Filming HBO Rumors Speculation

Rumor: HBO gearing up for filming

A commenter that goes by Belfaster (from Belfast, natch) has stated that HBO is moving forward on set construction and the like and that it appears they have given the green light to Game of Thrones.

I can confirm without reveling sources, that the pilot has been given the green light, due to HBO activities in Belfast, booking items and services for the next several years.

Services that tie in with the set construction(s), they have been asked for a quote for the next year, invoice has been sent, payment has been made. It is happening folks, and it is killing me that I cannot tell you how I know this and what I have seen.  I promise, as soon as they announce, I’ll spill. But they are taking their time doing it, I know they have already approved the pilot, and are already getting things in motion for a first season shoot !

HBO, for their part, has not made anything official yet. A little earlier today they tweeted this in response to a fan asking about the status on Thrones.

No news yet on Game of Thrones. As soon as there’s official word it will be announced here and on Facebook. Promise.

Winter Is Coming: The rumors continue to swirl. Where there is smoke there is fire though, right? Also notice the phrasing used by HBO in their tweet, “as soon as there’s official word” not “if there’s official word.” Certainly sounds like a decision has already been made and we’re just waiting for the official announcement. Of course, I may just be reading too much into a Twitter post from someone who has nothing to do with green lighting anything. In any event, with March only one day away, we shouldn’t have to wait too much longer for confirmation.


  • Wahoo! Please let this be true. I get the feeling that a publishing date for Dance isn't that far off either. Just think next year we may have a pilot/season 1 to watch & a new Song of Ice & Fire book to read. :D

  • I have a strong feeling that the decision is allready made. (whatever it is).

    If Belafaster is not a troll, all the things he said, are pretty logic and understandable.
    As I said earlier, it is time to gear up by HBO (if the colour is GREEN), because it is just three months to the beginning of the filming (end of june).

  • First off — HBO has not seen the second cut, so absolutely no decision has been made. Take that to the bank.

  • Obviously, there are several possibilities here:

    1) Both Michael and Belfast are trolls, and we don't really know anything.
    2) Michael is a troll, Belfast is telling the truth, and the series is a go.
    3) Belfast is a troll, Michael is telling the truth, and HBO hasn't made a final decision yet.
    4) Permutations of 1, 2, or 3, but rather than being trolls, Michael and/or Belfast have simply gotten bad information.
    5) Michael is telling the truth and Belfast is telling the truth. Some of the powers-that-be are waiting for the second cut before making a decision, but someone else involved in the production has already signed some contracts to get things into place, banking on the fact that the series will get picked up and prepared to eat it if that turns out not to be the case.

    Pick your favorite and debate, because until something comes down through official channels or people start feeling comfortable naming their sources so WIC can cross-check it's just words on paper at this point.

    Hopefully, we won't have much longer to wait.

  • Ha ha ha

    It is getting more and more interesting here.
    Maybe HBO have not seen the second cut yet, but why would they start to pay the bills in Ireland if they are not going to shoot. (It is my reply to the Paul s point 5).

  • Oh God! Please, please, plese let this be true! I WILL get piss-drunk to celebrate if this turns out so!

    This would be awesome…I know we still have to wait for official word, but there is nothing wrong with hoping…

  • This is what I'm told: HBO is waiting on the second cut. That's when the decision will be made. I am not aware of anything that Belfast is saying.

  • Just want to hear a positive official news. They can take as much time as they need to greenlight it, I just don't want it to go otherwhise :)

  • Just to clarify so people don't jump down my throat: this actor has not been officially cast. He simply a favorite of the production. And — it hasn't been greenlit, so it's all mute, but if ends up a 'go', he's probably our Tywin.

    • Any more information or clues on who this choice might be?

      I might be able to take this to my sources and see if your info is legit or not, depending on how talkative they are being ;-)

  • I think that they havent got so much time, of course they can reschedule the start of the filming.

    I speculate, of course, because I do not pretend to know much.
    It is just a conclusion due the time they took for making the pilot.

    The auditions for the main roles strated some 5 months before the filming.
    And now (if the fact of the end of june is correct) we are some 3 and half months prior the filming.

    But, will see, fingers crossed!

  • If this is the case that it's all but official, then who will be cast later? There is a lot of talk of who should be cast as Littlefinger. I would like to see James Callis in that role.

  • I'm so anxious!

    But, OTOH, I am very sceptical about things random people say in the comments. This is my 15th year on the internet and I have already seen all the sorts of gossips, rumours and hoaxes.

    • That's funny, it's almost exactly 15 years since I first got on it, too. Right when I came back from Winter Break at college in early 1995, there was this new icon on the desktop of the computers in our computer lab called 'Netscape.' "Hmmm, what's that," I said, and clicked it…

      • that's similar to my discovery of it…and it wasn't 20 seconds later to when my buddy on the next computer over said and I quote "check this out…free porn!"

  • I've been setting myself up for disappointment ever since it was announced that HBO had bought the rights.

