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Scripting Episode 4

As promised, here is the Fire And Blooded script outline for Episode 4. This will likely differ in more than a few ways from the episode Bryan Cogman will actually write; he’s a pro, and I expect his to be even better. But hey, in the meantime, I’d watch this!


Encompassing Bran 4, Eddard 5, Jon 4, Eddard 6, Catelyn 5, and Sansa 2 from A Game of Thrones; 28 scenes; 62 pages

We open with Ned at KING’S LANDING as he continues in his investigation of Jon Arryn’s death. Pycelle implicates Varys, and Ned is forced to recruit Littlefinger, who ends the scene with his famous line, “Distrusting me was the wisest thing you’ve done since you climbed down from your horse.”


The first half of the episode could be subtitled “Brothers.” We begin at CASTLE BLACK with the introduction of Sam to the Night’s Watch, and Jon’s defense of him. We then switch to WINTERFELL, where Tyrion has returned; Robb treats him rudely, but Tyrion offers his vision of a saddle for Bran nonetheless. Later, we learn Benjen is missing. Back at CASTLE BLACK, Jon gets to know Sam, and soon initiates a plan for his protection; “We’re not friends. We’re brothers,” Jon says to him. The first half ends at WINTERFELL, where Robb speaks with Bran alone in his room, confiding his worries. Robb breaks down.

Our middle chunk is a sort of intermission where we return to KING’S LANDING. Ned continues his ongoing investigation, ending with the discovery of Gendry.

We stay in KING’S LANDING to begin the episode’s second half, and witness the whirlwind of spectacle that is the Hand’s Tourney; chivalrous pageantry is marred by Gregor’s brutality. Meanwhile, to the north, Catelyn and Ser Rodrik go unrecognized as they arrive at the CROSSROADS INN. Back at KING’S LANDING and the Hand’s Tourney feast, Cersei forbids Robert from fighting in the next day’s melee, and the scene turns ugly. Joffrey has the Hound escort Sansa to her room; the Hound tells his tale to her, then threatens Sansa’s life if she dares to ever repeat it to anyone. We end the episode back at the CROSSROADS INN: Catelyn’s identity is revealed, and she takes Tyrion captive.


Plenty of action. Jon’s furious fight in defense of Sam, as well as a midnight beatdown of Rast; Shaggydog attacks Tyrion at Winterfell; jousting action and THE GREGOR incident at the Hand’s Tourney. Robert puts Jaime on his backside at the feast.

A plethora of new but important characters are introduced (SAM, HODOR, JANOS SLYNT, GENDRY, BERIC DONDARRION, LORAS TYRELL, MARILLION), as well as many “unnamed” knights we-the-fans will likely recognize (THOROS OF MYR, BRONZE YOHN ROYCE, and more), packing this episode chock full of new faces. Fortunately, most of them come with their own color-coding, and Hodor comes with “Hodor.”

Changes: Mostly I just sliced up some the chapters into smaller bits. By my best guestimations there will only be six chapters from A Game of Thrones in episode 4, compared to the ten chapters in the leaked pilot script. I’m not sure if they will choose to tell the chapters in thicker chunks or not.

I had Catelyn’s roadside encounter with Lord Jason Mallister happen after the Hand’s Tourney actually starts (making Jason extremely late – blame the weather) so that I could cut between Catelyn 5 and Sansa 2 with impunity.

A lack of Dany: Unless they add more scenes for Daenerys, I don’t see us leaving Westeros for the eastern continent this episode. I personally don’t think she needs to be in every episode, but there are obviously different opinions as to that. My script would also have more lines for Jaime, Cersei, and Robert during the tourney feast, getting more productivity out of the star power we have on hand for those roles.

I’m interesting in seeing what the rest of y’all come up with for this. Give us your versions, or just your thoughts and suggested changes!

Here’s the outline in full:


Ned questions Grand Maester Pycelle about Jon Arryn’s death, and about the book Jon Arryn left behind: a tome regarding the histories of various lineages in the Seven Kingdoms. Ned remarks that Jon Arryn might have been poisoned; Pycelle offhandedly implicates Varys, suggesting poison is the weapon of “women, cravens, and eunuchs.”


