygritte.


  • I think Felicia Day is just attributing her inability to audition to being American, because as we can see that obviously has nothing to do with it. She just isn't a very talented actress.

  • Felicia Day as Ygritte? Eeeh. She's cute in her Guilds series, as in Dr Horrible, but have her in a HBO series? No thanks.

    Besides, I doubt Day would be comfortable doing nude scenes.

  • Ygritte would by my guess for the character closest to her as well, but Regisfrost has a good point. I don't know Felicia Day well, but Ygritte, like most GoT characters, is going to be way outside the comfort zone of a lot of actors.

  • She could cameo as Tyene perhaps? Margaerry? I really love her other work, it wouldn't have to be a big role like Ygritte…

  • I like Felicia Day as much as the next guy and would have no problem with her doing a couple-line cameo, but a plot-essential role? Sorry, no. She just wouldn't fit in. Too modern, too America, too light. I even saw a couple people on another forum post that she could play Melisandre, which is simply laugh-out-loud and a good example of why it's best for geeks to be cut out of the casting process.

  • I honestly don't see how Ygritte is so far out of the comfort zone. I haven't read the books in years, but from what I remember her scenes were pretty tame compared to people like Dany and Cersei (and especially Ros).

  • i haven't commented in a while, but have been reading daily and sorry to get on a horse right off but:

    what's with the felicia day haters?

    i am a felicia day fan, i pretty much support and follow whatever she does, the same way i do with ASOIF. not to mention that beyond just me she has, like, legions of supporters. she could bring so much love from her fans to the show, plus she is a real life fan of ASOIF. don't discount her as an actress either, i think she gets typecast as quirky. to me it's obvious she has a lot to draw from. i don't think anyone thought of chloe sevigny as "HBO" before she did big love and she's fantastic on the show.

    i think someone more along the lines of lily cole would be great for ygritte. with felicia's unusual beauty, skin and hair, and age range, i'd day she'd be a fantastic melissandra.

    and even if you don't like FD for any role on HBO, give the girl a little love for the shout out for game of thrones she has 1.5 million followers on twitter.

    my 2 cents.

  • Interesting post. I don't think that's true regarding American actors not being allowed to audition. I'm American and auditioned (all though I did have to pull some strings to get an audition) and got called back four times for Jon Snow. I think the reason so few Americans were cast is because of what D.B. Weiss said "it's guild related reasons" meaning casting English actors for the pilot would be cheaper and they are on a tight budget. There is a who political/financial thing regarding sag and paying union and non union actors. It's a pain and the ass to explain. I'm hoping that if the series gets picked up and they get a bigger budget that more Americans well be cast. Since Martin is the American Tolkien, I would like to see more Americans cast in this along with some more amazing British actors. And yes Americans can act medieval esq and British that's why its called acting! I also have a question for Winter is coming regarding the whole 2 and half Americans being cast. I would have to say its 3 and a half. If you go on to IMDB there is an actor cast in an unknown role named Brian Thompsan and he is American. I was wondering if WIC could shed some light on who he is playing. I'm guessing it's either Jory Castle or Hallis. I know for a fact that they both have speaking lines in the pilot because one of the scenes I read was when Jon and Robb find the direwolves and Eddard and his men come to see whats going on, and both Jory and Hallis have lines. When all the actors who were cast were being announced (I not being one of them of course : .( ) or more so when all the actors with smaller roles were being announced like Luwin and the trio from the prolong, I was waiting to hear who got cast as Jory and Hallis. Obviously nothing came forth about these two small roles. I'm guessing this guy is playing one of them. As I said it would be really cool if WIC could look into this and shed some light.

  • I love the sort of random quirkiness Felicia Day could bring to any role. But I too would be extremely surprised to see someone like her cast as Melisandre. I love her in The Guild, enjoyed her in the Dollhouse episodes (aside from the moments she was asked to carry a gun–that just looked uncomfortable) and I see her as one of the smarter, more well-rounded people in show business … but casting her to play a manipulative religious fanatic would be surprising to say the least.

