Casting Daenerys Targaryen Rumors Speculation

Dany the next to be recast?

A new casting side has appeared for the role of Daenarys dated for today on Showfax. You can read the contents of the casting side here. Could it be that they are recasting the role of Daenerys? Might this be some of the bad news that GRRM was referring to?

Winter Is Coming: Now I’m not sure how these casting side sites work. Maybe someone can answer this question for me, is it possible that someone could have uploaded a fake side as a hoax? This Kathleen Choplin doesn’t appear as a casting director on my Cast & Crew page or on IMDb. While the old casting sides has Amy Berman who is on my Crew page. An interesting development for sure, but I’m calling it a rumor for now, until we get more info.

[Thanks to Rhoswen for the heads up!]


  • She also has a lot of other sides listed on the site. Game of Thones is on <a href="">Page Four. They're listed by date, the first one being May 5th of 2009 for "The Bounty Hunter," which Kathleen Chopin is listed as casting on her <a href="">IMDB Page.

    So, if it is a hoax, the person doing it is pretty sophisticated, using the name (and possibly account?) of an established casting director who has worked with HBO in the past.

  • I too hope it's just a false rumor, and not just because I think Tamzin will be fantastic in the role.

    Mostly because she's already taken a lot of shit, and her leaving would lend hope to all the trolls who think they can affect casting decisions by posting their hate-spewing diatribes on this site and others. Good god, the dogs would be off their leashes en force if they even had an inkling they could "scare off" this actor or that actress.

    The end of civilization as we know it. If Tia Tequila hasn't ended already.

    • LOL @ "hate-spewing diatribes." Sheep like you bbaaahh with pleasure no matter what happens, and then throw out angry invenctives and resort to name calling when someone expresses differing opinions.

    • It's highly unlikely that they are listening to "trolls." More than likely they just want to go a different direction with the character after seeing the pilot. She has to carrry all those scenes on her own so if the show is to be a success she has to be very likeable and very good.

  • Well if this is legit then I think it will at least be better received than Catelyn's recasting. I don't know too many folks who were all that attached to Tamzin.

  • Okay, so I'm a dork. Looks like the full link works. Sorry. Rusty with the new format.

    Anyway, I honestly thought this Dany debate had settled a bit, if not with everyone being happy, at least they calmed down a bit.

    If this *is* a true recasting, my heart goes out to whomever they select for the role.

    • Seriously, Paul. A huge pile of the stinking masses won't be happy with anyone.

      And this is going to happen with Shae, and with Melissandre, and with Margaery…

      … freakin' … Old Nan…

      Judging these books by their covers isn't likely to end any time soon.

  • It's listed as casting for a pilot though, not series. Wouldn't it now be for the full series since the pilot has been shot (and just some scenes would need to be redone)?

  • That's a good point. A lot of it has to do with how Showfax is set up. If it's a case where you have to manually add each new project, then they might be using the old template. Or Kathleen Chopin listed it like this because they're shooting the pilot scenes first. Or it's a hoax.

  • Huh. Maybe they are going with a different actress because they are changing the role. Going in a "different direction" like with Catelyn. I just worry they're thinking of going in a different direction and scrapping, or severely cutting, the Eastern continent's role in the series. Not that I like it, but It might make sense to concentrate on Westeros. It's almost like 2 separate stories. It might be hard for a casual view to see how they are related. Even to book fans, Dany has been looming in the distance, but hasn't made much of an impact on what might be considered the main story. Pure speculation on my part. Just talking this through here, as it is something I fear.

        • Easy to do. Things are kind of weird right now. I think you have a good point about a possible "change in direction," though. Whatever happens, they may choose an actress with qualities different than Tamzin. I really doubt the negative comments on this board and others were 100% responsible for a decision to recast if it was made, but I can't help but think they were noticed and will be taken into consideration.

  • I'd like to point out that if the casting side IS legit, it doesn't necessarily mean a recast. It seems reasonable that they'd want to do a flashback scene or two with Dany young enough to require a different actress. It would make a lot of sense to visually establish the house with the red door, for instance.

    Does anyone have access to the actual details on the casting side? If they give an age range it would obviously help determining the possibility of this.

      • This is looking real now. After all the excitement these recastings are putting me in a bad mood, not that the new actors won't do a good job but it just seems the momentum of the past few weeks is gone.

      • Did they tone down that one scene cause if I recall Visy grabbed her breast and pinched her nipple you know with the wake the dragon bit and then she hit him or pushed him away, he didn't push her down I don't think

        • It says, "She has laid out gifts for her brother, and he's not pleased." I think this is much later in the series, when she's already married to Drogo and is giving Viserys clothing that he feels is too simple.

  • I'm not going to stand this easily if true, because one may assume that a recasting should have to be an exception once in a while. If it's going to be a plethora, they will have to reshoot the whole pilot and really mess up the project from the beginning. Oh bother.

  • God, I hope this isn't true. i just don't want to see the trolls cheer. Can someone give examples where they have to reshoot the entire pilot episode due to recastings?

  • If it's on ShowFax, it's probably real. Cathleen Chopin is a major casting director, just check her credits:

    I've never posted anything to ShowFax, but it's the main service for such things used by the industry in the U.S. Like a lot of these film industry services, they usually have some sort of means to check the legitimacy/identity of those using it. Some are actually very exclusive and you even need other known industry people to vouch for you before they let you join. I suspect ShowFax isn't quite so exclusive because it's probably being used by a lot of indie productions and such, too. But one thing they don't want is someone taking a major casting director's "name in vain" and posting something under their name.

    If both Catelyn and Dany are being recast, they will be reshooting a LOT of the pilot. Again, Dany would possibly involve another very big and expensive scene, with the Dothraki wedding party and there are a four full scenes with her, also (with Viserys, meeting Drogo, wedding and the seduction scene). It's going to be hard to re-shoot the scene where she rides her Silver and leaps the fire without a fair number of extras.

    • Like I mentioned above, she cast "The Bounty Hunter" and sides for that were posted under the same name back in May.

      Reshoots at both locations would most certainly be bad news.

    • Hell, if they recast Dany they need to reshoot everything in Morocco, no question, as she's in every scene set there. That's going to be VERY expensive. A few establishing shots aside, I can't see how they'd be able to hold on to any of the Morocco footage from the pilot.

      • If HBO are willing to get into that mess it should give us a clue on how badly the recasting was needed.

  • I hope they're not recasting her! I remember GRR Martin saying they had two other actresses in mind, so if they were recasting Dany, wouldn't they look at the other two actresses?

    • Could be they have the time so why not see more, or who is available now who wasn't at the time the pilot was shot. Could be those two actresses are now committed to other projects.

  • Another recast is definitley not good news imo, and I can see why Martin would be upset since he was really fond of Tazmin. It just seems strange to me that some of the actors (or possibly all of them) are allowed to walk out after a greenlight. You would expect the opposite, that hbo would 'lock' them down if you will with a project this big. I wonder how many more recasts there could be, just disappointing. They would pretty have to reshoot the pilot at this rate.

