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Photo: Costumed extra

After the disputed photo that triggered costumegate, Winter Is Coming blog presents you two photos of a costumed extra, one David Blair (click to enlarge). On the casting/talent website StarNow, his profile features photos labelled “in character Game of Thrones 2009” and “Game of Thrones (Pilot for HBO. Oct 2009)”, respectively.

Hear Me Roar: I do think everyone is going to like this one much more. Too bad the website does not provide a short description of what role this extra had. Any guesses?

[Thanks to Phoenix_torn who dug these out]


  • It doesn't look as though, by the colors, that David is playing anyone serving any particular house (unless the gray under-tunic screams of Stark). Also, we can note the length of his hair–such as it is. I guess all the extras aren't expected to be hippies. Innnteresting.

    That cracked-leather vest is posh.

  • Looks pretty good, i guess? I don't really know exactly what medieval clothes like this are supposed to look like, but i get a much more positive impression of this than the other extras costume we saw a long while ago with the weird skirt and all. I didn't really expect everyone to be long-haired, btw.

    The guy could belong to any house, but i immediately thought Stark, when i saw him.

    • That's why HBO should just give us some promo shots ASAP, so that leaked images of random extras aren't forming our first impressions. I don't get the whole secrecy thing. IMO it's hurting, not helping.

  • I'm glad he did though…that's pretty cool. I'm guessing he's probably a feast guest extra or hanging out in the Winterfell courtyard.

  • Dizzy: I thought that too, but according to “Some squires choose to never become a full knight, and live the rest of their lives as squires. This may be because the individual does not have the inclination to live a knight’s martial lifestyle, or does not have the funds to properly equip himself”. Furthermore, according to “during the Middle Ages the rank of the squire came to be recognized in its own right, and once knighthood ceased to be conferred by any but the monarch, it was no longer to be assumed that a squire would in due course progress to be a knight”.

    • (spoiler) yeah I guess Ser Barristan sold himself as a squire to Dany before he revealed who he is. I'm sure this guy will be helping some knight off a horse or something. It will be like a where's Waldo when we watch the pilot. Oh there's that David Blair guy, and there's Rimshot!

  • Costume looks great. The hairstyle is a little disappointing only in that it would require hair clippers, something I'm pretty sure they don't have in Westeros. But now I'm just nitpicking. Excellent find HMR!

  • He could have just shaved his head blad, like Jaime did in the story, and then let it regrow out a tiny bit, there, a plausible explanation to a short haircut. Short haircuts WERE possible, just very high maintenance for the time.

  • Interesting Laura C. Knowles' (RedRush Talent) profile info:
    "Fledgling actress Laura Knowles studied at the Web Theatre Company, her first role in ‘Game of Thrones’..with more to come… With a Gallic look and her fluent french Laura…"

    Is she extra or does she have named role?

  • I think the books make a point somewhere that there are squires of all ages. People from powerful families won't stay squires long, but other people can.

  • As others have commented, the first thing that I really noticed was his hair. If I remember correctly, the casting sheet for extras specifically said not to cut your hair.

    Perhaps he wore a wig.

  • Maybe she is Jeyne Poole? I could see her in that, can't think up any other role for her. But maybe the picture is deceiving and she is way older than Sophie.

  • nice digging people!

    I like the costume AND the hairstyle AND the beard. I mean, they asked extra to grow their hair, yes, but they didn't say "you won't get picked if your hair isn't at least shoulder lenght"… I assume they asked this so they actually have people with long hair, but I would be the first surprised if they only had long haired people. I mean, this isn't a prehistoric setting (where everybody had very long hair) but a medieval setting (where you see all lenghts of hair, but long hair are more current than today, which is why they asked especially for long hair IMO).

    I'm definitely curious about the Laura C. Knowles girl from Red Rush. Just because they call it her first role doesn't mean it wasn't as an extra, but it seems like an odd way to put it…

  • RedRush is N. Ireland based agency.

    I agree, that it is a little bit odd to put extra appearance as role.
    Maybe Rimshot could tell more.

    It could be Jeyne Poole (GRRM said that it would be role without any lines)

  • The way it's worded I think that she might be cast as someone who appears in the pilot in a small role (extra?) that will be expanded upon as the series moves forward.

    That's a lot of reading into the statement, but it's my first impression.

  • I wouldn't put too much stock into the way it is worded. Red Rush looks like a fairly new agency with not much talent, of course they are going to talk up any roles for their clients as if they just got cast as the lead in the latest Scorsese film.

    Even if she was cast as a "named extra" (Jeyne Poole for example) for the pilot, that doesn't mean she is guaranteed to be in the first season. As evidence, we have this tweet from John Richardson who's daughter Aimee was Myrcella in the pilot. He was responding to a question asking if he had heard whether Aimee will be Myrcella for the full first season.