Ned encounters Arya practicing her balance techniques on the stair. Ned jestingly suggests that one day she might marry a king and keep his castle. Arya makes a face and says, “No, that’s Sansa.”


Ned meets with Littlefinger, who promises to help investigate John Arryn’s death; Ned has thus far turned up no leads, and clearly needs help. Littlefinger offers up the location of four servants who may very well know something. Ned grudgingly thanks him, but Littlefinger replies, “Distrusting me was the wisest thing you’ve done since you climbed down from your horse.”



The introduction of shy, fat SAMWELL TARLEY to Jon and the other trainees. Ser Alliser Thorne immediately sets in to abuse him, but Jon leads a spirited defense against the trainees Ser Alliser throws at Sam; Jon, Pyp, and Grenn fight off Halder and others. A frustrated Ser Alliser can only watch and scream at them.


Bran watches Rickon and others play in the yard while OLD NAN tries to tell him a few of her old tales; Bran is resistant at first, until Old Nan begins speaking of the Others. Just as it starts to get good, the door bangs open and Maester Luwin enters with HODOR. “We have visitors,” the Maester says. “Hodor,” says Hodor.


Bran is carried to the hall by Hodor to watch Robb treat with the guests; Tyrion Lannister has returned from the Wall, and with him is Yoren from the Night’s Watch. Robb speaks with cold discourtesy to Tyrion. Despite Robb’s veiled hostility, Tyrion gives them his design for a new saddle for Bran. Tyrion declines an invitation to stay and makes to leave, but he is attacked by Rickon’s direwolf Shaggydog. The wolf is pulled off before Tyrion is truly injured, and Tyrion leaves with all but his pride intact.


Robb and Bran dine with Yoren, who had traveled south with Tyrion; Yoren reveals that Benjen Stark is missing and presumed lost.


Sam, a self-admitted coward, is being shunned at dinner by most of the other trainees. Jon befriends him, introducing him to Ghost.


Jon and Sam walk the grounds, talking and bonding. Sam reveals his abused past: his father, Lord Randyl Tarley, was so ashamed of his craven son that he named Sam’s younger brother Dickon as his heir, and threatened to murder Sam if he did not leave their home at Horn Hill, saying, “Nothing would please me more than to hunt you down like the pig you are.”


Jon gathers with Pyp, Grenn, Halder, Toad, and other Night Watch trainees. They talk about Sam, and the probability of Ser Alliser abusing him literally to death. Jon says he has a plan for that, however. Only the bully RAST refuses to go along with Jon’s plan. Transition to:


While Rast snores, Jon, Pyp, Grenn, Halder, and Toad sneak in. Rast opens his eyes when Halder cracks his knuckles. Cut to:


Rast stands in formation with the rest of the trainees, his lip crusted in dried blood, one eye swollen shut. When Ser Alliser Thorne orders the inevitable attack on Sam, Rast joins all the others in fighting with the barest effort; no one hurts Sam at all. Ser Alliser can only rant in helpless frustration. Afterwards, Jon puts his arm around Sam. “We’re not friends,” Jon says to him. “We’re brothers.”


Robb and Bran talk quietly; Robb confides his worries to the only brother he has left at Winterfell. Bran is hopefully optimistic their lives may soon return to normal; he speaks of their mother’s return, and how he hopes they can both ride north to visit Jon at the Wall. Bran remains positive despite his crippling injury. Robb, touched by his brother and clearly feeling the pressure of expectations, breaks down and quietly sobs.


Ned meets with the Small Council again; Littlefinger, Varys, Pycelle, and Renly are all present. JANOS SLYNT is introduced, reprimanded for his City Watch being unable to keep the peace. Stannis Baratheon is mentioned as missing from the council; Stannis is said to be unresponsive to all requests to leave Dragonstone and return to King’s Landing. Ned leaves, irritated, following more senseless discussion regarding the upcoming Hand’s tourney.


Ned flips through the book Jon Arryn left behind, and speaks with Jory; they are still no closer to finding any of the possible witnesses Littlefinger suggested they find, save for perhaps one…

EXT. RED KEEP – KING’S GATE – DAY [quarter page]

Ned rides out with two of his personal guard.


Ned witnesses LORD BERIC DONDARRION enter the city to a show of fanfare. “Here to win the Hand’s tourney!” Beric shouts at the crowd.