  • I've never heard of a "bail-out date" for actors in a series…the networks do not want to have to spend millions on a reshoot unless it's their own choice and giving an actor that kind of leverage and control over their production would be simply insane. If she's out, it's got to be HBO's choice, unless there's some other "act of God" kind of reason.

    • I am not in the television or movie industry so I don't really know if such is true or not, I was hypothesizing on possibly such being the case. I mean she has done great in Tudors, so the talent is there and of course she has youth and beauty and matches close to Dany's look and demeanor, so the only thing to me is she jumped ship as I cannot fathom why HBO would let her go. I could understand Ehle and her personal issues.

    • Actually, they could use that for the first season. They could just shoot the bonfire for the final episode first, and use her natural pregnancy throughout.

  • Just answering WICs question about how the casting site works. All you simply do is pay the small six dollar fee and you get the side emailed to you or downloaded to your computer. Or you pay a yearly fee to subscribe to the site and you get all sides for free. This is a legit site. When I had my audition for Jon, Rob, Theon and Viserys the casting directors sent me to this site. The site is of course very useful for actors as not only dose it provide sides in advanced so they can prepare for their audition, but it also lets actors know by email weather or not the side that the casting agents want them to read has changed. I hope this answers you question.

  • i'd feel bad for grrm if she got recast because he definately seemed to like her a lot. but you can't really deny majority of the community didnt think she had the "look" of dany.

  • Sorry to hear Merchant is out…but no matter …they'll find somebody else…I imagine there's actors falling over themselves trying to get into this show…it will be the next the big thing

  • I just remembered something, and I hope its true, everyone is in a lather atm and this would be just hilarious. I won't say more though, I am laughing just thinking about it.

    • I may be misreading your comment, but if it is about something you could say and chose not to, then read this.

      Did you really just make a comment about NOT making a comment? Seriously? Did you think we would lavish praise on you until you tell us whatever dumb idea you have? Either spit it out or shut up. No one cares that you COULD say something.

      • @George- Was that necessary? At least you can communicate the same idea without insulting people.

        • Actually, I had a pretty strong impulse to say about the same thing he did. I didn't, because I'm not entirely sure that's what Tysnow is saying (I.e., might not be so much holding back information to be a jerk, but rather holding it back out of uncertainty over its truth or something). But if it is a case of holding back information just to have a chuckle at everyone else? George is justified. Don't tease hungry dogs unless you want to get bitten.

          • Same here. Certainly sounds more like "gloating" (might not be the word I am searching for), or trying to agitate, rather than saying something constructive – which *sigh* seems to be succeeding so I will stop right here

    • OK, I just didn't want to spoil the fun though, not that I am gloating if I am right, but here is a clue. Four more equals one or a checkered face person singing in the shower.

      • You are not GRRM; no one is going to guess at your clues.

        Clearly you misunderstood my comment. I wasn't angry that you withheld some information, I was upset that you TOLD us that you were withholding information, obviously as a ploy to play some silly guessing game with anyone who bothered to reply.

        Are you so lacking in social skills that you fail to see how both your original comment and this reply are condescending to anyone who would read it? Or are you like one of those spoiled children who so crave attention that it doesn't matter if it's good or bad?

        There is no "fun" in trying (and failing, I might add) to jerk people around on a chain. At least GRRM wasn't allowed to release the names when he gave us the clues; your clues are just some sad attempt to feel important. Grow up.

        • Well George I am not withholding any information, and I was not trying to jerk people off or be condescending, I just didn't want to possibly spoil anything, as today is April 1st. I was hoping that this Dany news was an elaborate Joke, and the clues were just pointing to my thoughts on that possible scenario.

  • I thought Tamzin Merchant was/is perfect for Dany. I think she has a unique look that works for the Targaryens. So this is disappointing. But, not having seen the pilot, I guess we shouldn’t get too attached to anyone based on looks alone. They might not be right. It’s a bit odd that they are going through the casting process again instead of just using one of the other actresses that was up for the role?

    • Situations change. People who were available six months ago might suddenly have other projects.

      And even if those alternates are still available, HBO has two or three months before serious filming gears up, so it doesn't hurt to take a wider look. Someone who might be awesome in the role but was busy six months ago might be freed up today.

  • I remember all the hate when she was caast, interesting to see that is now sadness if she's leaving.

    Likely decided on the fact that she was alwats too old to play the role for the long term if they stick to book ages and such.

    Be interesting to see who replaces if this is true.

  • Also interesting to note this is still in the pilots section rather than series……..don't know enough about the site to know if that is in any way important to note

    • I'm still of the opinion that this may be an artifact from the first listing. The scenes they've noted (Viserys/funeral pyre) sound familiar.

      Do you remember which ones were listed the last time?

      • I thought these were the same sides as before. I should probably contact an actress friend of mine in NYC to see if she knows anything. She's about 5 years too old for Dany, but her agency has sent her to a Boardwalk Empire audition she was 10 years too young for. She might have heard something.

  • Since we're expecting bad news anyway, i'd be "happy" if it was a recast of Tamzin.

    Not because i think she'd be bad, but i'm not really THAT hopeful for her either..

  • I have a hunch why casting shake-ups might be happening, despite the fact that contracts were almost certainly signed that committed to the season. The pilot contracts may well have only have given HBO the option to lock the actors in for a season. If HBO is renegotiating contracts to give them longer option periods, some actors might not agree. Dany is certainly a role that would require an option lock for the entire series, however long. Seeing as how Merchant has been cast in Jane Eyre, and might be seeking more film work, being locked into a series long-term would be a potentially bad career move.

    This is obviously speculation, but I think it could plausibly explain the need to recast Dany.

    • On this note, I have to say that I'd much rather they do their recasting now than later on between (or worse, mid) seasons. In the long run, even if the replacements aren't quite as good, I'd prefer to avoid the jarring experience of having characters suddenly look, sound and act different. I'd prefer no recasting at all, but if it must happen…

      • My point of view exactly!

        Guess it would have saved a lot of trouble to learn about GoT only AFTER the first season was already in the can. But then again, I would be missing the fun parts too…

    • I feel like this is probably a big consideration. I don't think a lot of the actors were familiar with the books prior to being cast, and I can see how actors like Merchant or Ehle could all be a bit wary of signing 5-10 years of their professional lives away. Merchant may be holding out for film and Ehle has worked predominantly in theater. In fact, I think it's so odd Ehle hasn't done more TV and film, so it must be a personal choice. On that note, Headley, NCW and Dinklage are probably okay with it, since both Headley and NCW have worked in American TV and Tyrion is like the king of little person roles. And someone like Kit Harington, who only has one credit, can only benefit from the professional boon of the show.

      So…yeah…people really shouldn't panic about performances or overall quality of the show. These recastings could have nothing to do with that side of things. But if they do, then it's good that it's being rectified before the show airs.