    Prepare yourself, heartbreak incoming :)

  • I think both Michael and Belfast are truthful, more than likely the top HBO execs haven't seen the final cut, but maybe the editors and post production directors have been able to hit the mark on what the execs wanted for the final pilot cut and lower execs have seen this and given the production the ok to start acquiring everything necessary (studio bookings, materials for sets, rental of equipment, extras) on the basis that the top dogs will be happy. Michael mentions they have there Tywin, and since he doesn't appear till 2nd season, this means the rumor of a 3 or more season order will have been given.
    On another note, it appears Showtime has their counter to Games, apparently their next series will center around the Borgias and hasn't Games been likened to the Borgias politcal, court, sexual intrique and wartime strategy.

  • "Michael mentions they have there Tywin, and since he doesn't appear till 2nd season, this means the rumor of a 3 or more season order will have been given."

    Tywin appears prominently in several chapters in the second half of 'A Game of Thrones', and will certainly appear in the first season.

  • Seriously, if they don't find a good role for Kevin Costner, then I'll probably kill myself. You cannot have a MidEvil world, and not throw a bone to the Cost! …best British accent ever

  • My mistake its been awhile since I read Games again, I always think of Tywin appearing in the 2nd book when he comes to Kings landing, Thanks Jack, I forgot that Tyrion comes across him at the inn and Tywin first appears on page 611 of my voyager uk edition. Better read up on my books again, before I make further posts, hopefully when I finish Games again by next week, the announcement will have been made.

  • I'm inclined to believe both of our "inside" posters have some element of truth, either knowing someone involved or being directly involved themselves. Since there are probably a large number of people working on such a project, it allows for a decent amount of speculation and interpretation on the parts of the production crew themselves.

    There's really only one thing to do, and that's wait for the official word. As ASOIAF fans, this is something we are already quite good at.

  • OT-ish: Fantasy Flight Games has just announced the upcoming release of their spanking new Battles of Westeros board game. I see this as a positive omen for the TV series.

  • more speculation? enough already. cast felecia day as ygritte and get to filming already. i want to see "Winter Is Coming to HBO" trailers in December of this year people so chop chop.

    but if i had to pick a rumour monger to believe i have to say imo it is much more likely that somebody in belfast who worked on the pilot thru some 3rd party company is already in the know about more work they have been ordered to do for the show itself. we had tons of belfast folks on this here blogety blog during the pilot many of whom were involved at least peripherally with the production. you cannot move ahead with a season or two of a tv show without getting your ducks in a row first … and ducks quack.

    as for posters with ubiquitous "friends who know friends inside the inner sanctum of HBO" .. meh. not impossible but i wouldn't be a Klondike bar on it either.

      • that is because Umberto Eco is a genius and an amazing writer. of both fiction and non fiction. nice to see there are still literate people in the world.

  • A recent pic of Sean Bean turned up on Twitter, reposted on Sean Bean Online fansite and discussed ad nauseum, shows Sean, recently finished filming his scenes for Cleanskin is growing his beard and hair out again. Should be perfect length and looking like it did when the pilot was shot by first of June.

  • Apologies for the slightly off-topic post, but that article from Argentina reminded me of a matter that I had always wondered about in relation to the books themselves – are there any differences in the TEXT between the different versions of the books, or is it just different covers/formatting/size etc?

  • seeing how early march starts tommorow, im prolly very certain that HBO has already made its descision to either move forward or not – even though there were smoe changes needed in the pilot. it was most likely a "this is a greenligh if the following issues/changes are adressed" and it would make perfect sense if things were being rented and paid for now because they are going to need to have things constructed and ready for this supposed june start date…i strongly think HBO has greenlit, but have yet to make their official confirmation to the public, just so they can maintain the early march announcement that they declared months ago.

    if not, then ima be a sad puppy

  • Here's hoping for the official green-light soon, oh and as far as Ser Davos – Tommy Flanagan!!!

  • They haven't started thinking about Davos just yet. Bronn, Littlefinger and other roles are starting to be talked about.

    • Yeah, there are a lot of S2 characters that get discussed here, basically any unknown factors. It'll pick up, too, once the roles you mentioned start getting nailed down the discussion will move on to ones a bit further out.

      • Sorry. Didn't mean to come off as so short. Point is, there's a lot of casting discussion 'round here that we know isn't even close to happening. We just do it for fun.

  • George's Not a Blog post from Feb 21st- mid-western city visit he can't talk about yet. HBO & Thrones related or just appearance negotiation and typical GRRM obscurity?

  • The thing that gets me about our inner-sanctum-at-HBO source is this:
    1) If he's important enough to *know* and not just speculate about the things he says, then he probably wouldn't be on here blabbing. Seems to me that someone with the top clearance to be certain about this sort of stuff wouldn't risk his hide typing it on a public blog. Either HBO cares about info leaks or it doesn't. I say it does.
    2) If he doesn't *know* and is speculating, the information is pretty useless. I may be wrong, but that's my instinct.

    At an earlier stage, I'd say committing to assets in Ireland might have been done on the basis of contractual option only, hedging bets, but as close as we are to March, this information sounds meaningful.