Ned arrives. The smithy is high-end and clearly made to service the well-to-do.

INT. MOTT’S SMITHY – DAY [3 pages]

Ned questions the smith, TOBHO MOTT, about Jon Arryn and Stannis Baratheon’s visit. The lead seems to be a dead end until the surprise introduction of GENDRY, King Robert’s bastard son.


A hundred colorful pavilions have been raised along the river outside the walls of King’s Landing for the tourney, and Sansa’s breath is taken by the pageantry. SER GREGOR “THE MOUNTAIN” CLEGANE is introduced, as well as BRONZE YOHN ROYCE, THOROS OF MYR, SER BALON SWANN, SER HORACE and SER HOBBER REDWYNE, and JALABHAR XHO. Lord Beric Dondarrion is also here, as well as a host of Freys, men from Dorne and the Marches, and more. Ser Gregor kills SER HUGH OF THE VALE in a jousting “accident.” Jeyne Poole is so distraught she is taken away by Septa Mordane. Jaime Lannister and The Hound both acquit themselves well in the day’s joust, but most eyes are on the dashing young SER LORAS TYRELL, who gives Sansa a red rose.

EXT. KINGSROAD – DAY [1.5 pages]

Catelyn and Ser Rodrik ride north as a dreary rain falls. They encounter LORD JASON MALLISTER and his retinue riding south for King’s Landing, already too late for the Hand’s tourney, slowed by the abysmal weather. Catelyn does not make herself known and Lord Jason does not recognize her.

EXT. CROSSROADS INN – DAY [quarter page]

Catelyn and Ser Rodrik arrive.


Catelyn and Ser Rodrik enter. The innkeeper MASHA HEDDLE does not even recognize Catelyn as the young Tully girl she used to serve.


Ser Rodrik, in keeping with secrecy, agrees to pretend to be Catelyn’s father.


Sansa is seated next to Prince Joffrey and could not be more pleased. A drunk King Robert fights with Cersei, who has forbidden him from participating in tomorrow’s melee. Jaime tries to intervene and gets knocked on his arse. Joffrey summons the Hound to escort Sansa back to her rooms.


The Hound walks with Sansa back toward the city gates. He is drunk, and he stops in the middle of the field and bitterly retells to her the story of his horrifying childhood; Gregor burned his face in a brazier for stealing a toy he did not even care to have.


As he leaves Sansa at the door to her bedchamber, the Hound tells her, “The things I told you tonight … If you ever tell Joffrey, your father, your sister … If you ever tell anyone, I’ll kill you.”


Catelyn and Ser Rodrik eat a meal in relative obscurity, bothered only by the singer MARILLION … that is until the surprise arrival of Tyrion Lannister, Yoren, and a handful of Lannister men. Marillion accidentally draws Tyrion’s attention to Catelyn, who then has no choice but to reveal herself. She quickly ensures the loyalty of SER WILLIS WODE of HARRENHAL, as well as some Bracken and Frey men. Catelyn then orders the immediate seizure of Tyrion for the attempted murder of her son.


  • Here’s how the scenes correspond with A Game of Thrones:

    EDDARD 5
    ¼ of JON 4
    ¾ of BRAN 4
    ¾ of JON 4
    ¼ of BRAN 4
    EDDARD 6
    ½ of SANSA 2
    ¾ of CATELYN 5
    ½ of SANSA 2
    ¼ of CATELYN 5

  • looks great to me.

    Originally, i thought it would include Eddard vii, but it's probably better this way.

    Catelyn taking Tyrion captive is a great cliffhanger.

    • The episode could be called "Brothers," for the reasons I mentioned (at least the first half could be) … or it could be called "Tyrion Has A Really Bad Couple of Days."

      Because this episode is really when Tyrion's luck really starts to go downhill.

  • I warn people now: I've put way too much thought into this. So much thought the comment needs more than one part!

    You don't really notice while reading the King's Landing plotline unfolds way quicker than any of the others. In order to hit the big notes (Petyr's betrayal, Ned's death) as major cliffhangers for the final few episodes, the Hand's Tourney should really stay put until episode 5. Ned's investigation into Jon Arryn's death and eventual meeting with Gendry serves well enough as an isolated story.