  • It could be anything, really. Performance, tone, chemistry..execs might not have liked her or the project might be attracting bigger talent.

    I hope it works out for the best. It's funny, though, I was watching Skins the other night, and was so taken by Hannah Murray in the Cassie episode. She looks a lot like Tamsin, but she had this ability to be really broken, and yet she captivated you. She would smile and you'd know how sad she was. I hope Murray gets a shot, because I think Dany needs those contradictory qualities to work.

    • Ya, that's what I was thinking. Since there were a few hints that the execs might not have liked all aspects of the pilot it's probably not a huge surprise of some recasts is a result of that.

    • Hannah Murray would be great, but she's currently studing in CAMBRIDGE (I know), and probably wants to get an education.

  • If some people think Tamzin is not good looking enough for the role (i'm not one of the them), then I highly doubt they will warm to Hannah Murray.

    But while we are all speculating as to reasons why Tamzin may be recast (if she has at all), then perhaps it is because the HBO execs thought they pilot needed to be more explicit (in the sex scenes that is), and Tamzin wasn't willing to go as far as they wanted. Although I've never seen the Tudors episodes she is in, so not sure how far she has already gone. HBO have a way of drawing people in by making the first episodes of a series quite shocking at times (think "Tell Me You Love Me").

    • She went plenty far in the Tudors, I really don't think that was an issue with her. In fact, I think that's partly why she was cast in the first place. (BTW, she looks really, really good without a stitch of clothes on…just sayin').

    • Well to be honest, I am one of the people who wasn't crazy about Tamzin for the role. Not in a troll-ish way , mind you, because I do happen to think she is a pretty girl, but I she really didn't look how I imagined her and I think she looks a bit too old for Dany. That being said, I actually like Hannah Murray's look for her better. Either way, I am nervous if they really are recasting Dany, because as much as I wasn't happy about Tamzin, I was hoping she would pull the role off since GRRM seemed so happy about her and I'd feel bad for her with all the heat she already received. That and I'm afriad that now they will try to reimagine the character all buxom like :(
      Guess we'll just have to wait and see… and hope whatever change is being made is ultimately for the best.

    • Oh, I completely understand your point re: Hannah Murray and since she's studying at uni, doubt she'll do it.

      I was never a detractor of Tamzin, but in my understanding of TV production, the recasting might have nothing to do with looks or performance. Not knowing what role she has in Jane Eyre, it's possible her agents don't want her to be tied to a TV series when she can persue film (like Carey Mulligan in Who). I was just trying to look on the bright side and point out that maybe this is an opportunity to test an actress who was passed over last time because of schedule or school. It's spring now, which means actresses graduating from drama school this year might be up for the role. And who knows? They might stick with Tamzin after all.

  • That kind of sucks. I'm just about finished with a painting of Dany that I referenced photos of Tamzin for. I don't really feel like redoing her face. I guess it'll just be outdated.

  • If this news is true and I pray its not, as I thought Tamzin was great for Dany, it could be a number of reasons. The main one to me is simply Ms. mechant who is young, beautiful and talented was offered a major role in something she could not say no too. I presume her contract for Games was for the pilot and there were clauses concerning the series and she was probably given a bail out date. If this news is true I hope its the last recast, more than likely Cat's and Dany's scenes will be reshot completely now. I hope HBO adds money to the budget for them and does not take it from the remaining nine episodes.

    I was just thinking a sad thought, Ehle signed for a Borgias role and Tamzin for Camelot (Gwen likely) both shows are competitors for GoT. I just hope that Showtime and Starz don't try and do a network type battle with HBO and compete in same timeslot as that would make the main networks very happy.

    • That seems rather unlikely, especially for Tamzin. I could see Ehle jumping ship for a bigger role on Showtime, but Tamzin's already basically tied for lead star, and almost inarguably is the lead actress, so I don't see any reason she'd leave an HBO production and go to Starz, unless they decided to blow a big chunk of their budget on an exorbitant salary for her.

  • Tamzin always worked okay for me looks-wise. I never saw her acting ability so I can't comment there. The thing that makes me very nervous about this is the possibility or likelyhood that all of her scenes will have to be recast. If this happens the entire Morrocco shoot will have to be redone. Also, with Mamoa doing Conan (possibly a property with sequels in the future) I wonder at the prospects of keeping our current Drogo in the mix as well.

    I don't know how the business works, but it seems a huge waste of time, talent and especially money for a production like this to make these types of changes. If its a matter of HBO wanting changes in the cast due to poor performances, well, I guess that may end up for the best. If its because of actors not serious (or contractual obligated) about the full show, then well, that just sucks =/

    • !SPOILER!
      Somehow, I think that Momoa is safe for GoT. As everyone featuring only in first season (Bean, Addy).
      The possibles issues are connected, IMHO, with all the actors whose presence would be required in future seasons.
      I am not so worry about NCW , because of the interview he gave to danish press, after the greenlight. But Lena Headey worries me a lot.

      Dinklage is another story – he is the soul of GoT, and that is way I do not worry at all, because I am sure that the producers would do anything to keep him in,

      • Agreed. Momoa's career is getting traction in a way that means he'll be attractive to the people at HBO. I would gamble that Bean, Dinklage & NDW are safe. I would also bet Richard Madden is safe based on the buzz he got at the moot–that natural charisma should play well in a part like Robb & HBO execs could look at him as the Alexander Skarsgard of this series.

        After Ehle was recast, my mind did immediately shoot to Jon, Dany and Cersei as roles that could need recasting due to scheduling (if Lena is having a baby that might also affect her choice) or screen presence (the actors playing Jon & Dany have to be spot on for the entire series to work). I'm not judging talent or performance, as I haven't seen the pilot–no one here has–so who knows. My fingers are crossed there won't be too many more changes though. It would suck for the actors.

      • Agreed. Momoa's career is getting traction in a way that means he'll be attractive to the people at HBO. I would gamble that Bean, Dinklage & NDW are safe. I would also bet Richard Madden is safe based on the buzz he got at the moot–that natural charisma should play well in a part like Robb & HBO execs could look at him as the Alexander Skarsgard of this series.

        After Ehle was recast, my mind did immediately shoot to Jon, Dany and Cersei as roles that could need recasting due to scheduling (if Lena is having a baby that might also affect her choice) or screen presence (the actors playing Jon & Dany have to be spot on for the entire series to work). I'm not judging talent or performance, as I haven't seen the pilot–no one here has–so who knows. My fingers are crossed there won't be too many more changes though. It would suck for the actors.