    Conclusion: not enough reliable data either way. Still think it will be green-lit on a hunch.

    • I share your skepticism. Coupled with that, and seeing his willingness to put his "official" two cents on side-discussions makes me EXTREMELY skeptical. It smacks of histrionics, not altruism.

      We've been waiting this long for word – we can wait a few more days or weeks without having our fears fanned or assuaged.

    • I'm still a big fan of the ongoing performance art of Anonymu–I mean, Michael "Tha' Source" Sourcenator.

      She's funny.

    • If you're talking about Michael, he never said he was important or that he had top clearance. He said he knew a person who "would know this stuff… I guess". Which still categorizes his informaton as second-hand and nothing more but rumour, and doesn't erase the possibiity of your second point, but kinda makes your 1st point a little weak.

  • Aaaahhhh!!! March!! Come on, HBO!!!!
    Incidentally Patrick Stewart being involved in any way would be awesome.

    Fingers and toes crossed!!

  • Hey Michael Sourcenator, don’t you have a bridge you should be guarding? Oh and watch out for that third Billy Goat…

  • reaaaally really…oh my god it’s just me or you guys to are having problems containing yourselves? i want a greenlit now T_T

  • Ouch. The way you guys treat our would-be contributors, soon nobody in the know will be willing to share any information with us.
    Of course, when sources stay undisclosed, you have to treat it as a rumour and take it with a grain of salt. And it is ok to ask questions and see if the person can explain themselves a bit more of give some more information. But I am disappointed with the tone of the attacks and trolling accusations we've witnessed here lately. This blog used to be civilized.
    I know, the waiting is hard for everyone, but come on. As soon as the news is out a big wave of new comers will hit this blog and they will most likely juge it by the last few threads of comments. And the way it's been going lately, they will either discard it as another free-for-all immature fansite or join in and adopt the very same disrespectful attitude.
    I just don't think that this is a good way to repay WiC for all his efforts in making this amazing already talked-a-lot-about blog, which up to now had kind of a good reputation.
    BTW, thanks WiC for keeping your posts neutral and informative. Very professional. Keep up the good work!

    • Exactly, what's the matter with you and Trolls? If you are not interested in rumours, wait for GoT to pop up in your TV paper. Noone who could proof his official involvement will announce his stuff here, since those people are more likely to do so on their own sites, to drive up trafic there. So all we can ever hope for in advance are statements by "not-really-in-the-thick-of-things" folks.

      Are those statements honest? I guess there's no way to tell. But on the other hand, they will also never affect the outcome of things, so we should just take them as a starting point for speculation (as in: if that turns out to be true…), instead of bashing the people who come up with it.

      By the way: most things taste better with a grain (or two) of salt. Even trolls know that much.

  • I think you're reading between the lines too much into the "As soon as there's official word"

    I think that means "As soon as there's official word" from HBO's on whether or not they have greenlighted the series, rather than "As soon as there's official word" from HBO that they have greenlighted the series.

    However, it does seem promising at this point considering all the hype around it that they'd take the risk and see what happens.

  • I'll admit, the decision to greenlight GOT or not will determine if I keep HBO on my cable package. Granted, even if it does get the greenlight, we won't be seeing it for a while. Still, it's rare that I let one show influence my decision on such things.

    So, here's to hoping for some positive news!

  • Definitely not Patrick Stewart.
    Tywin is "hard and lean" and, while Stewart has great facial bones, he's way too old and frail and soft-spoken to pull it off. A little makeup though and he'd be a great Maester Aemon, or even Ser Barristan.
    I like the idea of Charles Dance.
    I chuckle when I see Ed Harris' name floated around. Besides the fact that he's an American, he's also too old and soft around the edges. I suspect some people just think "bald" and Ed comes to mind.
    My thinking would be more along the lines of Michael Ironside, who's also too old but, boy, can he do menacing.
    Or even… to go way American (and too old) Clint Eastwood. It's those murderous eyes, not the bald head. You can shave anybody's head.
    Actually, I think Sean Bean would be a great Tywin. Oh, wait, he's already doing something else ;-)

  • I completely agree with Nymeria's comment. Let's stay classy. We're all anxious but don't let the excitement get to you. So about the rumors, they are rumors, no more no less. They may not be true, but I wouldn't call troll. My experience with trolls is that they are a lot more obvious and in your face about it, this is way too elaborate.
    My guess is that a public statement is being prepared about the ordering of (at least) the first season, while silently work on the first season is already starting AND the pilot is being re-edited

  • I completely understand the nature of my presence may be deemed as 'troll' like :) But I have posted in these comments before under my true idenity, before WiC was moved to a domain and was still on blogspot. I have complete faith in the admin here if would like to contact me and I can reveal the nature of my source to him in complete confidence, he can take whatever bearing from this as he would, without actually revealing the information. :)

    There seemed to be a call to let WiC see if I am telling the truth or not, I am more than happy to tell, provided nothing is released apart from their opinion :)

    WiC, you have my email!

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