    And yes, Lena Headey is British. Dinklage is American, Ehle is half American…

    I'm stumped with the third. Unless you mean Tom McCarthy, the director.

  • someone on westeos suggested felicia for asha. i would be down with that. i had kind of forgotten about asha, who is a fantastic character. i think felicia would be probably even better as asha.

  • DidymusGnosis, any amount of on-screen nudity or sex may be enough to make some folks pass on a role. Granted, we don't know how much of the book will make its way into the script but Chapter 27 of Storm of Swords would be enough to give some actors pause.

    To me, it doesn't seem like FD would just make up the British thing. Maybe someone else made it up as an excuse to say no, but even that is pushing it to me. I don't know what the terms of the BBC's support of the series is, but that may also lend to FD's statement that she "wasn't allowed" to audition. Tyrion and Drogo are two rather specific types, and being played by folks who (while maybe not *household* names) are somewhat well-known. So, that may have something to do with the exceptions.

    Then again, N/A throws that into question. N/A, if you don't mind, when did your audition take place?

    Just wondering, because on October 8th, GRRM wrote:

    "In the pilot (though not, of course, the series), Rickon, Tommen, Myrcella, Ser Boros Blount, Ser Meryn Trant, Septa Mordane, Jory Cassel, Hullen, Vayon Poole, Jeyne Poole, Beth Cassel, and Hodor will all be non-speaking roles or 'featured extras.' Some may not appear at all, or else will turn up only in the background. So don't drive yourselves mad trying to figure out who will play those parts."

    So I'm wondering if it was before this change.

    Also, who is Hallis? Did they rename Hullen?

  • @sgnp
    I'd rather not give out any info on my audition dates nor my name. But I can tell you my audition was during the summer. And I meet Hullen. There is another character named Hallis Mollen who is Ned's captain of the guard after Jory dies. He is escorting Ned's bones back to winterfell. Sorry I got the names mixed up. I know for sure though that both Jory and Hullen have lines. I think Hullen only had one or two but Jory had a decent amount. It's possible that they wrote these characters out as well. If I can find my sides I can maybe post a link to the scene were the two pop up and speak. As I said earlier another American actor was cast named Brian Thompsan. If you check IMDB you'll find him attached to the project. Granted it says unconfirmed and the characters name is not given, I'm beating money that it's legit and that he is playing Jory. He even looks like a Jory.

  • The leaked script had lines for Hal and for Jory (exactly as N/A described), but apparently those were scrapped.

    I think with all the speaking lines that are -already- in the pilot, they streamlined a little. I don't see the whole season going without a Jory though. We have to feel SOME loss when Jaime does his little street confrontation with Ned, and a bunch of faceless dudes in Stark surcoats doesn't do it.

  • I'll just add my 2 cents concerning Felicia Day.

    I think, as others have mentioned, she gets typecast very easily. I don't think we truly know her range. While adding her in a roll would bring more publicity from her side of the spectrum, I don't think that this series necessarily needs fan favorites to be successful. I would much rather see actors/actresses win these rolls on their own merits.

    So, if Felicia *were* to audition and win a roll at some point in the future, great! If not, I'm confident knowing that the rest of the cast is here because they deserve to be.

    As an aside, I am a Felicia Day fan, and I would love to see her win a roll in GoT. I just don't see it happening.

  • It think comparing Felicia Day to Chloë Sevigny is kind of ridiculous.

    Felicia Day has a career of playing this quirky happy go lucky characters and hasn't shown much range outside of that. Don't get me wrong! I liked her in Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along-Blog, but I'm not going to delude myself into thinking that she's a great actress. Maybe she's able to pull it ff, but she hasn't shown much range in her career.

    OTOH, Chloë Sevigny has had a career by giving dark and edgy performances. And she has shown that she has the range to play a twisted character in an HBO drama.

  • I could see that they had an agreement to go British actors only unless it makes finding an suiting actor impossible and then worked around that, negociating with the guild every time they could justify the need to cast an actor outside the guild.

    Perhaps, for Jon Snow, they expected some difficulty and auditioned actors from Britain and US, all the while giving a preference to British actors because that would allow them to respect the agreement and avoid negociations with the guild to justify an exception.