  • The worst thing about this whole thing, if true, is the amount of reshooting they will need to do. Man, it's almost like throwing an entire episode's worth of money right out of the window :/

  • Agree with hear me roar…each recasting means scenes to redo and maroko scenes were probably not the cheapest. I damn hope it's not true. I Mean it may be for the best but I don' tlike dany anyway so whoever is acting her I won't like either (and it's meant to be like this). Would prefer them to keep money for other episodes than reshoot half the damn pilot :(

    • Don't u guys see this is actually a very good thing?? If they wanna reshoot half the pilot, recast the roles that they think can be improved etc, and commit all that money to it, is that they REALLY wanna make this thing work and won't hold back on any aspect, be that money, time, effort etc…would be much worse if they thought "mmm we dont really feel it but we wont wanna spend money or time changing it, lest just leave it as it is and hope it works out more or less fine :S"

  • What a disturbing news to start day with. I just hope that is rather normal thing in the process of making series. I have to use to it.

    Shame, I was very happy with Tamzin as Dany, she was almost Dany from my head.

    The thing I am wondering about, that the they are some 3 months to the beginning of the shooting, and lots of roles are yet to be filled, and now they are changing the cast from the pilot.

  • am i wrong to be startin to panic here??

    reshoots and re cast are just eating money and may take away from the overall finish of the show, i dont want to think that this show future is starting to look bleak already….

    should i just cool it and trust in D&D and HBO? or should alarm bells be ringing?

    • No. Changes, even major changes, between pilots and series are normal. BUFFY and BABYLON 5 both had major shifts in cast for the series (in B5's case after the pilot was aired, which made for some interesting writing choices), whilst TRUE BLOOD survived a major change in one of the leading actresses before it aired. In the UK BEING HUMAN's entire cast (apart from one actor) changed between the pilot and the first episode. The US LIFE ON MARS also had major shifts in cast and even in location (from LA to NYC) before getting to air.

      • thanks adam! blood pressure is dropping!

        tho what about the budget of GoT, i take it that the budget HBO have given to GoT will be similar to the shows you have listed, so that it can support similar changes?

        • Far higher. B5's pilot was less than $3 million (DS9, its 'rival', was $12 million). BUFFY and BEING HUMAN would have been far less. GoT's pilot, we hear, was somewhere between $5 and $10 million.

    • The casting director listed is New York based. It might be other casting directors for other regions are still working on other projects and aren't ready to post sides yet.

  • I thought that after a night's sleep there would be some confirmation, be it from George, one of the tv-critics that follow it so closely, or THR. Nothing from them so far. Maybe a false rumor after all?

  • I think Tamzin is great for the role, but i could live without her as Dany, but most disturbing about this is the reshooting that would be needed. It's very tough to imagine that the pilot would need almost complete reshooting : (
    So please, bad luck, stop coming our way and concentrate rather on Twilight or something, but not our dear GoT

  • Well, they are going to shoot 9 more full episodes, so whats another half?

    If we got the news that they would expand the first season with one more episode, would we freak out over the added cost? I don't remember anyone expressing relief over money saved when we got the news that the first season would consist of ten episodes rather than the assumed twelve.

    • Really? Quite a few people, once they realised the story would work in 10 episodes just as well, maybe better, than in 12, expressed approval of the money they'd say on the budget.

      • I wonder if HBO intended 12, realized they might have to reshoot , and bumped it down to 10 to accommodate that budget wise. Not that reshooting would cost 2 episodes worth of budget, but they wanted to reshoot AND give each episode individually a budget raise compared to a 12 episode commitment.

      • Aproval, yes. But not so much relief. Thats the point.

        If half another episode scares people, they must have been SO relieved when they cut 2 episodes.

  • I bet they are going to reshoot the whole Morroco potion of the pilot and all actors included in that section may have an option ….I will say this though- it would give Momoa more time to beef-up since he is/was supposedly training very hard for the Conan role…if he keeps the role of Khal.
    I was OK with Tamzin- I think her "looks" were good enough, plus I thought she pulled her scenes in "TheTudors" off fine.

    WE NEED MORE GOOD NEWS- at this point I wouldn't put it passed HBO to completely reshoot the 1st episode.

    • I wouldn't put it passed HBO to completely reshoot the 1st episode.

      Neither would I.

      As said all the stuff shot in Morocco will have to be redone and all the Catelyn scenes.

      You've then however got the problem of the children looking 8 months older in any scenes with Catelyn than they do in other scenes from the pilot.

      They would probably get away with the kids looking older from Ep2 onwards as weeks/months will have passed in the story but they may decide to redo all the childrens scenes in the pilot to keep things consistent.

      If they're reshooting all this much they may well decide to do it all.

  • If it's for the betterment of the show I'm all for it. I really think the only crushing blow to the casting of this series would be if Dinklage left somehow. I'm sure once they moblize and gear up to shoot the entire season it won't be that big of a deal to reshoot those scenes. Especialy if McCarthy comes back for a few episodes.

    • Totally agree. I didn't even start reading the books until after I had found out there was going to be a show on HBO. I've imagined Dinklage throughout all four books, and he's the one guy I feel the show can't afford to lose. He's a great actor and will be a great Tyrion.

  • Wow. I took the news badly at first – (two recasts makes me think that things are just falling apart at HBO) – until I saw @sgnp's link. I guess this is pretty common in the TV industry and has let me calm down a bit. I didn't really have an opinion about Merchant one way or the other, but after seeing the Tudors previews, I thought she did a really good job and was getting used to her. I guess that's what I get for prowling these sites – I have to go through the disappointment and heartache of the changes before the show even starts, instead of watching the show in blissful ignorance of what happened before and what could have been.

  • Assuming they do re-shoot the pilot in its entirety (which seems more likely the more I think about it), what are the chances that the original pilot will make it onto the DVDs as a bonus feature? Is there a precedent at HBO for this kind of thing?

    I was very worried at first, but am feeling better as I read everyone's comments. Yes it does suck that so much money will be wasted on re-shooting scenes; Tamzin (though not everyone's favorite looks-wise) sounds like she would have proven to make an excellent Dany; and Ehle was certain to have been an excellent Catelyn. However, we have to trust that HBO is not stupid and wants the show to be a success as well. I trust that if these re-castings were HBO's doing, then they were for the right reason. And that if they were the choice of the actors, that HBO will make sure that the budget covers re-shooting.

    Keep in mind also that a good chunk of the cost for each episode is all the post-production work. Much of which has probably not happened yet for the pilot, or if it has, could potentially still be re-used. My point being, the entire budget allocated to the pilot may not yet be spent entirely, thus minimizing the budgetary impact of pending re-shoots.

  • I had grown to like Tamzin as this role. I hope that if they are in fact casting again, that they pick an actress who is just as good of a fit — if not better. Ahh I just hope that's the end of the recasting. I'll just die if some other cast members are goen (cough cough, Sean Bean).

  • Recasting between pilot shooting and series pickup isn't uncommon. A lot of people don't realize there's an alternate Buffy the Vampire Slayer pilot out there with another actress in the role of Willow, and the original Star Trek: Voyager pilot had Genevieve Bujold as Capt. Janeway. So yes, it's entirely plausible that they're recasting Dany.