    I'd also cut most of the extraneous participants from the tourney. Keep the focus to Jaime, Sandor, Gregor and Loras (and Barristan, I think he competed in it). Beric Dondarrion is irrelevant in GoT and being sent after Gregor can be established without him being seen. The realities of TV casting mean it would work better to introduce him in season 3 after a build-up a la Ramsay Bolton.

  • In regards to Dany, her storyline is very back-loaded, mostly taking place near the end of the book. To facilitate this, I'd split Dany 3 into two parts – one concerning her struggles with Dothraki life and Viserys losing his horse (in episode 2), and the other focusing on her sexual relationship with Drogo ending in her pregnancy (in this episode).

    So with that structure I had just about 50 book pages. Which gives a fairly large amount of space to play with for extra scenes. There's potential for Jaime and Cersei trying to observe/foil Ned's investigation, Arya training with Syrio, exploring Sansa's relationship with Joffrey and Sandor, and extra Robert somehow

    And this is just personal preference but I'd prefer all the plots to be cut together rather than dealt with one at a time. Fans of Heroes can handle it, I'm sure fans of this show wouldn't have a problem.

    …Geez, I need better things to do with my time.

    • Good stuff Monkey. Agree with a lot of your points.

      However, I'm still torn on whether they should include Dany in every episode or not. Short of creating new material, I don't think there is enough story there to include her in all 10 episodes. There were two Dany chapters in the pilot and with only 10 Dany chapters total, that leaves eight that need to be spread out amongst the remaining nine episodes. If you did one chapter an episode that still leaves one episode sans Dany. It makes sense than that the one episode that would be Dany-free would be the tourney episode.

      If, however, we leave the tourney until ep. 5, as you are suggesting, than yes, we would need a Dany scene or two in ep. 4.

    • Very good points, but I have to disagree on one- showing Dondarion is essential. In my opinion his transformation is perhaps the most chilling throughout the books. They have to show the young, handsome and cocky knight he was at the beginning, and not just the monstrosity in the end.

      • But TV doesn't work that way. You can't cast an actor for season 1 for 5 minutes of screen-time in the hope that the show will still be around 2 seasons later to reuse him. Or you could, but you wouldn't get a good actor. Realistically, I expect Beric will get cut.

        WiC – I didn't clarify, I had Dany missing from ep3 (and maybe ep5 as well, I forget)

          • I certainly have and the Wire is pretty much my favourite show ever. But the advantage those shows have is that they are original works. The evolving prominence of minor characters is allowed because the writers can adapt to the actor's skill and availability and any problems can be accounted for (such as the guy playing Billy wanting to leave BSG in S2). Whereas on this show, if the guy who plays Beric suddenly gets a full-time gig elsewhere during season 2, the show gets pretty messed up.

          • Monkey makes an excellent point. For fans of Lost, I remember reading that Michael Emerson (who plays Ben Linus) was originally only brought on for one season. He nailed the part so well (and the fans loved to hate Ben), that the producers determined to make the character a regular on the show, vastly enlarging the role originally planned for the character of Benjamin Linus.

          • Barric is really only in a couple of scenes right? Most of them in ASoS I think they could go and get some semi famous actor to portary him. (I'd love Kevin McKidd) Besides the fight with the Hound he's really just like a cameo in the first book. When Ned sends him after Gregor I believe and the tourney which can just show him in his armor. So all you would need is a stunt man for that. Now we don't know how much of a role he'll play in future books but it's not like this role is a huge time commitment as it stands.

      • Anomander, I think Monkey is right regarding the quality of actor you're likely to get. Barring a top-notch actor cameo (using Kevin McKidd as an example, promising him a full story run in season three) where you would get various "oohs" and "ahhs" when he briefly appears onscreen, the 20-second season one appearance would be moot. Better to cast a helmeted no-name for season one and the actual role in season three; you could then tell his backstory in season three showing flashbacks of when Beric was a "whole" man (flashes of the tourney, of Ned's decree, etc.). New fans of the series watching the "new" Beric might go, "Ooohhh, I remember a knight with lightning bolts back in season one!" And of course fans of the books would know immediately who it was.