  • Off-topic, but do we have any German readers in the house? Apparently the latest issue of the German 'SPACE VIEW' magazine has an article on the GAME OF THRONES TV series. Interesting to see what they have to say.

  • Is it just me that sees a massive link between Brits and fantasy? I think it's to do with the accents and the heritage that comes with it.
    Using American actors trying to do Brit accents worked well for Star Wars although from a non fan, British point of view it was painful to listen to. Maybe it's just me.

    • Sorry John I'm being ugly American here, but I find real honest to god Brit accents hard to understand sometimes especially when they're talking fast. The Brit Office for example: sometime I turn the closed captions on. However I think you're right about the fantasy link and that heritage plays a lot into it. Hell they had Brit accents in Rome and Gladiator when we all know they'd sound more Italian/Latin.

  • The long and the short of it is that most American actors can't do a British accent to save their lives (as was evident from the universally woeful attempts at it we have seen posted on this site by wannabe US actors). It had nothing to do with Guilds. If you want to see a series that has American actors playing fantasy try watching Legend of the Seeker. And I do mean try.

    • Yeah, in fact the lead actor on that series is australian, and most of the actors are either australian or kiwi; the woman is american though. The failing of that show has little to do with where the actors are from, but the meandering script and cheesy directing.

    • Many, many American actors can do very fine British accents. It all depends on their training. I think it's not as compulsory in American acting training as it is in British and especially Australian training, but anyone who has done their fair share of Shakespearean work should have learned a good Middle-Atlantic accent, at the very least.

      I've noticed a lot of American also complain about American actors' Brit accents but when I've asked Brit friends about those same performances, they've often said the accents were fine, most memorably for me this happened with Natalie Portman's performance in "V for Vendetta." A whole bunch of people over at Westeros were complaining about her accent there, but I had seen the movie with two Brits and had asked their opinion and both said they didn't even think about it until I asked. They thought her accent was perfect. I find this a weird phenomenon.

    • Carrie Fisher and James Earl Jones.
      Strictly speaking, Ewan McGregor (Scottish) also faked the accent that he used in I-III.

      • How was Carrie Fisher, and James Earl Jones accents in Star Wars fake British Accents? They both used their natural speaking voice.

    • In her recent Broadway one-woman show "Wishful Drinking" (which I thought was fantastic), Carrie Fisher talks about how she had been packed off to boarding school in England. She returned to America shortly before getting the Star Wars part, and she joked about how she would sometimes inexplicably just slip into a British accent.

      Then, on stage, a giant screen descends and clips from Star Wars start playing. In some of them, she has an American accent, and in others, she has a British accent. It was hysterical. She really knows how to poke fun at herself.

  • Americans can't do English accents??? You obviously don't remember Kevin Costner in "Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves"

    • Costner's accent in ROBIN HOOD was truly something horrendous to behold.

      I did like the bit in MEN IN TIGHTS when Robin (played by that guy from THE PRINCESS BRIDE) is getting insulted for some reason (I think it's someone who doesn't believe he's the real Robin), but turns to the camera and says, "At least I have an English accent!"

  • @Hunter
    We actually know it had to do with Guilds, and I wish I could remember the source of that information (wasn't it GRRM himself?)

    Could somebody help me here?

    • It's the rules of Equity, the British actor's union. If a production is being filmed in the UK (including Northern Ireland), then a certain percentage of the cast and crew have to be of British origin. Not all of them, but a lot.

      This caused problems for George Lucas when he was filming the original STAR WARS as he had to work under British labour laws (no overruns and two tea breaks a day) rather than American ones (film until you pass out from exhaustion).

  • So no one else here is concerned about "Producer D.B. Weiss says it won’t be a huge, splashy series with thousands of orcs stampeding across the screen. Instead, it’ll stay true to the books, and most of the battles will take place offstage."?

    I was looking forward to the Tyrion leading the wildmen, the Battle of Kings Landing, the attack of the Others, and Jon's Defense of the Wall. And I thought they should do some shooting of what went on in the Whispering Wood, just to show Robb's cred as a military leader and build sympathy for what happens with Lord Karstark. It seems as if quite a few of the battles are onstage.