    The big question is how many scenes would need to be reshot. I'm not following the whole business where people try to guess what scenes would be in which episodes, but frankly I wouldn't be surprised if there are only one or two Dany scenes in the pilot. And it's not like the sets were torn down or anything. There may even be a fair amount of second unit footage they can use. So I'm not sure it would be as catastrophically expensive as people seem to be assuming, particularly since they're going to be shooting a bunch of other scenes for subsequent episodes anyway.

    • There's no need to guess, the pilot script is widely available. The pilot goes all the way to Dany's wedding, so there are quite a few scenes with her… AND they are all being shot in Morocco.

    • The Age of Heroes shoot starts in about two weeks (according to Norwegian media, as some of it is shot here), as I pointed out in January or so. Should be plenty of time to finish before GoT starts shooting. :)

    • Created By is a small agency which has a VERY large catalog of SF/F literary properties which it shops around Hollywood. Its founder (based in NYC) and his partner (a Hollywood agent based, it seems, in Culver City) are producers on Game of Thrones, and I guess in theory some of the work at that office will touch on it. But it's not really a working production company, as such, is my understanding.

      • Technically, they are a management company, not an agency, though the two function in much the same way. The difference is, an agency is prohibited by law from acting as producers on a film, and are also limited to no more than a 10% commission on any property they sell or option for their clients.

        Management companies have no legal regulations against producing and can ask for greater than 10% commission. Supposedly managers are not allowed to negotiate contracts, but they do it all the time – it's a completely unenforced regulation. Typically, managers will take a 15% cut, but have much smaller rosters of clients than agents do, so the clients get more direct attention from them. (Any manager who asks for more than 15% from their clients is probably not legitimate.)

        It sounds like a great internship for anyone who wants to get involved in the film business. Were I just finishing school now, I'd jump all over this one. As Ran said, It probably won't lead to much direct work on the show. The best thing is that there is probably a good chance to read a lot of scripts, learn the representation and/or development process in Hollywood and make contacts in the industry.

        • Since I am too far away, far too old :), and deeply in the financials and accounting, I would not apply :)

          But someone could do it!
          happy for finding the announcement., anyway.

  • Has anyone considered that they may eliminate the Dany storyline entirely? After all, the two regions never interact with each other other than some minor characters. There is already the issue of the Wall, Kings Landing, Winterfell, which are all separate story lines.

    • Nope, they are actually going to make sure there is at least one or two Dany scenes in each episode so viewers won't get confused.
      The two regions will interact by DoD and the final 2 books, The series is a slow buildup of Dany's story and her invasion of Westeros and who allies with her and fights her. It is the Song of Ice (Others) and Fire (Dragons) afterall.

      • More to the point, they've already cast a bunch of roles, built sets, etc. etc. etc. It seems pretty unlikely that they're just going to toss all that away. Admittedly it's probably the most expensive part of the story (for the first season, at least) but I really don't think cost is going to be much of an issue for this series, honestly. They're being responsible with their reasonable budget.

    • Since the Daenerys storyline is a crucial part of the overall story, than no. Dany's destiny is clearly to return her to Westeros and to take part (in some form) in the showdown with the Others.

      I do find it bemusing that there are people out there who honestly think GRRM just put Dany's story in there for a laugh or something and that she won't play any role in the 'main story' of the saga.

  • I highly, highly doubt they would get rid of a CRUCIAL part of the story. Especially since GRRM would likely have some say in it, and I don't think he'd be very willing to ditch Dany entirely.

  • I start to wonder about how deep they are going with casting of the lets say "minor" characters.__Season I, (GRRMs Game of Thrones) is specifc with many characters, some more important, some less importnat.__WiC allready mentioned the four main characters with important influence to the plot itself (LF, Tywin, Sam, Varys) I would suggest Grand Maester Pycelle among them.__But what are going to be with the others charcters who have not so many lines, but are crucial for some storylines? __There are, in fact, plenty of such a characters: Old Bear, Maester Aemon, Osha, Renly, Loras, Gregor, Slynt, Lancel Lannister, Lysa Tully, Blackfish, Bronn…just to mention some of them, not all, because they are more of them.__Is it possible that the producers are going to cut off some of the story arcs?__I will be pretty sad, that I am not going to see some of the scenes form the book including that minor charcters, but I could live with it, cause I am pretty aware of the limitation of the media, it is not the book of course.__I now that we were discussing that issue before, but we are more close to the production of Season 1, and I thought it would be interesting to hear some other opinions on the subject.

    • Remember, in GoT there are alot of "story arcs" that are mostly (if not entirely) unfolding off screen. We, the reader, are only privy to the first hand events that take place through the eyes and (sometimes erroneously) minds of the PoV characters. Therefore managing the cast and story is a bit easier (though still quite daunting for a TV series) than one might first suspect.
      The events that represent this that first come to mind are the skirmishing between Lord Beric and the Mountain. You hear quite a bit about it, but don't actually (unless we get reeeal lucky for the show) see it take place.
      You still need competant actors to play the secondary roles, but from a budgeting standpoint, it might not be as costly as it would first appear.

      • I agree, but my point was in the big number of important charaters, and their rather rare appearance in the story.
        I mean, these are the things why I like Martin the most.
        But, I am not sure, would it be possible to transfer such a complex story and lots of characters with no so many lines, but with great importnace to the plot (Walder Frey or Roose Bolton, for example).

        I would be glad to see all them in the series, but somehow I am afraid that it would be impossible to transfer to the screen.

    • I thionk the problem with cutting some of the storylines is that you have to ask where do you start and where do you stop. They are all so interwoven, that you could end up cutting a character in season 1, but that character may be really important down the line and thus the cutting from earlier comes back to haunt you because the amount of changes then needed will outweigh just keeping the character.

      I think obvious cuts could be the Renly/Loras romance, Slynt and the trachery and going to the wall, and possibly the Lancel stuff beyond Cersei seducing him.

      Walder Frey needs to at least appear, else you lose the red wedding, Roose Balton needs to at least appear else you lose the importance of his bastard and the sack of Winterfell and Arya and the Ghost of Harrenhal. Characters need to always at least appear, even if they don't get the lines and importance they might in the book because they are important for future big plot developments or key characterisation.

      • You've completely nailed it, Legion. I don't envy D&D figuring out how to put this all together.


        My first thought was "you could lose Beric Dondarrion and the Brotherhood without Banners" but then you lose Un-Cat. It seems right now that you could lose Brienne's search for Sansa but only George knows what happens in the last three books. I suppose you could lose Jaqen H'ghar and just have Arya stumble her way to the temple of the many faced god. But is that Jaqen in Old Town?

        *END SPOILER*

        • ! SPOILER!

          Renly / Loras romance – I would leave it as it is in the books, just a hint of it, in there is nothing to cut in it.
          Brotherhood withot banners were the first candidats for cutting IMHO, but as you say, go_falcons, there are many storyarcs, in connection with them. Un-Cat, just among them.