    • I agree a lot of the names are extraneous; there could be too many characters. Were I under a knight-cutting mandate, I would do the following:

      Just have any old knight shout, "I'm here to win the Hand's tourney!" when Ned passes the Mud Gate (I do think the scene itself sets a certain tone and should be kept). We can show Beric Dondarrion's colors at the tourney but not his face. The same goes for later in the season when Ned musters the forces that will go after Gregor. We don't need to see faces, we don't even need to really hear names; just knowing it's a stalwart group of badasses will suffice. That way, when they actually matter in season 3 we can cast quality actors for those parts. Thoros of Myr falls into that same category (though I would still show him from afar).

      Balon Swann makes his first appearance here was well, and that can be cut for when he's made part of the Kingsguard in season two. He serves no real purpose being introduced here.

  • I agree with the whole leaving Dany out thing. Cutting back to her for random short scenes will throw off new views (I held previously that she shouldn't even actually see her until she and viserys are mentioned in the discussion between Robert and Ned in the crypt at Winterfell. Anyhow, I think they should let her content build up a bit so they can show her development a little better. This may entail cutting her out for entire episodes so she is only in maybe 4 or 5 of the 1st season. A lot of shows with a lot of characters do this anyway. (Hell, I could even go for the lost strategy and delay her storyline till season two. This gives you more content for season one and you all you ahve to do is play catch up for her in the first 2 or 3 episodes of season 2. Much like the passengers in the tail end of the plane. Though that will never happen).

    • I'm with you, I thought the way they handled the tail-end of the plane on 'Lost' was awesome. It was cool to go back and see how their two paths were progressing simultaneously and how they ended up in that titanic meeting where that awful girl got got.

      When I first heard they were doing an HBO show of Martin's series, I hypothesized that they would use that format on the Dany story arc.

  • One thing I've been wondering, and since this episode deals with it quite a bit I figure I'll start the discussion here, is how they plan to show Eddard's investigation of the Jon Arryn mystery. In the books, Ned puzzles everything over in his thoughts, but short of using voice over (which I doubt they will do) this won't work for the show. The only solution I can think of is have someone that works closely with Ned on the investigation. Jory, for example. This way they can have dialogue about the investigation and their findings.

    • Well, he doesn't really make any progress in his thoughts, does he? And the big reveal isn't even made explicit intext when he first realizes it. Asking about what Arryn had been reading/doing, visiting the bastards, Sansa's angry comment — these are all showable things.

  • Looking at the other comments, I think I'm in the minority, but I think that Dany should appear in almost every episode. I would personally go for a minimum of eight.

    I think the writers showed a willingness to elongate her storyline when two chapters appeared in the pilot, and even though her chapters aren't as numerous as some, they often cover a long time (her pregnancy goes from conception to showing signs in one chapter; this would need to separated).

    The other big argument seems to be that it would be too random for new viewers to follow cutting back and forth between hers and the main story. I disagree, I think that the setting will help viewers identify where they are and leave few people confused. More importantly, I think that fewer scenes will make her storyline seem more random and jumbled, not less, with lots of action and little exposition.

    For instance, if there is a scene about going to Vaes Dothrak and her preparation for the rituals, then her arrival in Vaes Dothrak is much more understandable. That would also remove the necessity for dialogue lines to catch the viewers up ("Are you ready to eat the stallion's heart? I hope you finish it, so you will have a strong boy." It sounds hollow and weak, and isn't even that explanatory). A lot of Dany's flashbacks can and should be turned into their own scenes.

    I would warn against following the chapters too closely. GRRM uses a lot of tools, like thought and flashback, that don't translate well to film, and I would expect the writers to make the necessary adjustments.

  • My episode 4 (note it has been written way ago – before GRRM let us know the content of Ep 8)

    – Bran & Tyrion in Winterfell
    – Eddard – Pycelle – LF
    – Jon – Samwell Tarly intro
    – Eddard s inquiry – Gendry
    – Cat – Crossroad s inn – cliffhanger end.

    • The Wabbit and I are pretty much on the same page. I consider that a plus for me!

      I'm curious if GRRM's revelation that the Dothraki attack on the Lhazareen town will go down in Episode 8 changed anything for you. I had that in episode 9, personally, so it looks to me as though there will be more cutting happening in the middle episodes and perhaps longer scenes of the final chapters.

      Rabbit, can you re-post (or link) your short outline?