    • Well, most of the battles (in first book at least) are in fact offstage. He is comparing to lord of the rings movies, where battles were highlighted and embelished over the books. He didn't say ALL of the battles will be offstage.

    • She's American: daughter of Eddie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds (I grew up with her first cousin in Baltimore, actually, and her dad lived across the street from my grandfather before he was famous).

  • @ Winter is Coming
    Have you ever considered making a mailing list to send a general email when HBO annouces their decision? I know there's already the feed and Twitter, but:
    1. Not everyone is into those things. Good old email works with a lot more people.
    2. That would give a chance to those fans who don't come here every day to make sure they hear the news as soon as it is official.
    3. A simple transfer from everyone on the mailing list would spread the news even more widely.
    4. You would get an actual statistic on the number of people interested enough in GoT to want to know as soon as the decision is made. Although you might already have access to some stats of your own, like # of hits to your blog (but that doesn't give you a number of persons, right?). Although I admit my knowledge in this field is quite limited.
    5. All of us loyal fans would feel way better if we knew we'll be alerted as soon as the word is out even if we have to stay away from the blog for a couple of days.

    Anyone else supporting this idea?

  • @Nymeria

    That would be pretty awesome, I'm a huge fan of the books (Unfortunately just getting near the end of Storm of Swords, so not quite finished yet. Past the red wedding and a few other major plot points, only a couple hundred pages to go) and I would LOVE to be notified as quick as possible when/if the show gets picked up.

    I've been lurking for a while and just want to say keep up the good work, I love all the new rumors/speculation/news that gets posted here and it's great to have such a wealth of information in an easy to read place. I appreciate what you're doing for this community.

    @Everyone Else
    Keep the conversations going! Love to hear the banter back and forth and it gives me something to do when I need a distraction from work. Thankfully I haven't had anything in Feast or the rest of Swords spoiled for me as this is primarily a Game of Thrones site. :D I don't dare wander over to westeros or some of the other sites mentioned here. I clicked on Rick's link on deviant art and I started reading a line and immediately closed it for fear that I would read something that I had not yet found out!

    Keep it up guys :)

  • @Adam Whitehead and Hunter and Nymeria
    If you look at the old WIC site and find the old post about Dinklage being cast there is a post right after that with D.B. Weiss (or is it David I'm not sure) saying that asides Dinklage the majority of the remaing cast well be British due to guild related reasons .
    It has nothing to due with Americans not be able to do British dialects. But Americans can play British Just as a British actor can play American. Granted it is a lot harder for an American to play British simply because of our dialect and our natural intonations. It takes alot of work for an American to properly learn a British dialect and I think the reason that most American actors can't do it as well is because there lazy. I hate to admit it but most American actors don't have the work ethic or dedication that British actors have. This is do mainly to the American acting tradition where there is more focus on inner work (the characters past and psychology) rather then outer work (voice physicality). Inner work is extremely important, but the problem is what happens on those nights on stage or behind the camera and you just can't feel it. Your inner work is nothing. That's why you need good outer work to fall back on. If you have good outer work or technique as it is called by us actors it'll still look like you have all the inner work. A good majority of American actors don't have good technique while most British actors have both fabulous outer and inner work. Also a lot of American actors have huge egos and always try to make sure the show revolves around them and not the cast. British people usually train as an ensemble so the show is not just about one actor or actress and their ego but about an entire cast trying to tell a thrilling story. This is why I really want to be trained in Britain over America. Another thing is that learning dialects takes time. It's all about learning were to place your lips and tongue and were the intonations lie. For the longest time I had a terrible voice. I finally got with a speech teacher who taught me what to do and how to read and write in phonetics and listen to intonations. Learning these things was perhaps one of the most tedious and boring things I have ever done and most American actors do not have the patients or dedication to do it. But that doesn't mean an American actor can't learn a legit British dialect. I am living proof. The casting directors made it very clear to any American who auditioned that if you can't speak in a good British dialect you would not be called back. I was called back multiple times for Jon Snow and yes I used a British dialect. This is because I took the time to study the phonetics and intonations. Americans speak with an downward intonation and British with an upward. That is probably why I was able to get a good British dialect down so quickly.
    When it comes to fantasy and period pieces British people are usually cast because they are usually a lot better at that type of language. The language used in fantasy stories is very Shakespearean in nature. Look at Lord of the Rings for an example. The thing is according to The Royal Shakespeare Company and members like John Barton, Patrick Stewart, Ian Mckellan Americans actually are better equipped to do Shakespeare and period pieces because of are voice. I can't remember the reason why but it had to do with some mumbo jumbo about intonations and phonetics. the reason it's harder for us is because of the culture we are raised in. We have a harder time catching the rhythm of the way they speak than the British do. And the RSC are the masters at doing period pieces and Shakespeare and their word is law on this subject. Point being Americans can do British it's just more difficult for them. Some American actors who can do British quit well are Jim Caviezel, Elijah Wood, Sean Astin, Viggo Mortenson, Liv Tyler, Johnny Depp (see finding neverland) Charlaton Heston and John Barry Moore. The latter being considered the best Shakespearean actor to ever live.