          Slynt, do not know, he is candidate, for sure, but it is Season 2, that bothers me in that case (Tyrion as a hand!).

          • I suspect that if anything, Renly/Loras will be *expanded* upon in the series. Anyone who's watched an HBO drama knows that the idea of two knights who have a secret romance is something that they may want to play up, not down.

          • I agree. I also like that it is one of the small details that make the world feel truly alive. For instance, I can't remember the last fantasy novel I read that had homosexual characters, but even when they do, no one really conveys them in such a true way. The secret meetings between the two, the whispers and crude jokes of those at court, the fact that everyone knows, but no one will come right out and say it. All of these things make Westeros realistic.

            I didn't even realize they were romantic on my first read. Only when I came to a fan message board and people were talking about it did I understand. I went back, and sure enough, now I can't stop seeing the constant references. My gay-dar must be broken.

        • I thought on that too, but you don't need undead uncat, just a version of Cat that is not in her right mind and physically scarred. To me the obvious way to go about this is at the Red Wedding she looses her mind, scatches her face. The command is given to finish her, but she breaks free and runs to the balcony overlooking the water, there are two outcomes, one as they catch up to her and slash at her throat, she is struggling and after the slash falls or is pushed into the river, or as she runs to the balcony an arrow is shot thru her throat and they pick her up and throw her over. They and the audience think she is dead, cause they see the slash and blood fly or the arrow go thru the throat.

          • (Spoilers abound)

            I don't think her undeadness is the most important concern anyway, though. If they decide she survives and is just out of her mind with rage, how does she capture Brienne and get her in a noose? Catelyn's not really trained for battle, and getting injured at the red wedding wouldn't make her any stronger. All her actions since the Red Wedding rely on her being in command of the Brotherhood, and it seems rather unlikely that some random band of outlaws would adopt an injured, crazy noblewoman as their leader.

            Plus, I bet George would get pretty ornery if they suggested cutting them: what with that being the name of his official fan club and all, he'll want them in the show.

        • Not just that, you lose half of the Arya chapters in SoS, including the awesome (and reader-favorite) Hound vs. Beric fight! You seriously think they will cut that? The fans would riot!!

          • The issue with BWB is that their presence in the GoT is minimal.
            Beric is introduced through the crash of Jeyne Pool on him, and Thoros is like a part of KL local folklore in KL.

            They become important later on.

            The probably solution of that issue would be enlargement of both roles yet in GoT, that would have more sense later on, and the TV audience would not have feeling of : Who the hell are these guys in season III.

  • To me the only truly BAD news in regards to casting would be if they drop Dinklage. I think i could live with any other change they make.

  • Many characters will be rendered, to the viewers, mostly unnamed and very minor. People like Septa Mordane, Janos Slynt, etc. might never even be named on screen and will just be seen in the background. It's likely they'll try to cast them to the descriptions in the book, so fans will know who's who, but for most casual viewers they should probably be left unnamed (or just not too focused upon) so things aren't too overwhelming. There's a lot of characters like that in the Potter movies. Since I never read the books, they tend to just pass me by, but my friends who have read them can run off a litany of what such and such a character did and what was left out about them.

    • Same in the LORD OF THE RINGS movies. Gil-Galad actually appears in the prologue (briefly) but is not named or focused on. Fatty Bolger and a number of the many other named Hobbits from the Shire appear at Bilbo's birthday party but only briefly (you do hear Bilbo welcoming Fatty Bolger and the Bracegirdle, and in the DVD cut hides from the Sackville-Bagginses, important characters in the books). Frodo sees the Scouring of the Shire in Galadriel's mirror even though it's cut from the films entirely, whilst some of Tom Bombadil's lines (and even all of Old Man Willow!) show up elsewhere.

      All of these are things that will pass the casual fan by but the book fan will appreciate them.

      • I agree with you on the "minor-minor" characters like Mikken, Old Nan, Septa Mordane etc.

        But it is rather more difficult position for D&D than it was for Jackson, because the story is not end yet, and we do not know who can become important for the plot.
        Like it was the case of Ser Barristan.
        Tom Bombadil, as Sackville-Bagginses in LOTR are interesting and much loved by the fans, but they have minimum influence on the main plot.

        It will be interesting to see are they going to cut out any of the "borderline-minor-major" characters like Beric, Throros, Gendry etc..

        • I think they have an amazing resource, GRRM himself. Anytime they decide to make a change to the very minor characters they can run it by George. George could tell them if he has a major role upcoming, without giving anything away. Just something as innocent as "You don't wanna do that, you'll need him around later". In fact, for Season 1, any very minor characters that won't be necessary until season 5+ could just be introduced later anyways.

    • I don't think Janos Slynt is as ripe for cutting as everyone else seems to. He's plays a rather important part in Eddard's downfall, and later functions as Jon's nemesis on the wall for a good part of ASoS. Granted, they could just have him onscreen-but-unnamed for his part in the end of GoT, and then use Alliser Thorne in his place on the wall, but that doesn't really save them much screentime or money and weakens the drama on the wall later on (Instead of vying against a guy partly responsible for his "father"'s death, Jon's just up against a guy who was kind of a douche to him.)

      • No, you definitely, 100%, want Slynt in the TV series as a last-minute foil for Jon at the end of ASoS and into ADWD. Thorne by himself, who's already been outwitted by Jon several times, isn't enough.

        • I second that.
          Slynt is minor but rather important character.


          You can not replace him by "nobody" as a commander of Golden Cloacks because you ll never be able to see Tyrion s moment of triumph over him later on.
          Slynt is a perfect "tool" for the schemers and indicates their power in the Game.

  • So no official confirmation on Dany being recast?
    Still no mention of it on GRRMs Not-a- blog..nor does a Google news search throw up anything new. Anybody tried to contact any official news sources for confirmation/deniaL?

  • Bad news for Tamzin. It must sting be rejected by first the fans and then the producers. Not necessarily bad news for the series. From the moment I heard that HBO had optioned the series, I thought 2 things would be required to make it a hit: the right actor playing Tyrion and the right actress playing Dany. The first, they nailed, but apparently not the second. There are a lot of big roles, but Tyrion is heart of the series and Dany is its soul.

    Lacking the intrigue of the Westeros chapters, the eastern continent chapters will succeed or fail based on the viewers' emotional response to Dany. She should be played by an actress that every man will want to protect, and fall in love with at the same time, (sort of like a certain knight) or else her painful story becomes a pointless lurid spectacle.

    • Completely agree with the observation that Dany is a hugely pivotal role. "An actress that every man will want to protect, and fall in love with at the same time, or else her painful story becomes a pointless spectacle."

      I thought we had that in Tamzin, personally. From seeing Pride and Prejudice, My Family and Other Animals, and The Tudors. From what I saw she could do it all.