      • Exactly. Lhazareen are in my EP 9.
        But, as I pointed out earlier, my today s post has been written before we knew that fact.

        I will repost my outline tomorrow, because I do not know in which post I had it (sometimes during last fall, but I do not know exactly ) .

        My outline is "conservative" one – lack of any imagination, and very close to the books chronology – not the possible real timeline, as presented at Westeros forums.

  • Marillon can also be cut for irrelevance and introduced later as necessary. Also gone are the Mallisters and Ser Willis Wode, who have yet to do anything meaningful. Minor lords and sers like these could appear in the background for fans but shouldn't be given prominence. However, Bronn should be seen in passing in the Crossroads Inn, otherwise he'll just appear from nowhere on the road of the Eyrie which would be a tad confusing.

    I'd end episode 3 with the Petyr's relevation that the dagger belonged to Tyrion (although not until Ned was there – cut away from the earlier scene before he tells Cat), so I'd begin episode 4 with the rest of that conversation. Jon making friends with Sam works great as a standalone episode plot and doesn't really need any changes. And Cat taking Tyrion prisoner is the perfect end to this episode, a great cliffhanger.

  • Another change I forgot to mention: In A Game of Thrones the midnight "blanket party" on Rast was essentially conducted by having Ghost sit on his chest and nip at his throat. I found it a little unwieldy to imagine onscreen, so I kept Ghost out of it and kept the actual beating offscreen, transitioning to Rast's black eye the next morning. A minor detail for me, but Ghost Fans United! might feel cheated.

  • Radical thought: in order to get more Nikolaj screen time, why not have Jaime have a seat on the Small Council? He can quip right along with Littlefinger; in fact, some interplay between Jaime, Petyr, and Renly would be pretty much hilarious.

    I'd even suggest a seat for sweet Cersei, though how many times would we have to see her flouncing out of the room like a peevish cat?

    Not that Lena flouncing anywhere is a bad thing.

  • blah blah blah…:)
    It could not post while I was in the office! I swear with ice & fire!

    F & B,
    My short outline form the ep. 5 to the end.


    EP. 5
    Hand s tournament
    The journey to the Erye & clans attack & Blackfish
    Arya & Illyrio & Varys
    Eddard and Robert – fight over Dany
    Dany – fights with Viserys
    Eddard – Jory killed.

  • !!!Spoiler!!!!
    Ep 6
    Bran – The wildlings – Osha
    Tyrion – the trial & sky cells
    Eddard – tower of joy – Roberts visit
    Tyrion – the duel
    Eddard – gets news of Gregors raids – BWB
    Sansa – Eddard – "twincest" revelation in Neds mind.

    Eddard & Cersei
    Dany – Vaes Dothrak – Viserys dead
    Eddard – Robert dead
    Jon – the vow – hand
    Eddard – LFs betrayal, Aryas escape, Sansa speaks to queen & co.
    Dead Othor attack

  • !!!!Spoiler!!!!
    Ep. 6
    Bran – wildlings – Osha, Tyrion – trial- sky cells, Eddard – TOJ – Roberts visit, Cat – the duel,Jon – conversation with Aemon – Sam, Gregors raids, Sansa – Breakfast – "twincest"
    Ep 7
    Eddard – Cersei, Dany – Vaes Dothrak – Viserys dead, Robert dead, Jon- the vow- hand, LF betrayal, Aryas escape, Sansa with Cersei & co., Jon – dead Othor attack.

  • !!!Spoiler!!!!

    Ep 8 (Rabbit s not GRRMs)
    Bran – Robb calls banners, Dany – market attempt, Cat – Moat Caillin, Tyrion – meets Tywin, Sansa – the court, Eddard – dungeon- Varys, Cat at the Twins.
    Jon – Longclaw, Dany – lamb men, Tyrion – Green fork-Shae, Cat – Whispering wood, Dany – MMD – tent – dancers, Arya – Baleor sept
    Bran – dream, Sansa – heads on the keep, Dany – khalassar gone, Drogo dead, Tyrion – conversation with Tywin, Jon – escape, Cat – King in the North, Dany – music of dragons.

  • […] I am awesome and full of awesome) this episode corresponds in many ways to my own script outline in Scripting Episode 4. Except, you know, I failed to write in a Viserys bathtub scene. (Hey, how was I supposed to know […]