    • Nice post "N/A" IIRC, Elizabethan English is actually a bit closer to modern American English than to modern British English – I'm forgetting where I read/heard that, but that's what I remember. Might be why it's sometimes easier for Americans to do.

      I have a LOT of actor friends, but most of them were pretty steeped in both technique and the inner work as well. The college I went to (Sarah Lawrence) has a very good acting program, and probably half of my actor friends there did a year abroad at the British American Drama Academy, where they got to train with some top RSC people. Doing British dialects was no problem for most of them.

      When I worked in Hollywood I did encounter a lot of actors who didn't have that level of training, but I think a lot of that had more to do with people going out to L.A. with a dream of becoming an actor, with little training. Then when they got out there they found they had to do catch up and start taking whatever classes they found out there. In that sense, a lot of American actors aren't as well trained, but I think that has to do more with the way the Hollywood "dream factory" exists in this country. It's something you just don't have in the U.K. Those who start really young at acting, in my experience, have a far more complete level of training – more like the British tradition.

  • @Adam whitehead hunter and Nymeria

    I think the reason that most actors are British or use British dialects in fantasies is because fantasy is usually associated with medieval history and Norse folk lore. That doesn't mean fantasy characters can't speak in American dialects. Look at Viggo Mortenson in LOTR he used an American dialect. In fact he is the only character that doesn't speak in a British dialect. What he did was adapt his American dialect to what it would have sounded like 5 to 6 hundred years ago. He used good classic American speech which sounds somewhat close to British. For example most Americans pronounce the word Better like this be-dd-er when using proper American speech it's suppose to sound like this be-tt-er. Exactly how the Brits sound. In fact when read asoiaf I imagined most of the characters speaking the way Viggo did in LOTR. Point being it just drives me insane when people say Americans can't do period pieces, fantasy, British, or Shakespeare. Harry Lloyd said something like this in an interview and it kind of got under my skin. I'm hoping more talented Americans are cast in this sereies because Martin is the American Tolkien and talented American actors deserve to be a part of this just as the Brits do as well.
    And to Hunter. I think it is a pretty low blow on your part to say the actors who post videos trying to get an audition were wannabes. They were just going after their dream. And they all showed potential. Just some needed a bit more training and experience before they were ready for a part. Avery Clark SHOULD have been cast and is very talented and I hope he continues to pursue getting a role in this series if it is picked up. I most certainly will. maybe I can play Loras, Jaquen, Pyp or even Sam. (All though I'll have to get a fat suit of gain a shit load of weight lol).
    At Whitehead thanks for clearing up the Brian Thompsan rumor but are sure that it's fake. I'm not totaly convinced. Do you have any proof? I'd love to hear WIC's thoughts on it.
    And one more thing before I'm done. It is totally off topic but I wanted to know what you guys think. I think Heath Ledgar would have made the best Jaimie ever. Look at him in a Knight's tale, the look just screams Jaimie. Lol and he had the talent to match. O well rip heath. What do you guys think?

    ok I'm done and sorry for the horrendous grammar and spelling errors!