      I don't think there will ever be a consensus, and in truth we will not know until we see her onscreen. But this girl needs to be spectacular–whether she's Tamzin or not. The entire eastern continent story requires we love Daenerys, or we will quickly become impatient and fast forward our TiVo's just to get back to the Starks and their many dilemmas.

      Either way, whoever does get the role is going to be subject to first-impression kneejerk comments based on pictures alone.

      Daenerys's actress needs to A. be young enough to convincingly play a naive 18-year old, B. be extremely pretty (or at least very striking), C. be an excellent actress with a boatload of emotional range, D. be willing to disrobe and perform intimate scenes multiple times on-camera, and E. be willing to commit to what could very well be a 7-8 year run.

      Right now, if Tamzin's out, I don't know anyone who fits all five of those criteria.

      This is a tough one, people.

      • Hmmm…where will they find an attractive, talented young actress who would be willing to disrobe and perform intimate scenes multiple times on camera as part of a lengthy series contract? Call me crazy, but New York City isn't a bad place to start.

        The casting side is still up there, so I doubt it was a mistake. Still, though, we don't know what's going on with it. Does it mean Tamzin is out? Is it simply insurance? Obviously none of us know for sure, but it is a heck of a coincidence that it goes up around the same time GRRM mentions bad news.

        Still, as we've often mentioned, this board trades a bit on speculation. Sure it doesn't hurt to remind everyone that we don't know anything for sure now and then, but I think most of us get that.

      • My thought is that they will very possibly need to find an incredibly talented but mostly unknown young actress who has mostly done stage work so far. That is, assuming that this rumor is true. So NYC would be correct, if they were going to take an American, which I doubt. London is more likely, and for the same reasons as NYC.

    • Premature is too good a word to describe the contents of this post. Not to mention that even if she's out, we have no idea if she was fired. She may have decided to leave on her own. She's a rising young actress. She's probably got a lot of jobs lining up.

    • "Lacking the intrigue of the Westeros chapters, the eastern continent chapters will succeed or fail based on the viewers' emotional response to Dany. She should be played by an actress that every man will want to protect, and fall in love with at the same time, (sort of like a certain knight) or else her painful story becomes a pointless lurid spectacle. "

      Agreed on most parts, but want to point out that, as a woman, my primary demands concerning Dany's actress is not her ability to arouse need to protect or feelings of love. I want her to be strong enough to survive and succeed. I want see how she grows up to triumph, despite her poor situation at the beginning. Hopefully D&D will make this show for female viewers also, not just for males ;)

      • Agreed. I think what makes Ser Jorah almost tragic is that he is a knight who wants to protect a woman who couldn't need his protection any less. Dany isn't a sweet fragile character; human, yes, and therefore with certain inevitable weaknesses, but regal. Particularly considering that her story arc over the first season goes from, well, hold on…

        the young princess, married off to a brutal barbarian lord, to the Mother of Dragons.

      • I hope so too. Ideally, Dany should appeal very much to female viewers as well. In Westeros, women have little power – princesses are treated as brood mares and even queens are bullied, so the possibility of Dany's coming to power should be met with enthusiasm. Strangley, I know a few female fans of the boos, and they are ones who see Dany as a tyrant and not a heroine. We really need an actress that appeals to both genders, someone men want to be with and women want to be. We can add that to Axechucker's list of reasons why this is a hard, hard, role to fill.

  • Did a casting side show up for Catelyn before the announcement of her replacement? I mean, I know that we didn't find out about one before, but with the miracle of the INTER-webz can we look and see? That would be pretty powerful evidence that this is really happening.

    I also gotta say, I'm pretty sure if this were false we'd have gotten a nod and a wink from somewhere. The fact that GRRM and D&D are silent is a little damning. Add that to George mentioning bad news on multiple fronts and I'm pretty sure they are replacing Tamzin. I'd hate to be in charge of casting this role. Finding someone who meets all the criteria would be really tough, and you're doomed to upset a significant portion of the fan base (re: Tamzin's announcement). Good luck D&D and whoever else is involved in casting.

    • The answer to your question is no, as far as I know and search.
      IMHO they all ready got Michelle F. prepared for the role, as a substitute for Ehle.
      Maybe Ehle announced her retierment form the project much earlier (IMO that was the case), and they were ready to call Michelle in.

      The Showfax got on their site the castings sides form the last summer auditions, but they moved them last week.

    • I for one, suspect Michelle Fairley was allready a strong contender in the first round of auditions so they chose to go with her without doing another round of auditions.

    • I believe the news on the multiple bad fronts was references to Ehle departing, the problems with the ASoIaF replica swords (being delayed), his illness slowing work on ADWD and the John Picacio calendar being cancelled. There may be more to come, but I think all of those things happening at once was annoying, despite the fact that two of them have been solved somewhat quickly (with Fairley's casting and Picacio's replacing with Ted Nasmith's castle paintings).

      Merchant being replaced could also be a contender (GRRM was particularly pleased with her casting, remember his blog post about meeting her in the hotel in Belfast and saying how much he was looking forward to seeing her in the role?), if it is true, but I think the existing problems also fulfil the bad news quotient.

    • Fairley had been cast by Nina Gold in the past and she's apparently quite well known and very respected in the UK, so it's a good possibility that there was no audition process involved. Maybe she did a tape or something, or maybe she read for the role when it was originally being cast. Once Ehle was out, I have a feeling getting Fairley on board involved just a few phone calls and it was done. They may already have had her in mind as choice #2. It might have been they were close to going with her originally, but when the more well known Ehle became interested, they went with her instead. A bigger name, who also is right for the role, will often easily crowd out any lesser known competition.

  • I think it's pretty obvious by now that this is indeed happening. Had it been a mistake, HBO would have quickly pulled the ad and could have easily said as much. I don't think they'd want one of their "star" actors thinking they were being replaced when it was just an accident. The fact that they have been quiet on this and the posting is still there speaks volumes.

    I just wonder whether it was her decision, or HBO's.

    • much as I am sad to see Tamzin go, I can't help but agree with this–HBO would have definitely pulled the side once it was brought to their attention if it was just a rumor.

  • Did Michelle Fairley also audition for Catelyn (along with Jennifer Ehle) back when that casting call was first sent out? If so, then there may not have been a reason to send out a new casting call for Catelyn after it was determined that Jennifer Ehle wasn't going to be playing her. Maybe the casting director called and asked Michelle Fairley (or her agent) if she was still available. I looked online and couldn't find a revised casting call for Catelyn since the original one that went out with all the other various original casting calls.

  • Re: No denial from GRRM and HBO = confirmation

    1. I think some of you give too much importance to this site and westeros. Because these are the only places on the internet that picked up the side and are discussing this recasting rumour. It hasn’t even been the subject of any news article yet. It's not even on TM's fan site. If HBO were to deny/confirm every rumour as soon as it’s out, they would probably see it as a waste of time as it would only leave room for a new rumour to sprout.

    2. GRRM has his hands tied for every news related to the series so he keeps his mouth shut. In addition, he is busy writing DwD these days, so I, for one, don’t mind if he doesn’t bother addressing this rumour in his LJ.

