Casting Speculation

Quick hits: Critters, cameras, costumes, and cast

More small news items continue to pop up, so I’m gonna combine them all into one post again.

  • Birds and Animals, a company that provides “quality animal talent to the production of film, television and commercial programming,” has quite an impressive list of credits. Among them, Game of Thrones. The assumption here, of course, is that they provided the direwolf pups for the show.
  • Mediazoo Studios in Belfast appears to be the location used for camera tests for the pilot. If you look at this spec document, on page 5 you will see images from the Thrones camera tests. It doesn’t appear that they did any filming at this location so we can’t really call these set photos, despite there being sets present. In tests like these, they will build a small set to recreate the conditions on the actual set so they can adjust the camera settings. This saves time and money from having to do it on set or on location where you are paying cast and crew to stand around and wait.
  • Leonora Ferguson has listed on her website her job of Costume Breakdown Assistant on the Game of Thrones pilot. The description of her job responsibilities gives us an idea of how the costumes might look for the show and matches what little we’ve seen so far.
  • Some more digging by WiC readers led to locating more extras from the pilot. We have a boy, a few more Dothraki dancers, and Laura C. Knowles, who some are speculating may have been Jeyne Poole in the pilot. Whether she was or not, they would likely re-audition the role for the full season as other actors who played “named background” characters are having to do.
  • One last item of note, George R. R. Martin conducted a podcast interview with the folks from Dragon Page in which he talks all things ASoIaF including, of course, Game of Thrones. Interestingly, while listing the cast for the project he includes Tamzin Merchant. I’m not going to read too much into that as she has not been officially replaced so her exclusion would have seemed a sort of confirmation and I’m sure GRRM doesn’t want to get into any trouble.

[Thanks to raijap and her excellent Google skills for getting us the production info.]