    • Heath Ledger was my mental image of Jaime when I read the book, so I agree with you on that. I think I saw A Knight's Tale just a little before reading Thrones, and he just seemed perfect for the role to me (though a bit young at that time). Had he lived, he would be way too huge for the part now – Dark Knight and Brokeback had made him a superstar – he'd be getting $20 million per movie now, were he alive.

  • It could be that after Peter Dinklage, they restricted auditions to British actors for Guild reasons, and then — we know, they had a hard time casting the Stark kids — made an exception for the second round of teens/kids auditions.
    Or maybe the restriction only applied to adult roles form the start.
    Then again, Jason Momoa was one of the last one to be cast. Perhaps they had a hard time finding the right Drogo and worked out an exception to the British restriction for this role too. Or perhaps they kept the nationality range open for this role from the start because it requires a different ethnicity.

  • Thanks for all these explanations N/A. Though for a while, I thought your point was to bash American actors and acclaim Brits… 'til I realised you actually are American.
    Good luck for the next (potential) round of audition!

    I personally like a Brit accent for period or fantasy pieces, as long as they aren't speaking too low too fast, in which case I miss a bit of the conversation and it annoys me. For some reason (history most likely), American English just sounds too modern and would create a kind of anachronism even though we are in an imaginary world (it has to do with the medieval setting). Plus, I hear it every day on TV, while a British accent transports me to another place/time more easily.

    They should shoot the entire series in Canadian english!! That's a compromise! Closer to British english, yet not American. It has more of an international quality to it, or should I say neutrality. LOL like that would ever happen!

  • If I were to say the few scenes I saw recently, although still rough cuts, some SFX but not finished were awesome, would that help assuage some of the doubts. It was a post production house, D & D were involved, still clearly some work to do to convince the powers that be HBO but all positive I think. Not prepared to divulge too much, but very privileged to see some dramatic scenes, it's looking amazing so far, if it does not get green lit, it will be a travesty, and only because of politics/money. McCarthy has done a fine job, the look and hue is, shall we say different. The acting terrific, Bean only has to give a look, it speaks a thousand words. I shall say no more, please don't ask me, as I may be hunted down and shot. You are in for a treat trust me.

    • In the case of the TV pilot 'Game of Thrones' D & D refers to the two executive producers, David and Dan.

  • awellwisher, can you privately confirm your involvement to WiC and he can vouch for you to us? Once again, I have to call "troll until proven otherwise" . This is the internet, after all.

  • Whilst wellwisher's comments are positive, they should be judged with the same scepticism as the prior, apparently negative (but not really) comments.

    The two are also not mutually exclusive: HBO may have either gotten themselves too worked up and been expecting the Second Coming but instead just got parts of a good TV episode with some rough edges that needed ironing out, and then wellwisher saw other material which was really great. Both reports also seem to agree that Sean Bean is on fire acting-wise in the pilot, which is at least encouraging.

  • Adam, I'll take it a step further and say that awellwisher and Michael's HBO contact could have seen the exact same footage and had completely different takeaways.

    Rashomon, anyone?

  • Yeah, trust me: I really, really doubt awellswisher saw footage. Most the FX won't be in until March.

    Perhaps I've said too much… but no, Bean's look does not say a thousand words. It's his performance in the crypts, his look at long deceased sister… well, I shan't say more.

    • More pertinent is the fact that HBO's 'decision' on GoT will be made in (probably early ) March. In order to make that decision, they need to be watching the finished (or mostly finished) pilot around about now, and certain Tweets and comments by others involved in the production suggested post production work was continuing until recently. Given that post is where the biggest number of people will have access to the almost-finished product (and is generally where leaks come from for a lot of shows), it is fully credible that someone could have seen the material.

      I'm trying to work out numbers, between the sound editors and mixers, the film editors, the people involved in FX work and so on, but at a rough guess I'd say more than a dozen people would be involved in post on a pilot like this, probably more, with an opportunity to get a good look at footage.