    • As always, very good points, Nymeria.

      I just trust on HBO and the Powers that Be on this one. They just don't make bad TV.
      What we could be concerned about as fans, is the fidelity and truthfulness to the books and their spirit, and we had several proofs of that so far.

      Just my 2 cent

    • Didn't someone mention that Ran from Westeros had contacted HBO regarding the side? if i remember correctly, the response was "we neither confirm nor deny…" I'm not saying that I disagree with you, Nymeria, but just wanted to point out that it would be likely that HBO would pull the side from Showfax once it was brought to their attention if the rumor was NOT true. I mean, maybe they don't care and will just leave the side whether Dany is recast or not, but you would think that they would want it removed if the side shouldn't have been there in the first place.

      • Yeah, Winter posted, "Ran over at Westeros apparently contacted someone at HBO and their official response was they do not confirm or deny any casting rumors."

        Obviously, none of us know for sure, but it seems like it'd be a really weird mistake if that's all it is. Having it posted under the name of a completely different casting director means it took a bit more than a misplaced keystroke.

        Again, even if it's an official listing, it doesn't mean anything until an announcement is made one way or another.

    • For the record, I didn't say it was confirmation, I said it was a piece of evidence to put together with other observations that makes me think it is true. Obviously no denial doesn't mean confirmation.

  • Must ask something.
    In all the rumours these days someone mentioned that HBO wants to go with Catelyn character into the different direction.
    Was it just a speculation form one of us, or somebody confirmed that officially?

    Must admit, that I am a little bit lost among all these rumours and speculations.

    • Well it's probably only a rumour, but i wouldn't mind if they somehow tweak the whole thing about un-cat. I love George's work, but from my point of view, un-cat is one of the most weird and cheesy things that happened in the books so far. I really don't like it, but that is just my opinion so sorry about that.

      • I never really had a problem with Catelyn's resurrection in particular, but I did initially have a problem with the more thoroughly magical stuff rooted in worshipping R'hllor (Melisandre's ability to drink poison and not die, make shadow-babies, etc.) I think by the time Thoros and Beric started breathing life into people, I had gotten used to it.

        My guess/hope is that sometime around the series' climax it will all make more sense.

          • It's not that weird, if you consider R'hllor to be similar to The Others – that is the same powers that R'hllor has, his nemesis The Great Other has – in particular, the powers to awaken the dead. Mellisandre may very well be walking dead as well (she may not have survived the poison), or she may have seen the poison coming and taken an antidote. The only yet unexplained thing is the shadow assassins…

    • I think it was an assumption made by several people based on the differences between the two actresses. At least, I didn't see anything in "Not a Blog" or the two things from THR in the original post.

      • @sgnp
        I share your opinion, because I neither did notice it anywhere, it was just brief mention of backstage issues, nothing more.

        I must admit that I share your opinion on the UN-Cat thing. Do not like it, too.
        But I would prefere that the plot stays as it is in the books, I will leave with Un-Cat, and who knows what Martin intends with her in the end.

      • Yeah it stemmed from an article at Airlock Alpha and was just a different interpretation of the James Hibberd report of the recasting being a "behind-the-scenes issue". Airlock Alpha didn't have any inside info just speculated that HBO wanted to go in a different direction with the character.

        My speculation is still that Ehle just wanted out due to family reasons. It sounds like she is living in NYC now and wants to home school her daughter so being in N. Ireland for 30-weeks at a time isn't really conducive to that.

  • I never mentioned it on my TM fansite because there is no official confirmation (I get much of my GoT from here). My reasoning is that it *is* possible (and I would be really really sad about it), but the fact that we have had nothing other than speculation gives me a little hope.

  • Personally, I'd rather wait until there's confirmation one way or the other rather than jump to conclusions. I'm kind of hoping it's not true. I don't really have an opinion of Tamzin myself, but GRRM seemed so hopeful and excited about her playing Dany, I was curious to see how she'd turn out. Figured she must have something if he was so thrilled with her, so I'll be a little sad if Dany's part ends up going to someone else. And my trust in HBO is not exactly complete, so I guess I'm kind of wary of last-minute changes. We shall see ;)

  • *If* they're recasting, I wonder how close a match to Harry Lloyd the can get.

    Way back in July, someone mentioned Imogen Poots as a possible Dany:

    Compare that photo with Harry Lloyd:

    Her next project is Jane Eyre, with Tamzin Merchant.

    She was also in "Chatroom" with Michelle Fairley, so she's known to Nina Gold.

    Again, assumptions that the post is legitimate and that means Tamzin is no longer Dany abound in this post, and I completely understand and will state that I agree that it's premature to assume anything until there's an official announcement.

    • Imogen has been my #1 for Daenerys since I saw her in "28 Weeks Later" couple of years ago. If they're recasting I hope they'll get her.

    • Nice find! For me she has the right looks. Can't remember her in 28 weeks later though, but maybe I only saw 28 days later…

      I wonder why go_falcons thinks she would bring the same Tamzin-trolls with her? They're both hot, but don't look alike at all. I agree with Paul there will always be new trolls.

      • Always thought of Poots as a good choice too. She's sbsolutely gorgeous, and those large eyes would be stunning with purple contacts

        But would she do the nudity and sex scenes the role requires?

        Still, I think we're taking the guessing game to a whole new level here.

      • Do not know how to explain…but have always imagine Dany (and¸all Targs) having some "alienish" look.

        Tamzin got it, Poots got it, too.
        Isabel Lucas is very pretty indeed, but she looks IMHO too much from this very Earth.

        • Exactly my thoughts! Tamzin and Poots are not your regular/standard hot actresses, but they have this kind of awkward beauty about them.

    • Imogen Poots was always my top choice for Dany. Not that she is the most beuatiful actress that can be found, but she does have that eerie sparkle in her eyes. I'm not sure she would be interested, though: she's never done a role with sex or nudity, to my knowledge, and our Dany best be prepared for plenty of both.

  • Just for laughs, watch this scene with Peter Dinklage on "Penelope", which I saw last night just for watching him.

    I'm just thrilled to see his Tyrion come to life.

  • @Lord_of_Starfal

    I agree. As much as I’d like to see Imogen as Daenerys I believe she’s not interested about the role. She is already in her way to the big movies and has the same agency with Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, Helen Mirren etc. Not sure, but I think she had sex scene with Michael Douglas in “Solitary Man” – sort of.

    • I agree. At first I was skeptical about her and didn't really care if she got replaced, but after seeing the season four episode, she definately changed my mind, and she is definately perfect for the role of Dany!

  • Well, if Tamzin IS recast, I remember GRRM mentioning another actress with a VERY good audition, and that it was a very tough choice between them. IF Tamzin is out, I hope they get that other girl.

  • After seeing Tamzin in The Tudors, I cannot imagine anyone else than her as Dany. She would be the perfect choice!