    @Axechucker Nothing yet, I'm afraid. She'll have to audition again but we haven't heard anything yet.

    • My got enrolled in a circus class for kids, and parents can't participate. However, there's a juggling class at the same time and I've always wanted to learn, so I signed up. The fact that sometimes it's needed is a side bonus.

  • How much effort is it really to paste a handful of photo's? Us generating a positive vibe for them is a good thing, and costs them almost nothing.

  • Anyone else think the lack of news really sucks? Since the project was greenlit we haven't had any really big news. Well, I guess there was Ehle, and the Fairley rumors, but that seems pretty sparse for 2 months.

    Where are the casting announcements? Doesn't filming start in like 2 months?

    Thanks to the WiC crew for keeping things as interesting as they can. I'm just hoping we get more exciting news, and soon.

  • Could be direwolf pups, like WiC mentions in his Tweet, but I can also think of crows (at the top of the broken tower where Bran climbs and feed them). They could write them out, but maybe they will want them there if they are to use a crow talking to him later in the falling/flying dream ("do you have any corn?").

    I can also think of the maester's messenger birds (was it crows also?) or the crow they are going to use for the opening credit (although I doubt this was confirmed)… Resume 01-10.pdf

  • It is and it isn't. I've worked on many productions that really don't mind, just as long as it is just of us extras, and not of the set and main actors etc.; on the other hand, I've worked on ones that have booted people off set for taking photos.

  • Damn you IntenseDebate! Damn you!

    I think he looks pretty cool, especially his little beard. It could be that he had a wig, but I don't know if they put that much time in dressing and putting make up on extras. Rimshot cand efinately help us out here!
    If he didn't wear a wig, I couldn't care less. He's just an extra.

    Damn you IntenseDebate!

  • It's not hurting or helping anything. It's too early for them to care about marketing, and marketing to a portion of the public that is already so interested in the product that they spend their free time reading about the production is a waste of time. Also, the people involved are busy with other things.

  • Especially when they apparently hate leaks. If they didn't care either way, then fine… but they apparently hate these leaks, so why don't they give us something? If they don't, the leaks will continue to appear.

  • There will always be leaks. Them releasing productions stills doesn't make any difference. And when I say they're busy, for one thing they're probably too busy to be reading this blog, and probably aren't sitting around thinking how great life is (by which I mean they probably have actual problems that are consuming their attention and causing them occasional anxiety, and they're probably not too concerned about whether some fans don't like waiting some extra months to see the actors in costume). And they know that when pictures and such are released, it will cause positive attention, if done well: that's why they want to control these things. The positive vibe caused by the fans right now is probably pretty limited, in HBO's scope of marketing, and the show is too far away right now for it to matter, anyway.

  • Re: Mr. Martin's new not-a-blog post: maybe these are the characters currently being cast? (via audition tapes etc?)

  • SPOILER: The costume shown vs. costumegate: Renly can die in peace now, the colours do not clash…..
    Otherwise, a possible actor , a big fellow, " am filming a t v pilot for HBO at the moment " he says on a page that does not seem updated since 2009.

  • If you have a look at these two photos, you can see that the one on the left has been taken by the man himself (arm outstretched). The second one was taken using a popular covert technique employed by extras the world over. This is the ‘here mate, take a quick photo of me’ ploy. The 2 photos clearly show that he is still in the costume section and has just put his on and took a few crafty shots while none of the costume fitters were about.

    After this, one of the assistants charged with looking after extras for the day will then escort him and whoever else is ready to the make up department (usually another marquee) where he will he given his wig and make up (or in the case of GOT – dirt!). So this is definitely not the finished article. On our day we all had wigs/beards attached. I have mentioned this before – I was impressed by the attention to detail on GOT even for the extras. We were ‘worked on’ for ages and even on set we had an army of costume/make-up people fussing over us (I do like that bit!).

    I don’t recognise this guy from the agency and I know alot of them by now but that doesn’t mean much as there were hundreds.

    BTW – I forgot to say that I finished reading GOT a while ago and it was fantastic. The way GRRM weaves all those story threads around each other is amazing. Although my head was spinning sometimes at the amount of different characters being introduced. It is definitely up there with the ‘Foundation’ and ‘The Dark Tower’ series.

    Can’t wait to see if Blackadder is in the Tourney!

    Off to Manchester in the morning to see Peter Kay. Can’t wait!!

    If anyone has any more questions about the world of the extra or about my past (and hopefully future!) work on GOT, feel free to ask away.


  • Actually, his beard might be fake! It could be that he popped back to the costume department to get his camera after he’d been seen by make-up.

    In the changing area we all have hangers with our names/numbers on. We take the costumes off the hanger and then put our own clothes/bags on the hangers, so his camera (or phone) would have been there.

    I think I’m over analyzing this!!