      Doesn't mean that wellwisher is for real, but his claim is certainly credible at this time.

  • O I forgot to mention Joaquin Phoenix. Another American who is great with dialects and in period pieces. Look at his oscar nominated performance in Gladiator! I just wish he would get his head on straight. I'd lov to see him in game of thrones. Maybe littlefinger perhaps?

  • Guys, lay off of Felicia Day. Even if you don't like her as an actor we fans gotta stick together.

    Also, I wanna see some epic battle scenes. So if Whispering Woods, Mance laying siege to the Wall, or the Blackwater gettin' lit up all green are "off screen" I'll cry and maybe hurt someone.

  • count me in as a Feicia Day fan. her being a fan of the books, enough to name them as the ONE thing of all possible "nerd" productions she would most want to be in should endear her to all of us. we are so ready to embrace Esme who none of us have ever seen us act and is a pin-up model but not FD?

    i don't think she could carry off melisandre but i see no reason, as long as she is ok with nudity, she couldn't pull of a great ygritte. grow her hair out and curl it up … ygritte is pretty quirky herself you know. i think the only question is could she pull of the toughness? who knows. i'd be willing to give her a try.

    long live the nerd queen Felicia Day!

    • She could easily get a body double for any nude scenes. I love Felicia Day, but isn't she about ten years older than Kit Harrington? So not Ygritte. That has to be a believable relationship.

  • Whenever we get into the "this actor couldn't possibly play this role" discussion, I always fall back into my broken record mode:

    You can't judge whether or not an actor can play a role based on their performances in dissimilar roles.

    If all you saw of Dean Stockwell was Blue Velvet, you might think he'd be a lousy choice for Al. (Dating myself, but you get the idea.)

    So, Ygritte is unlike any of the roles I've seen Felicia Day in so far. I haven't seen her in a lot of roles, granted, but it doesn't seem like her current type. It's a fallacy, however, to think this means she can't play this kind of character. That's what auditions and screen tests are for.

  • I don't like your reasoning. Just because it is now statistically more likely for someone to have inside information on the pilot, we should give every unsubstantiated claim the benefit of the doubt? And why come on this site and risk your job to say something as asinine as "I saw it, I liked it!"

    • I did not just mean how they write the same kind of stuff, but they also "speak" in the same way. The sentences are constructed a little… weirdly.

  • Haven't seen Felicia Day playing so far. But I will definitly check out those "Guild" webseries.

    A show like this needs some actors who are huge fans of the works themselves as well. I mean who will pick up after Harry Lloyd's "golden crown" the stick of fervently supporting the series and advertising it at every possible interval?

    As I understand it when GRRM came to Dublin last fall is dialect not an issue for the series, so in that sense should it not be a big issue to have an American casted. Contractwise… well I think there are possible dozens of redhaired actors to be found on the Brittish isles, but will they be as strong in their support?

    On the side I just saw a big post aboutAGOT on… It's a shame that I don't speak Spanish, but Google translate does the trick. Perhaps anyone of our fellow American bloggers can provide a better translation then google.

    I like to see a post for a change on a newssite that goes more indepth into the materials

    The article doesn´t say anything really new (and I am sorry for being too lazy to translate 4 paragraphs of explanations about GOT contents). They say the show already has a legion of fans (that would be WIC and you guys), and that the HBO folks are "satisfied". They also name the main actors, and mention that Lombardo from HBO liked the pilot and the terrific acting.

    They totally got the info from WIC, IMO ;) Still, nice to see the news on GOT splash even here in Spain…

  • I don't quite understand your point here?

    SFX COULD mean sound effects, but most likely means Special Effects, as far as I understand it.

  • I read The Walking Dead comix, I was so bored! They should make Fables into a twenty hour long movie!

  • I can confirm without reveling sources, that the pilot has been given the green light, due to HBO activities in Belfast, booking items and services for the next several years.

    – Belfaster

    • Come on, come on, Belfaster.
      Could you specifie a little bit more, I know you can not say all, or name your source, but we will appriciate more informations, please.

      What sort of services?
      We allready know that the part of the Paint Hall was booked by HBO for a couple of years.

      • Services that tie in with the set construction(s), they have been asked for a quote for the next year, invoice has been sent, payment has been made. It is happening folks, and it is killing me that I cannot tell you how I know this and what I have seen :( I promise, as soon as they announce, I'll spill. But they are taking their time doing it, I know they have already approved the pilot, and are already getting things in motion for a first season shoot !

  • Are you sure booking means a deal has been made? That they aren't just booking "just in case it gets greenlit" or whatever?

    I'm not even sure what booking really means, but… still.

  • Uh.. Also, they wouldn't make a "done deal" for several years anyway. Its not as if the show is a guaranteed hit.

  • I cannot explain the nature of the 'booking' as it will reveal the source, which would get them into trouble. But yes, 7 years is correct.

  • Oh… So you actually KNOW that the greenlight has been made? I thought you were mostly just guessing/interpreting it that way.

    Ofcourse, you're still not ruled out as a troll, but if you are one, then you're the most convincing one yet. :)

  • I am no troll, huge fan of this, one of the best days of my life was at Easons when Martin, Paris and the cast came to visit in Belfast! But yes, I cannot say anything because it will give certain people away and be within breach of contract. I am just letting fellow fans know, that a greenlight HAS happened.

    • @Belfaster
      Lets say I believe you. (as our troll-hunter sjwenings said) :)
      But, I will jump and scream, when I see the offical greenlight.
      I do understand that you can reveal any details for us, but if you are telling the truth, thank you!

      It is not odd at all, that they started to prepare all the things around, because the shooting is scheduled for june.
      And it is closer, than it actaually seems.

  • I take any news like Belfaster's with a grain of salt, but it sounds really good and makes me hopeful. Certainly has a ring of truth about it, but who can really say. We'll know for sure soon enough.

  • Well, perhaps Belfaster could privately give his information to WiC, who could then confirm it for us?

  • I'd rather wait the extra week or so for an official confirmation rather than having Belfaster caught-out in anything.

    Patience, Grasshoppers! It's happening very soon. I am so excited. Once they get the greenlight, I can start planning my GoT viewing parties :D

  • A quibble, but isn´t Clarin an argentine newspaper, not spanish? and certainly hope Belfaster is a true of heart and accurate in description, but stall twiddling my thumbs awaiting HBOs official decision..

  • I'm pretty certain that the Meereenese knot refers solely to GRRM's headache of the Dany chapters. Its been plauging him for quite a while now and I think the comment just means that George has made some headway. Great news for what its worth, but I don't think it has anything to do with the series and I doubt it means much for the completion of the book since we all know that GRRM likes to go back and rewrite his work over and over again.

    It sounds to me like he may have overcome some obstacle that was blocking the way he wanted Dany's story to take place, but there is probably a few more challenges still to come to get everything in order.

    I do have a feeling however that once the knot is unravelled that the rest of the book will come out much more smoothly..well except maybe those hard-to-write Bran chapters ;P

    Oh Scott. D&D refers to Dan Wiess and Davod Beinhoff the writers/producers of the show.

  • The Meereenese Knot reference by GRRM is indeed about his progress writing the next book. He's been trying to figure out a lot of complicated stuff involving the Dany chapters and it's been bedeviling him more than anything in writing this book, it seems. The post has nothing to do with the show.

    • I'd say that sounds like good news.

      Yeah, because HBO has probably more or less made the decision by now, and if the decision is to not go foward, it seems a little weird that they would be nice and let us know that we will soon get the (bad) news.

    • Yeah, that basically sounds like they are waiting to make an official announcement of 'good' news. If it was looking bad, we wouldn't have heard anything.

  • Felicia Day as Ygritte is PERFECT. Don't care what anyone else says. And Ygritte is the most "modern" woman in the entire series, and also with a very dry but crackling sense of humor. That suits Felicia Day to a T.

  • I think Felicia Day is awesome, but I have to agree that I don't think she'd go for the nudity required to play some of the female characters. That may be typecasting, but considering her personality, I just don't see that happening.